Your Winter Ready Face!

Every winter I seem to notice a different part of my skin suffers from the cold and wet.  And as you age your skin requires more care to prevent dryness, redness and other things like wrinkles, rosacea and et al.  Using good quality skin care is a must once you are over 40 and every little bit you do helps you look better and age gracefully.  If you don’t have an esthetician that you see now is the time to start thinking about finding someone who can assess and address your skin needs as you age.  I am not a skin expert so I will not go further with this here but if you live in Vancouver and need a recommendation for a good esthetician I am happy to provide one.

The things I want to talk about today are the kind of make up and steps you take to protect your skin from the winter elements.  That’s not saying you have to wear full foundation every day, but you do need to take good steps to keep your skin looking good.

What are those steps? Well first off you likely need a heavier moisturizer, I will leave that to a certified esthetician to recommend for you.  But what else will help your skin. Well, I wear sunscreen every day, winter and summer. I use 2 different ones both SPF 50. One without a tint for going to the gym or shoveling snow or any activity where I might break a sweat.  I use the one with a tint on the days where I don’t have to wear a full face of makeup.  No one wants to wear foundation every day and wearing a sunscreen with a tint can really brighten up and protect your skin.

philosophy - Renewed Hope in A Jar SPF 30 MoisturizerYou could use something like Hope in Jar’s moisturizer with an SPF 30 built into it.  It’s a great way to multitask having a moisturizer that has a sunscreen built in! Consonant - The Perfect Sunscreen Clean at SephoraOr you can use something like this. The Perfect Sunscreen from Consonant is 100% natural, you use 2 pumps over top of your moisturizer and you are set.  It is also SPF 30.

If you want a tinted sunscreen that you can wear on the days you don’t wear make up than look for things likeCLINIQUE - Moisture Surge CC Cream Hydrating Colour Corrector Broad Spectrum SPF 30Clinique’s CC cream, it’s a hydrating color corrector with a broad spectrum 30 SPF.  Or Lancombe’s Bienfait Lancôme - Bienfait Multi-Vital Teinte SPF 30 SunscreenSPF 30 sunscreen that comes in 2 different tints so you can match the tone of your skin.


All the above can be found at Sephora.  Two other brands I really like are Anna Lotan from Israel, and believe me women in Israel know how to take care of their skin. And Skinceuticals.  Skinceuticals costs a little more but in my experience you totally get what you pay for with skin care and Skinceuticals is the absolute best brand of moisturizers and sunscreens I have even used. Tinted Day Cream Anna Lotan does a tinted Day Cream with a SPF of 34, Creme Extreme a moisturizer without a tint with the same SPF and a Sun Select daily sheild if you want to put another layer overtop of the moisturizer Sun Select SPF50with an SPF of 50.  Skinceuticals has 2 that I love both at 50 SPF  Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50one with a tint and one Sheer Physical UV Defense SPF 50without a tint.  And I am not kidding when I say I wear one of these every day, 365 days per year.

A good sunscreen with protect your skin from the winter elements the same way it does the summer elements. You sunscreen can also double as a Primer to get your face ready for the application of the rest of your make up.  Some Primer’s have SPF and some don’t.  If you’d rather use a Primer in the winter just make sure it has SPF.

So now that we have covered your base layer, what else can you do to help you skin in the cold winter months?

Well starting with your lips, you need to keep them protected.  Burgundy and Maroon lipsticks are very chic for winter, so you could go with a strong color lipstick. Bobbi Brown - Lipstick Blackberry 0.12 oz/ 3.5 gOne of my favorite lipstick brands is Bobbi Brown and they have this fantastic Chocolate Blackberry.  Most women look good with a strong burgundy lipstick, not purple, but a more wine color. And I find that a dark lipstick with a good lip liner can stay on all day. The other brand of lipstick I am loving right now is Dior, Dior - Rouge Dior Lipstick 964 Ambitious Matte 0.12 oz/ 3.4 g Allure Best of Beauty Sealand it comes in many shades of plum and burgundy and even a fantastic chocolate brown.  A good lipstick can protect your lips from the winter elements while brightening your face at the same time.  If you don’t want to wear lipstick all the time and want something lighter try the Sugar lip balms and treatments.  Fresh - Sugar Lip Treatment Spice 0.15 oz/ 4.3 g Allure Best of Beauty SealThey come in 15 colors, have an SPF of 15 and go on very sheer with just a hint of color.  I love them and have about 8 of the 15 colors, when I don’t wear lipstick, I wear these.  I never go out of my house, especially in the winter with a bare lip, that’s just asking for chapped lips.

Stay away from all the bright corals and pinks for winter and stay with darker nudes or colors. As you get older bright corals especially will make you look older than you are.  Also don’t let your lipstick migrate beyond your lip line, that is a for sure give away that you are getting older.  Try a lip liner that either matches the color you are wearing or is one shade lighter to keep lipstick on the lips where it belongs!

Nails also are important in making us feel good about how we look.  More and more women I know are wearing gel polish, which really has revolutionized nails.  Gel polish lasts for around 2-3 weeks and really doesn’t chip.  I am a french manicure girl myself and I can wear a french gel manicure for just over 3 weeks if I am travelling and can’t get to the nail salon.  But if you are picking color, and they will bring you a large pallet to choose from, stay away from neon colors, leaves those for the teenagers.  Sophisticated nails are nude, red, merlot and even dark or light grey.  Treat your nails as an accessory and pick a shade that will compliment the clothing and jewellery you wear.

As far as blush is concerned pick something that helps your skin tone, like a rosy pink blush.  Or if you already have too much rose in your complexion go with a more neutral tone one to calm down the rosiness. KEVYN AUCOIN - The Neo-Blush Rose Cliff 0.2 oz/ 6.8 gI love these 2 tone blushes from Kevin Aucoin, they have 2 colors that blend together to create your perfect look, or you can use them seperately.  And they last on your face.  They come in 3 different color patterns.  You can pick the shade that compliments your own skin. Remember to apply blush in the places where you naturally blush only! Forget contouring it will look like you are trying to hard. You want to put on your blush where your face naturally blushes not just on the apples of your cheeks, do this and you will look fresh and happy.

Stay away from dark bronzers in the winter.  It will look fake,  think about creating a softer face for winter not a harsh one with streaks of bronzer on your cheeks.

For eyes, keep you eyeliner fairly neutral, no blues, bright greens or purples.  Stilla has 2 new colors of all day waterproof liquid eyeliner that I am in love with. stila - Stay All Day® Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner Intense Smoky Quartz 0.016 oz/ 0.5 mLIntense smoky quartz which is like a combination of light black and dark brown and stila - Stay All Day® Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner Intense Labradorite 0.016 oz/ 0.5 mLIntense Laborite – Charcoal which is the absolute best color of dark grey I have even seen.  Keep your eyeliner dark but not jet black. If using a pencil use a soft kohl black eyeliner like Stilla’s smudgeproof Stick waterproof eye liner pencil stila - Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner Damsel 0.01 oz/ 0.28 gin the color Damsel, which is a blackish brown.  A darker eyeliner will give your eyes great definition, keep them looking open and looks great on pale skin and works with a dark winter wardrobe. One really important detail when applying eye liner is to keep the line right on the edge of your lash line.  It just makes you look older if there is any skin showing between your lashes and eyeliner.  One more tip, don’t apply liner under your eyes and certainly not all around it.  Eyes can droop as you age and unerneath eye liner or all around eye liner will only make this more pronounced. Tip the very edge of your liner up to combat this.

Eyeshadow really has it’s limitations as we age.  The older we get the better we look with just a light brush of pale eyeshadow.  Stay completely away from bright and dark colors. A natural look will always look better.  If you want to try something different for an evening out try something like a pale metallic. Urban Decay - Eyeshadow Naked 0.05 oz/ 1.5 gStick with matte shadows and lean towards the nude ones, like this one from Urban Decay. Urban Decay - Eyeshadow Half Baked 0.05 oz/ 1.5 gIf you want to do a shimmer stay with a soft oyster shimmer or a golden bronze (shown).

For your foundation you probably need to go with a shade lighter than you do in the spring and summer.  This could just be a little powder that you sweep across your face instead of foundation.  On the days when I don’t wear liquid foundation I wear a powder foundation.  So for example in the winter I would go down a shade to an ivoryLancôme - DUAL FINISH – Multi-tasking Longwear Powder Foundation 120 Ivoire (N) 0.67 ozfrom  Lancôme - DUAL FINISH – Multi-tasking Longwear Powder Foundation Matte Amande III (W)a darker color like an almond matte.  These are Lancombe’s dual finish powder long lasting foundations.  I wear a powder foundation I buy from my make up artist, Luc Lacroix at Pure Studio in Vancouver.  One thing about women over 40 and foundation, be careful with powder settling into the creases in your face, liquid foundation is much more forgiving and you can look for a light covering one it doesn’t have to be like putting spackle on your face.

Eyebrows get thicker and thinner and definitely get sparser as you age.  You need to fill in the gaps in your brows with an eyebrow pencil or gel.  Unless you are going to get them microbladed and just beware thick eyebrows won’t be in forever and microblading can last up to 3 years.  I like to use a pencil that is as close to my natural shade as possible.  Try Kevin Aucoin KEVYN AUCOIN - The Precision Brow PencilPrecision Brow Pencil, which comes in 3 colors or if you want gel try Kevin Aucoin’s Brow Gel Pencil KEVYN AUCOIN - The Brow Gel Pencilwhich comes in 5 gel shades including clear.  Personally I find a pencil easier to use but it’s up to you.

As a matter of fact if you are just starting to figure out how to wear your make up, and now that you are a little older don’t wonder if you need to wear make up because the answer is yes, you definitely need to wear make up!  Try going to a professional like Luc to help you pick the shades that are right for you.  Most of the make up I posted pictures of is all from Sephora.  The Anna Lotan and Skinceuticals you can find on their websites or Pure Studio carries Anna Lotan in Vancouver and Project Skin carries Skinceuticals. The make up I wear is mostly bought from either Luc at Pure Studio or at Project skin. The only thing I really buy over the counter is the Stilla liquid eyeliner and some of my lipsticks.  One of the best treats you can give yourself is having a professional show you how to wear the make up and help you choose what looks best on your skin.  And remember with make up sometimes less is more, you never want to look over made up so heavy things like blushes and lipsticks it’s always easier to start out a little lighter.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading this blog, I know it is a bit longer than usual but once I started writing there was just a lot of info to talk about.

Remember to book early if you want a spring styling or wardrobing appointment and if you want a recommedation for skin care in Vancouver just email me and ask.  Email me at for appointments and any questions you have.


USuethefashionista card frntntil next time…











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