Living in Comfort Clothing during Covid-19

So as many of us start to increase our “bubble” from the past 2 months of strict social distancing and staying home from Covid-19.  We all have found ourselves searching for things that are truly comfortable to wear and that make us feel good.  I am no exception.  And we have all gained a little weight, I believe they are calling it the Covid 15, and let’s hope it’s not the Covid 30.  So as we emerge from our self isolating cocoons what kind of clothing are we still going to be craving.  I have been really thinking about this, especially when writing the spring blogs because I don’t think most women right now will be running out and buying the latest trends.  So how do we stay comfortable and cute.  Here are some ideas.

The first thing you need is a great pair of comfortable pants that can be worn at home and if you decide to venture out.  One of my favorite pairs of pants is from Loft.  I love the Loft Pull on Wide Leg pants so much I bought them in 2 different colors. Pull On Wide Leg Pants color Dark CaperI have both these colors and they also come in a Vivid Orange but I am not that bold. They are the most comfortable pants in my closet and look great with all my slightly shorter tops. Since I too have put on the Covid 15 I wear my shorter tops so they just hit below my stomach. I wore the Dark Caper color last night with a dark denim sleeveless top. A lighter Chambray top would work as well like this Cloth+Stone Chambray tank from Anthropologie, you just need a top that hits you at the right spot. I wear the black pair all the time too.  You can dress these pants up and down, wear them with heels or runners.  To me, they are the perfect pair of Covid-19 pants.

The other pair of pants I seem to be wearing a lot is my skinny jeans from Banana Republic. Mid-Rise Skinny Ankle JeanTheir Mid-Rise skinny ankle jean has tons of stretch which is great right now and for some reason last year I bought a pair in a size bigger than I wear, well that worked out really well.  Banana Republic has some great jeans if you need a new pair and they are always at least 40% off. Curvy Mid-Rise Skinny JeanIf you need a curvy cut skinny jean they have that too. You need to order curvy styles online but BR has great shipping.  I also love their High Rise Ankle length jeanHigh-Rise Straight Ankle Jeanbut it doesn’t have as much stretch. If you look at they even have outfit ideas put togther for each item you look at.  But if you live in Canada order at and you won’t have to pay duty.  I actually order from BR more than I ever shop in the stores.  As long as you know your size you are good, and it’s easy returns.

The tops I seem to be gravitating to during this Covid crisis are all my knit ones.  My favorite t-shirts are from Aritzia. FOUNDATION CREW - Pima Cotton crew-neck t-shirtI live in my Foundation Crew by Babaton t-shirts.  They come in 7 colors and work under and with everything.  They are a fabulous basic t-shirt for any wardrobe and Aritzia gets them to my house within 2 days!  Another Aritzia favorite of mine is their sweatshirts.  I have never been a jeans and sweatshirt kind of girl, unless the sweatshirt has lace or some other detail on it, but for the last 2 months I live in them.

THE PERFECT LIGHT HOODIE - Classic pullover hoodieThe Perfect Light Hoodie from Tna at Aritzia is the perfect spring hoodie, it comes in 4 colors and is super comfortable.  The other hoodie I live in is one from Joe Fresh, Active Hoodiemine is solid black and I bought it a while ago, but this is the one they have online right now.  Joe Fresh actually has great ‘Lounge Wear’ and all really reasonably priced.  Another great and comfortable piece from Joe Fresh is their Soft Knit Active Jumpsuit.Women+ Soft Knit Active JumpsuitThey have it it plus and regular and I know they also have it in store as well. They even have a pair of Stretch Culotte pants that echo the Bermuda short trend for spring Stretch Culotte Pants, a very comfortable way to get your Bermuda on if I do say!

Tank tops are super current for Spring so you can wear all the sleeveless you like this year.  If you already have tons then you are set but if not, go for knit fabric and an easy fit style . I love the look of this Amber Asymmetrical Tank from Anthropologie and it comes in 5 colors!  I also love this Avery Muscle Tank from Anthro as well especially in this dark orange color and have had it in my basket twice online but haven’t bought it yet.  But everyone else likes it too because the black color is already sold out.  So look for tops that are also a bit thicker so they aren’t see through and buy the correct size, if you are a bit bigger right now buy a top that fits this size, lumps and bumps don’t look as good.

I am also loving the long tunic look over my skinny jeans and leggings.  A tunic top can hide a ton of sins, so make sure you have one or two in your wardrobe. The Bailee pleated tunic top from Anthro hits all the right notes.  It has soft pleating over the bust that floats over the tummy and rear, perfect for you Covid skinny bottom!

The other kind of top that works great with skinny jeans or wide pants is a loose flowy top with long or 3/4 sleeves. This Monty Babydoll top from Anthro is cotton and spandex and comes in 4 colors.  Loft also has some great long sleeve easy fit tops to wear with your easy fit pants. Try a top like Bouquet Mixed Media Blousethis Bouquet Mixed Media top with a knit back.  And it’s a little shorter so it would look great with any wide leg bottom.  And if you want to be a little trendy while you are comfortable try a top like this from Banana Republic Balloon-Sleeve Cropped TopTheir Balloon sleeve crop top comes in 6 knit colors.

Lastly most of us are staying away from heels right now. As a matter of fact I think most women are living in sneakers if they can.  So for summer pick a pair that is cotton and easy to wear like Keds Champion Low-Top SneakersKeds Champion low top sneakers.  These are from Anthro but you can find Keds everywhere.  And a printed sneaker is in style right now and cute for summer. You can even wear these with your casual maxi dresses! Another cute pair from the Anthro site are these Dolce Vita Madox Leopard Espadrille Sneakersby Dolce Vita with the espadrille detail. Again you can find Dolce Vita at other places too.   Or try a pair of Superga in white or black, they are really comfortable.Cotu Classic Sneaker Again you can find them everywhere, even at the

We are getting into sandal season and most of us will be wearing flat more comfortable sandals as well.  One place I love in Vancouver and they also have stores in Toronto or you could order online is The Latest Scoop, great clothing, shoes and accessories at reasonable prices.  Try their online store and grab a pair of their Moxie Sandals, they look super comfortable and have lots of cushioning while being very trendy. Moxie Sandals Banana Republic also has lots of shoes online, for comfotable sandals try Leather Buckle Slide Sandaltheir Leather Buckle Slide.  And if you want just a bit of a heel to get back into wearing them they have lots of sandals with shorter stacked heels that will work with your wide leg pants, Bermuda shorts and dresses.  Try something like Double-Strap Mule Sandaltheir Double Strp Mule Sandal.  And for the ultimate comfort try a pair of Clarks. CLARKS<SUP>®</SUP> Botanic Slide Sandal, Main, color, DARK TAN LEATHERA shoe like their Botanic slide will keep you comfy and stylish. Or try something like their Un Balsa Go Flat CLARKS<SUP>®</SUP> Un Balsa Go Flat, Alternate, color, BLACK SUEDEthey are like wearing pillows on your feet.  They carry Clarks everywhere, these pictures are from Nordstrom.

Things will likely not go back to normal for a long while.  As your local stores and businesses open they need your support more than ever.  You can safely shop online if the store has a website or you can go there with a mask on and socially distance.  I wear a mask every time I leave my house. I know there are some people who don’t want to or think it’s not necessary. But my choice is to keep myself protected. Masks will be here to stay for a while and let’s not kid ourselves you need to wear one. So how do you get them?

Well believe it or not you can buy them online. Banana Republic has masks.  You can order them online Printed Face Mask 3-Packbut only on the US website.  Athropologie has lots too on their website Sanctuary Printed Reusable Face Masks, Set of 5like these reusable ones from Sanctuary. Or you can buy local, in Vancouver we ordered masks from Protech Face masks at They have women’s, men’s and youth sizing, ear loops or around your head and completely washable.  They come in lots colors and patterns and shipping is quite quick compared to ordering from the US. What impresses me the most about Protech Face Masks is not only are they locally made but they are comfortable, washable and they come in sizing to fit your face.  They also have the best customer service.  As you know every package these days is delayed, good old Canada Post! I emailed Protech and they emailed me back right away and put together an order that I could pick up because it’s been a while and we really need them.  Customer service is pretty much dead in big box and chain stores, I was so impressed by the team at Protech Face masks that I will be wearing only their face masks until there is a vaccine. Trust me, it’s time to support local business and Protech face masks is one we can support because they have something we all need.  Order online

There are even companies in Italy that are making face mask bikini combinationsThe 'Trikini' Is a Bikini with a Matching Face Mask — and Kelly ... but I am not suggesting you go that far.  Just buy some that are comfortable and washable because you will be wearing them for a while!

If you have comments or questions please feel free to email me at I would love to hear what you are doing to survive and thrive during Covid and how you are staying safe and comfortable.  I usually do a Father’s Day blog right about now, but this year I am not.  We all know in every family it is the Mother who has been the hero this very unusual spring we have had.  But if you want to get your guy a gift for Father’s day, get him something comfy to wear or even a set of his own masks, everyone needs those.

Stay safe and healthy!!

Until next time…suethefashionista-card-frnt

Covid Hair Care and What to Know When You Visit the Salon.

My Blog with Covid skincare was such a hit that I decided to write one about Hair as well. I am lucky that I know some great experts, so I interviewed the Owner and head Stylist at Pure Studio in Vancouver pure front, Danny Barton. pic of danny I have known Danny for almost 20 years and his partner, Luc Lacroix (yes the make up expert I am always talking about) for over 30.  Both of them are truly two of the best in their fields and honestly my hair has never been better since I started seeing Danny. It has been 12 weeks or about 3 months since I have been to a salon and my hair still looks amazing, as long as I blow dry it, and I don’t have easy hair.  So I felt that Danny would be the perfect person to interview for my hair blog.  And I asked him 10 questions and here are the questions and Danny’s answers:

1. What can people expect when they come back to their Salon with Covid-19?

Most Salons’ will be a lot quieter. Salons are only allowed to have 50% capacity so the hustle and bustle you are used to won’t be there.  Most Salons have sent a list of protocols that they are using to clients before they come for their first Covid-19 hair appointment. Pure Studio has sent their clients their protocols so they feel comfortable returning. Here is an example of theirs and it’s the same for most Salons: Once you arrive, stay in your car and check in by phone or text. You will be given a Covid check in interview before you enter (questions about your health and if you or anyone in your household has been travelling or is in quarantine).  You are asked to bring your own mask with year loops; they can’t do your hair if your mask goes around your head, and bring an extra mask with you.WOMENS/ YOUTH Ear Loop Face Mask  Your mask could get wet with shampoos and colors.  You are also asked to wash your hands upon arrival. And don’t bring anything with you that doesn’t fit on your lap, that means your purse, coat or anything.  And you will be asked not to bring food or drink into the Salon as well.  Also most Salons are not taking cash, so bring your credit card or be prepared to e-transfer them after.

2. What can clients do to make sure they are being as safe as possible?

See some of the protocols above and please respect them; they are for everyone’s safety.  All appointments will be staggered, so there will be no overlapping clients.  Customers won’t be at sinks or the front desk at the same time and physical distancing will be respected in all areas.  The restrooms will be treated with a hospital grade virus disinfectant. Stylists will be disinfecting their work stations and tools after every client.  And you will be asked to wear your mask at all times in the Salon.  All your services will be guided, no getting up and walking around while processing.   If clients and stylists follow all the Salon’s protocols everyone will stay safe during their hair appointment. 5 Things You Need To Change In Your Hair Wash Routine

3. How are you going to be handling transactions?

We are asking clients to pay us via e-transfer. RBC Mobile App - RBC Royal Bank Alternately we can take their Visa or Mastercard but we have to enter it manually.  So it would be like using your credit card online, the merchant only needs your number, expiry date and the 3 digit number on the back. Personal Credit Cards Those are the only 2 methods; there will be no cash transactions.

4. A lot of women have not been coloring their hair during the Pandemic.  How long will their first visit back to the Salon take to get rid of all their grey?

Their appointment time shouldn’t be that different from before.  What will change is the amount of product stylist will have to use, likely they will have to use about 3 times as much as they usually use and likely they will charge more to cover the cost of more product.  Most Salons have either raised their prices or added a Covid surcharge to services, and people need to understand that if a business has survived being closed they are now operating at a deficit.  Most Salons are hoping clients will be willing to be more generous with the added things they have had to do to make the Salon safe and your hair beautiful again.   Also most stylist look at clients who have been using boxed color as a color correction.  There is no way that a boxed color can duplicate what a professional color can do for your hair, so that boxed color needs to be removed and color corrections take more time and will cost more.  Women tend to underestimate the amount of education stylists get in order to perfect your color. Women who use permanent hair dye are 9% more likely to get breast ...

5. If a client has decided to keep her transition to grey hair, what can the Salon do to ease the transition?

A good stylist will incrementally lighten your color.  For example moving from permanent color to foils, so your regrowth (which will be grey) will be more integrated into your hair and not have a linear demarcation.   If you are trying to transition blond hair to grey, your stylist can dye your hair platinum and then alternate color and your own grey seamlessly. 11 Hair Color and Dye Tweaks and Styles for Older Women

Don’t let a color technician talk you into bleaching your hair and then toning it with pewter toner.  The integrity of your hair needs to be maintained while transitioning to grey.  There are no quick fixes that won’t damage your hair; there is a process you will need to go through.

6. What can women do to make sure their hair is ready for color and cuts when they do return to the Salon?

If you have been isolating and your hair has had a long break from processing, most people’s hair has never been more ready!  Most people have stayed away from things like overheating and hair spray so their hair has never been in better condition.  Please don’t do anything before you come back unless you are using a root touch up spray.  If you use a root touch up spray L'Oreal Magic Retouch Instant Root Touch Up Spray - Internewscastjust make sure it is all washed out because you can’t color hair on top of it.  And no need to deep condition because once the bottom inch or so of your hair is cut off it will spring back beautifully.

7. Anyone who had bangs no longer does, unless they have been cutting their bangs themselves. Can we talk about how you transition your hair out of bangs?

Bangs can be cut on an angle and blended in with other layers around your face.  People who have always had bangs and have the right face for bangs, high foreheads and longer faces, will be want to keep them. The Best (and Worst) Bangs for Long Face Shapes - The Skincare Edit Almost everyone else gets bangs and loves them for about 2 minutes and then wants to grow them out again.  So most women have transitioned out of bangs already at least once or twice.

8. In your opinion what are the best products a women can use on her hair as she gets older?

Your hair changes as you age.  It’s a combination of receding estrogen and increasing grey hair.  Both of these can show up as dehydration and thinner brittle hair.  Lightweight smoothing creams can give hair a lightweight hydrated effect.  Danny recommends Living Proof Prime Style ExtenderLiving Proof Prime Style Extender - Kapulet Beauty Club . And Living Proof Nourishing Styling Cream Living Proof - (28% Off Deal) Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing ....  Also if you want a great Elixir, GoldwellFor sale Goldwell Elixir Oil Treatment 100ml/3.4fl.oz. for all ...has a wonderful Elixir that you can use as well.  Women want smooth hair with volume as they age.  All the above products smooth your hair, but those products should be applied mid shaft of your hair to the end, keep them off the roots for volume.  If you do wear your hair bone straight, then apply from the root down.  Danny recommends that women who are maturing wear their hair with a bit of volume around their face, so apply from mid shaft down.

One of my favorite things about Danny is that he advocates longer hair for maturing women if it suits them.  There are a couple of things about maturity and long hair everyone needs to be aware of.  Your hair should not be fuzzy and you need a bit of volume around your face.

9. Are there any styles you don’t recommend for maturing women?

As we talked about above Danny does believe mature women can wear longer hair. But he recommends that all hair as you mature needs effort.  Women need to put effort into wearing stylish hair and stylish hair makes you look younger.  As Danny says “There is never a time to get so practical that you give up on your hair.”  For shiny hair you need 3 things: good products (see the recommended products above), heat 25 Best Professional Blow Dryers for Perfect Hair (2020) | Heavy.comand tension Everything you could want to know about blowouts - Salon Ziba.  When you give up on your hair it looks like you gave up on your hair!

10. Is there a certain age or time when women should change their color or transition into grey hair?

That is a very personal decision.  Everyone feels differently about grey hair, some women embrace it and others don’t ever want it. But there are a few things you can do as your face matures to make sure your hair suits the way you look.  Danny suggests to making your hair warmer and a bit lighter as you age. Most women have some shadow in their face as they age; dark hair makes that shadow more prominent.  If your hair is a monotone color (one color) and its dark add a bit of lighter color to soften the darkness. You can start integrating more color with foils and introducing blonds and mid brown tones into your hair. 29 Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights Looks and Ideas | Southern Living The little bit of lightness you add will decrease the amount of shadow you see in your skin.


There are a couple of other things Danny and I spoke about that I want to mention.  A good stylist teaches their clients how to manage their own hair, if yours is not and your hair only looks good when he or she does it maybe it’s time for a change.

Hair salons were not given strict instructions by the Government on what they needed to do to open again.  The Government simply gave BC salons a start date and very loose instructions.  All Salons had to do their own research on guidelines from other provinces to find out exactly what to do.  So if you haven’t been contacted about your Salon’s new protocols before your appointment it’s up to you to call them and investigate it yourself.

Something I love that Pure Studio is doing as they open back up is that they are seeing clients in stages.  The first clients they saw are those people who are undergoing some medical treatment or have very compromised immune systems, so they could be in the Salon with no one else around.  The next level of clients are those who desperately need a haircut, they go in pre shampooed and leave with no blow dry, that is something my son is doing.  And as they move forward they are making their Salon the safest possible environment they can. They are making all their clients get taken care of.  You stylist should care about your safety and your hair.

I want to finish with a quote Danny sent me saying for blogbecause even though we are in a Pandemic our economy is slowly coming out of isolation and we need to support our small businesses.   To buy all the products we talked about you can reach Pure Studio at  They will do a contactless payment and pick up of any products you would like to buy. By the way this is where you can buy Eye Envy  Eye Envy - Académie Patricia L'Ecuyer | Distribution de Produits ...eyelash conditioner and mascara in Vancouver as well as Satin Smooth - Collagen Complex Lip Plump Treatment – Paradise ...Satin Smooth Lip Plump Treatment.  Both products when used daily make a huge difference and you can buy them from Pure Studio in Vancouver.

Thanks for reading this blog, I know it’s a little longer than normal but I feel this is information every woman needs.  Just like skin care, hair care is something we all need to think about.  I welcome your suggestions of whatever you want to hear about over the summer. Please email me at My next blog is about comfort wear during Covid-19.  And look for my posts about twice a month until we start to cover Fall 2020, then I will go back to once a week.

Stay safe and healthy!! Until next time…suethefashionista-card-frnt


Covid-19 Skin Care 101

This blog is going to be treat for all those who have been shut in ( all of us) during the last 2 months.  My friend and Skin care advisor, Jessica Berto, the West Coast Training Director for Dermapure and Project skin MD, sat down with me (not in person) and answered 10 very important skin care questions every woman over 40 should be aware of, especially while the pandemic is on.  Here are the questions I asked her and her answers below.

Everything has changed in the last 2 months, so it makes sense that your skin and skin care has as well.  Here is the best advice I could find to pass on to all of you.

1. What are the basics women should be doing to keep their skin healthy during Covi-19?

There are 2 types of women during this pandemic, both extremes.  The first is those who have stocked up on everything they could ever need for their skin (yours truly) and those who have abandoned everything they were doing.  But every woman should be doing the following:

Morning: Cleanse, Vitamin C, Moisturize and put on an SPF

Night: Cleanse and moisturize.

Those are the very basics you need to go back to if you aren’t doing anything and you want your skin to look good when this is over.

2. Most Skincare Salons are closed.  Now is the time most women switch to a summer skincare regimine.  How do women do that on their own?

First of all, quite a few places are doing virtual consultations.  Project Skin is and Jessica does about 4 per day.  Everyone’s skin has changed during Covid-19.  And it’s not just what you put on the outside that makes a difference.  What you put on the inside affects your skin as well.  Have you decreased your water intake?Glass Water Isolated Illustration Stock Illustration 185433806 Most women have and that will affect the dryness of your skin.  Have you increased your alchohol intake? Almost everyone has and alchohol affects your skin as well.  Are you still taking your Vitamins and Fish oil?withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen Stick Pack Container 100g (5g x 20 ...  Most women have drastically changed how much water and alchohol they are drinking.  Water is way down and alchohol is way up.  The inside and the outside of your body work together.  Also most of us are under more stress now than ever.  Stress increases Cortisone in your body and that affects your skin too.  If your skin has changed, then your skincare needs to change.  What happens on the inside of your body is reflected on the outside.

I am going to use one of my experiences as an example. My skin goes through periods of dryness.  Right now my intake of water is way down and I am not using my supplements daily.  It doesn’t take a skin care professional to figure out why my skin is dry.  As Jessica says, skin care starts with the inside and you need to adjust your skin care with what is happening everyday.  It changes because of everything you do daily.

3. It’s going to be a long time before people can get their eyebrows microbladed and their eyelashed put on. Are there any products they can use in the meantime to enhance those two areas?

The best thing to use is lash serums on your lashes and eyebrows.  Using a lash serum is like using a multi vitamin to boost those two areas.  There are 2 lash serums Jessica recommends: Latisse,Latisse 3ml which needs to be bought from an MD and Eye EnvyEYE ENVY 2 ML - New Skin Laser Clinic (I personally use Eye Envy and it works!). Jessica says that Eye Envy gives you thicker lashes and brows and Latissse will give you length.  It takes 8 weeks to see results on your lashes and about 10 weeks to see results on your brows, and Latisse is not to be used for brows. I personally use Eye Envy and I have had to trim my eye brows because they are so thick.  My lashes are way longer and thicker as well.

4. What is the minimum SPF women should wear daily over 40 years of age? And why is it so important to wear sunscreen daily?

The absolute minimum sunscreen women should wear is SPF 50. According to Jessica it is the optimal SPF number sunscreen for maximum skin protection.  30 SPF is okay but it will still let harmful rays in, 50 SPF is the minimum number you need for protection. 5 Sun Safety Tips for Transplant Patients – Penn Medicine

Jessica absolutely recommends wearing sunscreen every day of the year, no matter the weather.  Blue light is emitted from your phone, computer screen and TV, those rays can be super damaging and are similar to the UV rays that damage skin.  Also UV rays can penetrate windows too.  It’s a good layer of all around protection.  If you invest in your skin like we all do, you should protect that investment.  If you had your car painted you would put a sealer coat on it wouldn’t you? Wearing sunscreen is the way to protect your face everyday. SkinCeuticals: Physical Fusion UV Defense FPS 50 50ml - Etiket

5. Right now no one can get Botox or Fillers, anyone who had an appointment had it cancelled.  How do women keep their skin ready so when their skin professionals office opens again they are ready for whatever skin treatments they get?

In order to be ready for your Botox or Filler treatment keep your skin up to par. Use the correct skin care and don’t skip or skimp on products.  Your skin needs to be quenched for these procedures to get optimal results and be able better to receive the treatment.  Drink lots of water before as well, the hylauronic acid in the filler works with water and will plump up your skin even further.

6. What is the most important thing for women to be aware of with mature skin?

Everyone’s skin is aging all the time.  Mature skin is not what it used to be, some women have mature skin at age 30 and some women in their 60’s don’t have mature skin yet.  You need to adjust your skin care to your skin’s age not your actual age.  It’s very important to see a professional, even if it’s only once a year, to adjust your skin care as you get older.  And at the end of the day if you don’t feel what they are doing for you is working you need to go see someone else.  Your skin changes and you need to listen to it.

Here is a personal story of my (Sue’s) skin: I was seeing a great aesthetcian for years and everything she told me was working great and then suddenly my skin was feeling dryer and dryer.  When I asked her what to do she told me that I should just keep using the same products.  Finally I complained about my dryness so much she gave me some coconut balm to put over my moisturizer, but I couldn’t stand the smell, so I knew it was time for a change.  I asked a few people I trust and they recommended Project Skin. That is when I met Jessica.  She reassessed my skin and it was really dry.  She put me on a regime that rehydrated it and now when my skin is dryer or I have redness, she can tell me which products to switch up and use.   If you are over 40 years of age, you need to see an aesthetician that you trust.

7. No one is wearing make up right now. Are there any other products women can use to even out their skin tone? Perhaps something that is easier and more comfortable than foundation?

A tinted SPF, which is a sunscreen with a mild tint, will have some coverage and can tone down redness.  Colorscience has a few different things that you can also wear inconjuction with sunscreen to give the appearance of more coverage if you want it and don’t want to wear foundation. Sunforgettables is has a powder that is like wearing a BB cream.  It is a powder you can wear over you face everyday and it is tinted so you work with your skintoneColorescience Sunforgettable Mineral Sunscreen Brush SPF 50 .... It’s coverage with an SPF 50.  If you want different coverage or have a particular skin issue Colorscience has products that deal with that as well.  If you have redness you can use All CalmAll Calm® Clinical Redness Corrector SPF 50 | Colorescience ...and mix it with your tinted sunscreen to get the right coverage for your skin.  Sunforgettable® Total Protection™ Face Shield SPF 50 ...They also have a Face Shield that is like a foundation and you can wear it alone or mixed with tinted sunscreen.  And a product like Even Up Colorescience Even Up Pigment Perfector | Beautysense.cawhen used with sunscreen can cover different types of pigmentation.

All of these products can be bought at Project

8. What is the most basic skincare routine that any woman can follow? ( I asked this question for all of you who never want to wear make up or fuss with your skin).

The most basic skincare should include a Cleanser, Vitamin C, a moisturizer and an SPF 50 sunscreen.  Most women unless they are told don’t know about Vitamin C and why it’s so important for your skin.  The research on Vitamin C started as a way to cure skin cancer and it is one of the most important things you can use for anti aging. Vitamin C also gives you one more level of filter for harmful rays when worn with SPF.  Vitamin C increases your skin’s brightness and decreases any pigmentation.  Don’t use too high a Vitamin C, high Ascorbic acid turns into exfoliation.  So you want to use an apporpriate Vitamin C for daytime.   Skinceuticals has 2 Vitamin C serums, C E Ferulic® with 15% L-ascorbic acid | Vitamin C Serum ..., andSkinCeuticals: Phloretin CF. Book a virtual skin consultation to see which one is right for you.

9. Is there anything women should be avoiding doing right now to keep their skin healthy?

There are alot of retinol challenges going around virtually.  Retinol isn’t for everyone and should really only be used under supervision of a skin professional or doctor.  That being said if you are going to do something like that be very cautious.  Retinol can burn and can take a long time to heal once your skin experiences a retinol burn.  Also you need to avoid sunlight when using retinol, so this is not the time of year to experiment with it.

10. If you had to pick a favorite, what is your favorite product for aging skin?

My favorite product to advise people with aging skin to use is the AGE line from Skinceuticals.  The Interrupter cream is excellent as a night cream and the Eye Complex is the best eye cream on the market for aging skin around the eye. SkinCeuticals: A.G.E InterrupterSkinCeuticals: A.G.E Eye ComplexBoth are the best things you can use on aging skin.  If I could add one more I would also highly recommend Skinceuticals HA Intensifier SkinCeuticals: H.A Intensifier. It is a combination of hyaluronic acid and proxelyene which helps build the skin’s dermis and helps soften fine lines.

One more thing every woman should take daily is Collagen, withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen - 45 Serving Jar (225g) — withinUs ...Collagen is essential for your joints, nails, lashes and hair.  It is an essential supplement for everyone.


I want to thank Jessica Berto from Dermapure and Project skin.  Everything she spoke about except for Eye Envy can be bought at Project  Eye Envy can be bought at Pure Studio in Vancouver, if you want it email me  and I can give you their contact information or I can get them to send you some.  All of the products that Jessica has spoken about she has used and I have used 90% or them and they really and truly do make a difference in your skin.  Personal skin consultations are key in aging gracefully and if you don’t want to go to Project skin there are other demal specialist in Vancouver who can help you the same way.  And remember your skin is an outside reflection of what is going on inside you body, so make sure you nourish and hydrate the inside as well as the outside.

Please stay safe and healthy!

Until next time…suethefashionista-card-frnt



Spring #7 – New Things We Should Try

This blog is kind of a mishmash of all the new things for Spring 2020 that we should try to make room for in our wardrobes.  Now I know that your wardrobe has changed dramatically in the last couple of months, but eventually we will all be wearing real clothes again at some point.  Even though by today’s standards a pair of jeans is dressing up, it won’t be that way forever.

As we endure the 2 true month of this pandemic we have all come to realize a few things. My new reality is having both my boys home and my house full again. Even though my oldest now has his master’s degree, he is safer and better off here with us. There is will no trips for quite a while and probably not at all in 2020 (I was supposed to be in Durham, NC right now), but the safest place for everyone is where they are until there is a vaccine. I have also realized that no matter how isolated I need to be, I can’t stand grey hair on myself.  Thank goodness my hair salon will be opening the end of May.  I also need to have gel on my nails.  I now have the ability to do that myself but likely I will go back to the nail salon if it opens up again.  I think we all have discovered certain truth’s about ourselves and it’s ok to be who you are, you do you and be proud of who you are!

OK back to fashion.

There are certain things that are Spring 2020, let’s go through them and if you like them try them in your wardrobe:

Trenchcoats with Embellishments

Trenchcoat Spring 2020 RTW Fashion Trend | Fashion, Fashion trends ... SEQINYY Pink Trench Coat 2020 Spring Autumn New Fashion Design ...

SEQINYY Long Trench Coat 2020 Spring Autumn New Fashion Design ...  Here is exactly what I am talking about.  You can embellish a trench many ways. RWT is one side with a red check pattern, and Seqinyy is showing 2 with different details.  If you have a basic trench you can add a scarf or a chain detail yourself, if not maybe try one of the newer trends either in a color or with a pattern. I bought a basic trench last spring so I am going to be wearing scarves and my own embellishments if I wear it this season. Water-Resistant Classic Trench CoatBanana Republic has a basic water resistant trench you can embellish yourself and right now it is 50% off, so it’s a great time to buy it if you need it.

Maxi Skirts and Skirts with Slits

Maxi skirts have been in style for a few springs.  But they are just getting stronger.  And they are perfect for women over 45 because mini skirts are no longer appropriate and the maxi is just as fashionable this spring.   And maxi skirts with slits in them are super trendy right now.

NEW SHIELDS SKIRT - High-rise midi slit skirtAritzia has the Wilfred Free New Sheilds Skirt which is high waisted and comes in black and 2 softer colors including this great Sage Frost. VERONA SKIRT - Seersucker slit skirtWilfred Free has the same style in Space Dyed blue and black searsucker for those hot days. TWIRL SKIRT - Pleated, chiffon midi skirtWilfred also has their Twirl skirt, chiffon and pleated in 12 colors.  This skirt is a wardrobe staple for some of us, it endures and always looks great. MIDI SKIRT - Slip-style midi is maxi skirt head quarters, they have every kind of maxi including this Wilfred basic A-line maxi you can wear everywhere.  If you need a new maxi skirt check out Aritzia online!

Clean Lines

When we talk about clothing with clean lines think of stream lined. Tops that blend seamlessly into bottoms.  Head to toe color is a big one for clean lines. You can acheive this simply by wearing a dress or jumpsuit.  One of my fave dresses for Spring is Banana Republic’s Utility Maxi dress Utility Maxi Dresshead to toe color, very streamlined.  You can do the samething with a jumpsuit Linen-Cotton Wide-Leg Cropped Jumpsuithead to toe one color. This is BR’s Linen-Cotton Wide-Leg cropped jumpsuit.  Or you can purposely wear one color head to toe. 5 Top Fall Color Fashion Trends 2019 - Pistachio and Purple Color ...We saw almost every color put head to toe in spring shows.  Pick what works for you and wear it head to toe.  I personally love black head to toe no matter what season. But this spring how I am going to wear head to toe is Cropped ECOVERO&#153 Button-Back Tankthis cropped floral tank with back buttons from BR with Slim Wide-Leg Cropped Pantmy slim BR wide leg cropped pants and then either a black light cardigan or sheer poncho on top.  But I wear a lot of black.  You could try the same thing in Spring 2020 colorsHigh-Rise Wide-Leg Linen-Cotton Pantin BR’s linen cotton cropped tank and high rise linen cotton pant. Don’t be afraid to wear any color head to toe.  Take a look at Banana for ideas, they have tons of ways to wear head to toe pieces and colors.  Think Utility colors too, beige, olive etc. Great and trendy for head to toe right now.

Chunky Collar Necklaces

The heavy short necklaces are back for spring.  Nobody does the chunky collar necklace like J. Crew. womens Beaded chain link rope necklacewomens Candy gem statement necklacewomens Graduated mixed disc necklaceThey have so many great ones, I just am showing a quick sample of what they have online.  Pair a tone on tone chunky necklace with your streamlined looks! Or make the necklace your statement piece with a maxi dress or jumpsuit. If you buy a new necklace for spring make sure it is chunky, hits your collar and has some great detail.

Big Purses

At the very beginning of Spring fashion before the pandemic, purses were going big, big and bigger.  I don’t know about you but now if I have to go out I use a small cross body bag, no point wearing lipstick when all you are wearing is a mask right? So even though giant purses are in fashion Spring/ Summer 2020 Handbag Trends: Summer 2020 Bags & Pursesin every shape and color, we may want to take it down a notch for ourselves right now.  What I am going to be carrying this spring is a toned down version of a tote. 12-Hour Leather ToteI bought this 12 hour leather tote from BR for myself, it is the smaller version of their larger 12-Hour Leather Large Toteone.  I am not tall and sometimes a huge purse can overwhelm me and what I am wearing.  So I chose a neutral color bag that I can wear with everything.   But you do you and if you want to do the giant purse trend take a look at, they have lots of large purses and totes like this TORY BURCH Perry Leather Tote, Main, color, BRILLIANT REDgreat tote from Tory Burch that comes in 6 bright and neutral colors.   When I first started exploring spring the trend was that small bags were out and large were in. But with the pandemic a lot of women are carrying smaller bags, not the micro ones that were in for last spring, but just regular size ones.  It seems to me that right now there are no rules, so if you want to wear a giant bag by all means do and if you don’t then don’t.

Tank Tops

Tank tops are the ‘it’ top for Spring and Summer 2020.  They come in all fabrics.  You can stick with your cotton tanks CASLON<SUP>®</SUP> Caslon Cotton Tank, Alternate, color, PINK CANYONlike Nordstrom’s Caslon tank that is $19 and comes in tons of colors.  Or you can try some new versions. Cropped ECOVERO&#153 Button-Back TankBR has a cropped version in viscose that comes in tons of colors and prints. Soft Satin Pleated Drapey TankThey also have a soft draped one that comes in lots of colors too.  J. Crew has lots too like womens Linen tiered tank topthis cute linen tiered tank.   And of course Joe Fresh always has lots of inexpensive tanks for summer Wavy Texture Tanklike this wavy tank.  Joe Fresh is available on line or at Superstore in Canada.

Interesting Shoes

Spring, Summer Shoe Trends 2020: ChainWho What Where was showing chain detail on their spring show preview. Spring, Summer Shoe Trends 2020: Heeled LoafersAs well as heeled loafers, Spring, Summer Shoe Trends 2020: Mary JanesMary Janes, Spring, Summer Shoe Trends 2020: Minimal HeelsMinimalist, Spring, Summer Shoe Trends 2020: Sunny ShadesBright Shades, Spring, Summer Shoe Trends 2020: EspadrillesEspadrilles, Spring, Summer Shoe Trends 2020: platformsplatforms and over the knee boots.  But right now all I see is women inventing new ways to wear their runners with everything.  So if that is what you need to do to survive this pandemic,Complete Guide How To Wear Dresses With Sneakers 2020 ...wearing your sneaker with dresses, pants, bermuda shorts etc, then by all means do it.  And yes, it is a fashion trend to wear your sneakers right now.  Get a couple of interesting pairs and wear them all the time if you want to.

So thing brings us to the end of speaking about spring trends for 2020.  Originally I was going to take a break from blogging until August, mainly because I was going to be travelling a lot over the next few months, but like everything else in this pandemic that has changed. So I will continue to blog, but probably not every week. But at least once a month I will try and enlighten you with new things to try in either fashion or beauty.

I wish every mother out there a very happy mother’s day. You are the backbone of your family and have probably proved it over and over during this pandemic, you should be celebrated and reveered! Happy Mother’s day!

Please message me if there is anything specifically you would like to hear about and stay safe, stay home and stay healthy!!

Until next time…suethefashionista-card-frnt

Blog for this week delayed

Hi everyone!  I hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy.  I am sorry but the last spring blog is going to be delayed until May 13.  My other life as a wife, mother and volunteer has kept me hugely busy this week and unfortunately I haven’t had time to write my weekly blog.

This Pandemic has thrown all of us for a bit of a loop so I know you all understand. I am dealing with birthday month (everyone in my family but me has a birthday in May), a broken dishwasher and a myriad of other things that are needing my attention.

I hope you all have a safe and happy mother’s day.  This year instead of gifts my family is giving gifts of charity.  Birthday presents (other than something small) and mother’s day and father’s day this year we are donating to charities and foodbanks to help those that are not as fortunate as we are during this Pandemic.  Mother’s are the backbone of every family and no they absolutely couldn’t survive without you, but can you imagine how difficult it would be if as a mom you couldn’t put food on the table or help you struggling children.  That thought really throws me so as a family we decided to pay it forward this year instead of for ourselves.

Thank you all for understanding the delay. And the last spring blog will be up on May 13.

Until next time…suethefashionista-card-frnt

Spring # 6 Spring Prints

Last week we took a little break in talking about Fashion and talked about self care in beauty.  We all have to keep uo our own self care at this point.  You do what makes you feel like yourself, whether it is hair color, nails or even wearing certain clothing items that make you feel like you.   I was speaking with one of my girlfriends the other day (of course from a distance) and she had been delivering food for the foodbank, which is a wonderful thing to do.  She mentioned to me that this was the first day she had put on her jeans and not just wearing her pjs or sweats.  She said she felt so good wearing jeans again.  I think we are all falling into habits.  My habit is wearing workout wear all day.  My way of coping with this pandemic is to workout, a lot.  I am lucky that my gym, Innovative Fitness, has coaches training us online and my former trainer who moved to Toronto, the best trainer I ever had, is teaching daily classes on Zoom that I have picked up at least twice a week.  And starting on Monday I am also going to add in a Yoga class just because I am not getting any more flexible as I age.  So that has me wearing a lot of workout clothes and I tend to stay in them all day long.  Before the pandemic I would have gone to the gym or the yoga studio and come home and had a shower and gotten dressed, but since the only place I ever go is the Grocery store it seems to be easier to just keep on what I have.  Well, I put on jeans and a shirt the other day and decided I felt better too, so now the days my workouts are only in the mornings I am going to try and get on something other than gym clothes.  Everyone is has their own way of coping during this pandemic.  Please find one that helps you get through it and if it includes wearing sweats all day then by all means wear them.  Just becareful and make sure your jeans still fit too.


Spring Prints are one of the best parts of Spring 2020.  There are so many wonderful prints to chose from, you could wear a little of all of them or just choose the ones you like and make them your own.

Wallpaper Prints

Wall paper prints are heavy large prints that your mother used to decorate your home with.  They can be any print, just worn loudly. 10 Of The Best Spring Fashion Trends of 2020 | Spring fashion ...This is how Fashion week saw Wall Paper prints but we can make them more mainstream and wearable. Anthropologie has tons of Wallpaper prints that you could wear. Farm Rio Tucanes Mini DressThe Farm Rio Tucanes Dress captures the feeling and the look of a Wallpaper print. Elysees Tapered Pants #1So does the Elysees Tapered pant, great to wear with a white t-shirt! Oceane Tiered Midi SkirtOr try the Oceane tiered midi skirt, this one really reminds me of wallpaper.  Big and bold prints are easy to find, these were all on the first page I clicked on the Anthro website. If you love them wear them.  Either wear them only in a dress or jumpsuit with muted accessories or wear one piece like a skirt, pant or bermuda short with a solid top.

Jungle Prints

Jungle prints are the other bold print we are seeing a lot of.  Mostly with a green background but sometimes with a beige one, these prints feature plants, flowers or things you would encounter in nature. Inside Dolce & Gabbana's Jungle Themed Runway Show for Spring 2020 ...Here is a pic from Dolce and Gabbana’s spring show, you can see all the different levels of jungle prints. It is easy to take Jungle prints mainstream.  Green is the new strong color for Spring so wearing it in a print may make it easier to wear for some women. Going back to Anthro, they really do well when it comes to prints. Corey Lynn Calter Delphine Tiered Maxi DressCorey Lynn Carter’s Delphine Tiered Maxi Dress at Anthro covers off your plant jungle print in one single dress. Giverny Blouse #3Or try the Giverny Blouse, great when worn with denim on the bottom.

Banana Republic ( or .ca) has lots of new animal print styles so you don’t have to keep wearing leopard (unless you really want to). Snake Print Utility JumpsuitTry their Snakeprint utility jumpsuit. Zebra Print Slip DressOr their Zebra print Slip dress.  Or one of my favorite BR dresses Print Utility Shirt Dresstheir Shirt dress in a Zebra print done with a green background.

Palm Print SarongTropical Floral SarongBR also has these Sarongs that can double as scarves and shawls, either in a Palm print or Tropical floral print and you could just wear one of these with solids or denim and cover off the Jungle print look perfectly.

Polka Dots

One of the most popular spring prints and one you will see everywhere is the Polka dot trend.  You can wear polka dots almost any color way, which makes it even better! Polka Dots Proved to Be a Very Popular Print at Milan Fashion Week ...

Courtesy of Milan Fashion week, we can see Spring Polka dots in Black and white! has some great different looks in Polka dots for Spring.  This Polka Dot puffed sleeve top is super wearable with any bottom and very fresh looking in pastel blue. Or try their Polka Dot midi skirt, another unexpected color that could work beautifully. Banana Republic has embraced Polka dots as well Print Tie-Front Cropped Jumpsuittheir Tie Front jumpsuit is a great way to wear them head to toe. Petite Supersoft Cotton Embroidered SweaterOr if the weather hasn’t warmed up where you are yet, try their cotton sweater with emboidered polka dots.

If you want to accessorize polka dots you can too. Polka Dot BandanaPolka Dot Trouser SockBR has scarves and socks that can cover this look for you.  Or Loft has Polka Dot Tech Card Caseboth a card case or glasses case with the same decorative polka dot motif.

I personally love Polka dots!  I wear them a lot in the spring and summer, I am not a huge print wearer but somehow when I wear polka dots they don’t feel like I am wearing a print.


Modern Folklore | The 9 Most Wearable Trends For Fall | POPSUGAR ...

Modern Folklore from Fashion week can seem a bit overwhelming but it is easy to take it mainstream.

The last print group we are going to talk about in this blog is the new Folklore prints.  They all have a modern feel to them, so don’t think of prairie prints but think of modern florals instead.

One of the reasons I use Anthropologie so much on my blog is that it is so easy to find the exact thing I am looking for on their website.  They were also one of the fashion chain stores to voluntarily close to protect their staff during this pandemic, so that is another reason I am a fan. Cloth & Stone Classic ButtondownSprings new Folklore reminds us of small florals, or even slightly larger ones, but done in new colors and wearable styles like Cloth + Stone’s Classic Buttondown top. Blaise ButtondownOr try this Blaise Button down top, with a Folklore print that is super modern.  I like Banana Republic because they have both a US and a Canadian website and it doesn’t take a long time to get something if you order it and you don’t have to pay duty.  So I tend to feature them as well. ECOVERO&#153 Midi DressTry BR’s EcoVerde dress in a Romatic floral print in a yellow combination or it comes in a blue botanical print and a soft pastel blue Ikat print. Or you could try a delicate print in a balloon sleeve blouseChiffon Balloon-Sleeve BlousePrint Soft Stretch Modal Keyhole Topor a darker floral in a key hold sleeveless top.  And keep your Folklore colorful for Spring 2020. Loft has some great Floral Smocked Trim Shellprint tops you can wear all spring and summer long. Take a look at their florals, they really have some great ones.

So that’s it for Spring Prints.  Their are a couple of others, like wearing a striped dressHi-low maxi dress in stripe, this fantastic striped maxi dress is all over the J. Crew website.  Sequins for day was another trend, but times have changed and no one seems to wear sequins right now so I won’t go into detail.

Next we were going to have a Mother’s Day Jewelry blog, but unfortunately our Jewelry expert has her hands full taking her business online, so we will skip that this spring.  Instead I will cover the last Spring trend, “Things we all should Try”.  After that I was going to pause blogging until August.  But instead I will continue but with more of a lifestyle feel to the blog.  We will still talk about fashion but we can also talk about beauty and maintenance for your body and whatever else we need to while we are all going through Covid-19.  I just probably won’t be blogging weekly, more like every 2 weeks. Please keep you comments and questions coming.  They are what keeps me motivated to blog.  I have a few friends trying out other nail options besides gel, like press on, so I will let you know about that and some other things that we can discover together.

Stay safe, Stay smart and Stay healthy!

Until next time…suethefashionista-card-frnt



Spring # 5 – Beauty break blog

I have had 2 different self beauty experiments in the last week.  Yes, my nail lamp finally arrived last Monday.  So I started the huge job of removing my old gel nails.  My gel nails have only every been dremeled off but even though I have a dremel, I was too afraid to do it that way.  So soak off was the way I went.  I watched a ton of videos and got the advice of one of my friends who is an esthetician.  It was still very hard, either I didn’t leave the cotton soaked in acetone with foil around it on long enough or I didn’t seal it properly, but I found it a difficult experience and ended up using my dremel to get the last bit off.  Boy, my nails were bad.  I had the gel on for 20 years!! They were thin and papery so I put some nail strengthener and left it on over night.  The next day I took the nail strengthener off and started doing the gel.  I chose a neutral gel color, no way I was going to attempt french. I bought the and , I bought a couple of colors because I wasn’t sure what I would like.  I must have watch dozens of videos on how to do your own gel nails so with that knowledge and the equipment I began.  Putting it on was easy.  Base coat and then cure, 3 layers of color (because my sculpture gel still isn’t here and it would have made it a lot easier if it was) and cured each one at a time and then a top coat. gel nail pic Not terrible but not great either, never mind how dry my hands are from the constant hand washing. But like they say, things get better with practice so hopefully the next time I do them there will be less on my skin and a better result on my nails.  I think it will be better when the sculpture gel arrives and I can put that on between the base and color.  If you want to try and do your own, watch all the videos they really helped me learn the correct way to do things.

The other adventure I had was doing my own hair color.  I was able to get some hair color, premixed in biodegradeable bowls from Cabello Salons in Vancouver ( message me and I will give you her number if you want to do your own color too).  The price was reasonable and I have watched color go on my hair for years.  They have me a brush to use, so I simply layered my hair like I was about to blowdry and colored.  I have a lot of grey right in the front so I did that part first and then went to the back and worked my way forward.  The results were awesome! I feel like me again!! If you can’t live with your grey and kudos to you if you can, then I highly suggest you do your own color. It wasn’t hard or difficult.  Way easier than the gel nails that was for sure.

There are other options for both nails and hair to keep them looking good during this pandemic.  I watched a lot of videos about Press on Nails.  Those you just use with nail glue and they can last up to 2 weeks. Sally Beauty ( has kits that you can buy. Beyond the Pale Press On Nail KitPress on could be a great option if you don’t want to order all the things you need to do your own gel.  Use a bit of nail glue with each to help them stay on, shape and cut them to fit your hands and preferred nail length. Press on nails have come a long way from when we were kids, they are actually pretty good.  Just watch a video of how to put them on so once you put them on, they stay on.

For color you can always go to London Drugs or Shoppers Drug Mart and buy a box of color.  Especially if you have an easy one color base.  Only attempt your base color, leave highlights for professionals. L'Oreal Excellence CreamPick a creme so it doesn’t run and follow the directions.

Please don’t try to cut your own hair, that really is something you need to be specially trained for.  If your style is growing out, try hair clips, bands and ponytails.  Buy nice ones online and it will look great.

Anthropologie online has some great hair accessories.  Chroma Ponytail Holder SetThis set of Chroma Pony tail holders would work great for spring and summer with super bright colors and nice and thick to hold your growing out hair styles. Satin HeadbandIf bangs are a problem and they are growing faster than you ever imagined, try and great hair band to hold them off your face. This one is also from Anthro and online they have great hair bands in tons of styles and colors. Skye Hair Clip SetAnd don’t hesitate to use clips in colors to keep those flyaway pieces from annoying you.  Even your local drug store will have hair accessories for you to use Goody Metal Barrettes.  But if you are going to use hair accessories to tame your growing mane try I suggest you use stylish ones. Metal Plate Hair TieTokyo Tortoise Hair TieBanana Republic has some great pony tail holders and they have a Canadian website, as well as their US one, so it’s easy to get things delivered to your house. Mini Dot NeckerchiefYou could also use one of your scarves as a hair tie.  This scarf is from BR, but we all have lots in our closets. Hanna Hair Scarf SetAnthro has some amazing hair scarves, specially made to work with your pony tail.

You just need to decide what is important to you.  No one will judge you.  If you are ok with your hair going grey, and this may be the excuse you need to embrace letting your color grow out, go for it.  A lot of women can rock grey hair!  Just make sure you adjust your make to your new color. You will need to put some color on your cheeks every day and use a little undereye cover because grey hair can make your complexion sallow, so pay attention to your skin during this transition.   And you can’t wear grey clothing with grey hair, keep to colors.  But if this is what you want to do, more power to you.   The same goes for your nails.  If this is your opportunity to go back to natural nails go for it! I applaud everyone for doing their own thing.  Perhaps buy a good nail strengthener Sally Hansen Gel Rehab Strengthenerlike this one that is a gel nail rehab treatment from London Drugs to help things along.  You do you! Covid 19 is no time to be untrue to yourself.  I am going to do my thing so you do yours.

I know we were supposed to talk about Spring Prints this week but I got so many comments and messages about my last blog about gel nails and hair color, I decided to dedicate an entire blog to the pandemic beauty experience.  I love to hear what you are doing to make yourself feel better during this extraordinary time and any tips you want to pass along I am happy to get them and pass them on too.  That’s what made me decide to do my own color, I read something from a good friend of mine who did hers and how she did it.   So we can all help each other during this time.

Stay well and distant and next week we will be back with Spring Prints!  There are so many great spring prints there was no way I could fit both blogs into one week, you would have been reading forever.  If you are fortunate to live in Vancouver, get out and enjoy this beautiful spring weather and stay away from everyone.


Until next time…suethefashionista-card-frnt

Spring #4 Spring Colors!

Last week I told you I was going to do my own gel nails.  Well, like everything we are ordering online right now, some of my equipment is delayed.  So I can’t post about that this week, but I will as soon as my lamp and structure building gel arrive ( hopefully no later than April 20, according to Amazon).  The other thing I think I am going to be doing myself during this isolation period is my own hair color.  I thought perhaps I could make do with just some root touch up that washed out every shampoo, but what can I say, I can’t. I am not one of those women who can embrace the grey, kudos to those who can, but I simply can’t.  Right now as long as I don’t wear my hair in a pony tail or off my face it is passable but in another week I will have no choice.  If you are in the same boat as me then I bet if you get in touch with your hairdresser they may be willing to sell you some color and developer to do your base color. Don’t attempt highlights or lowlights, but base should be managable.  And even though hair salons are closed  you have some other options too .  Of course there is the boxed color in the drugstore, I hear L’Oreal is the best and the easiest to match to your color. You can go online to Sally BeautyBlushed Hues Permanent Liqui-Crème Haircolor or Amazon and buy professional color and developer, I have seen my color on Sally Beauty so chances are they have yours too.  And there are hair salons out there that will sell you color and developer, if you can’t use your usual salon, they are closed but some will do the color and mixing for you, all you have to do is pick it up. I can only recommend this option if you already know your hair color formula. It’s a lot to ask someone who has never done your color to pick a color for you.  But if you have your formula it’s a great option.   Hair Dynamix in Toronto is doing it and so is Cabello Salons in Vancouver.  And there are lots of Youtube channels where you can learn how to apply your own color too.  Please make sure you know what you are doing before you try this yourself.   You have to pick the option that works for you.  Like I said above, I am not one of those women who can let the grey grow so  I will let you know how my search goes in the coming weeks.  And of course I will update you on doing my own gel nails as soon as the rest of the supplies arrive.


Spring colors break down into 3 main groups: Highlighter bright colors, Pastel colors with a bit of pep, and Drab colors with style. Let’s look at how each can work in your wardrobe.

Highligher Brights

When you think of highlighter pens what do you think of?  Bright yellows, bright lime greens and really strong Fuschia pinks.  Even some sunny oranges in there as well.  This season if you love bright colors, you will be able to find them everywhere. has some great bright dresses that will keep you happy and cool as the weather warms. Cathleen Textured has a great Zoom meeting ready top to brighten your day.  Bright pink is a super easy bright color for most of us to wear, keep everything else including your make up neutral and you will be all set. Cassie Maxi SkirtYou also may want to consider matching brighter reds and pinks together.  We will talk about prints next week, but consider keeping your prints bright too! Tess Cashmere Sweater TeeThe greens and yellows like Anthro’s Tess Cashmere sweater can be a bit harder to wear.  Women with darker skin look great in this color, also blondes can pull it off.  I love the bright top with denim! Emma Cropped Wide-Leg PantsAnd if you are a little intimidated by bright yellow then wear it on the bottom with a neutral colored top(white or black). Sacha Jacquard Tiered TunicBright greens can go anywhere from lime to jade to teal, you just need to find the one that works for your skin tone, limes have a more yellow tone and teals have a more blue tone. This Sacha Tiered Tunic from Anthro is the perfect bright teal green and comes in Plus sizes too. If you still need to look professional while working from home, Loft hastheir best selling Shawl collar Blazer in the a fuschia so bright they call it Razzle Dazzle and it would be great for Zoom or Skype meetings. Loft also has extended sizes like Anthro in a lot of their clothing.  So if you need a larger size they will have it for you. French Terry SweatshirtBanana Republic online has some great yellows.   This French terry sweatshirt is the perfect yellow to wear with denim. High-Rise Wide-Leg Linen-Cotton PantAnd if bright orange is for you, just look at Banana Republic online, these linen cotton pants are great fitting!



When you normally think of pastels you think of pretty little tops and dresses.  Well this season pastel clothing is going to take a back seat to no one.  Every shade is being made in it’s pastel counterpart. The Bette Babydoll BlouseAnthro’s Bette Babydoll blouse comes in pastel colors, like this gorgeous soft pink and some bright ones as well. Cathleen Textured TeeOr the same Cathleen sweater in birght pink above is just as lovely in a softer neutral pink. Amber Asymmetrical TankAnd how many of us are living in t-shirts these days? How about Anthro’s Amber Assymentrical tank in a soft blue. Frayed Girlfriend Chinos color Chalk RoseSherbert colors are everywhere and Loft has a great pair of Frayed girlfriend chinos to wear in a soft pink.  Stay away from Mauve’s and Purples but stay with Sherbert colored pinks like this fabulousUtility Maxi DressUtility dress from BR online. Most people can wear a soft pastel pink.  Some prefer the truer pastel pink and lots of women look wonderful in this warmer sherbert pink. Adoria Crochet BlouseSoft yellows and golds are great too.  Check out Anthro online for lots of pretty gold and yellow shades, this Adorai Crochet blouse has the best of soft color and a great print.  When women wear yellows, different skin tones work with different color yellows.  The light pastel yellow (think a color of a duckling or chick) can work on fair hair and fair skin people well and well as dark skin people.  Golds look better on fair to medium skin tones with dark blond, auburn and brown hair.  Just please don’t wear the same color yellow as your hair color if you are blond, that for sure doesn’t work or look good.

Drab Colors

The newest color palette for spring color is the drab palette.  All the Olives, Beiges and Greens.  I am in love with this palette.  It looks fantastic with white and black and works with all sorts of metallic tones as well.  I could travel in the summer with denim, olive, black and white and I could wear that color palette for a month.  Olive or Khaki work because you can use it as a neutral or a color.  Modern Sloan Skinny-Fit Brushed Washable PantBR has their Sloan skinny pants in a great olive.  ECOVERO&#153 Balloon-Sleeve BlouseAnd they also have a great Balloon sleeve blouse in this color, Classic Utility Jacketor wear a great Utility jacket in this same color.

Boxy Cardigan SweaterRibbed Mock-Neck Sweater TopPetite Utility BlouseBr has 3 different shades of Olive and Green (well maybe the middle top nods to yellow as well) so you can pick the one that works for your skin tone.  High-Rise Wide-Leg Utility PantPants work great in Olive or drab green because they can work with any color top. Petite Utility Maxi DressI am also in love with BR’s Utility dress in their Cindered Olive Green color.

But drab colors doesn’t just mean green.  Think outside the box with the drab neutrals. Linen Blend Wide Leg PantsLoft has their wide leg linen pants in a fabulous Tobbacco color.  They also have this fabulous Tie Back Swing dress in a Desert Taupe.And a wonderful neutral Balloon sleeve striped blouse that can tie it all together. Nadine Shimmer Midi DressAnd as you can see from Anthro’s Shimmer Midi dress drab color doesn’t have to mean drab style!!   One of my favorite things about these drab colors, olives, beiges and tobaccos is that they look fantastic head to toe.  And when you wear any one color head to toe you automatically look thinner.

Tie all the spring colors back to spring prints which we will talk about next week and back to black and white.  Black and white will never go away.  They can be the perfect color to wear with brights, pastels and drabs.

If you are feeling a bit blue from all the Covid 19 news then help yourself out and go for a little online shopping trip.  Every online site has lots of new spring clothing and you can either buy something new. Or if now is not the time for you to spend money, then go online and look at sites like Banana and they have a style guide where their stylist put the looks together for you.  Chances are you have some basics in your closet that can work with some of their ideas.  So give it a try.

Sorry again that I couldn’t share my gel nail experience.  I think we are all finding things are taking longer to arrive to our homes these days.  I hope everyone had a good Easter and Passover and that you are all well and safe.  Remember everthing above works with a mask and gloves if you have to leave the house.  Stay safe and strong.

Until next time…suethefashionista-card-frnt

Spring Trend 3: The New Way to Wear Suits

I had a lot of good feedback last week to adding a little coping advice to my weekly blog.  I hope you are all managing ok with staying home and away from everything.  This Pandemic is here for the long run, I am afraid, and we all need to find a way to live with it.

This week, aside from Spring Suiting, I thought I would talk about some of the ways you can do your own beauty to cope with not having professionals around to help you.  I don’t know about you but not being able to have my gel nails filled in or my hair colored on a regular basis is quite uncomfortable for me.  I just ordered the supplies on Amazon to do my own gel nails.  I have had a french gel manicure on my nails for the past 20 years, I don’t think I can live without it.  Mind you I don’t think I am going to do french but even a pale pink or off white would work for the time being.  I will let you know next week if I am successful. This is how they are supposed to look 20190917_215524 and believe me they don’t look like that right now. So next week I will let you know how my nail adventure goes.

This week’s tip from me is how to dye your own eyebrows.  Right now there is no way you can get into a salon to get microbladed and likely not for the next few months, and eventually, even if you are careful you may run out of eyebrow pencil or gel (hopefully Sephora and Amazon have lots!). But one thing I learned from my make up artist, Luc Lacroix, is how to dye my own eyebrows.  First of all I use the same Eye Envy serum on my eyebrows that I use on my lashes No photo description available., it’s available at Pure Studio in Vancouver and Hair Dynamix on Queen St. in Toronto if you want to get some just email me and I will see if I can get it for you. Or you can try It absolutely works!  I have really long eyelashes and thick eyebrows.  But my eyebrow color is fading as I age.  So between once a week and every 2 weeks I dye them.  What you need is eyebrow dye, there is tons online and make sure you pick a semi permanent color and not a permanent one and you need a little bit of color developer.  A lot of the dye kits on line don’t need a color developer but the one I use does.  And make sure you buy the right color. Always try a lighter color first.  Next you need an angle brushMorphe - M165 Angle Liner/Brow Brushyou can find them at Sephora. Then you mix it all together, in a little cup, on a piece of tin foil, or I use the lid of my Blinc mascara, it’s the perfect size. Then you take a little color and gently follow your eyebrow line and delicately place the color on all the hair.  I use a Q-tip to keep taking the color off my skin if I get any on, it’s easier to get it off now than later.  Let it sit on for the time it says on the package.  Depending on how dark you want your brows it’s usually between 15-30 minutes.  And if you are using a lighter color then it doesn’t matter if you leave it on a bit longer.  I use a medium brown, because I am fair, so 30 min is perfect for me.  Eyebrows that are filled in and the right color for your skin tone help you look younger and fresh.  Give it a try if you feel like your eyebrows are fading and not looking great.


Spring Suiting this season is taking us in different direction than you expect.  The biggest new thing in suits is that the bottom is a bermuda short!!! This is what Max Mara is showing in suiting for Spring. DONNA SHORT - High-rise, pleated shortsAnd Aritzia has lots of different short silhouettes LIMERICK SHORT - High rise shortlike the Wilfred Donna short (above) or the Wilfred Limerick short here in black.  Both would pair wonderfully with their classic blazers. They even have a longer short SERIF SHORT - Long wide-leg shortthe Babaton Serif Short that will come slighly just below your knee cap.  Pair your short with one of Babaton’s great blazers like their Power Blazer POWER BLAZER - Casual blazerwhich now comes up to a size 16!! And you are set for a great and stylish suit. Personally just because I am not in my 30’s anymore, I am going to be wearing my dressy bermuda shorts a bit longer for Spring.

The other thing you will want besides a great pair of Bermuda short is a new blazer shaped like a waistcoat. ENCORE BLAZER - Double-breasted blazerA waistcoat is nipped in a bit at the waist and looks that way even when it’s worn open like this Encore blazer from Babaton. Max Mara’s Wool Twill Blazer would fit the same way.

You want to wear a waistcoat style so when you wear it open you can layer underneath. Because the other big news in Spring suiting is Vests! Maz Mara is showing this Cotton crepe gilet vest and showing it layered . Notice that the pants aren’t too fitted? The pant needs to be a little fuller, like a straight leg or trouser to work with this look. AGENCY PANT - High-rise cocoon trouserTry a look like Babaton’s Agency pant. And wear your lose pant with the Agency Blazer AGENCY BLAZER - Single-breasted boyfriend blazerto get a soft flowy look.

So suiting for Spring is going to be worn a few different ways.  Either with a waistcoat blazer, vest and straight pant or bermuda short or with your boxy blazer, trouser or bermuda short.  You can also wear the vest on it’s own with either pant or bermuda short.  The last piece that is new is the knee length pleated skirt. KARL WOOL CASHMERE SKIRT - Wool skirtLike this Babaton Karl Wool Cahsmere skirt. Or try the Cady skirt from Max Mara.  But really and truly pants and bermuda shorts are what they are showing more than skirts for Spring suiting.

Right now it probably doesn’t matter what you wear on the bottom, most of you meetings are online,  but hopefully we will get to see people in person again at some point this spring and summer and if you have an office or meeting to go to, you will want to have the fashionable bottoms to match the tops.

Everything I talked about today can be bought online. The Eye Envy Serum may be a little harder to find, but if you email me I will see if I can get you some from Pure Studio in Vancouver. It’s nice to shop at retailers online right now.  They are certainly suffering with everything being closed.  And if you look online at Aritzia or Max Mara you can get lots of styling ideas for yourself as well.

As you know I am not doing in person fashion consulting or wardrobing for the forseeable future but I am always happy to answer any questions you have. So just email me at

I will let you know how my gel nail adventure goes next week.

Until next time…suethefashionista-card-frnt




Spring Trend 2: Crochet, Sheer Layers, Feathers and Leather

Thanks everyone for your feedback last week.  If you want to keep reading about Fashion, I will keep posting about it.  In this new reality, I will also try and add something I am doing either with my fashion or make up or home life that has helped me deal with this ever changing world that has been thrust upon us.

I find that less and less are we needing some of the things we needed in February.  I really miss things like going for a blowdry, meeting friends for coffee and hockey games. But in our new world I have found I am much better company than I thought I was.  I have learned to blowdry my own hair, almost as well as some of the hairdressers I have gone to, of course not as well as my current hairdresser but he is hair god and no one will ever do hair as well as him. I have found a new way to do my make up, so less is more.  After all, when you aren’t going out, you still need to look good.

What I have done with my make up is switch from Foundation to a mixture of sunscreen and a wonderful cream from Colorscience called All Calm. It is a redness corrector and works great on my skin. I mix it with Skinceuticals sunscreenSkinCeuticals: Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50which has a bit of color to it as well.  The next step I use is an undereye concealer, also from ColorscienceColorescience: Total Eye™ 3 in 1 Renewal Carebut if you have a favorite undereye concealer it will work as well.  Next step is a neutral color shadow all over my eye lid Anastasia Beverly Hills - Eye Shadow Singles Legend 0.059 oz/ 1.7 gpick a light color that goes with your skin tone.  If you have a lot of redness on your eyelids then go with a more yellow tone. Next I fill in any gaps in my eyebrows with my KEVYN AUCOIN - The Precision Brow PencilKevin Aucoin Precision eyebrow pencil.  Then I am a huge fan of eyeliner, I find it just opens up my whole face. I like the Blinc pencil, I prefer the Grey and Brown but there are lots of colors to choose from.  Then I use one more layer on my eyeliner.  I have always found pencil fades during the day, so I top my eyeliner off with a Stila Stay all day Liquid waterproof liner stila - Stay All Day® Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner Intense Black 0.016 oz/ 0.5 mLI love the 2 new colors internse laborite and smoky quartz.  And last on my eyes is mascara.  I either use one by Eye Envy Eye Envy Archives - Primp & Proper Vancouver or if I want something water proof I use Blinc Blinc - Blinc Mascara Black 0.17 oz/ 5 mL. Or sometimes if I want my lashes really strong I put the Blinc on top of the Eye Envy.  Then I sweep a very light bronzer over my cheekbonesGuerlain - Terracotta Light Healthy Glow Vitamin-Radiance Powder. I prefer something with a pinky hue like this one from Guerlaine.  And then a little gloss on my lipsFresh - Sugar Lip Treatment Honey 0.15 oz/ 4.3 g Allure Best of Beauty Sealmy favorite is the Sugar Lip balms, they come in lots of soft colors.  And that’s it.

I know it seems like a lot of steps, but when you have Zoom meetings and Zoom workouts with your trainer you will be glad you don’t look like you just rolled out of bed. And it is really not very much make up to put on.  Sunscreen is still important because we are in front of blue light all day, our computers, tablets and phones all emit a light that can affect your skin. So you might as well protect it, so when this is all over it won’t look like you didn’t take care of yourself.  Everything I posted above can be bought online.  Project Skin’s online store in Vancouver carries Colorscience and Skinceuticals.  Everything except for Eye Envy you can online at Sephora. And Eye Envy, which I buy locally at Pure Studio, you can also buy on Amazon.  So there are no excuses, you can get everything you need with just a credit card and couple of clicks.

Now back to fashion.

One of the biggest Spring 2020 trends is Crochet.  If it’s a knit piece for spring it will be crochet. Slide View: 1: Serenity CardiganA lot of the crochet pieces will have a Boho feel, like this Serenity Cardigan from Anthropologie in Pink or Lemon Yellow.  Or you can add a little Crochet detail to your topSlide View: 1: Calista Crochet Topwith the Calista Crochet top at Anthro.  Crochet Flutter Top color WhiteOr try the Crochet flutter top from Loft.  Both will look great with casual bottoms.  But you could do a crochet bottom as wellSlide View: 4: Scotch & Soda Crochet Wide-Leg PantsAnthro is showing the Scotch and Soda Crochet wide leg pants.  Crochet can be in the details, in the body and everywhere.  If you don’t want to wear crochet perhaps you would prefer to carry it. LOEWE Crochet Tote, Main, color, (yes they have a Canadian website now!) has the Loewe Crochet tote, which will look great with everything.

Sheer Layers work better as it will get warmer.  Think of chiffon and light fabrics like that. NORDSTROM Chiffon Wrap, Main, color, PURPLE BLOOMNORDSTROM Satin Border Silk Chiffon Scarf, Main, color, GREY SCONCEYou can make your own sheer layers by using a sheer wrap or scarf, both available at Nordstrom.  Or if you love this trend you can dive right into sheer clothing. LULUS Daley Floral Print Chiffon Gown, Alternate, color, BLUSH/RED FLORALNordstrom has this great chiffon print floral gown, great for Spring weddings. You could also jump into Anthro’s Slide View: 1: Victoire Sheer Ruffled BlouseVictoire Sheer Ruffled Blouse. Chiffon Wide-Leg JumpsuitOr go all out with a sheer jumpsuit. The Chiffon jumpsuit is by Vince Camuto and it’s at Whitehouse Blackmarket online. Spring Summer Fairy Solid White Black Cakee Layered Chiffon Skirt Sweet Ruffles Tiered Mid-calf Crepe Chiffon Pleated Long SkirtI also found this image online of layered sheer skirts.  Last year they had them at the Latest Scoop in Toronto and Vancouver, they now have an online website! Check them out for unique pieces you can only buy from them!

Leathers are colorful and soft and buttery for spring.  Anyone who has ever owned a light weight leather knows exactly the feel I am talking about.  Forget your Moto heavy jacket. j.crew: collection leather aviator jacket for women, right side, view zoomedJ. Crew has this wonderful Collection Aviator jacket in Butter that would make you shine for Spring. Vegan Leather TopBanana Republic has a great faux leather top, it also comes in Taupe, so skip black in favor of the lighter color for spring. Vegan Suede Shirt DressBR also has a great Vegan Suede dress, Vegan Suede Cropped Wide-Leg JumpsuitA great vegan suede jumpsuit and Vegan Suede Cropped ShellVegan shell that comes in some great colors like Ruby Rose and Nutmeg.

So choose your leather carefully.  The feel needs to be light and soft.

Feathers are going to be an add on for Spring 2020.  I am not a huge fan of feathers so I may not bother with it, but if you like them, look for feather detail on things. Slide View: 1: Faviola Feathered TankA feather tank could be great underneath anything. Or wear a Feather on your pendant Slide View: 1: Feather Pendant Necklace or even wear your feathers on your Slide View: 1: Arizona Feather Baghandbag.  Anthro has the 3 above looks.  Sophia kitten heels in satin with feather detailAnd J. Crew has these Sophia kitten heels with feather detail that will work with all your wide and skinny pants.

Out of this group of trends for Spring, Crochet is probably the most important.  We all can wear a crochet cardi or top with crochet detail.  Remember you don’t have to wear every trend every season, pick one or two that work for you.  You can buy everything I am showing online at the websites of the companies they are from.

I hope everyone is surviving and staying at home.  The more we adhere to the stay at home guidelines the quicker this pandemic will all be over.  If you live in the US my heart goes out to you because I know Covid 19 is way worse in the US than in Canada.  But not matter what you hear, stay inside, practice proper social distancing ( 2 meters or 6 feet away from everyone) and wash you hands!

Next week will look at Spring Suiting featuring our new go to bottom for Spring the Bermuda short.  Stay healthy everyone!!

Until next time…suethefashionista-card-frnt