What to Keep and What to Store Going into Spring 2020

This is always the hardest blog for me to write.  I don’t want to give away everything for Spring 2020 yet, especially when almost all of North America is still dealing with winter. But February is time to dig into our closets and decide what to keep and what to either sell, toss or store for another season.

Here are some of the things that you can either toss, sell or store.  They are not going to be chic for Spring 2020:

  •    Any type of chunky or “dad” sneaker with any clothing!  Wear your gym shoes to the gym and that’s it.  If you are a sneaker gal then pick something sleeker instead. Say goodbye to Slide View: 1: Karhu Fusion 2.0 Sneakers and opt for Slide View: 1: Gola Leaf Sneakerssomething sleeker and perhaps a little more retro and here is a hint, jungle and leaf prints will be huge for Spring so a sneaker like Gola Leaf Sneakers from Anthropologie is what you wear instead.


  •  Get rid of you PVC bags.  All those see-through bags and furturistic looking ones are toast for 2020.  Large totes and quilted leather bags are what you keep instead.  So put away VALENTINO GARAVANI Small Grande Plage VLTN Logo Clear Tote, Main, color, TRASPARENTE/ NERO/ NEROanything that resembles this see-though Valentino bag and opt for something like CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Cabata Calfskin Leather Tote, Main, color, NUDE/NUDEChristian Louboutin’s Cabata Calfskin Tote, lines are streamlined and clean and neutral colors, especially in leather are going to be very strong for Spring 2020.


  •  Gone are all our bold logo attire, bags, shoes and accessories.  No more designers names written all over you clothes and accessories.  Choose things that are practical, neutral and classic instead.  So sell or put away COACH Hayden Signature Canvas & Leather Foldover Convertible Crossbody Bag, Main, color, B4/ TAN RUST and GUCCI Interlocking-G Metallic Jacquard Wool Sweater Minidress, Main, color, CREAM/ GOLDyou will not want anyone else’s name all over your body.  And opt for The Hutton Blazer in Ottoman Knitsoft styling and clean lines, with neutral colors like this outfit from Ann Taylor and pair it with a neutral leather bag NORDSTROM Bella Leather Crossbody Bag, Main, color, GREY TAUPE. This applies to your sunglasses as well, no more bold designer names on your glasses, pick a sleeker pair this spring.


  • I know we are talking a lot and showing a lot of examples using handbags but I have one more to talk about.  No more mini bags!  Small bags are not going to be chic so put them away or sell them. I will be storing mine because if you spend a lot on a bag you know eventually it will be back in style.  Large and oversize are the way bags are going, which makes it easier to store everything and look chic at the same time. So store CHLOÉ 'Mini Marcie' Leather Crossbody Bag, Main, color, LIGHT CLOUDall your mini cross-body bags and clutches and opt for ACNE STUDIOS Musubi Leather Maxi Bag, Main, color, ALMOND BROWNa Maxi bag like this one from Acme Studios.  Stay with neutral colors or black or white.  Those will work with everything for Spring.


  • Now we’ve been talking a lot about what to absolutely get rid of, but here is something that in all my research I have found different opinions on.  And that is denim head to toe.  So some designers are still showing it for spring.  They are showing tailored and paired down. But other sources say you should move to a jumpsuit instead of head to toe denim seperates.  Either way, do what you feel is comfortable.  Look for Slide View: 1: Flynn Utility Denim Jumpsuita classically styled denim jumpsuit like this one from Flynn Utility at Anthropologie.  If you are thinking you still want to do denim head toe in seperates try Slide View: 1: Peggy Denim Duster Jacketa steamlined look like this from Anthro that has soft denim colors and layers, nothing oversize and nothing too baggy. Designers are referring to this as the Canadian tuxedo, so let’s make it look good if we are going to wear it.


  • Here is a big one: Purple is out!!! So all that lavendar and purple from last season perhaps should be stored until we can pull it out again. Army Green or Olive is the new big trend color. So keep all your olive green and wear it all spring long.  Get rid of Petite Boxy Cardigan Sweatersoft purple pieces from last spring and opt for JAPAN EXCLUSIVE Poplin Shirt Dressa dress with a little volume like this Japan exclusive Poplin dress from Banana Republic.  Olive and Army Green can be a beautiful neutral to wear with all pastels and especially looks fantastic with white.


  • Get rid of, don’t even store, all your high heeled thong sandals. Those are done and unless you have a broken toe you won’t be wearing them for a while.  Opt for Slide View: 1: Lola Cruz Gem Strappy Sandalssomething strappy and pretty that will go with everything like these Lola Cruz Gem Sandals from Anthro.


  • Store all your letter necklaces, they were everywhere for the last year but not any more, as a matter of fact store all your dainty chain necklaces.  Chunky collar necklaces are going to be what we are wearing.  So say good bye to Slide View: 2: Block Letter Monogram Necklaceand pick up something like Slide View: 3: Abalone Pendant Necklacethis Abalone Pendant necklace with it’s very chunky chain from Anthro.  This is the kind of necklace we will all be wearing with all our fabulous neutrals and olives for Spring.  Oh and one other jewellery piece to say good bye to is anything made from Sea shells, put those away or sell them.


  • You can put away your leopard print slip skirt for spring, but you can keep wearing them for now until you really change over to your spring wardrobe like in April or May.  I really like mine so I am just going to store it, leopard will be in again soon.  Opt for a midi or maxi skirt in a solid neutral or jungle print instead. Any mini skirt, which is coming back should be out for any woman over 50.  A mid thigh is really not appropriate no matter how great your legs are. Try something like this bold jungle floral from Ann Taylor instead to wake up all your neutrals for spring.


  • Let’s talk about shorts. Hot pants are coming back into style for all your daughters but not for you. What we will be wearing instead is the bermuda short.  And the bermuda short is back in a huge way.  Gone are bicycle shorts unless you are wearing them to spin class.  Opt for the more classic bermuda, especially when worn as a short suit with a blazer. Image result for bermuda shorts and blazers for womenI grabbed this image off of Pinterest.  I love the mono chromatic look of a bermuda short and matching blazer.  But the shorts can and should be a little longer. Image result for bermuda shorts and blazers for womenA look like this one from Brunello Cucinelli is more where we are at.  These shorts are leather and that is going to be strong for spring too.  Dark worn with neutrals or neutrals worn monochromatically.  The jackets are being fitted in the waist and the shorts are longer, preferabbly to your knee or just below.  And wear the look with a heel.  We will talk a lot more about this look because it is a great way for women over 50 to wear shorts.


  • Our favorite Jewellery expert Shoshana Lewis will be back this spring but just a little hint of what not to wear for spring: put away all your jewelled hair pins and opt for a head band instead.  Pearlized HeadbandAnn Taylor has this fab pearlized hair band to wear with all your neutrals and by the way Pearls are huge for spring as well.  Hand onto your resin barretts and detailed pony tail holders for now.  As we get further into spring you will see new colors and styles and can try those too.


  • Denim for spring is going to be centered around longer lengths, whether they be straight, wide or flare.  Skinny jeans are never out, but the softer silhouette of trousers and wide legs are stronger for spring, so perhaps just put those skinnys at the back of your closet.  Crop denim too can have a bit of a rest, go shorter into a bermuda style or longer into a full length pant instead.  Perhaps try something like this fabulous CRISS CROSS JEAN - Slouchy jeansCriss Cross jean from Agolde at Aritzia.  Keep the sihouette with the style of your body, for example a longer wide leg jean would look better on me than a flare jean, so I would opt for wide legs. Nothing should be skin tight in denim for spring.
  • Keep all your polka dot pieces.  Dots are super strong for spring. I have a pair of J. Crew chinos in olive with Polka dots I will pull out again this spring or try something like BR’s Supersoft Cotton embroidered sweater.  It will look great with neutrals and denim!


  • One other thing that you need to hang on to is tank tops.  They are going to be huge as a layering piece under blazers or worn with wider legs and higher waists.  They look great with longer wider skirts and shorts too.  So stock up!


This blog has taken a couple of weeks of research, so now you have some ammunition to go and clean out your closet,  get it ready for Spring.  You can sell or store anything you aren’t going to wear.  Just remember the one cardinal rule when cleaning out your closet: If you didn’t wear it last spring it has to go, you won’t want to wear something that is 2 years old unless it is very classic. 

Good luck, I know that is my next step, cleaning out my closet.  And I am going to give you guys 2 weeks to do it.  So there will be no blog next week Feb 26 but I will be back on March 4 and we will start talking about spring in ernest.

My March is pretty much booked up if you are looking for styling appointments, but I still have openings in April.  I won’t be working, but I will be blogging, May to August, so if you want an appointment before fall April is the time to book.  You can reach me at Suethefashionista@gmail.com to book an appointment or ask me any fashion question.

Good luck with your closets, until next time…Suethefashionista card frnt







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