Aging Gracefully not Disgracefully Part 2

Last week we spoke about what you can do physically to help you look like you are barely aging.  No one wants to be mistaken for older than they are!! I went through 4 basic things you can do to not show your age: Posture, Whiter Teeth, Eyebrows and Lines around your mouth.  If you need a refresher just check last week’s blog.

This week we are going to talk about wardrobe basics that also help you age gracefully.  And there are a few basic rules that every one of every body shape should follow so that you are not aging disgracefully.

Heel Height:

Let’s face it we all feel better when we are wearing high heels.  All the women on TV in high-powered jobs wear them.  Princess Kate wears them and so does Megan Markle. So do all the women on the View.  But there are a few things you need to know about wearing high heels so they don’t age you.  First, never wear a heel higher than you can walk in. Even if you are out for dinner and sitting all night, eventually you have to get up to go to the bathroom.  If you are teetering on heels it draws attention and not the positive kind.  It will compromise your posture, which will instantly make you look older. Image result for women wearing too high heels Second, if you have to wear high heels to something try adding a ball of the foot pad or wear heels with a platform in the front. Both of those things will make the heels a lot more comfortable and they are easy fixes. Image result for comfortable high heels Lastly, try wearing one of the new heels, like a block heel or a wedge.  The wider the heel is the more comfortable it will be. Bella Vita 'Nara' Block Heel Pump (Women)Heels like these from Bella Vita at Nordstrom will look just as good on your leg as one with a thin heel.


Muffin Tops:

You all know what a muffin top is don’t you.  It’s the extra part of your body that spills over the waist of low-rise bottoms.  This is a huge mistake for everyone! It will instantly age you and make you look frumpy. Image result for women with muffin tops So very unattractive!  I am going to urge you to wear higher waist pants than you think you should.GRLFRND Karolina High Waist Skinny JeansAny and all jeans will look better if they come up to your natural waist. It is truly the smallest part of your body and hides so many figure flaws, especially if you are apple or pear-shaped. These jeans are GRLFRND Karolina high waist skinny jeans from Nordstrom.  But you can go even further to camouflage your tummy and waist. Main Image - NYDJ Marilyn Stretch Straight Leg Jeans (Cooper) (Regular & Petite)These jeans are Marilyn Stretch Straight Leg Jeans from NYDJ they have  exclusive lift-tuck technology to help flatten the tummy and lift the rear. So you can actually order a size smaller than you wear and it makes you look that size.  Now who wouldn’t want that.  And no muffin top.  Apply this rule to all your pants and skirts. If you have a muffin top when you wear them, get rid of them.  Now saying all that there is one thing you can do to ensure you have no muffin top if you pants are a little below your waist. But a tank top that cinches you at the waist. Yummie Shaping Tank (2 for $58)Brands like Yummie and Spanx have shaping tank tops which holds you in firmly and bottoms that come up to define your waist.  This tank is from Yummie and it is available at Nordstrom. SPANX® Power Conceal-Her High Waist Shaping ShortsSpanx has lots of shaping briefs and this is their most popular. These are their Power Conceal-Her High waist shaping brief.  Both of these do wonders to hide a muffin top and any other waist flaws you may have.  One other way to trim your love handles, get to the gym and work on your core.  But not everyone has time for that and Spanx and Yummie will do the trick.


Too Much Cleavage:

Nothing says unsophisticated like your boobs hanging out after a certain age. Chances are you don’t take care of your decolletage the way you take care of your face, so why bare it all the time? Image result for Older women with too much cleavageOn Google images this pic was called ’10 signs you are a desperate middle-aged woman’. No one ever wants to be called that. First of all please wear a bra! There is no woman over 40 who has had kids who should be  free styling. Chances are, unless you have had surgery, you just aren’t that perky anymore. Wacoal Retro Chic Full Figure Underwire BraGo get fitted properly for a bra that covers you entirely and the straps are wide enough and the back is properly proportioned so you don’t have big fat bumps on either side.  Go to a department store like Nordstrom or Dillards in the US and in Canada there are many specialty lingerie stores where they can fit you properly. If you live in Vancouver try Diane’s Lingerie on Granville street.  About every 10 years you need to be re fitted.  Your body changes shape, boobs get bigger and smaller and so does you back.  Nothing looks worse under a great outfit than a poor fitting bra. Image result for Older women with too much cleavageIf you are going somewhere special with your sweetheart and want to tastefully show a tiny bit, try wearing something tasteful and barely showing like Helen Mirren.


Underwear sticking out:

We just spoke about properly fitting bras.  Well here is another fact of aging gracefully, no one wants to see your underwear.  And I mean no one! Gone are the days of having your leopard print bra peek out or your shirt.  By all means wear the leopard print bra, but just keep it for you and your significant other to see.  That goes for off the shoulder tops as well. If you happen to be one of those women over 50 who have really well-defined shoulders and a neck that has no droppiness, yes I have seen them, then go a head and wear a top like this from Whitehouse Blackmarket.  But please wear a strapless bra with it. Yummie 'Peyton' Convertible Wireless BraYummie at Nordstrom makes a great one that comes in off white and black and holds you in at the same time.  This is what you wear when you want to bare your shoulders.

Keep your bra straps tucked in.  And please wear a sports bra when exercising. Moving Comfort 'Juno' BraMy favorite are the Moving Comfort by Juno.  You can find them at Nordstrom and at running stores.

Now for your underpants and thongs.  Absolutely no one wants to see these peeking out!Related imageThis is unattractive at every age! I am all for wearing whatever underpants you like, thongs, shaping briefs, bikinis, it doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that they fit you properly and aren’t too tight and they don’t stick out when you sit down or bend over.  And for you short wearers, if you bend over and your butt cheeks are exposed, your shorts are too short. Daisy Duke’s are for young girls.

Please also make sure your underwear fits.Related imageThis is not a good look for a woman.  Wear heavier leggings or underwear that doesn’t show.


So as you can see aging gracefully isn’t rocket science.  It is just following a few basic rules and making sure that you and your 20-year-old daughter aren’t dressing a like. In your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s you can wear today’s trends, you just have to tailor them to your body type and age.  It’s not rocket science.

If everything I have written you are doing, you do need help to figure out what really works for your body. You can email me for a styling appointment at I can help you.

I have some friends who have been working on their bodies to make them look better while they age.  They are either watching their diet or have taken up new exercise routines.  As one of my friends said, I want to be able to walk up straight and not worry that everything is sticking out all the time.  I get it. I have tons of my own figure flaws to camouflage every day.  But remember aging gracefully is something we need to work on. If you follow last week’s steps and the ones from today, the battle will be easy to win!

Until next time…Suethefashionista card frnt


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