Spring Trend 1: Haven’t I Seen that Before?

I have had a lot of doubts whether I should continue posting fashion trends for Spring 2020 or not.  Let’s face it, we are not going out and about anytime soon.  Most people are working from home, stores are closed, restaurants, and just about everything else. So the question is are we really going to want to wear the newest and freshest spring fashions.

I thought about posting a blog that covers what you wear when you are at home and only have meetings on Zoom or Skype.  But then I realized that eventually we are going to be through this and if we follow the government’s advice and stay home and away from everyone, hopefully we will be through this sooner than later.  And once we are out of this Pandemic you are going to need something to wear to go for coffee, go back to the office and get our hair colored and get our nails done.  So I will keep posting for now.  If anyone wants to make a comment about something other than fashion I am all ears.  But hopefully reading my blogs will give you a little normalcy in our very new reality.

One of the most interesting trend for Spring 2020 is that there are things from our past that are back in style.

Wide Shoulders, Wide collars and puff sleeves are all hugely back in style.  Think Wide shoulders from the 1980’s and Wide collars from the 1970’s.

One of the easiest to wear and find is the Puff Sleeve trend.  Slightly different from the bishop  or balloon sleeve trend from fall.  For Spring you want your sleeve to be a little shorter and puffier.  Anthopologie has 2 that would work for Zoom meetings, the occasional skype call with friends or make you look like your face timing best! Slide View: 3: Lorette Puff-Sleeved TopThe first is the Lorette Puff Sleeve top by Eli + Ali, and it comes in black and white.  It’s knit so it’s comfortable and stays fresh looking.  The other is Slide View: 1: Arya Textured Topthe Arya Textured Top.  It comes in 4 colors including this fabulous raspberry and is also knit so it won’t look wrinkled across you phone or computer screen.  Anthropologie is a great place to shop online, it’s nice if you need something new to show some love to the stores online. Everyone is going to have a tough time staying in business and I believe we should keep supporting the economy if we can.

TORY BURCH Floral Wide Collar Silk Blouse, Main, color, IVORY TEA ROSEThe Wide collar look is not quite as mainstream yet as the Puff Sleeve, but you will see it more in designer wear.  This Tory Burch Floral Wide Collar Silk Blouse from Nordstrom online is the perfect dressy top to wear with a casual bottom while chatting online.  I basically read the spring trend is fashion on top with gym attire on the bottom, sad but true.

The other place you are going to see Wide collars is in blazers and jackets. Blazers were a huge trend for Fall and they are still important as a top layer for spring. Slide View: 3: Manon Textured BlazerAnthro’s Manon Textured Blazer is a great way to wear a wider collar.  It is a belted blazer so you can wear it open or belted and it’s a knit blend so it will be super comfy too. Double-Breasted Plaid BlazerBanana Republic has one blazer that echo’s this trend as well. Their Double Breasted Plaid Blazer is a great piece to wear with your bootcut, flare or trouser bottom when we can go back to our offices.

Wide shoulders goes hand in hand with a wide collar on blazers but we can also see that trend in blouses. Product color detailBanana Repbulic had a lot of high neck balloon sleeve spring blouses for early spring, in a floral print (above) or solids, lavender, white and black.  They show a wider shoulder without being overly 1980’s.  I saw one of the anchors on the Canadian National news wearing one like this last night and it’s super flattering and a great way to wear a wide shoulder without wearing a wide shoulder.  You can try something more fun in a blazer j.crew: tailored jacket with contrast stitch for women, right side, view zoomedJ. Crew has a tailored jacket with a moderately wide collar that comes in a great Sunset or Navy and would look fabulous as a Spring topper!

Accentuated Hips aren’t going to be as important while we are all at home. After all if you are sitting and doing online meetings no one is going to see your bottoms.  But you could still look at this trend for when the Pandemic is over. Pull-on slip skirtJ. Crew has a Pull-on Slip skirt that is cut slightly so it hugs your hips.  It comes in 9 colors and can be worn for every occasion. And most wider leg pants will accentuate your hips too. High-Rise Tapered PantBut so will a tapered fit pant if you don’t want a wide leg.  Try BR’s High Rise Tapered Pant, 4 great colors and it comes in plaid too. And if you are going to go with a wider leg pant, a super flattering one is BR’s Slim wide leg pantSlim Wide-Leg Cropped Pant. I love the fit of this pant. I actually own it in 3 colors!!

The accentuated hip trend is not for everyone.  I for one don’t want my hips to look any bigger than they are.  But if you love it then go for it!  Maybe even try a tiered skirt like TOPSHOP Animal Print Tiered Chiffon Midi Skirt, Main, color, BROWNthis one from Top Shop at Nordstrom.  They can accentuate your hips in a very flattering way.

I am not a fan of Corset Tops, but they are way better for any woman over 40 than the Bra Top trend. But if you want to try it look at Aritzia online. TATIANA BLOUSE - Long sleeve corset topA blouse like their Tatiana Blouse by Sunday Best is the most flattering look.  They also have TEMPT TOP - Bustier corset topa Layering top called the Tempt top by Babaton for that look if you wear it underneath a jacket or sweater. But there are so many other great looks for spring in tops, this really isn’t one of the ones I would recommend for women over 40.

Belts are also going to go backward a bit.  Rope style belts are huge again and so are string details. Slide View: 1: Lantana Wrap BeltSomething like this Lantana Wrap belt is something you can use as in accessory to wrap your tops and bottoms.  You can find it at Anthro online. j.crew: woven tie belt for women, right side, view zoomedJ. Crew also has one, it’s their tie woven belt.  You can also get the look by wrapping a thinner scarf around your waist as a belt. Slide View: 1: Eli Scarf BeltOr buy a scarf specifically made to be a belt at Anthro.

Lots of us have things from the past we can pull out to match some of these trends. I know I have a rope or scarf belt somewhere in my closet.  Think about which one of these trends works for your own style, you don’t have to jump on everyone.  Maybe just wearing a puff sleeve is enough for you, and that would be just great.

Please support stores by shopping online.  Firstly, it is the only way you can shop now and most of the stores I use in blogging are having great sales and using some of their profits to pay their employees who can’t be on the store floor right now.  So if you need something new please buy it from a store that voluntarily closed like Anthro, Aritzia or Nordstrom. BR and J. Crew are closed too, they just waited a bit longer to close but they are still worth shopping at online.

All things being well I will look at the Crochet, Sheer Layers, Leather and Feather trend next week.  Please stay healthy and safe.  Stay inside and away from others and only go out for necessities. If we all follow the rules this self isolation will be over sooner than later. I am not doing any personal styling or wardrobing appointments for the forseeable future, we will see what happens in the fall. But I would love to hear your comments either on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter or via email. And you can email me at Suethefashionista@gmail.com.


Until next time…Suethefashionista card frnt








Spring Part 3

We have covered 4 of the 6 trend categories for Spring 2020.  There are two more left to cover that will cover 90% of the trends.  I will do a seperate denim blog for Spring and a Spring Occasions blog.  For Mother’s Day this year we are so lucky to have Shoshana Lewis from Shok Designs doing a jewelry blog for us!! So lot’s to look forward to!

Spring Prints

Last week we looked at how colorful spring 2020 is.  This week we are going to look at all the wonderful prints that tie into those colors.  There are so many great ones, I am sure you will find at least one to call your own this spring.

Wallpaper Prints are huge for Spring 2020.  Wallpaper prints are those prints that remind you of 1960’s are deco wallpaper, remember the wallpaper or curtains in your mother’s kitchen? That is the kind of prints we are seeing from the runway to the realway. imageBazaar Magazine is featuring this Christopher Kane mini dress.  Of course we aren’t going to wear a mini dress, but I wanted to show you the idea of the print.  Nordstrom has this Wallpaper print by LaDoubleJ and this is the type of dress you will see in Wallpaper prints, something quite colorful and a little loud that you can just pop on a pair of sandals and earrings and dash out the door. Street Style: September 22 - Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020If you do a great flowing silhouette in a Wallpaper print it will flatter and be very chic for Spring 2020.

Jungle Prints for Spring 2020 are kind of replacing the animal prints.  You will still see some animal prints but it is way more au courrant to wear a jungle print instead. The 9 Most Important Trends From the Spring 2020 SeasonPorts had a real mixture of color and texture when featuring it’s jungle prints in a spring show.  Spring Fashion Trends 2020All the spring shows had their own variations from super colorful Tropical prints to rattan prints that remind us of nature. Spring Fashion Trends 2020One of my favorite jungle print images from the Spring shows is from Valentino The 9 Most Important Trends From the Spring 2020 SeasonIt’s Tropical, it’s jungle and it’s really colorful!

Do the most colorful and tropical of all jungle prints.  Think of all the colors, flowers and plants you would find in a jungle, those are the kind of prints you will see for Spring 2020. Slide View: 5: Amber Tiered TunicA great dress or top in a virbrant jungle print, bonus points if the print has a green tinge to it, can take you anywhere this spring.  This is the Amber Tiered Tunic from Anthropologie available in Regular, Petite and Plus sizes.

Polka Dots are probably the biggest new trend in prints for Spring 2020.  They started a bit last spring but this spring they are really coming into their own. Polka dots are for everyone and in every color, not just black and white.  We saw them in almost every runway show for Spring. Image result for dries van noten spring 2020 polka dotsThe Dries Van Noten Spring 2020 Ready to Wear show featured a fabulous dot trench coat. Image result for balenciaga spring summer 2020Balenciaga took things into the blue polka dot print at their spring show. RE/DONE '40s Tailored Silk Blouse, Main, color, RED POLKA DOTNordstrom has a tailored 1940’s inspired silk blouse by RE/Done that will make your black suit stand out for your work look. Or for a more casual look try something Slide View: 1: Priscilla Polka Dot Blazerlike the Priscilla Dot Blazer from Anthro.  Try and make your dots pop!  A lot of black and white dots out there for Spring, but try the unexpected and do your dots in a color!

The Folklore Print is kind of an off shoot of the floral print from last spring. Spring Fashion Trends 2020Think of a 1970’s vibe to your folklore and you will be set.  Folklore encompasses florals and stripes and all the other kitschy prints you will see. Image result for etro spring summer 2020Image result for etro spring summer 2020

I am a huge Etro fan and they really embraced the Folklore prints at their spring show. Anthropologie is a great place to find lots of Folklore prints Slide View: 2: Alessandra Maxi DressThey have this great Alessandra Maxi Dress. Slide View: 4: Letitia Smocked BlouseAnd prints galore in all their tops.  If you love the Folklore inspired tops try one like this Letitia Smocked Blouse.

One other thing you will see more of is long striped knit maxi dresses.  They are a mini trend for Spring 2020. Color-Blocked Midi DressA dress like this color blocked midi dress is what we are starting to see in this trend. JAPAN EXCLUSIVE Boat-Neck T-Shirt DressOr you could try a Japan Exclusive Boat neck t-shirt dress also from BR. Slide View: 2: Lisanne Sweater Maxi DressAnthro has some as well, this is the Lisanne Sweater Maxi Dress in Petite, Regular and Plus.  They were strong last spring too, so if you already have a striped maxi stick with what you own, if not it may be something worth trying.

The last print mini trend I am going to touch on is Day to Night Sequins.  We saw more of this last year, but it is still prevalent if you want to wear it. Slide View: 3: Bette Sequined CamiYou could just touch on it by wearing a sequin cami like this Bette Sequin Cami from Anthro. Slide View: 4: Sachin & Babi Isolde Sequined Maxi DressOr do something like a sequin sleeve detail on your print maxi dress, also from Anthro. Slide View: 1: Jennifer Sequined Tulle Maxi SkirtOr play with Sequin detail in your maxi skirt, also from Antho.  It’s a small trend, if you like it wear it, if you don’t pick one of the other print trends to make your own.

New Things That We Should All Try!

The last trend category I am going to talk about is all of the things that are important but didn’t fit with any of the other categories above. Some are going to be slightly familiar with new twists and some are brand new.

Trenchcoats with embellishment.  Last year we saw the reemergence of the trench coat.  This year we are seeing the same coat just with a new twist. The 9 Most Important Trends From the Spring 2020 SeasonSimone Rocha’s trench for spring featured ruffles. The 9 Most Important Trends From the Spring 2020 SeasonRokh’s trench featured leather panels. The 9 Most Important Trends From the Spring 2020 SeasonJW Andersen’s trench featured open sleeves.

We can take our own trench likeWater-Resistant Classic Trench CoatBR’s, which is the same one they had last spring and add our own twist.  Replace the belt for a more colorful one, add a colorful scarf or wrap when you wear it.  Or even go bold and change the buttons or sew a piece of fabric on one side.  You can change your trench to work for this year, but if you already have one don’t run out and buy a new one.  I will likely just change the belt or add a colorful scarf on my own trench from last year.

Long skirts or maxi’s are very strong again for Spring.  If you don’t have a straight maxi skirt with a slit in it, now may be the time to try it. Image result for blumarine spring summer 2020Slits in maxi dresses and skirts were all over the runway for Spring 2020, this dress is from Blumarine. Slide View: 1: Corey Lynn Calter Abstract Bias Midi SkirtThink of the silhouette like this one from Corey Lynn Calter at Anthro.  Wear your straight maxis with a slit and your will be super chic!

We talked a lot about prints above but head to toe clean lines are just as important for Spring 2020.  If you look back at our suiting trend, you saw one color head to toe. If you want to look long and lean this is the trend to try. Slide View: 1: Citizens of Humanity Emerson Mid-Rise Slim Boyfriend JeansThink of a head to toe look like this one from Anthro.  It’s a Citizens of Humanity cream jean with their Collins Trench coat.  Add a cream shirt and you are set. Spring Fashion Trends 2020Head to toe color works.  Beige is super strong when worn head to toe for spring.  Think of the Drab colors we talked about, they all look good head to toe, as does White. Sandwash Modal Cropped JumpsuitJumpsuits are continuing strong for Spring 2020.  How about using that as your head to toe look, it’s almost a no brainer.  Try and new color like this Sandwashed Modal Cropped jumpsuit in Terra Cotta Pink from BR. Slide View: 1: Linda Seamed Fleece Lounge PantsAnd remember this season everything has a slouchy feel to it.  You can make your own head to toe look like this one from Anthro.  If you shop for your head to toe look at the same store you are pretty much guaranteed it will all match, so if you buy a beige or olive pant at BR, stick with a BR top, that way you can rock the head to toe look.

Even though we are going to have a visit from our Jewelry expert in May one big jewelry trend I want to mention is the Chunky Collar Necklace.  If you only buy one necklace for Spring, make it a Gold colored Chunky collar necklace. Slide View: 3: Tataborello Braided NecklaceA necklace like this Tataborello Braided necklace from Anthro would be great.  The necklace needs to be large and sit right on your collarbone.  It’s great to peak out with the wide lapels and sits perfectly on top of a round neck top. Look around and buy what’s right for you, there will be lots out there.

Small purses or last year’s trend of micro purses are all going away.  This Spring bags and are Big!  Look at the bags in all the runway pictures above, they are all big.  So stash your tiny bags for another spring and pull out your big ones. TORY BURCH Perry Leather Tote, Main, color, ARUGULAA tote bag like this Perry Leather Tote from Tory Burch, especially in green (it comes in lots of other colors too), will be your go to for Spring 2020.  We will get into more detail about bags, necklaces and shoes in their own blog later in the season.

The last trend piece I am going to talk about for Spring 2020 is the tank top.  It is replacing the t-shirt as the key piece.  You can find tanks absolutely everywhere and at every price. Essential TankJoe Fresh has their essential tank in a regular fit and a relaxed fit. The Essential tank comes in 5 fresh spring colors including green.  You can find tank tops everywhere, but whey shop anywhere else for tanks when they are only $10 each at Joe Fresh, for that price you can buy one in every color! CASLON<SUP>®</SUP> Caslon Cotton Tank, Main, color, BLACKCaslon from Norstrom has knit ones too, a little pricier than Joe Fresh.  But they come in lots of colors too.

One thing about tank tops is make sure they are thick enough and not see through even in white or beige.  Go to places like Joe Fresh, Norstrom Rack and Old Navy, you don’t need to spend a lot to jump on this trend.  Wear tanks with everything, under suits, with your bermuda shorts, with maxi skirts and of course with your denim.


So there you have it, now you are up to date on exactly what we will be wearing Spring 2020. Starting next week we will go into each blog category in depth. So next week we will revisit Haven’t I Seen That Before and go though it completely. So each of these categories will take up the next 6 weeks.  That will take us to the end of April.  Then we will see an accessories blog, a jewelry blog, a spring denim blog and a Spring Occasions blog before we take a break.  I will be off blogging for all of June and July and back again in August to wrap up summer and get us ready for Fall 2020. If you want a styling appointment I am working up until the beginning of May and then not again until August.  So book soon if you want to get in. Email me at Suethefashionista@gmail.com to book an appointment.  In the meantime you can email me any fashion questions you have!


Until next time…suethefashionista-card-frnt











Challenging Times

I am taking a pause in posting about Spring 2020 Fashion to talk about what is going on in the world right how and what you can do to help.

Everyone I speak to right now can’t be too careful about contact and a lot of my friends are suddenly bringing their almost adult children home from university.   People are staying home, away from stores and restaurants.  But in this suddenly new normal there are things you can do to support your community so that you indeed have a community to go back to once this is all over.

1) Don’t stop exercising – Gyms are small businesses and every gym I know has stepped up their cleaning standards, cut down class size and is taking extra care to keep you safe.  Maybe skip hot yoga where everyone is sweating and go to a regular yoga or pilates class.  Work out with a personal trainer if you don’t want to do the class workout. But keeping up the exercise, even if you just go for a walk every day, boosts your immune system and right now everyone’s immunity needs a little boost!

2) Support your local businesses – Every community has a grocery store that is not a big box store.  Shop there, they probably need your business even more now.  Same with drug stores, shop local! Shoppers Drug Mart can probably handle you shopping at your local pharmacy for a month or so. And your local restaurants all probably will do take out if you ask them too.  Want to make sure you have a local place to go once we are over Covid-19, do your best to keep them in business.

Go get your hair colored! Every salon I know, who isn’t going on hiatus, has upped their cleaning standards and if they are a small local shop, they really need the business.  If you are uncomfortable your stylist is probably already wearing gloves and a mask just to be safe. Maybe even just go for a blow dry to support your favorite hairdresser. Dry Bar and Blow can handle a little less business but your homegrown salon can’t, use them instead.

3) Fashion doesn’t take a holiday – Even though you may not be going out for dinner, spring weather will still come and get warm.  Instead of shopping at Nordstrom or the Bay, shop at your local clothing stores, they all have spring orders coming in and will need to pay for them.  Show them some love. In Vancouver places like Coco on West 4th, Leslie Jane in West Van and Hill’s of Kerrisdale all depend on local business.   Why not shop there when you need a new pair of jeans or sweater?  If you want them to survive they will depend on you.

4) Take time to help others – If you haven’t been affected by Covid-19, now is the time to make an extra effort to be at your best.  Deliver food for the food bank, they likely have clientele who needs to stay home right now.  Share what you can. Don’t buy all the Kleenex in the store, leave a few boxes for the next person. Same with Toilet paper, if you need more than 20 rolls for 2 weeks at home, your problems are a lot bigger than Covid-19! Your nose may run with this virus, but your bum won’t.  If you aren’t working when you are home, help your friends who are by looking after their kids for an afternoon or making them a meal.  Pay it forward! Do something nice for someone and they are more likley to do something nice for someone else.


Well that’s pretty much all I wanted to say. Remember we are not solo, whether you are in Canada or the US, we have it pretty good.  We can weather this just like we weathered everything else.  I read something on twitter today: My grandfather was asked to leave to go fight a war in Europe, we are just asked to stay at home and minimize contact with others, everything in perspective.

Back to fashion blogging on Wednesday! suethefashionista-card-frnt

Spring 2020 Part 2

Last week we looked at two groups of trends for Spring 2020, this week we are going to preview another two and then next week we will preview the final two.  After that we will spend one blog going into each trend category in depth. This will take us into the middle of April.  So sit back and read away!!

3. The New Spring Suit

The suiting trend for spring encompasses a couple of other trends as well.  One of the biggest trends for Spring 2020 is the Bermuda Short (the is way better for us than the Hot pant, another trend).  You will see Bermuda shorts everywhere and put with everything.  But one of the best new ways to wear it is as part of a suit.  All the designers had bermuda short suits in their spring shows. Tom Ford show, Runway, Spring Summer 2020, New York Fashion Week, USA - 09 Sep 2019Here is how Tom Ford showed it.  Highlighter colors are huge (we will talk about colors later) and this is a great way to wear the new spring suit. The 9 Most Important Trends From the Spring 2020 SeasonHere is Givenchy’s version.  Remember Green not purple for Spring. The 9 Most Important Trends From the Spring 2020 SeasonAnd your suit doesn’t have to be a solid color, MSGM has a spring colored plaid suit.  And you don’t have to wear the Bermuda as part of a suit, it’s a fantastic piece with everything.  SERIF SHORT - Long wide-leg shortBabaton from Aritzia has the Serif Short which may be all your wardrobe needs to embrace this trend. Any classic longer short works here. A simple pair of gabardine short from the Frankie Shop would pair with tons in your closet. LAFAYETTE 148 NEW YORK Arthur Pleated Shorts, Main, color, INKEither long and full like these from Lafayette 148 or long and slimmerPARTOW Gordon Pleated Bermuda Shorts, Main, color, BLACKlike these from Partow, the bermuda short is what you will want to wear.  I personally love this look.  The way you wear it is knee length or slightly below, so sort of like a shorter culotte. And I love the look with a blazer and matching shoes!  You will see it everywhere for Spring.

Another huge trend for Spring 2020 is the vest.  A button front vest will be another must have for Spring 2020.  The 3 piece suit with this vest is the other big way we are seeing suiting for spring.  But don’t be fooled, vests are important on their own too. Etro - Runway - Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020Here is what Etro showed for Spring 2020. The button up vest worn with flowy pants (we will get to pants later) and a waistcoat jacket. Image result for max mara spring summer 2020Or take a look at Max Mara’s version of Spring suiting, the button up vest paired with Bermuda shorts. But whether you wear your suit with pants or shorts, 3 piece is what is important Spring Fashion Trends 2020

The beauty of the vest is that you can take it away from the suit and wear it with seperates too. Street Style: September 22 - Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020Here is how Gucci is putting the vest look together for Spring. Look for button up vests in the coming month in stores and online.  Buy it in a spring color and wear it with everything!

Now if you aren’t a shorts person, even though the soft bermuda short from this spring will work on everybody, the newest skirt to wear in suiting is the knee length pleated skirt. PHILOSOPHY DI LORENZO SERAFINI Pleated Skirt, Main, color, BLUEThey aren’t as easy to find as the soft bermuda short but they will be out there. Ann Taylor or JUDE SKIRT - Pleated skirtAritzia both have them and you can pair them with your vest and blazer too.

Waistcoat blazers

The newest trend in blazers and you can see it above, is the waistcoat blazer. VERONICA BEARD Miller Dickey Jacket, Main, color, WHITEA waistcoat blazer is one that accentuates your waistline.  Like this one from Veronica Beard.  And it doesn’t have to be doubled breasted, although this works great with spring’s drapey pant.  It can be single breasted as well RAG & BONE Slade Blazer, Alternate, color, ARMY GREENlike this one from Rag and Bone. The One-Button Blazer in End On EndOr this one button blazer from Ann Taylor.  Even Babaton from Aritzia has a great waistcoat shape in their ENCORE BLAZER - Double-breasted blazerEncore Blazer.  Choose any style, any color, with double or single breasted that looks good on your body, then pair it with a vest or with bermuda shorts or drapey pants and you are all set.

Let’s just talk about the new drapey pant for spring suiting before we leave this section. AGENCY PANT - High-rise cocoon trouserTry a pair that fits more like a trouser, Babaton has the Agency pant for Spring that will work with all their jackets. Ann Taylor has Button Trim Wide Leg PantsButton trim wide leg pants that work too. Image result for burberry spring summer 2020 pantsHere is an image from Burberry, remember the pant needs to be soft and flowy and have the same soft flowy feel the bermuda short does with the suit.

I can’t stress enough how important the bermuda short and vest are on their own as well as in the suiting. I am one of those women who hardly ever wear suits, but I will be wearing bermuda shorts, vests, and even the soft pant, all as seperates and you can too if you are not a suit wearing woman.


Spring Colors

About the only color that you won’t be seeing for Spring 2020 is purple. Been there done that. Green is going to replace purple as the new “it” color.  And every shade of green too.

There are 3 categories Spring Colors can fall into: Highlighter brights, Soft Pastels and earth tones and Drab colors of Olives and Beiges.

The Highlighter colors are as bright and vivid as possible. Street Style: September 19 - Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020And I mean bright! Image result for marni spring summer 2020
Marni is all over vivid pinks and blues. Image result for marni spring summer 2020Even Marni jackets have a bright edge to them. Image result for balenciaga spring summer 2018Balenciaga has vivid green!  Pay attention to how much green you will see in each of these color palettes we are going to talk about.  Spring brights are going to be fun to wear, pick the right bright for you.BOW BLOUSE - Long-sleeve, tie neck blouseEven Aritzia has a smatterning of brights like this bright Fushcia Babaton Bow blouse (and it has the sheer trend in it too).

Pastels are a little different for Spring 2020.  They kind of are Pastels with Pep! Spring Fashion Trends 2020

Spring Fashion Trends 2020

We saw some of this color trend in leather for spring.  Great colors but almost a softer edge to them unless they were brights. Shoulder Button Matte Jersey Flare DressAnn Taylor’s Spring green is in the middle of bright and pastel. BRIA BLOUSE - Button-front, puff-sleeve blouseWilfred from Aritzia has this beautiful Bria blouse that comes in wonderful soft and drab colors, notice the lace detailing at the hem. MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS Belted Sleeveless Maxi Shirtdress, Main, color, DARK PERSIMMONEven this Michael Kors Belted waist dress at Nordstrom walks a line on the edge of pastels and something a bit stronger.  I love the brighter pastel especially in Oranges, Reds and Greens.  They are colors that everyone can wear.

The Drap colors

Drabs for Spring 2020 include all the beige family, the olive greens and even some of the earthy rusts and other tones.

When we looked at Spring suiting above we saw a lot of beige tones. Image result for chloe spring summer 2020Chloe resort collection included this olive colored jumpsuit. Image result for tod's spring 2020Here is a look from Tod’s Spring show. Image result for givenchy spring summer 2020And looks like this dominated Givenchy spring show.  So if you love the earthy beighes and olives or rusts go ahead and wear them. BRIA BLOUSE - Button-front, puff-sleeve blouseThat great Bria Blouse from Wilfred seen above in blue also comes in a drb color (truffle) for you!

Now the last color category I want to talk about is Black and White.  White is huge for Spring 2020.  Black is not as big, but it will always be a wardrobe staple.  Black and white mixed together are strong too. Spring Fashion Trends 2020And if you are only going to buy one pair of bermuda shorts for spring, this is what Bazaar magazine recommends; these are by Self Portrait.  Bazaar recommends keeping your bermuda shorts dark for work and paired with button down shirts and I agree.

We talked about sleeve detail being important so if you are going to do something in black or white make it have detail Embroidered Ruffle Sleeve TeeAnn Taylor’s embroidered Ruffle sleeve Tee is a great way to do that. Slide View: 4: Cloth & Stone Smocked Surplice BlouseEven if you do a simple white shirt like this one from Cloth and Stone at Anthropologie, make sure it has detail, like the drawstring hem. Or how about Antho’s puff sleeve blouse Slide View: 3: Lorette Puff-Sleeved Topwhich comes in both black and white.

Don’t be afraid to wear any of these colors head to toe.  White looks fantastic head to toe for spring as does any pastel color.  A head to toe color will only make you look longer and leaner.


I know each category seems quite large to digest.  But I promise I will go into way more detail when I talk about each one of them in their own blog. Thank you so much for continuing to read week after week.  We will finish our spring preview next week so stay tuned!


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Spring 2020!! Part 1

Believe it or not Spring is actually pretty hard to get in the mood to write about when it’s winter outside.  It’s actually much easier in the fall to write about fall clothes while it is still summer weather outside, maybe it’s just me and I like Fall better than Spring, but needless to say while most of Canada and the US is still shoveling snow, it’s pretty hard to get excited about Spring.  But believe it or not in a month or so you will be ready to look at Spring clothes so since it’s March let’s start talking about Spring!

There is a caveat with this Spring.  Spring 2020 has two trends that none of us should consider wearing at all.  I will talk about them briefly but they are for young women only! One is Hot Pants Isabel Marant : Runway - Paris Fashion Week - Womenswear Spring Summer 2020,Street Style : Paris Fashion Week -Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2019/2020 : Day Three they are a big trend but so are Bermuda Shorts and that is what we will be wearing.  Let your daughters wear the Hot Pants, we will stick with Bermuda Shorts.

The other is the Bralet topimageStreet Style: September 19 - Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020.  These are only for women under 35, or who haven’t had children yet.  Honestly anyone over 40 who wears this look anywhere should get a fine from the Fashion Police! Stay far, far away from this.

Other than those two trends there are tons and tons of other great trends and looks you can make your own for Spring.

This Spring there are a lot of stand alone trends for Spring 2020.  What I mean by stand alone trends is things that can stand alone and don’t necessarily group with other trends naturally.  So I have grouped some of them together in a way that will work for each blog.

1. Haven’t I seen that Before?

This 1st trend of Spring 2020 is going to encompass all the interesting details we are going to see in fashion.

Wide Shoulders!

Hello 1980, wide shoulders are back.  The 9 Most Important Trends From the Spring 2020 SeasonThis image is from Celine’s Spring show, the proportion of the shorter top with the longer bermuda works because the shoulder is wider creating a triangle image. You will see wider shoulders in all the designer linesThe 9 Most Important Trends From the Spring 2020 Seasonlike this image from the Victoria Beckham show.  Look for it when you buy tops and blazers.

Disco Wide Collars!

We said hello to 1980, well we can go a few years back to the disco era and they are bringing back the wide collar. Paco Rabanne : Runway - Paris Fashion Week - Womenswear Spring Summer 2020Wider is better and you can see what I mean in this great look from Paco Rabanne. Street Style : Paris Fashion Week - Womenswear Spring Summer 2020 : Day FourAnd whether you wear it under a blazer or a great trench make the wide collar one of your early spring statements!

Puff Sleeves!

We started with Puff sleeves or the Baloon sleeve last fall, now it is getting bigger. You will see them everywhere  in prints and  solid colors.  This top is by Revolve and whether the sleeve is shorter or longer it definitely needs to have a puff for Spring. Khaite - September 2019 - New York Fashion Week

Accentuated Hips!

Not all of us want to accentuate our hips.  But one of the looks for Spring 2020 is accentuated hips. The 9 Most Important Trends From the Spring 2020 SeasonThe 9 Most Important Trends From the Spring 2020 SeasonIt doesn’t have to be as crazy accentuated as Ellery or Balenciaga, but there are things you can wear for Spring to be a part of this trend.  Tiered skirts are very chic for spring so you could try something like that Street Style : Paris Fashion Week - Womenswear Spring Summer 2020 : Day Five. Or if you prefer there will a lot of peplum tops that you can wear that over a skirt or pant to give the effect of accentuated hips BROCK COLLECTION Puff Shoulder Peplum Top, Main, color, WHITE. You can even add the puff sleeve to your peplum top like in this top from Brock Collection at Nordstrom.

Corset shaped Tops and Dresses!

Instead of the Bralet top for Spring 2020 a more appropriate version would be the Corset top. The 9 Most Important Trends From the Spring 2020 SeasonThis look is by Eckhaus Lada but you will start to see the corset top and corset top dress more and more.  If you want to wear something sort of sexy stick with this instead of the bralet.  The best thing about the corset is that it pulls you in at the same time as being fashionable!

Drawstring Details and Rope Belts!

Spring 2000 will be the season of the cinch.  And what better to cinch with than a rope belt or a draw string waist.  Especially on jackets you will see a lot of drawstrings, and if you don’t have one you can always add a rope belt. CLUB MONACO Ombré Pleated Midi Dress, Main, color, GREEN MULTIIt’s easy to grab a drawsting jacket but this season it extends beyond your Utility Jacket, you will see this look in tops, dresses and pants.  Remember Green not Purple this season and you could do a great look like this drawstring waist Club Monaco Dress from Nordstrom. And of course let’s not forget about jumpsuits, they are still important and especiallyCASLON<SUP>®</SUP> Cinched Back Sleeveless Jumpsuit, Main, color, RUST CINNABARif they have a detail like the drawstring waist! Or make your own tied waist by adding a rope belt detail.RAINA Eternity Leather Belt, Main, color, WHITEThey are going to be the “it” belt for spring.


2. Crochet, Sheer Layers, Feathers and Leather Oh My!

Crochet is so important for Spring 2020.  And there will a lot to choose from.  You can wear it both casual and dressed up.  So if you love it grab and wear it! imageStreet Style In Paris - June 2019It was all over the runways at the Spring 2020 shows.  Just be careful because it is see through and a crochet dress looks just as good with a lining.Spring Fashion Trends 2020

The 9 Most Important Trends From the Spring 2020 SeasonOr do something a little more subtle like this dress from Tory Burch, white is an important color for Spring 2020 and this just may be the perfect dress. Look for Crochet tops and bags too.  They will be everywhere!

Sheer Layers are something else we will see everywhere.  Tiered sheer layers are what we are seeing most of. Look at the tiered skirt above, the layers are all sheer. You will also see a lot of sheer color Valentino : Runway - Paris Fashion Week - Womenswear Spring Summer 2020like this look from Valentino. Or you could take sheerness into every day and VINCE CAMUTO Clip Dot Long Sleeve Blouse, Main, color, RICH BLACKcombine it with another huge trend for Spring Dots!  This top by Vince Camuto would be a great top because it’s not super sheer. A very easy way for us to get this look is to wear one of Aritzia’s great skirts! TWIRL SKIRT - Pleated, chiffon midi skirtIf you don’t have one already now may be the time to get one.  This is the Wifred Twirl skirt and it comes in 6 colors.  This is a great way to wear sheer without it actually being sheer.  The other look that kind of pairs with this sheerness is the Lingerie affected clothing. Spring Fashion Trends 2020Lots of slip dresses and skirts everywhere.  But a super easy way to wear this look is to either wear a slip skirt like SONNET SKIRT - Lace-trim slip skirtthis one by Wilfred The Sonnet Skirt or just let a little lace peek out from the hem of one of your skirts or tops and Voila you have the look!

Leather is huge for Spring 2020 but not the same leather we saw for fall.  Leather in colors or mixed with lace or sheerness is what is chic for Spring 2020.Marni - Runway - Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020This look from Marni says it all.  Colored leather in one of Spring’s important colors and mixed with a floral pattern. A huge hit of the Spring 2020 Runway shows is Image result for alexander mcqueen dress spring leather and lace dressthis fabulous Alexander McQueen leather and lace dress.  It has great elements, a corset bodice, leather and crochet lace.  We don’t have to spend a fortune to find these elements off the runway either.  Wear a colored leather piece with a crochet top and you have the same look! We can wear soft colored leather BB DAKOTA Gabrielle Faux Leather Asymmetrical Jacket, Main, color, MAUVE ROSEor wear a stronger color Image result for coach 1941 spring 2020like this great trench shown at the Coach 1941 show.  Wear your leather soft and colorful and you will be in style this spring!


We all have seen feathers come and go over the recent seasons.  This is a mini trend for Spring.  If you love them wear them and if you don’t you can pass on it. Image result for burberry spring summer 2020Burberry has some feather influence in their Spring attire. Image result for valentino spring summer 2020So did Valentino.  But we can just wear it as an accent and then again if you prefer not to, it’s fine, skip it this season.


So that’s the first peek at what is to come for Spring.  I will do more previews over the next couple of weeks and then we will delve into each section in blog to really show how to wear this season’s trends.  I have put a lot of little trends together so it’s easier for you to just get a glimpse of them.  I promise we will go into more detail about each.  So I hope this blog will whet your palette for what is to come.

We are also so blessed that our Jewelery expert, Shoshana Lewis, is going to do a special Mother’s Day blog, so stay tuned for that the beginning of May.  We will also go over a spring occasion preview at some point in May or the beginning of June as well.

If you have questions or need a spring styling appointment feel free to email me at Suethefashionista@gmail.com I am still taking appointments for March and April.

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What to Keep and What to Store Going into Spring 2020

This is always the hardest blog for me to write.  I don’t want to give away everything for Spring 2020 yet, especially when almost all of North America is still dealing with winter. But February is time to dig into our closets and decide what to keep and what to either sell, toss or store for another season.

Here are some of the things that you can either toss, sell or store.  They are not going to be chic for Spring 2020:

  •    Any type of chunky or “dad” sneaker with any clothing!  Wear your gym shoes to the gym and that’s it.  If you are a sneaker gal then pick something sleeker instead. Say goodbye to Slide View: 1: Karhu Fusion 2.0 Sneakers and opt for Slide View: 1: Gola Leaf Sneakerssomething sleeker and perhaps a little more retro and here is a hint, jungle and leaf prints will be huge for Spring so a sneaker like Gola Leaf Sneakers from Anthropologie is what you wear instead.


  •  Get rid of you PVC bags.  All those see-through bags and furturistic looking ones are toast for 2020.  Large totes and quilted leather bags are what you keep instead.  So put away VALENTINO GARAVANI Small Grande Plage VLTN Logo Clear Tote, Main, color, TRASPARENTE/ NERO/ NEROanything that resembles this see-though Valentino bag and opt for something like CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Cabata Calfskin Leather Tote, Main, color, NUDE/NUDEChristian Louboutin’s Cabata Calfskin Tote, lines are streamlined and clean and neutral colors, especially in leather are going to be very strong for Spring 2020.


  •  Gone are all our bold logo attire, bags, shoes and accessories.  No more designers names written all over you clothes and accessories.  Choose things that are practical, neutral and classic instead.  So sell or put away COACH Hayden Signature Canvas & Leather Foldover Convertible Crossbody Bag, Main, color, B4/ TAN RUST and GUCCI Interlocking-G Metallic Jacquard Wool Sweater Minidress, Main, color, CREAM/ GOLDyou will not want anyone else’s name all over your body.  And opt for The Hutton Blazer in Ottoman Knitsoft styling and clean lines, with neutral colors like this outfit from Ann Taylor and pair it with a neutral leather bag NORDSTROM Bella Leather Crossbody Bag, Main, color, GREY TAUPE. This applies to your sunglasses as well, no more bold designer names on your glasses, pick a sleeker pair this spring.


  • I know we are talking a lot and showing a lot of examples using handbags but I have one more to talk about.  No more mini bags!  Small bags are not going to be chic so put them away or sell them. I will be storing mine because if you spend a lot on a bag you know eventually it will be back in style.  Large and oversize are the way bags are going, which makes it easier to store everything and look chic at the same time. So store CHLOÉ 'Mini Marcie' Leather Crossbody Bag, Main, color, LIGHT CLOUDall your mini cross-body bags and clutches and opt for ACNE STUDIOS Musubi Leather Maxi Bag, Main, color, ALMOND BROWNa Maxi bag like this one from Acme Studios.  Stay with neutral colors or black or white.  Those will work with everything for Spring.


  • Now we’ve been talking a lot about what to absolutely get rid of, but here is something that in all my research I have found different opinions on.  And that is denim head to toe.  So some designers are still showing it for spring.  They are showing tailored and paired down. But other sources say you should move to a jumpsuit instead of head to toe denim seperates.  Either way, do what you feel is comfortable.  Look for Slide View: 1: Flynn Utility Denim Jumpsuita classically styled denim jumpsuit like this one from Flynn Utility at Anthropologie.  If you are thinking you still want to do denim head toe in seperates try Slide View: 1: Peggy Denim Duster Jacketa steamlined look like this from Anthro that has soft denim colors and layers, nothing oversize and nothing too baggy. Designers are referring to this as the Canadian tuxedo, so let’s make it look good if we are going to wear it.


  • Here is a big one: Purple is out!!! So all that lavendar and purple from last season perhaps should be stored until we can pull it out again. Army Green or Olive is the new big trend color. So keep all your olive green and wear it all spring long.  Get rid of Petite Boxy Cardigan Sweatersoft purple pieces from last spring and opt for JAPAN EXCLUSIVE Poplin Shirt Dressa dress with a little volume like this Japan exclusive Poplin dress from Banana Republic.  Olive and Army Green can be a beautiful neutral to wear with all pastels and especially looks fantastic with white.


  • Get rid of, don’t even store, all your high heeled thong sandals. Those are done and unless you have a broken toe you won’t be wearing them for a while.  Opt for Slide View: 1: Lola Cruz Gem Strappy Sandalssomething strappy and pretty that will go with everything like these Lola Cruz Gem Sandals from Anthro.


  • Store all your letter necklaces, they were everywhere for the last year but not any more, as a matter of fact store all your dainty chain necklaces.  Chunky collar necklaces are going to be what we are wearing.  So say good bye to Slide View: 2: Block Letter Monogram Necklaceand pick up something like Slide View: 3: Abalone Pendant Necklacethis Abalone Pendant necklace with it’s very chunky chain from Anthro.  This is the kind of necklace we will all be wearing with all our fabulous neutrals and olives for Spring.  Oh and one other jewellery piece to say good bye to is anything made from Sea shells, put those away or sell them.


  • You can put away your leopard print slip skirt for spring, but you can keep wearing them for now until you really change over to your spring wardrobe like in April or May.  I really like mine so I am just going to store it, leopard will be in again soon.  Opt for a midi or maxi skirt in a solid neutral or jungle print instead. Any mini skirt, which is coming back should be out for any woman over 50.  A mid thigh is really not appropriate no matter how great your legs are. Try something like this bold jungle floral from Ann Taylor instead to wake up all your neutrals for spring.


  • Let’s talk about shorts. Hot pants are coming back into style for all your daughters but not for you. What we will be wearing instead is the bermuda short.  And the bermuda short is back in a huge way.  Gone are bicycle shorts unless you are wearing them to spin class.  Opt for the more classic bermuda, especially when worn as a short suit with a blazer. Image result for bermuda shorts and blazers for womenI grabbed this image off of Pinterest.  I love the mono chromatic look of a bermuda short and matching blazer.  But the shorts can and should be a little longer. Image result for bermuda shorts and blazers for womenA look like this one from Brunello Cucinelli is more where we are at.  These shorts are leather and that is going to be strong for spring too.  Dark worn with neutrals or neutrals worn monochromatically.  The jackets are being fitted in the waist and the shorts are longer, preferabbly to your knee or just below.  And wear the look with a heel.  We will talk a lot more about this look because it is a great way for women over 50 to wear shorts.


  • Our favorite Jewellery expert Shoshana Lewis will be back this spring but just a little hint of what not to wear for spring: put away all your jewelled hair pins and opt for a head band instead.  Pearlized HeadbandAnn Taylor has this fab pearlized hair band to wear with all your neutrals and by the way Pearls are huge for spring as well.  Hand onto your resin barretts and detailed pony tail holders for now.  As we get further into spring you will see new colors and styles and can try those too.


  • Denim for spring is going to be centered around longer lengths, whether they be straight, wide or flare.  Skinny jeans are never out, but the softer silhouette of trousers and wide legs are stronger for spring, so perhaps just put those skinnys at the back of your closet.  Crop denim too can have a bit of a rest, go shorter into a bermuda style or longer into a full length pant instead.  Perhaps try something like this fabulous CRISS CROSS JEAN - Slouchy jeansCriss Cross jean from Agolde at Aritzia.  Keep the sihouette with the style of your body, for example a longer wide leg jean would look better on me than a flare jean, so I would opt for wide legs. Nothing should be skin tight in denim for spring.
  • Keep all your polka dot pieces.  Dots are super strong for spring. I have a pair of J. Crew chinos in olive with Polka dots I will pull out again this spring or try something like BR’s Supersoft Cotton embroidered sweater.  It will look great with neutrals and denim!


  • One other thing that you need to hang on to is tank tops.  They are going to be huge as a layering piece under blazers or worn with wider legs and higher waists.  They look great with longer wider skirts and shorts too.  So stock up!


This blog has taken a couple of weeks of research, so now you have some ammunition to go and clean out your closet,  get it ready for Spring.  You can sell or store anything you aren’t going to wear.  Just remember the one cardinal rule when cleaning out your closet: If you didn’t wear it last spring it has to go, you won’t want to wear something that is 2 years old unless it is very classic. 

Good luck, I know that is my next step, cleaning out my closet.  And I am going to give you guys 2 weeks to do it.  So there will be no blog next week Feb 26 but I will be back on March 4 and we will start talking about spring in ernest.

My March is pretty much booked up if you are looking for styling appointments, but I still have openings in April.  I won’t be working, but I will be blogging, May to August, so if you want an appointment before fall April is the time to book.  You can reach me at Suethefashionista@gmail.com to book an appointment or ask me any fashion question.

Good luck with your closets, until next time…Suethefashionista card frnt







A Winter Date Night Look

Winter date nights whether they are with your husband, girlfriends or even just by yourself should be something to look forward to.  When it’s constantly raining or snowing we tend to get into the same types of wardrobes everyday.  Myself included, I wear the same black cashmere cardigan all the time.  So how about a little switch up to make you excited about your clothes again.

You can take even a casual event and just elevate it.  No need to wear that same cashmere sweater again.  I tend to be a cold person, so every time I look at an outfit this time of year it needs to keep me warm. Or at least have the ability for me to layer under.

How about taking your favorite skinny jeans, like MADEWELL Maternity Side-Panel Skinny Jeans Adjustable Tencel<sup>®</sup> Lyocell Edition, Alternate, color, LARKSPURlike these great dark skinny jeans from Madewell. Dark denim is great in the winter and you can use it like a neutral so it goes with everything!

On a date night with your husband or friends, and if you want to dress them up try something with a strong pattern like Mock-Neck Balloon-Sleeve Topthis Mock Neck Balloon Sleeve blouse in a black and white floral from Banana Republic.  This print top with a shorter body would work well with higher rise with skinny jeans and black booties, especially with a great black jacket! This great top also comes in a soft purpleMock-Neck Balloon-Sleeve Topso if you buy it now you can still wear it later in early spring too.  You can also pair a bright color with dark denim Puff-Sleeve Wrap Toplike this Puff Sleeve wrap top also from BR. And it comes in tons of colors.  I bought a red blouse with flutter sleeves from BR last year around this time and I use it all the time for date nights and any time I want to inject color into my wardrobe.

A casual date night doesn’t just have to be with jeans.  There are so many other great pairs of casual pants, that most of us own, you can wear and treat them as a neutral just like jeans. WIT & WISDOM Ab-Solution Skinny Ponte Pants, Main, color, BLACKAny pair of skinny pants or leggings can work great.  I have a pair from a few years ago from NYDJ and I still wear them all the time.  Use your skinny ponte pants like these ones from Wit and Wisdom at Nordstrom with longer tops and sweaters. Zebra Print Open CardiganMaybe choose something like this Zebra print open cardigan from Loft.  Animal prints are super chic right now and this would be great with either a cotton t-shirt or turtleneck (if it’s really cold) underneath.  Something I love about shopping at Loft is that you can find unexpected really cute tops that work with everything for not a lot of money. Mosaic Boucle Mixed Media SweatshirtMosaic Boucle Mixed Media SweatshirtThey have a lot of things like this Mixed Media Boucle Sweatshirt with neck and hem detailing that you will wear over and over.  Tops like these are great because you can wear them casually or dressy.  And tops like these can take you right into Spring. And it never hurts to check on what’s on sale at Loft, Plaid Button Back Balloon Sleeve BlouseI have this Button Back Balloon sleeve blouse from the Fall and I wear it all the time and it’s on sale for 50% off right now at Loft.

Or how about a pair of Ponte Wide Leg pants Wide Leg Pull On Pants in PonteThese are also from the sale dept at Loft and you just have to make sure your top is either fitted or a little shorter with wide legs and you are good.

I have a bad habit of wearing jeans all the time these days, don’t fall into that trap.  Wide leg or skinny or even flare or bootleg ponte pants are great, they never wrinkle and look good with everything.  And mix up colors, try dark purple or burgundy or khaki for a change.  They still all work back to black boots.  I should try and remember that myself.

Now what about if your winter date night is a little more dressy and jeans are not what you want to wear.

I am in love with midi skirts this season.  I can’t even bring myself to wear a knee length skirt any more. This Fall we talked about Halogen from Nordstrom’s Bias cut A-line Midi skirtHALOGEN<SUP>®</SUP> Bias Cut A-Line Midi Skirt, Main, color, TAN ABSTRACT ANIMAL PRT. I bought it in the other color of animal print this fall and have warn it so much I wished I had the same skirt in other colors. I also love a solid color for this same silhouette LEITH Satin Midi Skirt, Main, color, MAGENTA PURPLE.  If you do this skirt in a strong color like this Leith Satin Midi also from Nordstrom in a stronger color like this purple, you can wear it like a neutral.  What I particulary love about the midi skirts is that they look great with boxy sweater and boots if you want to dress them down, or wear them with a nice top and heels to dress them up.

And there are also dresses that can work for a winter date night.  Of course if it is a special night out than you will want to wear something special. Maxi Wrap DressBanana Republic has a special maxi wrap dress that can work for a special occasion.  Or why not shop in your own closet and pull out Tuxedo Jumpsuita black jumpsuit.  We all have them, dress it up with A turheels and jewellry.

But if your night out isn’t as dressy as a maxi dress or black jumpsuit try Turtleneck Sweater Dressa Turtleneck sweater dress or  a Ribbed Square neck dress Ribbed Square-Neck Sweater Dresswith a fit and flare silhouette. Wear them with dark hose or black tights and either low block heel booties or knee high boots and you are all set.  Warm and pretty! Both these knit dress are from BR.

There are also little touches you can use to dress up or dress down any outfit.  One of my faves is wearing a velvet blazer and jeans. Velvet Soft BlazerYour black velvet blazer (this one is from BR) can dress up almost anything.

KATE SPADE NEW YORK pavé small square stud earrings, Main, color, CLEARSometimes all you need is a special pair of earrings( Kate Spade) to dress up your date night look. TASHA 2-Pack Small Crystal Barrettes, Main, color, GOLDBAUBLEBAR Scarlett Set of 2 Hair Clips, Main, color, PINKOr how about a pair of elegant barettes?  They are super chic and can make every hair style look special. Shok designs have great barretts, check them out!

Taking your night out to the next level shouldn’t be hard.  For me it would be getting out of the denim zone and trying something different.  For you it might be wearing more jewellry or trying a new hair style with a barrette or two.  But whatever you need to do it is always worth it to look your best when heading out.

There will be no blog on February 12 and then on February 19th we will start to go through what to keep and what to toss from your wardrobe to get it ready for Spring.  We will start our spring blogs in March so stay tuned.  Any questions or if you want a styling appointment, Feb is booked but I still have openings in March so book soon and you won’t be disappointed.  Email me at Suethefashionista@gmail.com for appointments or any styling questions.

Until next time…suethefashionista-card-frnt


















Your Winter Ready Face!

Every winter I seem to notice a different part of my skin suffers from the cold and wet.  And as you age your skin requires more care to prevent dryness, redness and other things like wrinkles, rosacea and et al.  Using good quality skin care is a must once you are over 40 and every little bit you do helps you look better and age gracefully.  If you don’t have an esthetician that you see now is the time to start thinking about finding someone who can assess and address your skin needs as you age.  I am not a skin expert so I will not go further with this here but if you live in Vancouver and need a recommendation for a good esthetician I am happy to provide one.

The things I want to talk about today are the kind of make up and steps you take to protect your skin from the winter elements.  That’s not saying you have to wear full foundation every day, but you do need to take good steps to keep your skin looking good.

What are those steps? Well first off you likely need a heavier moisturizer, I will leave that to a certified esthetician to recommend for you.  But what else will help your skin. Well, I wear sunscreen every day, winter and summer. I use 2 different ones both SPF 50. One without a tint for going to the gym or shoveling snow or any activity where I might break a sweat.  I use the one with a tint on the days where I don’t have to wear a full face of makeup.  No one wants to wear foundation every day and wearing a sunscreen with a tint can really brighten up and protect your skin.

philosophy - Renewed Hope in A Jar SPF 30 MoisturizerYou could use something like Hope in Jar’s moisturizer with an SPF 30 built into it.  It’s a great way to multitask having a moisturizer that has a sunscreen built in! Consonant - The Perfect Sunscreen Clean at SephoraOr you can use something like this. The Perfect Sunscreen from Consonant is 100% natural, you use 2 pumps over top of your moisturizer and you are set.  It is also SPF 30.

If you want a tinted sunscreen that you can wear on the days you don’t wear make up than look for things likeCLINIQUE - Moisture Surge CC Cream Hydrating Colour Corrector Broad Spectrum SPF 30Clinique’s CC cream, it’s a hydrating color corrector with a broad spectrum 30 SPF.  Or Lancombe’s Bienfait Lancôme - Bienfait Multi-Vital Teinte SPF 30 SunscreenSPF 30 sunscreen that comes in 2 different tints so you can match the tone of your skin.


All the above can be found at Sephora.  Two other brands I really like are Anna Lotan from Israel, and believe me women in Israel know how to take care of their skin. And Skinceuticals.  Skinceuticals costs a little more but in my experience you totally get what you pay for with skin care and Skinceuticals is the absolute best brand of moisturizers and sunscreens I have even used. Tinted Day Cream Anna Lotan does a tinted Day Cream with a SPF of 34, Creme Extreme a moisturizer without a tint with the same SPF and a Sun Select daily sheild if you want to put another layer overtop of the moisturizer Sun Select SPF50with an SPF of 50.  Skinceuticals has 2 that I love both at 50 SPF  Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50one with a tint and one Sheer Physical UV Defense SPF 50without a tint.  And I am not kidding when I say I wear one of these every day, 365 days per year.

A good sunscreen with protect your skin from the winter elements the same way it does the summer elements. You sunscreen can also double as a Primer to get your face ready for the application of the rest of your make up.  Some Primer’s have SPF and some don’t.  If you’d rather use a Primer in the winter just make sure it has SPF.

So now that we have covered your base layer, what else can you do to help you skin in the cold winter months?

Well starting with your lips, you need to keep them protected.  Burgundy and Maroon lipsticks are very chic for winter, so you could go with a strong color lipstick. Bobbi Brown - Lipstick Blackberry 0.12 oz/ 3.5 gOne of my favorite lipstick brands is Bobbi Brown and they have this fantastic Chocolate Blackberry.  Most women look good with a strong burgundy lipstick, not purple, but a more wine color. And I find that a dark lipstick with a good lip liner can stay on all day. The other brand of lipstick I am loving right now is Dior, Dior - Rouge Dior Lipstick 964 Ambitious Matte 0.12 oz/ 3.4 g Allure Best of Beauty Sealand it comes in many shades of plum and burgundy and even a fantastic chocolate brown.  A good lipstick can protect your lips from the winter elements while brightening your face at the same time.  If you don’t want to wear lipstick all the time and want something lighter try the Sugar lip balms and treatments.  Fresh - Sugar Lip Treatment Spice 0.15 oz/ 4.3 g Allure Best of Beauty SealThey come in 15 colors, have an SPF of 15 and go on very sheer with just a hint of color.  I love them and have about 8 of the 15 colors, when I don’t wear lipstick, I wear these.  I never go out of my house, especially in the winter with a bare lip, that’s just asking for chapped lips.

Stay away from all the bright corals and pinks for winter and stay with darker nudes or colors. As you get older bright corals especially will make you look older than you are.  Also don’t let your lipstick migrate beyond your lip line, that is a for sure give away that you are getting older.  Try a lip liner that either matches the color you are wearing or is one shade lighter to keep lipstick on the lips where it belongs!

Nails also are important in making us feel good about how we look.  More and more women I know are wearing gel polish, which really has revolutionized nails.  Gel polish lasts for around 2-3 weeks and really doesn’t chip.  I am a french manicure girl myself and I can wear a french gel manicure for just over 3 weeks if I am travelling and can’t get to the nail salon.  But if you are picking color, and they will bring you a large pallet to choose from, stay away from neon colors, leaves those for the teenagers.  Sophisticated nails are nude, red, merlot and even dark or light grey.  Treat your nails as an accessory and pick a shade that will compliment the clothing and jewellery you wear.

As far as blush is concerned pick something that helps your skin tone, like a rosy pink blush.  Or if you already have too much rose in your complexion go with a more neutral tone one to calm down the rosiness. KEVYN AUCOIN - The Neo-Blush Rose Cliff 0.2 oz/ 6.8 gI love these 2 tone blushes from Kevin Aucoin, they have 2 colors that blend together to create your perfect look, or you can use them seperately.  And they last on your face.  They come in 3 different color patterns.  You can pick the shade that compliments your own skin. Remember to apply blush in the places where you naturally blush only! Forget contouring it will look like you are trying to hard. You want to put on your blush where your face naturally blushes not just on the apples of your cheeks, do this and you will look fresh and happy.

Stay away from dark bronzers in the winter.  It will look fake,  think about creating a softer face for winter not a harsh one with streaks of bronzer on your cheeks.

For eyes, keep you eyeliner fairly neutral, no blues, bright greens or purples.  Stilla has 2 new colors of all day waterproof liquid eyeliner that I am in love with. stila - Stay All Day® Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner Intense Smoky Quartz 0.016 oz/ 0.5 mLIntense smoky quartz which is like a combination of light black and dark brown and stila - Stay All Day® Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner Intense Labradorite 0.016 oz/ 0.5 mLIntense Laborite – Charcoal which is the absolute best color of dark grey I have even seen.  Keep your eyeliner dark but not jet black. If using a pencil use a soft kohl black eyeliner like Stilla’s smudgeproof Stick waterproof eye liner pencil stila - Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner Damsel 0.01 oz/ 0.28 gin the color Damsel, which is a blackish brown.  A darker eyeliner will give your eyes great definition, keep them looking open and looks great on pale skin and works with a dark winter wardrobe. One really important detail when applying eye liner is to keep the line right on the edge of your lash line.  It just makes you look older if there is any skin showing between your lashes and eyeliner.  One more tip, don’t apply liner under your eyes and certainly not all around it.  Eyes can droop as you age and unerneath eye liner or all around eye liner will only make this more pronounced. Tip the very edge of your liner up to combat this.

Eyeshadow really has it’s limitations as we age.  The older we get the better we look with just a light brush of pale eyeshadow.  Stay completely away from bright and dark colors. A natural look will always look better.  If you want to try something different for an evening out try something like a pale metallic. Urban Decay - Eyeshadow Naked 0.05 oz/ 1.5 gStick with matte shadows and lean towards the nude ones, like this one from Urban Decay. Urban Decay - Eyeshadow Half Baked 0.05 oz/ 1.5 gIf you want to do a shimmer stay with a soft oyster shimmer or a golden bronze (shown).

For your foundation you probably need to go with a shade lighter than you do in the spring and summer.  This could just be a little powder that you sweep across your face instead of foundation.  On the days when I don’t wear liquid foundation I wear a powder foundation.  So for example in the winter I would go down a shade to an ivoryLancôme - DUAL FINISH – Multi-tasking Longwear Powder Foundation 120 Ivoire (N) 0.67 ozfrom  Lancôme - DUAL FINISH – Multi-tasking Longwear Powder Foundation Matte Amande III (W)a darker color like an almond matte.  These are Lancombe’s dual finish powder long lasting foundations.  I wear a powder foundation I buy from my make up artist, Luc Lacroix at Pure Studio in Vancouver.  One thing about women over 40 and foundation, be careful with powder settling into the creases in your face, liquid foundation is much more forgiving and you can look for a light covering one it doesn’t have to be like putting spackle on your face.

Eyebrows get thicker and thinner and definitely get sparser as you age.  You need to fill in the gaps in your brows with an eyebrow pencil or gel.  Unless you are going to get them microbladed and just beware thick eyebrows won’t be in forever and microblading can last up to 3 years.  I like to use a pencil that is as close to my natural shade as possible.  Try Kevin Aucoin KEVYN AUCOIN - The Precision Brow PencilPrecision Brow Pencil, which comes in 3 colors or if you want gel try Kevin Aucoin’s Brow Gel Pencil KEVYN AUCOIN - The Brow Gel Pencilwhich comes in 5 gel shades including clear.  Personally I find a pencil easier to use but it’s up to you.

As a matter of fact if you are just starting to figure out how to wear your make up, and now that you are a little older don’t wonder if you need to wear make up because the answer is yes, you definitely need to wear make up!  Try going to a professional like Luc to help you pick the shades that are right for you.  Most of the make up I posted pictures of is all from Sephora.  The Anna Lotan and Skinceuticals you can find on their websites or Pure Studio carries Anna Lotan in Vancouver and Project Skin carries Skinceuticals. The make up I wear is mostly bought from either Luc at Pure Studio or at Project skin. The only thing I really buy over the counter is the Stilla liquid eyeliner and some of my lipsticks.  One of the best treats you can give yourself is having a professional show you how to wear the make up and help you choose what looks best on your skin.  And remember with make up sometimes less is more, you never want to look over made up so heavy things like blushes and lipsticks it’s always easier to start out a little lighter.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading this blog, I know it is a bit longer than usual but once I started writing there was just a lot of info to talk about.

Remember to book early if you want a spring styling or wardrobing appointment and if you want a recommedation for skin care in Vancouver just email me and ask.  Email me at Suethefashionista@gmail.com for appointments and any questions you have.


USuethefashionista card frntntil next time…











Surviving the Dog Days of Winter

Unless you have the luxury of spending the winter months somewhere warm, and most of us don’t,  you need to find a way to last through January and February.  Most of the clothes coming into the stores won’t help you, everyone starts selling spring merchandise in Feb when it’s still freezing out.  So aside from grabbing what you can from the bottom of the sale barrel (see last week’s blog about how to do this intelligently) you are going to have to rely on your own wardrobe for the most part.

One of the things that get me through the snow and fierce rain is having great pairs of boots that are stylish and they are waterproof.  I may not always invest in my clothing, sometimes I go for the cheap and cheerful tops and dresses, but I always invest in my winter footwear.  My favorite brand is Aquaitalia, waterproof, weatherproof and gorgeous. I buy them when I see them on sale and I keep them for years with the help of my cobbler. AQUATALIA Flore Tall Weatherproof Boot, Alternate, color, BLACKThis is the Flore tall weatherproof boot.  I have a boot similar to this that I bought 2 years ago.  Mine are a little bit flatter and I wear them all winter with skirts and with my skinny jeans tucked in.  AQUATALIA Marilisa Weatherproof Bootie, Main, color, BLACKI also have a few pairs of their weatherproof booties, these are the Marilisa weatherproof booties, I don’t have this pair.  But they are adorable and would so work with all your flare bottoms from this fall.  My booties are more of the classic style FUOCOlike these Fucco booties but mine are in black suede.  They are a godsend when the weather is bad, they always look great even walking through a slushy snowbank.  One other pair I have invested in also Aquaitalia is a true pair of snowboots.  AQUATALIA Cheyenne Weatherproof Boot, Main, color, 001I have a pair similar to these Cheyenne boots and honestly they save me when there is a snow storm.

The other brand of boots I love for the winter is Blondo, they aren’t as stylish as Aquaitalia but they are as weatherproof and if you look hard and plan when you are going to buy them you can get a great pair for a decent price.BLONDO Vica Waterproof Boot, Main, color, BLACK LEATHERYou could do a great classic, completely weatherproof, leather boot for under $300.  I have one pair that I wear traveling and all over the place.  One of the great things about Blondo is most of their tall boots are wider shaft so you don’t have to pay more for a wide shaft boot.

So now that we have covered water and weatherproof footwear, we need to look at other elements that keep us warm.  One of the other clothing items I can’t resist is a good cashmere sweater.  I maybe be one every other year and I take good care of them and pull them out when I need them. Image of M Magaschoni 3/4 Sleeve Cashmere Asymmetrical Hem PulloverI buy cashmere when I see it onsale on Hautelook.com.  They carry a lot of it in the fall, one of my favorite sweaters is this one by M Magaschoni, I have it in black and wear it with my skinny jeans and booties all the time.  It’s a bit lighter than some of my other sweaters so I just layer a tank underneath it. But there are 2 things that would be essential to keeping you warm. One is a great cashmere turtleneck HALOGEN<SUP>®</SUP> Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater, Main, color, BLACK. And you don’t have to spend a fortune, this one is from Halogen at Nordstrom and it’s only $98. The other thing that I live in is a cashmere cardigan, you can wear them with everything.NORDSTROM SIGNATURE Open Cashmere Cardigan, Main, color, BLACKPick one that’s a little longer like this Nordstrom signature cardi.  I am a huge layerer and my black cashmere cardigan gets worn all winter long.  The key to staying warm is being able to layer or unlayer during your day.

One other piece that I find essential to dealing with winter and colder weather is a cami.  I wear a cami almost every day under whatever I am wearing.  I love a soft layer right next to my skin under a sweater or shirt.  I repurpose my summer tank tops into winter camis.  Usually around March or April places like Joe Fresh, Old Navy etc have all their tank tops out in tons of colors. I buy new ones every spring, especially the black and white ones and whatever colors I can pick up that go under things, like grey, olive, burgundy and cream.  I wear them in the summer as tanks and then in the winter when they are a bit dingier from so much wear they become my undershirt basically.  Essential TankJoe Fresh’s essential tank is available year round on line and can work under everything. And usually online at some place like Old Navy you can find product photocolored fitted tanks for under $12. YUMMIE 6-in-1 Shaping Tank, Main, color, FRAPPEIf you want a tank that will keep you warm and shape you at the same time you need to go to a place like Nordstrom or the Bay where they have a dedicated lingerie dept and carry brands like Spanx or Yummie Mummy.


And finally what would a cold weather blog be without talking about the final layer, a great coat that will keep you warm and dry! Right now is a great time to buy a puffer if you don’t already have a good one, they are on sale everywhere! Image of Soia & Kyo Hooded Down CoatNordstrom Rack is a great place to order a down coat for a good price.  The thing I always keep in mind is that I basically want to order a size bigger than I wear, this way there will always be room to layer underneath. Right now a coat like this one from Sonia & Kyo is 54% off and you can grab it for under $300.  But you don’t even have to spend that much if you need a new warm coat. Brands like Michael Kors and Cole Haan have puffy coats on sale right now for around $100, you could buy 2 for the price of the one from Sonia & Kyo. Image of MICHAEL Michael Kors Missy Long Down Padded Faux Fur Trim JacketIt’s always great to have a longer puffer like this one from Michael by Michael Kors for snowy days so you are completely covered and it works great over midi skirts and dresses too! By the way remember one of our strong fall trends was to wear puffer coats like this one with your dresses and skirts. Image of Cole Haan Zip Front Down JacketOr pick a 3/4 length puffer like this one from Cole Haan with a little more style, notice the hood detail, it almost capes around the coat.

In the winter I pretty much have a uniform of skinny jeans tucked into boots, warm tops, with a cami underneath and my puffy coat.  I stay warm and dry and it always works for me.  This year mix it up with your wide leg cropped pant, just make sure you boot or bootie has a little bit of a heel with wider leg pants.


So there you have it, a quick guide how to stay warm, dry and stylish in our miserable winter weather.  Right now I am booking styling appointments for February and March. February is a great time to clean out your closet and get it ready for your new spring clothing in March, so book me soon if you want an appointment in Feb!

For all appointments I can be reached at Suethefashionista@gmail.com.  I am not going to be working as many days during the week this spring so book early if you want an appointment!

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How to Shop the Sales like a Pro

I posted this blog last year around this time.  I think the points are still very important when everything is on sale.  January is the time to replenish while prices are low and in a way get your winter wardrobe ready for the rest of this winter and next year.  Read below before you run out and buy that coat or pair of boots you have had your eye on and are now on sale.  Follow the guidelines and you will not be disappointed with your purchases! Enjoy!



Right now everything is on Sale!!  Every email I get and every store I walk into has a promotion and a sale.  And I don’t care who you are I know everybody loves a good bargain, especially on things they will wear over and over.   So how to you even start to manage all these websites and stores?  Here is some sale shopping advice that you can take as a guide with you to find exactly what is right for you.

1) Go with a goal in mind or surf the web with a goal.  Your goal could be anything from a new denim jacket to a party dress.  If you keep your focus, and I know sometimes it’s not easy, especially when that bow back orange sweater is only $9.99 plus shipping.  But there are 3 things you need to think about when ordering online or shopping in a store:

Can I return it easily.  So for example, unless you are ordering from the clearance section of the website or shopping at a store (like Aritzia) where their sale items are final sale, you should be fine.  Stores like J. Crew, Talbots, Anthropologie and Nordstrom all have amazing deals right now.  I like ordering from these stores because I can return it if I don’t like it right here in Vancouver.  So blazer like this one women's parke blazer - women's blazersfrom J. Crew, it’s the Parker blazer, you can buy it online and return it to your local J. Crew.  I actually picked this up in the store on Thursday for $94 including tax, it’s even a better deal than the online price of $185 less 40%.  Who doesn’t need a great fitting black blazer they can wear all year round!

The next important thing you have to keep in mind is do I need it? Never mind that you want it.  When you ask yourself do I need it you should immediately be thinking of how it will work in your own wardrobe. Petite day-to-night dress in exeter flannel   saleI just ordered this petite Day to Night dress in flannel from J. Crew. It is regularly $246 and in my shopping cart before taxes and shipping it was only $34.  I happen to get really lucky, it is a petite size 12, which should fit like a regular size 10 which I am.  It will be long enough to cover my knees because I am only 5’4″ so the petite works.  And since I have lost so much weight I will be likely getting rid of most of my winter dresses I can’t take in, so for me it’s a win all around.  Now if it doesn’t fit just right when it arrives I have two choices: either take it to a tailor to alter to fit just right, or return it to my local J. Crew store – how easy is that.

If you need something, whatever it is. You may have to look deep into the sale pages but you can find it.

2) Pay attention to the mark down prices. Sometimes it’s not as good a deal as you think.  For example, Anthropologie has all their sale items in clothing an extra 25% off. But if the dress Slide View: 1: Deszra Silk Dresslike this Desra Silk Dress, regularly $338 (US) for $199.95 less 25% which is $149.96.  So for $150 you think this is a great deal!  But once you put it in your cart and they add shipping and taxes you are back up to $200.  So it is really not a good deal.  You need to keep an eye out for that.  Also when shopping on the Anthro site keep in mind all the prices are US dollars and if you are shopping from Canada add 30% off right away.  Sometimes it might be better to go to your local Anthro store and buy it.

3) Try and only buy things that will last you for a few years and are truly a good price. Why do I say this?  Well when you are shopping with a goal in mind, a new white shirt, a new pair of black pants, a new pair of shoes.  You know exactly what you are looking for and chances are right now on sale you can invest in things like last year’s cashmere sweater or last year’s boots that were too expensive, but you can buy them now. Who doesn’t need a sequin skirt in their wardrobe? It is one of those things that you can pull out all year round and dress up any top with or be ready for a fancy night out. Right now on WhitehouseBlackmarket in their final clearance page they have Sequin Pencil Skirtthis beautiful sequin pencil skirt reduced from $140 to $14.99.  Wow! That is an amazing deal if you will actually wear a sequin skirt.  If you are like me and love to get dressed up then go for it, but if you consider dressy black pants and a fancy skirt don’t buy it.  Final clearances are not returnable. Something that is an amazing deal and I would grab it in an instant on WHBM’s final clearance page is Flare Pantsthis pair of wide leg black pants for $29.99 but don’t get too excited they only have size 0 or size 16 left.  I happen to be neither of those!

3) Try and buy pieces that will build your wardrobe.  This rule should really apply for all shopping.  I buy the most basic clothing on sale usually.  I have one weakness, and that is leopard print.  As I said in my blog about wearing leopard print last fall you don’t need a lot of it to make a statement.  But I do love a great leopard print sweater. So when I find a good one on sale I usually pounce.  I try and only order wool or light weight wool so I can wear it under jackets and all year. Here is one that J. Crew has on their site right now and I have seen it in store women's tippi sweater to leopard - women's sweatersthis is their leopard print Tippi sweater. It cost $118 and I bought almost the same one 2 years ago but it was an XL, so it doesn’t fit anymore.  And instead of paying $118, I found one on clearance at WHBM the beginning of July, it is now sold out but it is very similar and I only paid $9.99 for it!  Even when it arrives with duties and takes it won’t be more than about $25 so it is still a great deal and I will wear it over and over. That is a piece that will build my wardrobe.  Another thing that can really work to build your wardrobe is a great sweaters.  I happen to really like Banana Republic Sweaters.  They have a final sale part of their website too and right now it’s 50% off of Sale merchandise. No returns or exchanges but if you could getproduct photoa great black merino wool short sleeve sweater that you can wear all year round and you get to the check out and it’s only $26.99, that is truly a steal! The regular price is $95. Pieces like this you can wear over and over.


Now that we have gone through the basic rules of sale shopping let’s talk about stores that have in season sales.  Right now Nordstrom has their Anniversary Sale on.  It’s a great time to pick up something you may need for this fall for about 25%-30% off. Do you need a new coat? That’s the kind of thing you can find. Olga Boiled Wool Topcoat,                         Main,                         color, Winter PineThis is the Olga Boiled Wool Top Coat by J. Crew exclusively for Nordstrom.  It’s normally $385 but during their Anniversary Sale it’s $256.65.  That’s a pretty good savings for something new for fall. Leather Moto Jacket,                         Main,                         color, BlackHow about a Moto leather jacket? If you didn’t pick one up last year they are going to be super strong for fall again.  This is the Halogen Moto jacket regular $415 on sale now for $277, not a bad deal at all. Or how about a pair of boyfriend jeans, those you will really wear all year round. Catherine Boyfriend Jeans,                         Main,                         color, CosyThese KUT from the KLOTH Catherine Boyfriend jeans are regularly over $125 on sale right now for $83, if they fit you it’s a great deal for something you will wear all the time.  At Nordstrom Anniversary Sale I tend to look for things that I need but also wouldn’t pay for if they were regular price.  For me Boots are one of the key things I look for.  For example Varta Waterproof Bootie,                         Main,                         color, Black Nubuck LeatherThis pair of Grey Varta Waterproof booties from Blondo are right up my alley.  They follow all my rules for boots, I need to be able to wear them if it’s raining, they go with almost all my pants and jeans and I really like grey.  But I doubt I would pay over $200 for them, I don’t need them that badly ( I actually have grey booties already) and I would prefer something with a bit higher heel, but they are on sale for only $138 and that is a pretty great deal for leather waterproof booties.  So it is something I think about.

The other store that always has a sale on is Banana Republic.  As matter of fact if you go on their website or store today you will see 40% off of some of their newest things. So your basic pair of Avery Fit black lightweight wool pants product photothat you can for sure wear right into fall and winter is regularly $125 now on for $75.  But I have to be honest, it is always 40% off. I bought a pair last spring for 40% off and then just went back and bought a smaller pair for the same discount.  So pay attention because why would you ever pay full price when you know they go on sale all the time.  So why would you ever pay full price for something at BR.  Not only that if you order online you can return in store.  So needless to say I shop there a lot.

If you follow your own goals while sale shopping and buy only things you actually need you can build quite a good wardrobe for a good price.  I have to admit I rarely pay full price for anything.  It has to be incredible for me to pay full price, even on sites like WHBM and Ann Taylor you can usually wait until there is a mark down.  I have rarely found otherwise.

Good luck with your sale shopping.  Next week we will talk about cleaning out your closets for fall.  All the re sale shops want things by early August so next week is a great time to go through all your clothes.

If you feel you need help navigating sales or cleaning our your closet I am available for booking right now.  I am only working until August 10th and then not again until the end of September.  So grab me while I have time if you need help. For appointments you can email me at Suethefashionista@gmail.com. I tend to book up really fast in the fall so catch me now if you want.


Until next time…suethefashionista-card-frnt