Happy Holiday Season! The Jewellery Blog

Not to brag, but I am fairly good at alot of things. During this crazy pandemic I have actually become better at a few things. I can now say I am actually a good cook. I learned to put gel nails on and learned to color my own hair (not that I am actually good at either but in a pinch I can do a decent job). I have become a better cleaner, mother and I think I have developed better empathy and understanding. And I am really good at making outfits out of my closet even when I haven’t bought anything new in months. That is why I write this blog, to inspire those of you who read it to put better outfits together too.

But there are a few things I am not good at, and when I reach those things I rely on experts. In the spring/summer I posted face care and hair care blogs featuring the advice of experts. Now I am going to do the same with Jewellery. I am not a jewellery expert and don’t pretend to be. I am so lucky to know Shoshana Lewis. She is someone I can always rely on to tell me how to wear jewellery and when something I am wearing should be put away for a few years until it comes back into style. Not only that she is an amazing person, child of a Holocaust Survivor, she has taken up the mantle of Holocaust awareness and is an advocate for teaching and learning so the mistakes of the past never get repeated again.

This blog was written for me by Shoshana, owner of Shok Designs. It is our Biannual Jewellery Blog and we are so lucky to have Shosh on our team!!

To say this has been a strange time for fashion would be a huge understatement. Fashion has definitely taken a big hit during the past year with the onset of this pandemic. With nowhere to go – what and who are we dressing for?

I have to say that part of feeling normal in abnormal times is getting dressed! You don’t have to dress up but certainly throwing on a cute yet casual outfit and piece of jewelry helps us feel normal. Routine is critical in these uncertain times.

Gold had a good run:

After multiple seasons of gold toned jewelry dominating the runways and fashion magazines – silver has made a big splashy comeback.


The silver lining:

We are also seeing a trend back towards chunky jewelry. Big link chains and curb chains are all over fashion trends and they are mostly silver. I’m a lover of all things gold, but have to say I’m very happy to see something that feels fresh. Bright shiny silver is a nice change from many seasons of gold.

This Yves St. Laurent Curb Bracelet

Covid styles – DIY:

The return of do-it-yourself has brought a resurgence of fun, creative and childlike jewelry back into our hearts and styles. Not only does it get our creative juices flowing but also provides us with some fun activities to do with our kids and friends (zoom of course).

Not your grandma’s pearls:

A new twist to an old classic – pearls! They have enjoyed a comeback in a major way these last couple of seasons with an updated even funky kind of look. Thanks to some major influential designers such as Jennifer Fisher, the Pearl has become a must have accessory again. Taking an old strand of pearls and having them remade into something more current is always a great idea.

Lock down locks 🔒 :

Carabiner Locks are still a strong trend heading into resort/Spring 2021. With jewelry designers like Marla Aaron’s signature line of locks paving the way for a look and trend that everyone wants to own. Her prices are high for her fine jewelry locks – thankfully the trend has trickled down to more affordable styles for everyone.

Marla Aaron – below silver curb chain with 14k oval lock – locked into sterling silver heart with 14k yellow gold closure


Sign of the times Mask Chains:

And as with everything in life – we are an adaptable species – so with our new normal requiring us to wear masks for a good part of our days – we have turned masks into fashionable and hopefully comfortable parts of our everyday wardrobe.

Mask chains have helped more than one of us from dropping or losing our masks 😷. They are a great way to help ensure that our kids come home each day with their masks from school.

Make it a fun and personal DIY project for you and your kids

These also make the best teacher or healthcare worker gift to show them we care and we are thankful!

I’ve been donating partial proceeds of all my mask chain sales since September to our Vancouver local food bank and will continue to do so until the end of covid.

Shok. Designs mask chains

Stay safe and accessorized!


So as you can see, we are truly lucky to have Shoshana walk us through what is new and what you can accessorize with. I personally love the return of silver! With how important grey is this season, most of us will be accessorizing it with silver jewellery and accessories. Don’t forget that you can also mix your silver, gold and rose gold pieces. As you can see from the bracelet and locks a mixture of colors and textures makes it more interesting and chic! I truly want to thank her for writing this blog for us!

You can buy all of these items above! They make great holiday gifting and the DIY kits are great for crafting with your loved ones while we are all stuck inside and solitary. And with the buy and support local businesses so important right now, you are not only getting something great but you are also supporting your own community. To contact Shoshana you can message her on Instagram at Shokdesigns or email her directly at shoshkrell@gmail.com. She has a great little jewellery boutique and as long as you observe Covid etiquette she’d be happy to see you.

I am not sure there is going to be another Holiday blog this year. We really don’t need to talk to much about holiday attire. Right now it’s not safe to socialize with anyone outside of your household and with Covid surging in Canada and the US, I for one cannot be one who encourages any socializing.

But here’s a thought for all of you who are lucky enough not to be going to food banks for your holiday meal. How about buying minimal presents for your loved ones and give the rest of the money you would spend to your local food bank, or school breakfast program. There are so many who have lost their jobs and food insecurity is at an all time high. Watching the long lines for food in places like Dallas and New Orleans just breakes my heart. Donate where you live and try to make a difference instead of buying someone something they don’t really need.

Most of my gifting this year is going to consist of restraurant gift cards ( so people can take out food and have a break from cooking) or grocery gift cards so they can pay for their holiday meal on me. This is the one year, in my opinion, those of us that have stability should pay it forward.

Ok that’s enough of the preaching for 2020. It’s been a tough year but we are getting to the end of it. Vaccines will be delivered to all by the end of 2021 so there is an end in sight. I wish you a very happy holiday season and wish you all a bright and healthy new year!!

Stay safe and healthy!

Fall 2020: Fall Outerwear

Unlike dresses, outerwear is a must for all of us. Winter is definitely here across most of North America and it tends to hang out until about April. So most of us need coats and jackets that will see us through.

I live in Vancouver so the challenge with outerwear in Vancouver is not only how to stay warm, but you need it to keep you dry as well. Cloth coats are for nice days here on the Wetcoast; but since November and December are wetter than they are cold, cloth doesn’t cut it. So what do you wear when you want to stay warm and dry?

A Vancouver girl heads to Aritzia or aritzia.com and grabs the tna Superpuff which now comes in a waterproof version.

THE SUPER PUFF₂O™ - Waterproof goose-down puffer jacket

It comes in 3 colors, this great blue, taupe and black. It is made with Rainstop, a wind proof and water proof fabric from Japan. It’s seams are sealed so no moisture can get in. And the best part of all is it’s has a hood and is under $400. This is the quintessential pandemic winter coat for Vancouver weather.

I can’t say enough about the Super Puff. Aritzia makes it in every length and every color. My new favorite is the Super Puff MID, I love a coat that covers my bottom and that I can still move around in. Not that I need another puffer coat but if I do this will probably be the one.

THE SUPER PUFF™ MID - Goose-down, mid-length puffer jacket

It comes in 5 different outer fabric types and each one of those comes in at least 3 different colors. Choice is not an issue.

I strongly encourage you to go to Aritzia.com and check out all the Super Puffs. They come in every length and a vest version. You will find one that works I promise. And Aritzia has 2 day delivery so you won’t have to wait long to get it!

Aritzia.com is probably the best site to get other kinds of coats and jackets as well. In last fall’s coat blog I spoke a lot about the Steadman coat

THE STEDMAN COAT - Lined, wool coat

They still have it and in 9 colors but this year they have so much more as well.

LUXE LOUNGE JACKET - Long sweater jacket

This fall Babaton, by Aritzia has the Luxe Lounge Jacket, which they call more of a sweater jacket but to me it’s way more of a coat. Wear it unbelted for a casual look or belt it if you want.

Sherpa coats and faux fur are fashionable again for Fall 2020. Babaton has the Teddy Coat.

THE TEDDY COAT - Long wool teddy coat

It’s a longer wool coat made with sherpa like “Teddy” fabric. It comes in 4 colors. This one is sure to keep you extra warm.

Parka’s are something else that is guaranteed to keep you warm and dry. I tend to not buy coats unless they have a hood. Something I learned I need living in Vancouver, because you never know when you might get a few showers.

NORTHSTAR PARKA - Mid-length, goose-down parka

The Wilfred North Star parka is one of those coats that you will grab everyday. It’s down and made with a waterproof and windproof fabric to keep you warm and dry. I love this smoky emerald green color but it comes in 4 other colors and it’s on sale right now. Aritzia also has other Parka’s in varying degrees of warmth. Go online and see which one suits where you live.

Of course there are other stores to buy coats in as well. But I do like to promote Aritzia, they do it better than anyone else and they are made right here in Vancouver.

Believe it or not another great place to get coats in Canada is Mark’s Work Wearhouse. I actually buy coats for my grown up son’s there. But they have lots of choices for women too, and usually you can get things at a great price.

Denver Hayes Women's Water Resistant HD2 T-Max Insulated Parka Jacket

Their waterproof insulated parka is onsale right now for $153 but sadly they don’t ship to the US. Most of their coats go up to a 2X and they carry brands like Columbia and Nautica.

Leather jackets and coats are on trend for Fall 2020. They aren’t true winter coats, at least not in Canada, but they are great to make a fashion statement. A place like Nordstrom Rack has lots of choice and better prices. They have stores throughout the US and Canada or take returns within 90 days by mail.

Image of Badgley Mischka Single-Breasted Lamb Leather Jacket

This Single breast Lamb Leather coat by Badgley Mischka is on sale for $230, the prices are in US dollars. It’s a great deal because it was originally prices at $500. Moto styled jackets are a great addition to any wardrobe and there are lots of leather and faux leather ones out there.

Faux leather has become indistinguishable from actual leather and is way better for the environment because it’s usually made from things that has been recycled. So when buying a Moto jacket try a faux one.

This Misty Faux leather jacket from Anthropologie comes in petite, regular and plus so you can find a the fit for you. Faux leather is also a bit lighter so you can wear it underneath your warm coats in the winter.

Yes, capes and caplets are still strong for Fall 2020. It just seems that people don’t really wear them when there is a pandemic and we are all getting locked down again. It is definitely a fashion statement coat and something that would be great to the office or a night out, both of which aren’t really happening.

Italian Melton Cape

Banana Republic has one in Navy if you feel this is the coat for you. It’s a little pricier ($400) but BR is always either 40% or 50% off, so if you really want it just wait until you see it onsale.

With the Pandemic raging everywhere in the world again right now, staying home is probably what you are doing the most. For those quick trips to the grocery store your best bet is likely a puffer or parka. And now you know where to get those.

Wear your masks, they are the law all over Canada right now and should be in the US, even if they aren’t in some states. As I watched CNN today, a very teary eyed nurse from Texas implored people to wear a mask saying “it’s better to wear a mask than have a tube down your throat.” And even if you think you don’t need one, do it for your community and all the vulnerable people who still have to go out and get groceries or medication. Be a true good human, wear a mask, socially distance where ever possible and wash your hands often. It’s the very least you can do right now.

Stay healthy and well, next week we will have our annual fall/holiday Jewelry blog from the one and only Shoshana Lewis of Shok designs. So stay tuned.

Until next time…

Fall 2020: Fall Dresses!

I write a dress blog every season but honestly is anyone wearing dresses right now? The Covid 19 pandemic is raging all over North America and if you are not under stay at home orders right now you will be soon. And let’s face it, it is really doubtful that there will be any holiday parties or dinners so why are we going to talk about dresses?

Well, one day we will be wearing dresses again. There is a vaccine on the horizon and even if most of us won’t be vaccinated until next summer, I for one, cannot live in jeans and sweats forever. And even though dressing up right now is putting on a nice top or sweater with your jeans, there are dresses that are Covid friendly and will make you feel better, look better and Zoom ready!

The Sweater Dress

If there is one dress that will work during this pandemic and is also one of the most fashionable pieces of fall it is the sweater dress. Sweater dresses are everywhere. You can dress them up for a business call or wear them with leggings and flat boots on the days you venture out to the grocery store or drug store. They come in varying degrees of warmth and weave and lots of colors and styles.

Let’s start here at home with Aritzia. They have tons of great sweater dresses and shipping only takes a day or two in Canada.

MONTPELLIER DRESS - Oversized mock-neck sweater dress

The Wilfred Montpellier Dress is cute and comfy. Yes, it looks a little shorter on the model than I usually recommend, but remember she is 5’9″ or taller and it will be likely just above your knee. It comes in 6 colors and 100% merino wool. So it will be fabulous with your tights and boots on a cold winter day! And you want this dress to be a little oversize on you, so order a size bigger than you usually wear, it goes all the way up to 1X online.

CYPRIE DRESS - Wool turtleneck sweater dress

The Wilfred Cyprie dress is a bit longer but also has a turtleneck or mock neck to keep you cozy. It is also 100% merino wool and is slightly longer with a slit on one side. This dress fits large, so you can order your usual size and it comes in 7 different colors and also goes up to 1X. This dress is the perfect dress for tights and booties or great with loafers and sneakers too!

COVE DRESS - Polo sweater dress

The last Aritzia dress I want to talk about is the Wilfred Cove Polo sweater dress. It’s a viscose poly blend and it comes in 6 colors. The model is 5’10” so it will come to your knee or a bit longer and it has a slight collar. It’s a little lighter than wearing a full wool dress, so if you tend to get hot choose something like this that you can open a button or two. It would also look great with skinny jeans if you leave the buttons open on the bottom.
And you can also wear it as a long sweater as well. So this dress is a great one to work around your wardrobe.

Sweater Dress

Banana Republic has a great basic sweater dress. It comes in 3 colors including black. They say online that it’s a mini length but the model is 5’10” so on you and me it is not a mini length. It’s a viscose, poly, nylon blend so you can toss it in the washing maching, which is something I don’t recommend with the 100% merino dresses above.

Sweater Dress

And I wanted to give you the view of it in an XL, I think this style of dress works whatever size you are!

Cable-Knit Sweater Dress

Here is BR’s newest sweater dress, the Cable-Knit sweater dress. It comes in a beautiful Mulled Cranberry or this Heather Grey. I love the fact that BR shows most of their styles on plus size models so you can see how they look on real women. This dress is a tiny bit shorter and on someone who is my height 5’4″ it would come just above my knee. It’s a cotton poly blend so it’s washable and will be super warm. It would be super cute with booties and tights.

Flare-Sleeve Sweater Dress

Last BR dress I want to feature is this one The Flare-Sleeve Sweater dress. It comes in this wonderful Slate Blue and a wonderful Toffee Brown

Flare-Sleeve Sweater Dress

so you have two great colors. It’s a nylon, poly, wool, spandex blend so it won’t grow out of shape and will always fit the same way. They recommend hand washing or dry cleaning, so I would probably dry clean this one. But the detail of the longer length, flare sleeve and option belted waist make this dress unique and something you could dress up or down. They show this dress with sneakers but I would wear it with flat boots.

And even though sweater dresses are the key dress for fall there are lots of other dresses you could wear.

Anthropologie has a ton of great dresses online. I am going to stick with a more casual vibe with dresses for this blog but if you need a formal or business style dress BR and Aritzia have them too. I will show one great one that I love from BR

Plaid Sheath Dress

I adore this Navy plaid sheath dress at BR. This dress would be a fabulous dress for any work related event or presentation. But since most of us are still working from home, it may not be a dress you need right now.

If you aren’t a sweater dress person you may want to try something like Pilcro Lisette Corduroy shirt dress from Anthropologie. It comes in a forest green or toffee brown and is great layered over other tops and bottoms or worn on it’s own with a self belt. It is sized all the way up to size 16 so it will work for everyone.

I also love this Rosalind Velvet Tunic dress from Anthro. It comes in Teal and Berry and is available in petite, regular and plus. Velvet is a great fabric in a fun color to dress up and down your wardrobe. This tunic dress lends itself to be more casual, but you could dress it up for an online meeting if you need to.

And of course who doesn’t love a tiered maxi! Maxi is an important style for fall as well as midi. Longer dresses can be super flattering as you get older and an all over color or print can create a long line down your body. We talked about Animal pring being a great neutral for Fall 2020, so here this tiered maxi is in an animal print. And this dress nips in a bit at the waist so it will create a great shape on you. Wear it with knee length boots or booties.

As I said above, most of us are far away from wearing dresses while we are hunkered down in our homes as another wave of Coronavirus passes through our cities. But hopefully I have given you a few ideas on how to wear a dress this fall if you want to. If you want to stay current, the most important style of dress for fall is the sweater dress; that’s why I spent so much time talking about it. There is not a dress I showed in this blog that is over $200 and you can order every single one of them online.

Next week we will look at Fall Outerwear. And then we will have a visit from our Jewellery expert, Shoshana Lewis. I haven’t decided if there will be a holiday blog yet. As I said above, there is likely no holiday events to go to so perhaps and gift giving blog instead. Stay tuned for that one in December.

Please stay home, stay safe and wear a mask every time you leave your house. We seem to still have a long way to go in this pandemic and if we all scale back our activities and wear a mask everywhere hopefully our Covid cases will decrease enough that we can have a little holiday cheer with our friends and families.

Until next time…

Fall 2020: The New Suit

This fall not many women are wearing suits. What with the pandemic and working from home, everything is quite a bit more casual than it has been. Since most work, meetings and events are taking place virtually we really only need to look good from the waist up. But every once in a while you need to look chic from head to toe.

Every woman needs at least one good suit in her wardrobe. It can be a pant suit or skirt suit, or preferabbly one that has both a pant and skirt that works with the jacket. But every woman needs at least one. And the very best place to buy a chic suit at a reasonable price is Aritzia. I am not saying that just because Aritzia is a local company and I want to give them some love, but because they have lots of different looks to choose from. And you will find one that works for you. Just pop into any Aritzia store or even better look at Aritzia.com and you can find almost everything you need in suiting.

POWER BLAZER - Shawl-collar blazer

Starting with the Babaton Power Blazer and Conan Pant. This blazer comes in 15 colors and the pant comes in 18 colors. Both go from size 00 to size 16. And you don’t have to stick with this pant to match this jacket. The Babaton base fabric has lots of pieces you can intermingle to make the perfect suit for you.

POWER BLAZER - Shawl-collar blazer

If you want a pant that is a little longer, high waisted and a wider leg, try the Lincoln pant with it. The wider leg elevates the jacket to a whole new level!

If you would rather do something a little newer try a cropped blazer

SUPERNOVA BLAZER - Cropped open-front blazer

The Ten by Babaton Supernova Blazer would be fabulous with any wide leg pant or jean you have. Especially if you are under 5’5, wear your wider bottoms with more fitted tops, you don’t want to look like you are drowning in your suit.

Plaid is one of the key fabrics to do your suit in for Fall 2020. Or even to just have a blazer in that will go over all your solid color pants!

SAMUEL BLAZER - Plaid double-breasted blazer

The Babaton Samuel double breasted blazer is just that. It is a fantastic plaid blazer to wear with everything. Wear your plaid blazers head to toe with plaid pants or a plaid skirt if you need to make a suiting statement. Or choose a plaid (Samuel comes in 5 different plaids) to work with your other solid bottoms.

CONAN LONG PANT - Pull-on plaid trousers

The Conan pant that we talked about above comes in a longer version in plaid just to go with the Samuel blazer. The other version of the Samuel Blazer that I love and is super chic is the belted version.

SAMUEL BELTED BLAZER - Belted double-breasted blazer

Here shown with the Lincoln pant. But do this blazer in black and you can wear it with everything. It comes in 4 colors so pick the one that works with your wardrobe!

The other plaid blazer I want to talk about is the Babaton Lockwood blazer, the plaid is great and it’s single breasted as opposed to the Samuel which is double breasted. Some women with a larger chest prefer and look better in a single breasted blazer.

LOCKWOOD BLAZER - Relaxed boyfriend blazer

An option for a different plaid pant to the Conan is the Quentin pant

QUENTIN PANT - Mid-rise slim-leg pant

it comes in the same plaid as the Lockwood blazer but it doesn’t have an elastic waist like the Conan. Just a different choice if you want it.

And of course Aritzia has lots of single and double breasted solid color blazers as well.

NOSTALGIA BLAZER - Oversized single-button blazer

The Wilfred Nostalgia blazer would be a great blazer for any closet, slightly oversized and single breasted to work with everything you own.

So now that we have gone through some basic suiting options, what is the newest and chicest way to wear them?

Longer skirts are what designers have been showing with all blazers. A straight or pleated midi skirt is the way to go if you want a fresh new look in suiting.

BRAMBLE SKIRT - Belted pencil skirt

The Babaton Bramble midi skirt would be a great solid skirt to work with your blazers and sweaters. It also comes in black.

ORTEGA SKIRT - Pleated vegan leather skirt

You could do a faux leather pleated skirt to work with your blazers, especially great with any cropped blazer you have. The Wilfred Ortega skirt will work with your blazers and sweaters and be perfect with boots.

Faux leather is a great look to pair with jackets and sweaters for an office like look. Ann Taylor has a great skirt.

Faux Leather Wrap Pencil Skirt

The Faux Leather Wrap pencil skirt in this fabulous Midnight Fig color will work with tons of blazers for a modern fresh look too.

So now that we have talked about blazers, pants and skirts, what is it that we wear underneath the suits to pull them all together in 2020. Fine knits are the key to suiting for fall.

Merino Turtleneck Sweater in Responsible Wool

Banana Republic has their Merino knit turtleneck that is a super fine knit and comes in 5 colors if you want a long sleeve knit top under your jackets.

Fitted Turtleneck Sweater Top

BR also has a short sleeve fitted Turtleneck that would be great under every jacket.

Mock-Neck Sweater Shell

And their mock neck shell is also a great piece to wear under any jacket or sweater.

CRAVAN TURTLENECK - Sleeveless knit turtleneck

Babaton’s Caravan Turtleneck top would be great head to toe in a suit and it comes in Mauve and Charcoal.

Or you can do a crossover, v-neck or crew neck knit top as well. Just make sure the knit is super fine.

Short-sleeve silk-blend crewneck sweater

J. Crew has a short sleeved silk blend Crewneck sweater that would be a great, easy piece to wear under a blazer.

V-Neck Sweater Top

And a V-Neck sweater top like this one from BR, would be great under a longer jacket. You could even double this top as a vest with a white shirt underneath which would be great with any plaid bottom!

For fall and winter keep your shoes quite classic with your suits. A great pair of booties or high heeled loafers would work great!

Suede block-heel ankle boots

A bootie like J. Crew’s Leather Block heeled ankle boot would work so well with all the pants we talked about. Either leather or suede would work.

Kate loafer pumps in leather

Or add a bit of classic color to your suit with J. Crew’s Kate Loafer pumps. The general rule with pant suits are the longer and wider the pants the higher the heel. Flats work better with slimmer shorter pants in general. But see how it all looks on you.

When buying suiting you need to be your own best judge. I am short and curvy so I know that a plaid suit won’t look good on me head to toe. But I can wear a plaid pant with a solid jacket or top and vice versa, plaid on the top and solid on the bottom. I also need to keep my tops a bit shorter with longer skirts. It’s all about the proportion of your body. And remember head to toe color makes you look taller and thinner no matter what size you wear!

Take a look at the websites I talked about above. One suit in your closet in a classic color will hold you during this entire pandemic, so choose one that works for you!

Next week we will look at Fall 2020 colors. They are stunning and now is the time we are really getting into our fall wardrobes. After that it’s fall dresses and then fall coats. If you are going to check out what Aritzia has online, they also have the best coats.

Stay safe, be kind and stay fashionable!

Until next time…

Fall 2020: Fall Colors!

So far we have looked at a few of the fall 2020 fashion trends. And we have seen a lot of variety of color. This blog is going to focus on color and what the key ones are for this fall and how to wear them.

Colors in fashion tend to follow the economy. When times are bad your will see more brights and when times are good you will see more earthy and neutral colors. I don’t know why this really happens except that way back when I started in Fashion I was told the bright colors are to take people’s mind of their troubles and the price of the clothing. Not sure if I believe that, but this year with Covid and a down turn in the economy there are a lot of bright colors in all the Fall 2020 collections.

The New Colors

Some of the newer colors we are seeing online this fall are Marigold, Rust, Chartruese, Fuschia and Royal. These are all the brights for fall.

Marigold is a bright mustard yellow. And you can see it as accents for fall.

Anthropologie has a ton of this color. This is the Melody Velvet Tunic dress. It’s a fun, casual dress that you could wear anywhere. Or if you are like me and working from home you probably just want a cozy top to wear,

try this Brynne Sherpa Pullover also from Anthro.

If you have a million Zoom meetings and want to try something a little more chic than a sweatshirt try this Auberta Ruffled blouse from Anthro that also comes in petite and plus sizes.

You can even wear this color on the bottom.

Try a pair of Pilcro slim cords from Anthro. On the top wear black or denim and you will be all set.

If you find this color intimidating try something with just a hint of it.

Anthro’s Hearts Embroidered Sweater gives you a touch of Marigold with Chartruese, Red and Periwinkle mixed in too!

Rust is one of those colors that goes with everything to me.

Satin Balloon-Sleeve Top

Banana Republic’s Satin Baloon sleeve top can take you everywhere. Wear it with denim for casual and under your black suit for work.

Tie-Neck Blouse

Or wear if from BR in a sleeveless tie blouse. With all of our holiday party plans being a lot more casual this year, a satin tie blouse may be all you need to dress up your dark denim.

And by all means grab a sweater in this lux color!

Merino Turtleneck Sweater in Responsible Wool

BR’s Merino turtleneck sweater will keep you cozy and chic as the weather continues to cool down.

Cocoon Coatigan Sweater

And if you are like me and constantly cold, this Cocoon Coatigon Sweater can be just the things you need from BR to take the chill out of where you are.

Chartreuse, Fuschia and Royal are not exactly new colors but we really haven’t seen them much for Fall in a while.

Essential Shirt

Some people love Chartreues and some hate it. People who usually love this color have darker hair and wear it really well. Ann Taylor has their Essential shirt in this color and that may all you need to introduce Charteuse into your wardrobe.

You can find a ton of Fuschia around. Anthro has lots of it.

This Hannah Velvet top is the perfect way to bring it into your closet. Wear this now with your denim and dark bottoms and pull it out again for holiday with gold jewellery!

The blues for fall run from Royal to Teal. Wear the color of blue that suits you best. I am more of a Teal girl than a Royal one but there is lots out there to choose from.

Wrap Trench Jacket

Ann Taylor’s wrap trench jacket is a great way to inject a little Royal into your everyday! It’s a great bright jacket to wear on grey days.

And if you venture more teal, try something like Anthro’s Emmeline Cashmere Sweater and this top comes in plus and petites too!

All of the standard colors you would expect to be important for Fall are around this fall as well. There is still lots of Black and Camel like last fall. Olive is still around too. And this fall we are seeing more Grey and Red than we have in a while too!

Not much I can say about Black. It is my favorite color and it goes with absolutely everything and looks good on everyone. Sweater dresses are huge for all, why not try it in black.

Image of Nina Leonard Ribbed Knit Bell Sleeve Sweater Dress

A great black sweater dress is something you can where to anything. You don’t have to spend alot to get this look. Try this great dress by Nina Leonard at Nordstrom Rack!

Camel is probably the best color for outerwear there is. And no one makes better outerwear than Aritzia.

WALDORF COAT - Wool wrap coat with faux fur trim

I am going to go into Outerwear in more detail in the coming weeks but here is a little sneak peek from Aritzia. The Wilfred Waldorf coat is perfect in Classic Camel for Fall and winter. And it has this wonderful faux fur color that just helps keep you even warmer! If you can’t wait for a coat check out everything Aritzia has online. For the money they are the best coats out there.

Olive green is another favorite of mine.

Washed Satin Tunic

I just got this Washed Satin tunic from Banana Republic and even thought it looks brownish in the picture it is a true rich olive. Olive is a great color for blonds and works with denim and dark bottoms alike. Or try Olive on the bottom

High-Rise Flare Sloan Pant

Banana Republic’s best selling Sloan pant now comes in a higher rised flare version as well. This is a great pant to dress up your black tops and sweaters.

Grey is kind of the new black for fall. You can wear it interchangeably with anything you wear black or camel with and dark grey is a great base color for any wardrobe.

PISA CARDIGAN - Merino wool cardigan

A great Charcoal Grey sweater is a nice change from always wearing black. Wilfred’s Pisa Cardigan at Aritzia will work with pants, skirts and over dresses.

Washable Merino Turtleneck Sweater Dress

This Merino Turtleneck sweater dress from BR works great in grey for a meeting or dinner! Wear it with boots and runners for a casual day doing errands.

PRINCEVILLE COAT - Single-breasted wool-cashmere coat

And another sneak peek at Outerwear, Aritzia’s Princeville Coat is something you can wear everywhere!

Red is another color that works on pretty much everyone. I used to have a red sweater jacket and everytime I wore it I got compliments. I wore it so much it started to fall apart! Wear Reds with every color, it goes with black, camel, grey and olive or it can be worn on it’s own. From bright to brick there is a color of red for everyone!

Tie Waist Puff Shoulder Top

Ann Taylor has a tie waist puff shoulder top in a wonderful Red and it’s an online only top in Polyester that you will love in your closet!

MELLY SWEATER - Cable-knit fisherman sweater

Aritzia’s red rust Melly sweater will brighten any fall day.

Tulle Puff-Sleeve Top

And you can Zoom cocktail with anyone wearing this Tulle Puff Sleeve top from BR.

Dillon Classic-Fit Flannel Shirt

And don’t forget about using Red as an accent color in your tops and bottoms like this Dillon plaid flannel shirt from BR.

And lastly who can resist these adorable Lillian bow loafers from Anthro. They tie in the bow trend with red and I have always wanted a great pair of red shoes!

So there you have it, a really quick overview of the fall colors. Most of us are just starting to wear our true fall clothes. Tie the colors we talked about today into all the pieces in your wardrobe. Wear them with denim if you are working from home.

Next week we will look at Fall Dresses before we round out fall finishing with Fall Outerwear the following week and then Fall Shoes and boots the middle of November. There will be one holiday attire blog, just because it is looking like there won’t be any holiday parties unless they are virtual this year and we will hopefully finish with a holiday Jewellery blog from our expert Shoshana Lewis.

It also looks like there won’t be much Halloween this year either. But if you are taking your kids or grandkids out and about please wear a mask and stay far away from everyone!

Stay safe, stay home and stay fashionable!

Until next time…

Fall 2020: Decorum Please!

Fall 2020 is nothing if it’s not proper. Necklines are getting a bit higher and skirts are trendy a bit longer. Lace, frills and billowy sleeves are everywhere. Not to mention every Victorian era extra: bows, satin and lots of beaded trim. And this trend can mix with others, Metallics and Ivy League clothing also can have Victorian era detailing. So let’s take a look at the bits and pieces of this trend and see how it can work for you.

One of the best things about this trend are the high neck blouses.

Satin Billow-Sleeve Top

Even a simple blouse like this one from Banana Republic can elevate a pair of pants or skirt. The neckline is a bit higher, the sleeves are billowy and it is made out of Satin. This top in your closet is definitely a nod to this trend.

Anthropologie is also getting in on the higher neck blouse trend. Their Charla Ruffled Blouse has a few more Victorian elements as well, the lace inset and ruffled neck also add to the trend. Here it’s worn with denim but this top would look just as great with a higher waist wide pant or worn loose over skinny pants tucked into boots. It’s a statement top!

You can modernize the Victorian era trend by doing your high neck top in a color other than white. The Idina Eyelet top from Anthro comes in black and white and is a great modern top because it’s little shorter which means it works perfectly with higher waist pants and skirts. And I love that the neck has a ruffle too!

Floral Ruffle Mock Neck Top

And don’t be afraid of print. Ann Taylor’s Floral Ruffle Mock neck top is the perfect modernization of a Victorian top. The floral is delicate and the ruffles are a bit demure, it’s a great piece.

But this trend is more than just high neck tops. You can do the same thing with a sweater as the weather gets a bit colder.

Image number 1 showing, Puff-Sleeve Sweater Top

The Puff-Sleeve Sweater top from BR has exactly the look we would want in a cozy sweater to channel the Victorian era.

Image number 1 showing, Puff-Sleeve Sweater

And they have the same look in a long sleeve version.

A little less serious but still Victorian is Anthro’s Isadora Puff Sleeve Sweater, the color and the embroidery give it a hip vibe.

But let’s get away from the high neck tops for a minute. I think you call understand how important a high neck top is this season, you are going to see them everywhere. What other kind of tops can echo the Victorian trend?

Ruffle V-Neck Blouse

Ann Taylor provides one of the answers with their Ruffle V-Neck Blouse, it comes in 3 colors, off-white (shown), black and pine. Do the pine if you want to modernize it a bit. Green is still super strong and will work great for fall 2020.

TRAPEZE BLOUSE - Long-sleeve, tie-neck blouse

Or take a look at the Wilfred Trapeze Blouse from Aritzia. The higher neck has a tie which is a great option for this trend. The sleeves are still billowy and it comes in 2 great metallic shades, this silvery bark pine and shimmery navy, so it nods to the metallic trend as well.

Lace-Sleeve Blouse

Lace tops are another way to nod to this trend. WhitehouseBlackmarket’s Lace Sleeve Blouse is the kind of top you should be looking for.

Pointelle Boat-Neck Sweater

And if you are not a high neck sweater girl try something like BR’s boatneck pointelle sweater. The delicate stitch of pointelle works really well for this trend.

Aside from tops there are other items of clothing that really echo the Victorian era as well.

TWIRL SKIRT - Pleated, chiffon midi skirt

The Wilfred Twirl skirt from Aritzia works so well for this trend. It comes in 13 colors including some softer colors like blush and pearl grey which really do look Victorian when work with a puff sleeve top:

TWIRL SKIRT - Pleated, chiffon midi skirt
FANTASY SKIRT - Tiered taffeta skirt

You could also wear a tiered skirt like Wilfred’s Fantasy skirt which is made of tiered taffeta. Black or white this skirt would be amazing with a high neck top to echo the trend.

ELETA SKIRT - Linen wrap skirt

You could even wear a tulip hem wrap skirt with this trend, The Eleta skirt from Wilfred has this look. Any skirt that is long and has a flow to it would work, even all those satin skirts we talked about

SLIP SKIRT - Satin midi skirt

the Babaton Slip skirt, from Aritzia, in any color with a delicate top would work and most of us already have one of these in our closets.

Even though very few Victorian women wore pants, pants are a huge part of this trend because it’s 2020 not 1898.

Logan Trouser-Fit Washable Wool-Blend Pant

Banana Republic’s Logan Trouser is the perfect pant to work with a Victorian vibe. It comes in lots of colors and plaids too.

The Easy Wide Leg Pant

Ann Taylor’s Easy Wide Leg pant is another option. Tuck your shirt into this pant and wear a great belt or booties to make the look right.

Any high waist pant can work. A straighter or wider leg is more fashionable now, but even if the leg is skinny and you tuck it into boots with a ruffled or high neck shirt you are hitting this trend.

Dresses work here too.

Lace Dress With Ribbon Belt

WHBM has some great lace dresses like this one with the Ribbon belt that would be perfect. Or you can go longer

Floral-Print Soft Maxi Dress

this soft floral print maxi dress also from WHBM can be Victorian, especially with the tie neck.

An embroidered tiered maxi dress would be perfect here as well. The Cassie Tiered Maxi dress from Anthro is perfect when worn with booties just like the Victorian ladies did.

Speaking of booties, there are a couple of options of shoes and boots that work really well with this trend.

The lace up bootie, is perfect here and you can see them all over in all price ranges.

Anthro has these Jeffery Campbell Gamine Lace up booties which would work with skirts and dresses as well as pants and denim.

Or try a suede version from Schultz, the Granny lace-up bootie is also at Anthro.

Knee high lace up boots work too, these are from Silent D also at Anthro. I am showing you the Khaki color, they also come in black and neutral beige, because it would be great to wear a softer color with some of the blushes and off whites that are prevalent in this trend. And you don’t have to stick to solid colors, the Victorian women didn’t. Try a tapestry lace up bootie

by Jeffrey Campbell at Anthro to use a current print with the Victorian era look you want. And if you want to wear a shoe with this trend choose one with a bow detail like

Patent Bow Lizard-Embossed Flats

these Patent bow Lizard embossed flats from WHBM. Heels can work here as well, especially with wider trouser pants. Try a pair like

these Monk Heel Shooties by Jeffery Campbell at Anthro. They echo a bit more of the men’s wear Victorian look but would still work great.

Other accessories here include any hair accessories you want to wear.

A Chenille knotted hair band would work great here. Find this online at Antho.

Tan, Blue & Pavé Hair Clips, Set of 2

A set of jewelled hairclips would be great, these are at WHBM online. And around your neck nothing is more important with this trend than pearls! If you have your mom’s or grandmother’s this is where you wear them. If not pick a strand that makes a more modern statement

Pearlized Crystal Statement Necklace

like Ann Taylor’s Pearlized Crystal Statement necklace, it’s modern and Victorian at the same time. Wear pearls on your wrists, ears and fingers too. Pearls were the go to jewellery in the Victorian era!

Pearlized Double Drop Earrings

Wear these Pearlized Double drop earrings also from AT for a modern vibe on this trend.

And mix pearlized bracelets with metallic ones like this set of Dannijo Brynn Bracelets from Anthro.

The accessories are the easiest part of this trend because we all have some sort of pearl jewellery we can mix and match to make this trend work for us.

Next week we are going to talk about the new Suiting Trend for Fall 2020. And all those high neck blouses we spoke about at the beginning of this blog are going to be the go to tops for the new suit. So stay tuned and we will talk about that next week.

You can play around with your fall trend looks too. Mix some of your plaids with your Victorian pieces, that would work great. If you have a baby doll dress from last season where it with lace up booties and tights, that works too. And if you want more look at all the websites from the stores I featured in this blog. It will give you great outfit ideas.

You can ask me any fashion questions you want at Suethefashionista@gmail.com I haven’t been doing any in person styling appointments but if you need me we can always Zoom or Skype. And please use that email address for any blog suggestions you have, once we are finished all the Fall trends, if you have a suggestion I can blog about it.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay fashionable!

Until next time…

Fall 2020: It’s all in the Details

Fall 2020 is nothing if it’s not detailed. The key to most of the trends this fall is taking styles and detailing them in a way to make them current. If you didn’t buy one new article of clothing this fall, you could take all the basics in your wardrobe and detail them and they would be right in style for this season. In this blog we are going to talk about those details and show you pieces and ways to use these details in your own wardrobe.


It’s hared to tell if Fringe detailing ever really went out of style. But it’s here this fall and all you really need is one piece with fringe detail to make the statement.

Anthropologie.com has this great Josey Fringed sweater that can make the perfect statement your wardrobe needs.

Or you can try Anthro’s Sara Fringed Kimono, a layering piece like this can be worn with everything.

Fringe Tweed Double Breasted Jacket

Or how about adding some fringe to your jacket. Ann Taylor has some great fringed pieces that will make you look chic for every Zoom meeting you have.

Image of NANETTE nanette lepore Fringed Sweater Dress

Or try a dress with Fringe detail at the sleeve and hem. This dress is from Nanette Lepore and can be found at Nordstrom Rack.

And if you want some Fringe but don’t want to jump into a brand new piece of clothing why not try

Fringe Ruana Wrap

a Fringed wrap or scarf. This wrap is from WhitehouseBlackmarket but you can find them everywhere.

LAUREN FRINGE SCARF - Long fringe scarf

And Aritzia has this great Lauren Fringed Scarf which comes in 7 colors and can be worn as a scarf or as a wrap. Something like this is great when there is a chill in the air.

You can Fringe your accessories too.

Fringe Hoop Earrings

Loft has these great Fringed earrings.

Image of Sam Edelman Willice Fringe Bootie

Or you can fringe your shoes or boots. These booties are from Sam Edelman and you can find them at Nordstrom Rack.


We talked alot about Metallic detailing in our very first blog for Fall 2020, but we will touch on it here as well. Adding a metallic detail to anything you are wearing is not only trendy on it’s own but works into 2 other trends for Fall, the Metallic trend and the Ivy League goes Punk trend.

In that first blog we showed a lot of metallic clothing and shoes and how that works as a trend for Fall 2020. Right here I am going to show you how to add one piece to what you have at home to acheive this look as part of the Detailed trend.

You could add just a top or sweater to make this look in your closet.

Striped Ribbed Turtleneck Top

Loft has this great Stripped Ribbed Turtleneck top in a color called Iron Ore that you could add to denim or dark bottoms and layer underneath sweaters. Or something that’s even easier is just having a cute cardigan in a metallic that you can throw over everything

Shimmer 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan

and Loft also has this great 3/4 sleeve shimmer cardi that will work great.

But the easiest way to add metallic to your look is to use an accessory.

Mixed-Metal Pendant Necklace

A necklace that I think is fantastic is this Mixed Metallic Pendant necklace from Whitehouse Blackmarket. It is very trendy to mix your colored metals together, like gold and silver or rose gold and silver, so something like this would work.

Beaded Barrettes, Set of 2

Or try adding beaded metallic barettes to your hair. These are also at WHBM.

Brogue Oxford Mule

You could even do a bit of metallic detail by wearing a metallic shoe. This Brogue Oxford Mule is from Banana Republic.

I don’t want to talk too much about metallic jewelry as we are going to have a blog from Shoshana Lewis from Shok designs later in the fall to go through all our Fall jewelry trends. But anything big and metallic like a broach, necklace or bracelet will also hit this trend.

Bow Detail

I love Bow details!! And the Bow trend is so important this Fall it’s in 2 trends as well. It’s a great trend on it’s own here in Details and you will see it again in Decorum Please when we go over the Victorian Era influence on fall fashion.

My favorite way to wear bow detailing is in a shirt.

Petite Tie-Neck Blouse

This Tie-Neck Blouse is from Banana Republic. They have lots of options for tie neck tops. To me this is the simplest way to nod to the bow trend.

Bow Blouse

Ann Taylor also has a great bow neck blouse and this one also has the puffed 3/4 sleeve that is important as well.

Image of Nina Leonard Long Sleeve High Tie Neck Dress

You could also do a dress with bow detailing at the neck or sleeve. This is a knit dress from Nina Leonard and it’s available at Nordstrom Rack.

But another way I love bows is as an accessory.

Velvet Bow Hair Tie Set

How about a set of Velvet Bow Hair Ties! These would be great if you didn’t want to do bow clothing.

Chain-Link Bow Belt

Or how about a belt with bow detailing, this belt from WHBM also has to bonus of metallic details as well.

Glass Crystal Bow Shoe Clips
Glass Crystal Bow Shoe Clips

And what about these adorable Crystal Bow shoe clips. They can work on pumps and flats to make a statement (also WHBM).

Or you can just get a great pair of Jill Bow-Tied Loafers at Anthro that you can wear with everything. I love these! They come in cream as well.

Lingerie Details

Yup! Lingerie details are here again this fall. But most of us aren’t going to wear bustiers or skimpy tops. We are sophisticated. So how do you add these details to your wardrobe without looking too young or inappropriate?

Well we can use lace and satin to set this tone. Lingerie details can also mean wearing fabrics and accents that are used on fancy lingerie as well. A

Anthropologie has some great lace pieces that can work here and will work again in your Decorum please Victorian trend.

This Ivory Lisbetta Lace Blouse from Anthro can be worn casually or with a suit or dressy pants.

And this Sydney Lace Blouse is the perfect piece to peak out from under a jacket or sweater to make a Lingerie detail statement.

WHBM Outlet Wide-Lace Trim Cami

I tend to run cold all winter so I wear camis under everything.
Maybe this season wear a cami with a little lace peaking out as a nod to this trend. This cami is from WHBM and comes in white too.

If lace isn’t your thing maybe try wearing a satin finish shirt.

Petite Soft Satin V-Neck Blouse

This Satin V neck Blouse from BR comes in other colors and looks great all the time. And if you want to just touch on this trend try this sweater from Ann Taylor,

Lace Ruffle Neck Sweater

it just has a touch of lace which is all you need.

And we will talk way more about lace and satin next week in Decorum Please.


As we’ve seen above just about anything can be an embellishment. Use patchwork pattern scarves to add a bit of detail to your winter coats.

To me a a patterned scarf like this Calliope Textured scarf from Anthro can make your outfit.

Or use a bandana print, also from Anthro, to dress up your denim.

Jeweled Buckle Slides

Wear a jeweled buckle on your slide, like this slide from WHBM.

Face Mask 3-Pack − Graphic Florals

I have even been accessorizing my outfits with face masks. Wear a printed face mask to match the trend you are wearing. You have to wear them whenever you leave the house anyway so you might as well buy ones that work with your wardrobe. These are from BR.

Pearlized Crystal Statement Necklace

And you can always use a statement piece of jewelry, which is the perfect embellishment to any outfit. This necklace is from Ann Taylor.

Jewellery, Belts, Scarves and hair ties can all be the embellishment you need to make the Detailed trend yours.

I didn’t talk much about broaches. But if you have an old broach from your mother or grandmother those are perfect to add embellishments to jackets and sweaters too!

Details are super important for Fall 2020. Any extra detail you can put on your outfit from a bow to a belt will make you chic.

Next week we will explore the Victorian trend for Fall 2020 in Decorum Please. Everything I posted about can be found online in both the US and in Canada. Right now with Covid 19 on the rise again in both countries do your shopping online as much as you can, you don’t want to risk getting sick to pick up a top or scarf, shop online.

And I usually never get political in my blogs but if you are a US citizen please get out and vote on Nov 3. Your democracy is hanging in a delicate balance and needs your support. I can’t tell you how to vote but if you want a change or more of the same it’s up to you to make it happen.

I can be reached at Suethefashionista@gmail.com for fashion questions and comments and please check out my new facebook page Sue the Fashionista as well!

Until next time…

Fall 2020: Fall Prints featuring Patchwork and Tapestry!

Fall 2020 is a season strong on prints. Most of us love to wear prints mixed with our denim or solid bottoms. Two fall’s ago Animal print emerged as the fall print to own. Animal print is one of those prints that never really goes out of style, as a matter of fact, this fall it has become a neutral and we will talk more about that in a bit. Last fall, Plaid was all the rage and it is still as strong as ever. Two new prints or patterns in fabrics has emerged this fall. One is Patchwork which is actually a fabric detail and not so much a print and the other is Tapestry. And not forgotten is the Fall floral trend of darker florals which everyone always gravitates to. So let’s go through all the print/pattern categories one by one and see how you can wear them.


I said above that Animal print has become a fall neutral. And what I mean by that is that Animal print is so everywhere now and so prevalent in a lot of women’s wardrobes it can be treated like a neutral. So like your jeans or your black pant you can pair it with almost everything.

One of my favorite fall looks in Animal print is from Ann Taylor

Animal Print Long Open Cardigan

They are showing their Animal print long cardigan with the matching Animal print turtleneck. They have done this print in a Deep Sepia color so that it looks almost like a dark neutral and you can pair this with almost anything.

Image number 5 showing, Pleated Midi Shirt Dress

Banana Republic (which generally shows very neutral clothing) is showing this fabulous Cheetah print Midi shirt dress ( and I love that they have a picture of a model who is a real size, 14, for me to show). It can be one of those dresses you wear dressy with sandals or casually with boots. Great with a leather jacket over top too on date night. I love animal print so much I even bought from BR

Face Mask 3-Pack − Animal Prints

these Animal print facemasks that I wear everywhere. Anthropologie does their own versions of everything so why should it be different with Animal print.

This Cheetah print back Pullover could be your go to sweater for Fall.

And I adore this Marrakech Sueded Moto Jacket in a Grey motif. Subtle enough to wear over everything!!

I wear my animal print with denim and every solid color I own. But you can also wear it with checks and other patterns as long as you keep the color tones the same.


Plaid is something that everyone has, and wears all the time. Last fall I bought Plaid, you could say I was mad for plaid!! Plaid is a huge trend for fall. It is part of the trend we talked about last week, The Ivy League goes Punk. In that trend we wear plaid with distressed bottoms and metallic details like chains and pins etc. But Plaid can also be an entire trend on it’s own.

Plaid Jacquard Mock Neck Sweater

I love the look of Plaid being the centerpiece of your outfit. In this sweater from Ann Taylor plaid is in a different colorway than the typical and a great sweater with navy, denim and camel. Last fall I bought a plaid top at Ann Taylor and it became one of my go to pieces.

Plaid Smocked Puff Sleeve Top

This fall you could make the same statement with Ann Taylor’s plaid smocked puff sleeve top. Wear it with everything!!

Plaid on the bottom works great too! It’s a modern and fresh alternative to denim for casual days. Try Banana Republic’s sloan skinny pant in plaid

Image number 5 showing, Mid-Rise Skinny Sloan Pant

and wear it with your tees and runners or with boots and a blazer. And a great way to add more plaid to your wardrobe is by doing a great scarf or wrap in plaid.

Anthropologie has you covered with this Piper Plaid Motif scarf. Comes in 3 different plaid colorways too.


Patchwork is the new kid on the block in fall prints. It is definitely a fashion statement to wear something Patchwork this fall. Nordstrom has a great Diane Furtstenburg jumpsuit that is all you need for this trend.

Or you can make your denim patchwork. Nordstrom has these jeans from B Sides

which take Patchwork casual to a whole new level. Or try a Cali Patchwork Peasant Blouse from Anthro

You will really only need one piece to make a statement for Fall. If you don’t want to do an item of clothing then try an accessory like your shoe or bag.

Anthro has these great See By Chloe Patchwork Ankle boots.

Or try this Medium Patchwork Tote from Akris at Nordstrom. You can easily make a statement wearing a patchwork accessory and sometimes it will work better in your closet than an item of clothing.


We all probably have something in Tapestry, maybe a scarf or wrap we have had for a while. Now is the time to pull it out again. Tapestry is a little more understated than the other prints we have talked about.

You could do it in your clothing with a great Tapestry dress by Etro at Nordstrom.

Or pick up a Tapestry Future Ex-Boyfriend Shirt by Le Superb also at Nordstrom. But what I think is the best way to make your own Tapestry statement is to do it in Boots!

Jeffrey Campbell has Tapestry ankle boots and you can find them at both Anthro and Nordstrom.


So Fall florals never really go out of style either. Every fall we see our share of dark florals and this year is no exception.

Floral Cinched Waist Wrap Top

Ann Taylor has lots of dark florals and this Floral Cinched Waist Wrap top is exactly what I am talking about. Wear it with denim or dark bottoms or wear it under your suit. Florals can liven up anything you wear.

Floral Midi Dress with Slit

Banana Republic is showing midi and maxi dresses with slits in dark florals these are fabulous with boots and a long coat. Aritzia has great floral tops that will go with everything.

TEMPEST BLOUSE - Smocked prairie blouse

Mix Wilfred’s Tempest Blouse with your browns, camels and dark denim.

PEPLUM BLOUSE - Cropped, peplum blouse

Wilfred’s Floral Peplum blouse comes in 5 tone on tone colors and works everywhere in your closet.

And one of the best ways to wear dark florals is in fall’s newest accessory (and most important one too).

Face masks are here to stay for a while. If you love florals get some face masks in floral patterns. These are from Anthro, but Banana Republic has floral ones too and I find the BR ones fit really well. You are going to have to wear face masks for the forseeable future so buy ones that work with your wardrobe. And buy ones you like. You will wear them more if you are excited about wearing them. And everyone needs to wear one, everywhere you go.

So that’s a quick over view of what Fall 2020 prints and patterns look like. They like Metallics and Ivy League will work with a lot of the other fall trends as well.

Next week we will talk about the trend It’s all in the Details. Because if fall clothing is one thing it is detailed.

This blog is being posted in my Sue the Fashionista facebook page as well as Instagram and Twitter, so please feel free to share it with all your friends as well. And if you have fashion questions or blog suggestions please email them to me at Suethefashionista@gmail.com

until next time…

Fall 2020: When Ivy League Goes Punk!

We all remember back in the 1980’s when most of us were in University exactly what the Ivy League trend looked like. Preppy was the word with loafers, chinos and polo shirts. Even the guys were into it. And when Preppy went out of style Punk and Grunge emerged. This trend kind of mixes it all together. It’s the plaids, geometric prints and preppy attire with Punk (and a tiny bit of Grunge) details. So accentuate your looks in this trend as much as you dare. If you grew up in the same era as me you are going to love this trend!

fall fashion trends

This look from Marie Claire magazine puts this trend into view. Metallic detail represents the Punk accent and the plaid represents the Preppy. This look is from the Dior show.

Stella McCartney RTW Fall 2020

Women’s Wear Daily features this fabulous Buffalo Check Stella McCartney coat.

But let’s put this trend into perspective of how we are going to wear it without the designer price tag. To me J. Crew has always embodied the Preppy look. And with online shopping it is just a click away. Look for checks and plaids.

Boyfriend blazer in plaid Italian stretch wool

J. Crew’s Boyfriend Blazer in Plaid Checked Italian Wool is the perfect jacket for denim and Zoom meetings.

High-rise Peyton pant in plaid

Their best selling High-Rise Peyton pant comes in a great Plaid that will work with everything, especially a great denim jacket.

Silk-twill tunic in speckled plaid

You could even just do a fabulous Silk Twill Tunic in a speckled plaid to hit this trend.

Pleated midi skirt in plaid

Or try a great plaid pleated midi skirt, in some great unexpected colors.

But to take Plaid to the next level you need to add a punky accent or two.


I am in love with this Balmain blazer from Saks 5th Avenue. It’s preppy enough with the classic plaid and double breated front but they have added a huge chunky emblem that takes it to the next level!

Last winter I bought some great Plaid tops from Ann Taylor and Loft that I will totally pull out this fall again and just wear accessories that can add that punk detail. Plaid was everywhere last fall, if you still have it by all means wear it! This Fall Loft has a great top that would work so well under blazers and sweaters if you just wanted to insert a bit of plaid into your wardrobe

Plaid Ruffle Sleeve Shell

And Ann Taylor has a knit checked top that can do the same thing

Plaid Knit Top

I love it when the patterned piece in your outfit is the focal point. But for this trend you need to add one more. So with all these great plaid pieces what would you add to take it to the level of the Balmain blazer?

Chunky chain-link necklace

A great chunky chain gold necklace would do the trick with all the tops above. This one is from J. Crew. Or buy a two pack and layer your heavy chains

Lasso chain necklace 2-pack

Remember with punk accents it’s ok to go a little overboard.

Anthopologie has this fab Parker chain belt that would add just enough chain detail to acheive the look you want.

Or just use a belt with a big accent on the buckle like this Aubrey belt from Anthro. Or try adding a broach to your jacket and be progressive at the same time

This proud 3 pack gender inclusive pin is at exlusive at Nordstrom.

And adding a Charm Chain Broach by Alexander McQueen to anything you wear would immediately elevate your Prep or classic look to sophisticated punk.

Geometric prints are also a big part of this trend.

The Designer shows for fall were full of Geometric prints. This look is from the Alexander McQueen show. And you won’t need a lot of this print to make a statement.

Striped Ruffle Shell

Try adding this Stripe Ruffled shell by Loft to your bottoms and give a geometric nod to your outfit.

Zig Zag Fringe Sweater

Loft also has this cute Geo print sweater with some fringe (another big trend for fall we will get into later). Or do your Geo print on the bottom with this great knit pencil skirt

Pull On Pencil Skirt

Punk this skirt from Loft up with a denim jacket and chunky jewellery.

Spotted Shirred Raglan Sleeve Top

This Spotted Shirred Raglan Sleeve top from Ann Taylor would be a great way to add one piece of a Geo print to an outfit, and it also ties in a lot of the fall colors too boot!

If your smaller like me, becareful of how big your wear the Geometric print and keep it one piece.

Accessories are huge in this Prep to Punk trend. Everyone has a plaid scarf in their closet. Here is when you pull it out and wear it with denim, chino and wool.

It doesn’t have to be Burberry but now is the time to pull out what you have.

And who wouldn’t love this Cinnamon Plaid Caplet from Anthro. They have tons of this kind of look online so check it out! http://www.anthropologie.com

And there are two quintessential styles of shoes that work with this look.

Of course, the loafer is an absolute go to shoe with this look.

Academy loafers with tassels

J. Crew’s academy loafter in any color would work with this look.

These heeled Jeffrey Campbell Loafers from Anthro have the built in chain detail your outfit needs. And I have a great pair of embellished Paul Green black loafers that I will pull out with this trend, this year’s version would work just as well

You can find Paul Green at http://www.nordstrom.com .

The other quintessential shoe is actually a boot. The lace up bootie is a must with this look.

You can go casual and chunky like these Silent D Udana Lace-Up Boots from Anthro.

Lace-up boots in suede

And I love these Suede Lace up boots from J. Crew. You could also wear Chelsea booties here too.

Pick ones with a stand out detail, like these ones from All Black at Anthro.

I personally think a black bootie or shoe is what you want with this trend. But if you are doing your plaid or geo print in an unexpected color, like the purple and orange above, try a color of shoe or bootie that will compliment the look.

Lace-up boots in suede

Do your lace up bootie in this light pecan color. Or maybe wear a neutral color ballet flat

Kiki ballet flats in leopard calf hair

Both of these looks are from J. Crew.

As an alternative I also like a metallic loafer. This one from Donald Pliner at Nordstrom would add that Punk element to your outfit.

So that’s the look in a nutshell. The Preppy looked was based on denim and chino originally. But you can wear this with Wool bottoms in solid colors, like black and grey. Olive is a strong color for fall and so is Red, you can add both these here as basics or accents. We should all have a lot of plaid and basic colors in our wardrobes from the last few falls, so you can pull those out again and add a broach, belt or shoe to take it to this fall’s look.

Next week we will dive a bit deeper into Fall Prints and talk more about the Patchwork trend, Animal print, Fall Florals and Tapestry. And now that we are in October you should see way more fall items in your favorite stores and online. Right now everything I feature can be bought online, just because with Covid if you are like me you prefer not to go into a lot of stores right now. And of course with every trend you should still wear your face mask. You can buy a plaid face mask at almost any store. Or buy an embellished one. So far I have been sticking to solid colors but when I come across some great ones for fall I will add them into one of the blogs.

Stay safe, stay healthy and be kind.

Until next time…

Fall 2020! The Metallic Craze

The Metallic craze is taking fall clothes and accessories by storm. We have seen chain detail, etc the last couple seasons but this season you will be actually wearing it. Sequins are also really important and they fit right in here. Evening and daytime you will see sequin and metallic clothing like you haven’t in a long time.

Probably the best way to wear the metallic trend is by wearing one article of clothing that is metallic.

fall fashion trends

I have already shown this look from Bruno Cucinelli in the fall preview but one piece is all you need to make this statement. A metallic jacket would work perfectly to add this to your wardrobe. Stick with more of a gold or copper tone as opposed to silver or pewter.

SLIP SKIRT - Satin midi skirt

The Babaton Slip Skirt from Aritzia is another great way to add a little metallic shine into your closet. It comes in 9 colors and wear this skirt casually with a tone on tone sweater or accent sweater and boots. You can also wear it dressy if you want. I own 2 of these skirts, a maroon colored one that I wear with a tone on tone velvet top or grey as an accent and a black one that has become one of my go to’s with a white t-shirt and flat sandals in the summer and with any sweater or shorter top and boots in the winter.

To me this is where you add more leather to your closet. Leather is huge in clothing and jackets for fall, and metallic pieces in leather can pair with everything.

An item like this Brisa Metallic Cropped Faux Leather Moto Jacket from Anthropologie can be worn with everything. Wear it over dresses and pants and even to your office if you have a creative workspace. If the shine is too much for you, you could take it down a notch and still get a bit of a metallic effect by wearing a solid color of leather

Anthro’s Josefine Faux Leather Buttondown can be worn as a shirt or jacket and still gives of shine.

And for the bravest soles try your metallic bottom. These are Cynthia Rowley Metallic Silk Wide leg pants from Anthro. Pair them with black to make a strong statement.

But for most of us we just want to add a little metallic into our wardrobe. So how would we do that? Well you could do that by doing fabric in a metallic color like in the Babaton skirt above or

maybe these Leeza two-tone Satin Joggers from Anthro. And if that is still too much try having your metallic piece be an accessory or shoe.

Skinny metallic Italian leather belt

J. Crew has this skinny metallic italian leather belt you can wear with everything.

Nordstrom has this Marc Fisher Pointy toe boot that could add a small metallic touch to an outfit.

I have shown these before but these Guilhermina Leather Ballet flats from Anthro would be a great metallic touch.

Or how about a pair of metallic colored sneakers for your Covid casual days. You can find these at Anthro too.

And if you would rather wear your metallic as an accessory. Try a great metallic tote

The carryall tote in metallic

from J. Crew. Or go a little smaller with

Thacker’s Ring Handle Cross Body Bag at Nordstrom.

Try a mtallic hairband or

Barette, both of these can be found at Anthro and can give you outfit a little punch.

You could even do a metallic dot or thread running through your top or sweater.

Metallic Pointelle Cropped Sweater

Like in this Metallic Pointelle Cropped Sweater from Banana Republic.

Or have a little sparkle in your jacket from Maje at Nordstrom.

And if all else fails and you want a little metallic try wearing a metallic mask, you can find these at places like Saks Fifth Avenue and other online retailers.

Heroine Sport - 3-Piece Metallic Face Mask Set - saks.com

I kind of collect metallic pieces like caridgans and little tops whenever I see them. Sometimes a metallic top under a black suit can make your outfit.

Sequins are really more for evening in everything I have seen from Fall so far. And you don’t have to stick with metallic colors. Try red or dark green or black.

Bottega Venenta had this fabulous red sequin dress at their Fall show. Definitely a show stopper!

Sequined midi dress - Article without model

Mango.com has this sequined midi dress that you can wear day or evening. Remember this fall midi is the best length.

You can add sequin detail to your blazer like this one from Cinq a Sept at Nordstrom.

Try your seqins in a poncho like this one from Fabiana Filippi at Nordstrom.

You could even wear your sequins in a cardigan like this one from Fendi.

Or if you are like me and find these a bit overwhelming try just a bit of sequin detail

This Stella Sequin Cardigan from Anthro could be all you need! And if you really want to shine but worry about sequins on your clothing try

metallic boots from Sam Edelman that are a cross between sequins and space age.

We will be talking about this craze way more as we move through fall, because it is a trend that can work with all the others. We will see metallic and sequin detail when we look at the Ivy League trend, Decorum and Victorian trend and of cours when we look at Fall details and Outerwear. It can be both a main piece of your outfit or an embellishment and you can wear it almost any way you like. So if you have some great sequin skirt or blazer or a great shiny sweater or top, now is the time to pull it out and start wearing it again.

Next week we will look at Ivy Leagues in detail and how the punk influence has really changed it for Fall 2020. I welcome your questions and comments, you can always reach me at Suethefashionista@gmail.com for any fashion querie you have. In the next few weeks stores online and inperson will be moving into their true fall clothing. So take a look online and see what is out there.

Until next time…