Mother’s Day Jewellery Blog by Shoshana Lewis!

We are so lucky this week to have our favorite accessories expert Shoshana Lewis of Shok designs here to help us with spring jewellery and especially since mother’s day is next weekend we all want to hint at what our loved ones should be getting for us.
I personally wear a lot of my everyday jewellery from Shok designs!  Shoshana has lots of interesting and great pieces and I really encourage you to visit her and see if she can amplify your style the way she has mine!
Ah Mother’s Day – the big lead up to our special day has begun. Normally I find these kinds of Holidays just marketing ploys to get us consuming once again.
But – Mother’s Day is a little bit different in my eyes. If you have lived through the sleep deprived haze of having an infant or 2 or 3…you will know why I think it is different. The idea of a mommy’s day off or a sleep-in trumps any of my previous notions about this holiday.
The next biggest thing to getting some much-needed rest on this day is feeling appreciated for all we do as Moms.  Many husbands do this through the dangling carrot “no pun intended” of jewelry.
So instead of doing my usual hot list of best new accessories (all my picks are still fashionable and on-trend) I’m going to focus more on longevity, wearability and pieces that are forever.
I hesitate to call it “the Meghan necklace” as it is known since Meghan Markle propelled it out of the stratosphere last year with her ‘M’ and ‘H’ asymmetrical dainty necklace. It is still my top pick in terms of style, wearability and affordability. It also ties in your children’s and significant others initials for a meaningful piece of jewelry that is wearable for everyday. It is a fantastic layering piece. In solid white gold, yellow gold or rose gold it starts at just $198. My top designers for this style is The Right Hand Gal in Canada and Maya Brenner in the States.  I’m loving all the personalized jewelry  solid gold name necklaces of your kids or yourself – so you can really make it your own.
mothers day blog 1mothers day blog 2mothers day blog 3mothers day blog 4

You cannot go wrong with a gorgeous pair of earrings.  Whether classic diamond studs, huggies or the very popular gold hoops – investing in a pair of great earrings is always a safe bet.  Right now the trend of multiple piercings and dressing up your ears is very stylish.mothers day blog 5

While I think the idea of this is pretty cool – I still prefer a classic simple clean look.
I’m a huge fan of gold right now so here are a few of my favourite and affordable picks!
The right hand gal – offers a huge selection of beautiful earrings at amazing prices and they’re a Canadian based sisters – design team!
mothers day blog 6
mothers day blog 7
Blank Paige designs offers solid gold hoops at great prices!
All earrings are solid gold and start at just $150 Canadian!
I also wouldn’t be doing my job properly if I didn’t mention the jewelry color of the year – GREEN.  While it has been the year of the emerald on the red carpet – emeralds while stunning are extremely $$$.  Here’s a great option for less mothers day blog 8
Green agate and diamonds.  Simple and stunning!
Last but not least – bracelet stacks are still going very strong.  The LA based designer Karen Lazar that I have been carrying for the last two years has really hit her stride this year in terms of exposure.  She has been featured in every magazine and seen on every celebrity this season.  She was just given a shout out by US magazine as the perfect Mother’s Day gift!  Affordable fine jewelry with your choice of diamond charms is still my number one Mother’s Day pic!
mothers day blog 9
mothers day blog 10
All of the above are available by special order at Shokdesigns- whatever you end up doing for Mother’s Day I wish you peace, happiness and some well deserved ‘ME’ time.
I don’t think there is one piece that Shoshana has shown above that I wouldn’t love to own.
Shoshana’s trunk shows will be again in the fall but I encourage you to follow her on Instagram: Shokdesigns.
I strongly encourage you all to check her out!
Next week we will talk about Spring occasion dressing.  I know everyone is as busy as I am this spring and wants to know what to wear and where to get it.  Later either this month or next month we will have a visit with Tasleem Suleman from The Beauty Bar in Vancouver and see what is new and trending for make up for spring.
In the meantime I would love to hear some blog suggestions from you guys.  You can email me at  Use that same email to set up a styling appointment, I am booking for July (May and June are already full!)
Until next time…suethefashionista-card-frnt

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