Aging Gracefully not Disgracefully Part 1

I honestly wasn’t going to go here again.  We have talked about dressing your age many times over the last few years but I was out last night with my BFF and the conversation rose again about how to make the most of yourself as you enter your 50’s.  There is a lot you can get away with in your 40’s that you can’t get away with anymore once you hit the big 5 0 and beyond.  No offense but if you think you can the only one you are fooling is yourself.  I am going to do this blog in 2 parts.  Next week, the second part will be about clothes and hair that help you look good and age gracefully.  Today is all about your body and face.

So what does aging gracefully mean? Well it’s going to be different for every single woman because no two of us are alike.  But there are some general things you can do so one day you don’t look in the mirror and wonder who that old lady is.  Most of them are easy and inexpensive but of course you can spend whatever you feel is necessary to look your best.

First thing is posture. Image result for good and bad posture imagesLook at the difference in the picture.  Particularly look at her back, shoulders and neck.  This image is of a younger woman and if she looks bad slouching imagine how much worse it looks on someone who is over 50.  This is an easy and basic thing you can do to de age the way you look. Stand up straight!! Rounded shoulders will age you immediately so pull them back!

Image result for good and bad posture images There are different ways to stand.  Here are some of the common mistakes women make when they think they are standing straight but really aren’t.  Leaning back is not standing straight and if you look at the way her body is tiled you can see she doesn’t look comfortable.  The next picture is someone who is pushing out their posterior. She looks like she is about to do a squat in the gym or a dead lift.  If your heels are so high that this is the way you are standing then wear lower heels.  Back to slouching in the next image and she just looks old and tired (and we really don’t want to look that way).  Standing up straight, pushing your shoulders down your back and tucking in your tummy a bit will give you perfect posture.  How do I know this? I have a fabulous trainer and he has been working on my posture for the last 3 years.  And he is constantly telling me to push my shoulders down and I immediately am standing straight.  He has the best posture out of anyone I have ever seen.  My posture is so much better since he and I have been working on it.  Yoga will help as well, every yoga class I have been to says to elongate yourself like there is a string pulling you up from the top of your head.  Great advice to stand up straight. Why do Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep look so good, they are standing up straight!

So posture is the most basic change you can make for free to immediately change how everyone sees you.  If you just do that one thing, you will look better immediately.

The next thing you can do to change your appearance in a subtle way is to whiten your teeth.  Your teeth don’t have to be perfect but they shouldn’t be yellow and stained. There are plenty of over the counter product you can use to whiten teeth or go to your dentist and have them do it, it will last longer than over the counter.Related imageHere is an image I found online, look at the difference whiter teeth can make. It brightens up her whole face!  I am not talking about getting veneers or dental surgery, I am just taking about changing yellowing aging teeth back to a bright and youthful white.  If you feel good about your smile you will smile more and smiling lifts your cheeks and chin and so automatically look better too!

The next step you can take to help yourself age gracefully is to manage your eyebrows.  One of the most comments I get from women as they age is that their eyebrows thin and some even disappear.  There are so many things you can do to help your eyebrows stay put or even make them look like they have come back.  If you have no eyebrows the best thing to consider is microblading.  Microblading is not just tattooing on your brows, the technician draws in each eyebrow hair, so you look very natural. Image result for microblading eyebrowsHere is an image I grabbed from Google with a before and after picture of eyebrows that have been microbladed.  You can see for yourself how natural microblading looks.  I haven’t personally experienced microblading but I am sure eventually my eyebrows (based on my genetics) will get to the point where I need to consider it.

There are a number of other things you can do for your eyebrows if you are not ready to take this step.  There are dyes you can use to darken your eyebrows so if they are graying it doesn’t look like you have no brows.  And there are all kinds of pencils, powders and stains you can use to make them look fuller.  Check out the beauty blog I wrote before Christmas for details on those.  My friend Tasleem Suleman at Beauty Bar in Vancouver had so many great ideas that were inexpensive to make your brows look great! So you can just scroll back and look for the Beauty blog.

The last thing you can do for your face to help you look a bit younger is to pay attention to the shape and lines around your mouth.  Of course if you are into fillers then that can take care of this.  But there are other ways to deal with it as well.Image result for erasing mouth lines image A lot of women as they enter their 50’s start to see lines around their mouths.  Especially if you ever smoked and things just as simple as drinking from a straw for years can start to cause this.  Aside from Fillers like Juvederm there are non medical ways to help you lips come back.  I use a product from Satin Smooth called Collagen Complex Lip Pump TreatmentCOLLAGEN COMPLEX LIP PLUMP TREATMENTand I find it really works.  I get if from my friend and make up artist Luc Lacroix at Pure Studio in Vancouver.  But you can find other products that do the same thing.  It is not like having a filler treatment but your lips get plumper which helps to minimize lip lines.  You can also use a no color lip pencil to fill in the lines around your lips or when you are putting your coverup or foundation on you can fill in those lines and that really works too.  And you always have to use a lip pencil before lipstick especially dark and bright lipsticks because if they bleed it looks terrible.

So there are 4 simple things that you can do to help yourself age gracefully.  If you only ever do these 4 things you will dramatically improve how you look.

Next week I will be back with hair and clothing tips to age gracefully.

I am not advocating facial fillers, Botox and microblading but I am not against any of them either. I believe it is truly a personal decision and you have to be happy with how you look. If you want to explore those options as well pop me an email at because I have a great place in Vancouver to recommend. But for most women the first step is trying some of the over the counter products that make your eyebrows, teeth and lips look better.  If you want to take the next step it’s up to you.

Until next time…Suethefashionista card frnt



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