Holiday Jewels!!

We are so very lucky to have our own Jewelry expert Shoshana Lewis to guide us through what to wear and buy for gifts.  She has the jewelry line Shok Designs and she is always on top of what is the latest and greatest.  So here are her suggestions to make you glitter for the holidays!

One of the first things you need to be aware of for holiday jewelry is that the Fall trend of more is more is definitely applicable here, the more is more trend is very prevalent in all holiday dressing.

links necklaceLinks are the newest trend in necklaces, especially link necklaces with charms on them.  You can wear these beautiful necklaces everywhere, work, evening out and even for casual.  Alter the mood of each necklace by changing the type of charm you are attaching! heavy locks and chainsOr go for the other huge link necklace trend and that is the lock and key trend.  Tiffany made wearing jewelry with locks on it chic a few years ago and now everyone is wanting to do this.  By wearing one of the new links necklace with the lock you are bringing the trend into 2019 and making it wearable again.

Another huge trend in necklaces is by Irene Neuwirth in her jewelry line Melrose Place. Holiday is sparkly and she is showing floral necklacesthese stunning gem stone floral necklaces.  These are perfect with your holiday attire! You can either match what tones you are wearing or do a necklace in a complimentary tone that adds a new dimension to your outfit.  Size matters as well, wear the smaller size flowers with your more delicate feminine outfits and wear the larger floral gems when you really want to make a statement.

Stackable jewelry is another trend that is carrying on from Fall into Holiday.  Above we can see how great the link and charm necklaces are stacked one upon another, this is great for a really dramatic look, but more often than not you are going to wear one at a time. But how about stacking other items like bracelets and rings.  Stacking bracelets and rings has become very chic and will continue to be chic going all the way into spring.  No one has better stackable bracelets than Shok Designs! stackable braceletsShok Designs newest stackable bracelets have intials or jewelled items, those are great added to any stackable bands you have already, or do a big ball stack or link and wear it on it’s own. shok braceletsOr you can mix and match with all the stackable bracelets you bought before.  The very newest trend is mixing metals like mixing your silver and gold stackable bracelets together. mixed color stackThis is a great trend for bracelets, necklaces, rings and even earrings. Mixing different colors of metals create a modern and texturized look for your entire outfit! You can do the same thing with rings. stackable ringsStacking your rings creates fun and chic looks, mix metal colors and jewel tones to create your own fun and festive look.  The stacks can be as elaborate or as simple as you want. If you have small hands keep them smaller or wear more rings on more fingers.  If you long, lovely fingers then stack away! womens Demi-fine 14k gold-plated three-ring setAnother very simple way to stack is by adding 3 different metal colors.  Rose gold is very important to add to your stacks whether they be on your neck, wrist or finger.

Pearls have been very strong for Fall, think Grandma Grunge of layering pearl necklaces and it is still a strong jewelry trend moving into Holiday and Spring.  Wear your pearls big and small, and not always round. pearl earringsFresh water pearls continue to be chic whether they are worn as a necklace charm or in your earrings.  Long and strong earrings continue to be very important as well and your pearls can work here too. pearl earrings 2A few seasons ago we talked about chandelier earrings and earrings that graze your collar, both of these trends are peaking again for this year’s holiday season.  Think how great a long and strong pair of earrings would look with a strapless or off shoulder gown and nothing on your neck.  You would be the epitome of chic at your holiday gala!

Another huge trend for Fall that is continuing into holiday are Barrettes!  The more bling on them the better. barettesShok Designs has lots of wonderful Barettes to make your hair sparkle.  If you look at a lot of actresses you will see more and more of them wearing barrettes and hair accessories on the red carpet.  Create your own red carpet look for the holidays by adding bling, jewels or pearls to your hair.  They also make great gifts for your girlfriends and great stocking stuffers for your daughter.  Anyone of any age can wear them.

Speaking of gifts, Shok designs has some great gift ideas for your loved ones.  When you travel what do you do with all your jewelry? I don’t know about you but I usually spend 15 minutes untangling necklaces when I get to my destination.  How about treating yourself or someone else to a wonderful travel jewellery case.

I told Shoshana to sign me up for one.  They are the perfect travel companion for you or for any of your friends who are always on the go. And by zipping closed you will never wonder where that earring, chain or bracelet went.

Another great gift item at Shok Designs is bracelet mix and match giftsstackable bracelet packs.  Shoshana has created little packs with themes but she can customize whatever you need.  I love these packs!!

Pieces that are great for holiday and trends that will continue into spring are maybe the way you want to wear your jewellery.

A great way to honor your own children or loved ones is by wearing abc braceletstackable letter bracelets. Mothers can wear all their children’s names stacked together or perhaps you want to wear an inspirational saying letter braceletThese ones are by Roxane Assoulin who is a jewellery designer Shoshana follows.  They are fun and playful.  They are also affordable so you can feel free to stack away!

Chain necklaces are getting bolder and thicker going from Holiday into Spring. large chains 2large chains 1Bigger, bolder and oversize is how you want to buy them and wear them going forward. This is not a time to sit back and be shy, so when you spring forward you are going to want a strong chain necklace.

And one of the last jewelry trends we are going to talk about that goes from Holiday into Spring is the trend of only wearing 1 earring. 1 earring trendOscar de la Renta was showing this on Spring runways.  Personally I agree with Shoshana and everyone is going to ask you if you lost the other earring but if you love this trend, holiday season is definitely the time to test drive it.  Just make sure that if you are only wearing 1 earring to a party to make a statement with that 1 earring! 1 earring trend 2It should be as bold as you are!!

Shok Designs is a great place to get holiday gifts and little pick me ups for yourself.  You can find them on Instagram shokdesigns.  Direct message Shoshana Lewis there to buy any of her wonderful items and if you don’t live in Vancouver she can always ship them to you, but don’t hesitate if you want them by Xmas!

I want to thank my friend Shoshana Lewis for all the pictures and ideas for this blog, I couldn’t have written it without her and I always appreciate her taking time out of her busy schedule to keep us up to date in the world of jewelry trends.  I hope all of you who live in Vancouver got to visit her at her pop up shop on Main Street last week!

There is only one more blog before I take my winter break.  Next week will be my annual holiday gift guide.

There are no more styling appointments available for 2019, I am sorry if you wanted one and missed out.  The best is to book early if you want one just because I tend to fill up quickly.  If you want to book early for Spring I strongly encourage you to do so and you can email me at to book for February or March 2020 now.

Until next time…Suethefashionista card frnt

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