Spring 2020!! Part 1

Believe it or not Spring is actually pretty hard to get in the mood to write about when it’s winter outside.  It’s actually much easier in the fall to write about fall clothes while it is still summer weather outside, maybe it’s just me and I like Fall better than Spring, but needless to say while most of Canada and the US is still shoveling snow, it’s pretty hard to get excited about Spring.  But believe it or not in a month or so you will be ready to look at Spring clothes so since it’s March let’s start talking about Spring!

There is a caveat with this Spring.  Spring 2020 has two trends that none of us should consider wearing at all.  I will talk about them briefly but they are for young women only! One is Hot Pants Isabel Marant : Runway - Paris Fashion Week - Womenswear Spring Summer 2020,Street Style : Paris Fashion Week -Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2019/2020 : Day Three they are a big trend but so are Bermuda Shorts and that is what we will be wearing.  Let your daughters wear the Hot Pants, we will stick with Bermuda Shorts.

The other is the Bralet topimageStreet Style: September 19 - Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020.  These are only for women under 35, or who haven’t had children yet.  Honestly anyone over 40 who wears this look anywhere should get a fine from the Fashion Police! Stay far, far away from this.

Other than those two trends there are tons and tons of other great trends and looks you can make your own for Spring.

This Spring there are a lot of stand alone trends for Spring 2020.  What I mean by stand alone trends is things that can stand alone and don’t necessarily group with other trends naturally.  So I have grouped some of them together in a way that will work for each blog.

1. Haven’t I seen that Before?

This 1st trend of Spring 2020 is going to encompass all the interesting details we are going to see in fashion.

Wide Shoulders!

Hello 1980, wide shoulders are back.  The 9 Most Important Trends From the Spring 2020 SeasonThis image is from Celine’s Spring show, the proportion of the shorter top with the longer bermuda works because the shoulder is wider creating a triangle image. You will see wider shoulders in all the designer linesThe 9 Most Important Trends From the Spring 2020 Seasonlike this image from the Victoria Beckham show.  Look for it when you buy tops and blazers.

Disco Wide Collars!

We said hello to 1980, well we can go a few years back to the disco era and they are bringing back the wide collar. Paco Rabanne : Runway - Paris Fashion Week - Womenswear Spring Summer 2020Wider is better and you can see what I mean in this great look from Paco Rabanne. Street Style : Paris Fashion Week - Womenswear Spring Summer 2020 : Day FourAnd whether you wear it under a blazer or a great trench make the wide collar one of your early spring statements!

Puff Sleeves!

We started with Puff sleeves or the Baloon sleeve last fall, now it is getting bigger. You will see them everywhere  in prints and  solid colors.  This top is by Revolve and whether the sleeve is shorter or longer it definitely needs to have a puff for Spring. Khaite - September 2019 - New York Fashion Week

Accentuated Hips!

Not all of us want to accentuate our hips.  But one of the looks for Spring 2020 is accentuated hips. The 9 Most Important Trends From the Spring 2020 SeasonThe 9 Most Important Trends From the Spring 2020 SeasonIt doesn’t have to be as crazy accentuated as Ellery or Balenciaga, but there are things you can wear for Spring to be a part of this trend.  Tiered skirts are very chic for spring so you could try something like that Street Style : Paris Fashion Week - Womenswear Spring Summer 2020 : Day Five. Or if you prefer there will a lot of peplum tops that you can wear that over a skirt or pant to give the effect of accentuated hips BROCK COLLECTION Puff Shoulder Peplum Top, Main, color, WHITE. You can even add the puff sleeve to your peplum top like in this top from Brock Collection at Nordstrom.

Corset shaped Tops and Dresses!

Instead of the Bralet top for Spring 2020 a more appropriate version would be the Corset top. The 9 Most Important Trends From the Spring 2020 SeasonThis look is by Eckhaus Lada but you will start to see the corset top and corset top dress more and more.  If you want to wear something sort of sexy stick with this instead of the bralet.  The best thing about the corset is that it pulls you in at the same time as being fashionable!

Drawstring Details and Rope Belts!

Spring 2000 will be the season of the cinch.  And what better to cinch with than a rope belt or a draw string waist.  Especially on jackets you will see a lot of drawstrings, and if you don’t have one you can always add a rope belt. CLUB MONACO Ombré Pleated Midi Dress, Main, color, GREEN MULTIIt’s easy to grab a drawsting jacket but this season it extends beyond your Utility Jacket, you will see this look in tops, dresses and pants.  Remember Green not Purple this season and you could do a great look like this drawstring waist Club Monaco Dress from Nordstrom. And of course let’s not forget about jumpsuits, they are still important and especiallyCASLON<SUP>®</SUP> Cinched Back Sleeveless Jumpsuit, Main, color, RUST CINNABARif they have a detail like the drawstring waist! Or make your own tied waist by adding a rope belt detail.RAINA Eternity Leather Belt, Main, color, WHITEThey are going to be the “it” belt for spring.


2. Crochet, Sheer Layers, Feathers and Leather Oh My!

Crochet is so important for Spring 2020.  And there will a lot to choose from.  You can wear it both casual and dressed up.  So if you love it grab and wear it! imageStreet Style In Paris - June 2019It was all over the runways at the Spring 2020 shows.  Just be careful because it is see through and a crochet dress looks just as good with a lining.Spring Fashion Trends 2020

The 9 Most Important Trends From the Spring 2020 SeasonOr do something a little more subtle like this dress from Tory Burch, white is an important color for Spring 2020 and this just may be the perfect dress. Look for Crochet tops and bags too.  They will be everywhere!

Sheer Layers are something else we will see everywhere.  Tiered sheer layers are what we are seeing most of. Look at the tiered skirt above, the layers are all sheer. You will also see a lot of sheer color Valentino : Runway - Paris Fashion Week - Womenswear Spring Summer 2020like this look from Valentino. Or you could take sheerness into every day and VINCE CAMUTO Clip Dot Long Sleeve Blouse, Main, color, RICH BLACKcombine it with another huge trend for Spring Dots!  This top by Vince Camuto would be a great top because it’s not super sheer. A very easy way for us to get this look is to wear one of Aritzia’s great skirts! TWIRL SKIRT - Pleated, chiffon midi skirtIf you don’t have one already now may be the time to get one.  This is the Wifred Twirl skirt and it comes in 6 colors.  This is a great way to wear sheer without it actually being sheer.  The other look that kind of pairs with this sheerness is the Lingerie affected clothing. Spring Fashion Trends 2020Lots of slip dresses and skirts everywhere.  But a super easy way to wear this look is to either wear a slip skirt like SONNET SKIRT - Lace-trim slip skirtthis one by Wilfred The Sonnet Skirt or just let a little lace peek out from the hem of one of your skirts or tops and Voila you have the look!

Leather is huge for Spring 2020 but not the same leather we saw for fall.  Leather in colors or mixed with lace or sheerness is what is chic for Spring 2020.Marni - Runway - Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020This look from Marni says it all.  Colored leather in one of Spring’s important colors and mixed with a floral pattern. A huge hit of the Spring 2020 Runway shows is Image result for alexander mcqueen dress spring leather and lace dressthis fabulous Alexander McQueen leather and lace dress.  It has great elements, a corset bodice, leather and crochet lace.  We don’t have to spend a fortune to find these elements off the runway either.  Wear a colored leather piece with a crochet top and you have the same look! We can wear soft colored leather BB DAKOTA Gabrielle Faux Leather Asymmetrical Jacket, Main, color, MAUVE ROSEor wear a stronger color Image result for coach 1941 spring 2020like this great trench shown at the Coach 1941 show.  Wear your leather soft and colorful and you will be in style this spring!


We all have seen feathers come and go over the recent seasons.  This is a mini trend for Spring.  If you love them wear them and if you don’t you can pass on it. Image result for burberry spring summer 2020Burberry has some feather influence in their Spring attire. Image result for valentino spring summer 2020So did Valentino.  But we can just wear it as an accent and then again if you prefer not to, it’s fine, skip it this season.


So that’s the first peek at what is to come for Spring.  I will do more previews over the next couple of weeks and then we will delve into each section in blog to really show how to wear this season’s trends.  I have put a lot of little trends together so it’s easier for you to just get a glimpse of them.  I promise we will go into more detail about each.  So I hope this blog will whet your palette for what is to come.

We are also so blessed that our Jewelery expert, Shoshana Lewis, is going to do a special Mother’s Day blog, so stay tuned for that the beginning of May.  We will also go over a spring occasion preview at some point in May or the beginning of June as well.

If you have questions or need a spring styling appointment feel free to email me at Suethefashionista@gmail.com I am still taking appointments for March and April.

Until next time…Suethefashionista card frnt























2 thoughts on “Spring 2020!! Part 1

  1. Where are we going to find our age appropriate shorts ; Bermuda shorts. Have you seen them being sold? What colors for the shorts are we looking to get.


    • Hi Lois, Right now probably Nordstom and a store like Cos is your best bet. Most retail stores get their spring inventory for a March 30 completion, so by the end of March, early April they will be all over. My best advice is before you go shopping check out the store’s website and see if they have what you want. Most stores like Banana Republic, Ann Taylor and even Anthropologie will have them up and out by mid April.
      That being said, if it’s your first purchase of shorts my best suggestion is to get into the store and try them on. The look is right at the knee or slightly below, but you can wear it a bit longer as well (like a shorter culotte), you may have to tailor it to get it to the perfect length for your leg.
      As spring rolls along I will post more places where they are available, especially when I post my deep dive into Spring Suiting Blog. So stay tuned. Thanks for reading and happy shopping!


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