Challenging Times

I am taking a pause in posting about Spring 2020 Fashion to talk about what is going on in the world right how and what you can do to help.

Everyone I speak to right now can’t be too careful about contact and a lot of my friends are suddenly bringing their almost adult children home from university.   People are staying home, away from stores and restaurants.  But in this suddenly new normal there are things you can do to support your community so that you indeed have a community to go back to once this is all over.

1) Don’t stop exercising – Gyms are small businesses and every gym I know has stepped up their cleaning standards, cut down class size and is taking extra care to keep you safe.  Maybe skip hot yoga where everyone is sweating and go to a regular yoga or pilates class.  Work out with a personal trainer if you don’t want to do the class workout. But keeping up the exercise, even if you just go for a walk every day, boosts your immune system and right now everyone’s immunity needs a little boost!

2) Support your local businesses – Every community has a grocery store that is not a big box store.  Shop there, they probably need your business even more now.  Same with drug stores, shop local! Shoppers Drug Mart can probably handle you shopping at your local pharmacy for a month or so. And your local restaurants all probably will do take out if you ask them too.  Want to make sure you have a local place to go once we are over Covid-19, do your best to keep them in business.

Go get your hair colored! Every salon I know, who isn’t going on hiatus, has upped their cleaning standards and if they are a small local shop, they really need the business.  If you are uncomfortable your stylist is probably already wearing gloves and a mask just to be safe. Maybe even just go for a blow dry to support your favorite hairdresser. Dry Bar and Blow can handle a little less business but your homegrown salon can’t, use them instead.

3) Fashion doesn’t take a holiday – Even though you may not be going out for dinner, spring weather will still come and get warm.  Instead of shopping at Nordstrom or the Bay, shop at your local clothing stores, they all have spring orders coming in and will need to pay for them.  Show them some love. In Vancouver places like Coco on West 4th, Leslie Jane in West Van and Hill’s of Kerrisdale all depend on local business.   Why not shop there when you need a new pair of jeans or sweater?  If you want them to survive they will depend on you.

4) Take time to help others – If you haven’t been affected by Covid-19, now is the time to make an extra effort to be at your best.  Deliver food for the food bank, they likely have clientele who needs to stay home right now.  Share what you can. Don’t buy all the Kleenex in the store, leave a few boxes for the next person. Same with Toilet paper, if you need more than 20 rolls for 2 weeks at home, your problems are a lot bigger than Covid-19! Your nose may run with this virus, but your bum won’t.  If you aren’t working when you are home, help your friends who are by looking after their kids for an afternoon or making them a meal.  Pay it forward! Do something nice for someone and they are more likley to do something nice for someone else.


Well that’s pretty much all I wanted to say. Remember we are not solo, whether you are in Canada or the US, we have it pretty good.  We can weather this just like we weathered everything else.  I read something on twitter today: My grandfather was asked to leave to go fight a war in Europe, we are just asked to stay at home and minimize contact with others, everything in perspective.

Back to fashion blogging on Wednesday! suethefashionista-card-frnt

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