The New Sporty: how to wear it

Wearing sporty looking clothing has become a wardrobe staple for quite a few women. Now let’s make one thing clear: I am not talking about old tired sweatpants and your husband’s oversize sweatshirt.  The look has been modernized over the last few years by brands like Lulu Lemon, Beyond Yoga and many designers. Sporty now means so much more than comfortable or sports clothing.  It can be lifestyle clothing as well.

For fall we talked about how to take the looks of leggings and dressed up sweatshirts and turn them into street wear. The new sporty takes this same trend and pulls it a bit further. Spring 2016 is about colors, bright and pretty and it is also about a very feminine stylization of women’s wear.  You see lots of lace, ruffles and florals into every trend this season.  That is no different with this trend.

So what exactly is the new sporty? Image of Bi-Stretch Kick Crop Pants in Marisa Fit color Fireball RedThe new sporty is an update and feminizing of the same trend we saw for fall. Stripes are a huge part of this trend.  Stripes are to the sporty trend as florals are to the Pretty trend. So basically stripes are some of the key elements to updating your sporty look. The look above is from Loft. The pants are bi stretch and colorful and are made sporty by the striped sweater it is paired with.  But keeping with the feminine trend of spring the whole look is paired with a feminine shoe. Loft takes this look into skirts as well Image of Denim Shift Skirttheir new denim skirt is a nod to the traditional ‘golf’skirt and paired with a fitted sleeveless t shirt and modern fleece jacket.

The sporty trend is stong in quite a few silhouettes and works its way though almost every piece of clothing you could do for a fresh spring look.

On the bottom let’s think of pants.  Of course denim works here like it does in every trend.  The stretchier the denim the better here. Willow-Silk TrousersBut also think of the softness of pants in this trend. These are Willow silk pants from Anthropologie.  Lots of pants have elastic waistbands this season, all of them working back to this trend. Joggers are still playing a big role this spring Cropped Drawstring Joggerswhether they are sporty like these cropped drawstring joggers from Anthropologie. Stateside Vertical Stripe Drawstring PantsOr stripe like these from Stateside at Nordstrom or evenTrouvé Stretch Crepe Jogger Pantsdressy and feminine like these crepe Trouve joggers from Nordstrom.  Any pants that are tight around the ankles are part of this trend. Stem Chambray Lounge PantsI also love the look of a cuffed soft chambray lounge pant from Stem at Nordstrom. Pants are also fluid in this trend. Image of Fluid Stripe High Waist Flare TrousersWhether they are striped and flared like these from Ann Taylor or Image of Geo Riviera Cropped Pants in Marisa Fitankle length and printed like these from Loft.  Pants are fluid and have a lot of stretch.  Flares, straight and cropped all can play in here.  So can the newest trend of spring pants, the cropped flare pant Buckled Wide-Leg Crop Pantshere is the WHBM version.  Almost every store is showing them.  Do yourself a favor and try them on.  Make sure they flatter you before you order a pair on line.  I don’t care what size you wear most women under 5’4″ will have a hard time.  If this trend is not for you, the same look can be acheived with a cropped skinny or straight pantSlim Crop Pants(WHBM again) just find the pant that fits your body best.

Other than pants, shorts also play a big role in this look. And almost every store and every line is showing shorts for spring. Premium Bi-Stretch Bermuda ShortsWhitehouse/Blackmarket is showing both bermuda shorts with stretch and Coastal Stretch Shortsa shorter version with stretch in lots of colors. Ann Taylor also has lots of shorts in varying lengths and colors Image of Kate Clip Dot Walking Shorts . Skirts are mostly knitted and short Swooped Mini Skirtlike the Swooped mini from Anthropologie.Trouvé Sweater Knit Pencil SkirtBut you will also see stripes in all lengths from mini to maxi that work here as well, like this striped skirt from Trouve at Nordstrom.

One of the other key pieces to this trend is all the jumpsuits and rompers that are in the stores and online.  Hinge Romper & AccessoriesNordstrom has a lot of choice in both jumpsuits and rompers, especially in their t.b.d. department featuring their own brands like Hinge and Trouve. So does Anthropologie Farrah Jumpsuityou can get really playful with some of the pieces they have at Anthropologie (Farrah jumpsuit) and you can take your sporty look and nod to other spring trendsTropica Romperwith this Tropical floral romper. Overalls, jumpsuits and rompers all work so well in the sporty trend. AG Finn OverallsYashi JumpsuitTiered Silk RomperThe above three looks are all from Anthropologie.  Just pick what suits you best if you want to go for a jumpsuit, overall or romper look.

Tops are many.  The entire spring T shirt collection from every line fits this trend.  We spoke about stripes above, but I cannot stress enough how big a role stripes play in this trend. The more colorful the better!Free People 'Yacht Club' Stripe Off the Shoulder TeeOff the shoulder looks are also big, so you can combine stripes with that trend for your sporty look. This top is the ‘Yacht club stripe’ from Free People at Nordstrom. Image of Striped Long Sleeve Tunic TeeImage of Bandana Ballet Neck TeeLong sleeved and bright or a bandana stripe both from Loft and they both work with your new sporty look. Loft has a ton of stripes in their spring collection, and don’t forget about stripes in sweaters as well Image of Striped Sheer Open Cardigan.

I have gone on long enough about stripes.  The other print that work on top with this trend are plaids.  Not necessarily your dark plaid from fall.Treasure&Bond Cotton Plaid ShirtSofter, prettier plaids are what the spring version of this trend calls for. Splendid 'Casta Plaid' Roll Tab Sleeve ShirtMadewell Plaid Boxy Cotton ShirtThe t.b.d. shop at Nordstrom and Madewell have this covered if that is what you are looking for.Lace Crewneck TeeAnd of course a lace t shirt works in this look as well.  This one is from Anthropologie and it will dress up your sporty look.

And last tops I want to mention in this trend is the huge amount of graphic t shirts on the market. Again almost every line has one. Pam & Gela 'Frankie' Lip Graphic Muscle TeeWildfox 'Tasty' Cotton SweaterJust pick one you like and wear it with your sporty bottom. Both the above graphic tops are from Nordstrom.

Dresses also can take the sporty turn.Cerise Swing DressOne of my favorites is this Cerise Swing dress from Anthropologie. I love the color and the fact that it’s knit and comfy, yet pretty as well.Turtleneck Midi DressFor your creative office you can go for this striped midi dress, maybe dress it up with wedges for work.  Image of Striped Flare DressStipes also can show in a dressier dress as well like this Loft dress. Here is also where you can wear your casual knit maxi dresses Image of Scoop Neck Maxi DressI love the color of this one from Loft!Plenty by Tracy Reese 'Flyaway' Stripe Midi DressMaxi dresses are big again this spring and so are midi dresses, if you want them to work with the New sporty do them in stripes like this Tracey Reese dress from Nordstrom or stick with knits.

The jackets that work with this look are the denim jacket and any fleece jacket you have that can go beyond the gym. Image of Drawstring AnorakAnoraks also work here, this one is from Loft. Image of Shirt JacketOr a shirt jacket ( Loft) can be worn instead of a denim jacket to acheive the same look and spirit of the outfit. Textured Vero JacketZip sweaters ( Anthropologie)work great to take this sporty look to the office. Knit Moto VestVest (Anthropologie) can also give you an alternative jacket look.

And one final note on how to wear this look. How about wearing it dressy? BLACKEileen Fisher is showing their long tunic over leggings and WHBM shows Wide Leg Keyhole Jumpsuita dressy jumpsuit version for those who really want to embrace this look everyway!

So now that we have gone through all the pieces, how does it look altogether? Trouvé Dress & Accessories(Nordstrom)Pilcro Hyphen Chinos(Anthropologie) Image of Button Tab Tweed Skirt(Loft) I think it looks great when the whole thing comes together.

Shoes can be runners, or what I prefer is the new tied up espadrille Soludos Wedge Espadrille Sandal (Women)like this one at Nordstrom or even a flat platform sandal Steve Madden 'Nylee' Platform Sandal (Women)like this Steve Madden shoe. A chunky open bootie could also work Topshop 'Nix' Slingback Block Heel Sandal (Women)like this Top shop shoe. Keep your shoe in the same spirit as your outfit. Notice how in the looks above, the shoe fits the style of the outfit. So ditch the runners for work or an evening out.  But by all means wear a great fresh version of your gym shoes for daytime. Just don’t wear your gym shoes.  Slip on runners are still strong and look great here.ED by Ellen DeGeneres 'Monroe' Kiltie Fringe Slip-On (Women)Even Ellen Degeneres has gotten into the sneaker game. See her ED line at Nordstrom.

Accessories are very simple. Small stud earrings or simple hoops Vieux Carre Hoops. Necklaces that are simple as well work best. Monogram Pendant NecklaceMaybe one with your initial would be cute. Less is more with accessories with this trend.  The new Boho calls for layers but the new Sporty shuns them.MICHAEL Michael Kors 'Small Rhea Zip' Leather BackpackA great backpack like this one from Michael Kors in a bright color is your go to handbag. Or wear any bright simple small bag or cross body you already have.

The last key accessorie to own with this look is a great pair of sunglasses Image of Round Cateye SunglassesI am all about the round style this spring but wear what fits your face best.  And don’t forget to throw on a straw hat or baseball cap Image of LOFT Beach Straw Bucket Hat color Warm Crimsonto protect your face from the sun!

The new Sporty is all about being comfortable, cute and having fun with your look.  Do invest in something striped this season.  And pull out all the joggers your bought last spring and wear bright graphic or colored t shirts to get the most out of what you already own. Just rock the look with your own personal style!

I hope you understand the New Sporty better now. As I was writing this blog I think I fell in love with this look a little.  And as soon as the warmer weather hits the very wet West coat I think I will rock my own version of this look!


As always you can feel free to reach me at with any questions or suggestions.  I love hearing from you and will get back to you quickly.  Like I mentioned last week I am also offering personal styling via skype for those of you outside the Vancouver area.  Please email me if you are interested.

Enjoy your new sporty styles. Until next time…Suethefashionista card frnt