Happy Holiday Season! The Jewellery Blog

Not to brag, but I am fairly good at alot of things. During this crazy pandemic I have actually become better at a few things. I can now say I am actually a good cook. I learned to put gel nails on and learned to color my own hair (not that I am actually good at either but in a pinch I can do a decent job). I have become a better cleaner, mother and I think I have developed better empathy and understanding. And I am really good at making outfits out of my closet even when I haven’t bought anything new in months. That is why I write this blog, to inspire those of you who read it to put better outfits together too.

But there are a few things I am not good at, and when I reach those things I rely on experts. In the spring/summer I posted face care and hair care blogs featuring the advice of experts. Now I am going to do the same with Jewellery. I am not a jewellery expert and don’t pretend to be. I am so lucky to know Shoshana Lewis. She is someone I can always rely on to tell me how to wear jewellery and when something I am wearing should be put away for a few years until it comes back into style. Not only that she is an amazing person, child of a Holocaust Survivor, she has taken up the mantle of Holocaust awareness and is an advocate for teaching and learning so the mistakes of the past never get repeated again.

This blog was written for me by Shoshana, owner of Shok Designs. It is our Biannual Jewellery Blog and we are so lucky to have Shosh on our team!!

To say this has been a strange time for fashion would be a huge understatement. Fashion has definitely taken a big hit during the past year with the onset of this pandemic. With nowhere to go – what and who are we dressing for?

I have to say that part of feeling normal in abnormal times is getting dressed! You don’t have to dress up but certainly throwing on a cute yet casual outfit and piece of jewelry helps us feel normal. Routine is critical in these uncertain times.

Gold had a good run:

After multiple seasons of gold toned jewelry dominating the runways and fashion magazines – silver has made a big splashy comeback.


The silver lining:

We are also seeing a trend back towards chunky jewelry. Big link chains and curb chains are all over fashion trends and they are mostly silver. I’m a lover of all things gold, but have to say I’m very happy to see something that feels fresh. Bright shiny silver is a nice change from many seasons of gold.

This Yves St. Laurent Curb Bracelet

Covid styles – DIY:

The return of do-it-yourself has brought a resurgence of fun, creative and childlike jewelry back into our hearts and styles. Not only does it get our creative juices flowing but also provides us with some fun activities to do with our kids and friends (zoom of course).

Not your grandma’s pearls:

A new twist to an old classic – pearls! They have enjoyed a comeback in a major way these last couple of seasons with an updated even funky kind of look. Thanks to some major influential designers such as Jennifer Fisher, the Pearl has become a must have accessory again. Taking an old strand of pearls and having them remade into something more current is always a great idea.

Lock down locks 🔒 :

Carabiner Locks are still a strong trend heading into resort/Spring 2021. With jewelry designers like Marla Aaron’s signature line of locks paving the way for a look and trend that everyone wants to own. Her prices are high for her fine jewelry locks – thankfully the trend has trickled down to more affordable styles for everyone.

Marla Aaron – below silver curb chain with 14k oval lock – locked into sterling silver heart with 14k yellow gold closure


Sign of the times Mask Chains:

And as with everything in life – we are an adaptable species – so with our new normal requiring us to wear masks for a good part of our days – we have turned masks into fashionable and hopefully comfortable parts of our everyday wardrobe.

Mask chains have helped more than one of us from dropping or losing our masks 😷. They are a great way to help ensure that our kids come home each day with their masks from school.

Make it a fun and personal DIY project for you and your kids

These also make the best teacher or healthcare worker gift to show them we care and we are thankful!

I’ve been donating partial proceeds of all my mask chain sales since September to our Vancouver local food bank and will continue to do so until the end of covid.

Shok. Designs mask chains

Stay safe and accessorized!


So as you can see, we are truly lucky to have Shoshana walk us through what is new and what you can accessorize with. I personally love the return of silver! With how important grey is this season, most of us will be accessorizing it with silver jewellery and accessories. Don’t forget that you can also mix your silver, gold and rose gold pieces. As you can see from the bracelet and locks a mixture of colors and textures makes it more interesting and chic! I truly want to thank her for writing this blog for us!

You can buy all of these items above! They make great holiday gifting and the DIY kits are great for crafting with your loved ones while we are all stuck inside and solitary. And with the buy and support local businesses so important right now, you are not only getting something great but you are also supporting your own community. To contact Shoshana you can message her on Instagram at Shokdesigns or email her directly at shoshkrell@gmail.com. She has a great little jewellery boutique and as long as you observe Covid etiquette she’d be happy to see you.

I am not sure there is going to be another Holiday blog this year. We really don’t need to talk to much about holiday attire. Right now it’s not safe to socialize with anyone outside of your household and with Covid surging in Canada and the US, I for one cannot be one who encourages any socializing.

But here’s a thought for all of you who are lucky enough not to be going to food banks for your holiday meal. How about buying minimal presents for your loved ones and give the rest of the money you would spend to your local food bank, or school breakfast program. There are so many who have lost their jobs and food insecurity is at an all time high. Watching the long lines for food in places like Dallas and New Orleans just breakes my heart. Donate where you live and try to make a difference instead of buying someone something they don’t really need.

Most of my gifting this year is going to consist of restraurant gift cards ( so people can take out food and have a break from cooking) or grocery gift cards so they can pay for their holiday meal on me. This is the one year, in my opinion, those of us that have stability should pay it forward.

Ok that’s enough of the preaching for 2020. It’s been a tough year but we are getting to the end of it. Vaccines will be delivered to all by the end of 2021 so there is an end in sight. I wish you a very happy holiday season and wish you all a bright and healthy new year!!

Stay safe and healthy!

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