The Accessories Expert! A Guest Blog by Shoshana Lewis of Shok Designs.

In this blog I talk a lot about clothes.  I worked in the fashion business for years and grew up around fashion as both my parents were in the business as well, so I feel pretty confident in what I write or any advice I dole out on what you where.  But there are areas where I am not by any means an expert.  Last week I let Tasleem Suleman from the Beauty Bar and Luc Lacroix from Pure Studio guide us though beauty.  They are both experts and everything they say about beauty you can take to the bank.  Accessories is another area where I fall a bit short.  I am so lucky to have my friend Shoshana Lewis, who is an accessories expert, write a blog for us twice a year.  So enough from me and enjoy Shoshana’s blog!

Hoop there it is
Although I tend to stick to the old adage that less is more when it comes to jewelry  – I’ve seen a big turn back towards everybody’s favourite decade “the 80’s”.  Where you couldn’t get anything big enough and you couldn’t layer it on thick enough.  Whether it was copying Madonna styles and her gummy bracelets or seeing how high you could tease your hair to light blue eyeshadow and frosty pink lipstick – it was full on.
Probably the only part of the 80’s I’m ok with coming back around is hoops. I’ve noticed a trend back to oversized hoops – they are everywhere and easy to wear at any age.  Pair large gold hoops with a plain outfit this holiday season for spot-on trending!hoop hoopy

Are you stacked?
Heavily blinged out wrists in real gold and diamonds – on both arms are showing no signs of slowing down this season.  I’m loving Shay Jewelry for their stunning style and crazy bling.bracelets 4

As well as monogrammed jewelry with trendy ‘it’ words splashed across diamond studded bangles – everywhere you look it’s bling.  Word of caution – if your going to buy real then keep it simple.  Keep the trendy pieces fake.  Investing in a solid gold bangle is something you will never regret.bracelets

Layers layers everywhere
It’s overwhelming to look at the magazines and runways which are filled with over-the-top looks that don’t translate well to our everyday lives.  My most frequently asked question is “how do I layer necklaces properly?” It’s a hard thing to answer because everyone is different but I can give you a few rules to follow to help you out
1.  Keep it simple – the necklaces below are all one tone – gold.  The choker is delicate but adds a little special something it is probably 16 inches and hits the model in the perfect spot.
2.  Add a splash of color – in this case it’s the turquoise heart that is the star of the show.  Too many competing necklaces takes away from the overall look you are trying to achieve necklace
3.  Simple clothing –
The best advice I can give for layering is to wear a simple top.  In this case the white blouse is perfect.  You either want to show off your outfit or your accessories but not both.
4.  Watch your lengths.  You don’t want two necklaces at the same length.  I think layering 2-3 necklaces is perfect for our daily lives.  Ideally hanging lengths should be 2 inches apart.  Choker length should be 16 inches.  Then each necklace should drop at least 2 or more inches from the next.
I love Jen Meyer’s jewelry collection for it’s exquisite simplicity and elegance.

While Vancouver style tends to lag behind New York and Europe – we do get there in our own time and way – just usually with our Lulu Lemons on! Sigh 😔.
So how do we Vancouverites, in our wet climate with our staple yoga wear reconcile these two very different things?
I always say pick one thing you love per season and make sure it fits with your overall style.

Here are my holiday picks – great at any age

A great bag can go a long way to dressing up any outfit fuzzy bag

Tory Burch Feather Bag – $498

Invest in a pair of hoops this season:
Jennifer Fisher has a huge selection at all different price points.  They are real gold and silver and are the top pick for celebrities this season.
The Samira style is the most popular of all her hoops. unknownhoop 3

Stack em up!
Karen Lazar Designs (LA based designer) stretchy beaded bracelets that I’ve been selling for about a year and a half now and my partner Bridgit Bienstock (armcandymtl) sells in Montreal -have finally hit it big on the celeb scene.  From Angelina Jolie to Reese Witherspoon to Melissa Rivers – they are this years ‘it’ bracelet!  The best part is they are affordable fine jewelry and go with almost anything! unknown

Wear em plain or wear em with diamonds – it’s up to you.shok bracelets

Prices start at $55 – $500

For fun, easy and what she calls ‘uncomplicated indulgence’ I’m loving Brooklyn based Designer Roxanne Assoulin – with her affordable and colourful choices – great to add to any stack! I’m loving her new Swarovski collection that just launched this fall
girl with braceletsbracelets 3

Whether your going for old Hollywood glamour or fun, flirty jewelry just remember to be true to yourself and stick to your own style and taste.  Trends come and go quickly, and as we age it is nice to invest in a few good pieces that will survive through the fickle fashion cycles.  Remember it all comes back around again…

I want to say a big thank you to Shoshana for the fabulous information above, I can assure you she is my go to person whenever I have an accessories question.  She carries her own lines of jewellery as well and they are fabulous!!

Now is a great time to book your appointments for the end of January and beginning of February.  Those months are perfect for refreshing your closet and getting it ready for spring. I am booking appointments starting January 15 so book soon so you can get the days you want. Email me at for an appointment.

One other thing I want to mention.  I follow a video blogger names Dominique Sachse. she is a Houston based and has great beauty info.  She has a video blog up right now on Keeping it Classy, some of the best advice I have heard in a long time.  Here is the link. I hope you watch it and learn or just refresh some basic info on class and style.


This is the last blog before I break for the holidays.  The next blog will be posted in the New Year on January 17.  I wish you a wonderful holiday however you choose to celebrate it!  And remember to celebrate it style!Suethefashionista card frnt


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