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Not very often do I write about beauty in the form of make up.  I am not a make up expert so my personal practices might not be right for all of you.  But I am lucky enough to know a couple of beauty experts.  First is my friend Luc Lacroix, who is a make up stylist and is second to none and the second is my new friend Tasleem Suleman who owns the Beauty Bar on West 4th Ave in Vancouver.  I just want to warn you all that this is going to be a bit longer of a blog because I have so much great information!

I paid a visit to Tasleem at the Beauty Bar this week and I am giving her all the credit for this blog.  She spent a lot of time answering the questions I get from you all and putting together 3 different make up looks for us that take us from day to office to evening and evening  the holiday season.

So what is the number 1 question I get from my friends and readers about their face?  Well most women ask me about their eyebrows.  Once you get to your mid 40’s and 50’s quite a few women notice their eyebrows thinning, turning grey or even falling out.  There are a number of things you can do to make sure you have eyebrows worthy of your eyes without going to the expense of microblading. (Microblading is a tatoo process where the technician draws each hair onto your browline.  If you want to go this route I know someone fabulous at it so just email me.)  The first thing you can do is take a really good eyebrow pencil and draw on the hairs yourself.  Make sure you draw them very fine and that the pencil has no shine. Tasleem strongly recommends the Kevin Aucoin eyebrow pencils. the brow gel pencil - sheer dark brunetteShe carries in her store two different Kevin Aucoin brown pencils.  The first, above, is the brow gel pencil. It’s a wax based, waterproof, gel pencil that shapes your brow and leaves a semi-matte finish. The angled brush at the bottom ensures that you can blend and soften the look to your liking. It come is 5 colors from warm blonde to darker brunette and even sheer, so you are sure to find the right shade to compliment your personal coloring. The second Kevin Aucoin eye brow pencil at Beauty Bar is  the Precision brow pencil.   This ultra slim, dual-ended retractable brow pencil and brush sculpts, defines and shapes eyebrows to pure perfection. the thinnest but strongest pencil format. It is water-resistant and infused with Vitamin E.  The spoolie brush at the bottom enables you to soften the line to your liking.  It comes in 4 colors so you can match the brow color to your own.

The reason I am making a point of talking about water proof and water-resistant brow pencils is because we all lead busy lives and no one wants to leave the gym without eyebrows or pull their eyebrows off with their shirt.

The other product you can use to make your eyebrows look fuller is a liquid eyebrow gel.  Tasleem recommends Geisha brow ink. geisha ink liquid brow liner - light hairThis sweat-proof, long-lasting and natural, liquid brow liner has been formulated to effortlessly fill, shape and define your brows flawlessly. Gel will wear longer than a pencil.  And you need to ensure you make fine delicate strokes.

The last eyebrow product I am going to talk about is eyebrow mousse.  Or as Edward Bess calls it eyebrow pomade. big wow full brow pomade - medium taupeIt goes on like a mousse and dries like a powder. You need to angle the application brush to make little hair and then blend with a spoolie brush (looks like a mascara brush). It won’t fade or flake and you can finish with  a clear gel to set it.  This pomade is for Wow! brows like we see in all the magazines.

Tasleem’s last tip for making your eyebrows pop is to use a highlighter right under your brow bone. 20171202_150218.jpgEdward Bess makes 3 shades of highlighters that you can dab and blend with your finger right under your brow bone.  If you prefer you can find a pale shadow that you can use a fine brush to apply as well.

When you draw on your eyebrows never color them in like you are using a crayon.  That is the first thing that will age you.  If you need to enhance your eyebrows make sure you draw on each hair in the direction your eyebrows grow. If you need help with finding the right products or someone to show you how to do it, pay Tasleem and her staff a visit.  I promise you won’t regret it.

The second most asked question is about lips.  Women ask me about what to do with thinning or bleeding lip lines.  For thinning lips, Tasleem recommends using a flesh colored pencil lip liner - naturalsimilar to this one from Lipstick Queen in either a peach or nude color to match your skin tone and drawing over your lips and making them fuller.  You can even out the shape and fullness this way.  Use you highlighter and highlight cupids bow and just under your bottom lip to make them look more defined as well.  For thin lips, you want to avoid matte finish lipsticks, stay with a gloss or satin finish lipstick and for extra oomph over your lipstick add a complimentary or sheer gloss in the center of you lips.

For Bleeding lips you first need to take care of the skin around your lip line.  I happen to be a victim of lip lines and need to take steps to make sure my lipstick doesn’t bleed. I use concealer around my lip line.  I do this when I am putting on my makeup.  I take a brush and fill in the little lines around my lips with my concealer. Luc showed me how to do that using a very fine brush or the other option is to do what Tasleem told me and you can also fill in the lines with an invisible liner pencil.invisible linerShe recommends this invisible liner from Lipstick Queen.  You can draw a line with this around your lip line and create a barrier that the lip stick and gloss can’t penetrate.  You can also fill in any lines with this pencil.

Tasleem has two main lip recommendations for everyone.  Make sure your lips are moisturized.  Hydration is key to great looking lips.  Use a lip scrub to take off dead skin cells and moisturize with a lip balm.  She also recommends that once your lipstick is applied set it with translucent powder.  Why did I bold the work translucent, because you must use as sheer a powder as you can find. candlelight pressed powderPale sheer powder applied with a brush will set your lipstick and then you apply another coat and blot and you are set for a long wearing lipstick day or evening.

The third thing I get asked about all the time are eyes.  Specifically how to reduce the under eye puffiness or how to camouflage hollows.  Let’s face it, in your 40’s and 50’s your face changes.  There are medical ways to deal with both of these.  But if you don’t want filler what are your choices?

For under eye hollows Tasleem recommends using an under eye corrector to pull away the darkness.  I use this one from Cover Girl.  Tasleem has many in her store and can help you find the right shade for your skin tone.  You can either use a brush to put them on or pat them on with your finger. Never tug with your finger on delicate skin, just pat. .  You can set the look with powder.  And remember a yellow tone takes away darkness.  You can visit a make up artist like Luc or go to a beauty store like Tasleem’s.  I don’t recommend figuring it out for yourself in a drugstore.  The products you will buy from them will be much better.  I find the exception is the Covergirl stick concealer, I like it because I can carry it with me for touch ups.

For Under Eye Puffiness there is not much you can do to camouflage the area.  As a matter of fact, Tasleem recommends emphasizing something else on your face like a strong lip, to take attention away from the eye area.  What you can do to minimize puffiness is to keep your eye cream in the fridge or use camomile tea bags ( cold) or cucumber slices for a few minutes before you put on make up.   You also want to make sure you don’t overdo it with concealer or make up and keep your products around your eyes very light.  There are a number of eye roller products on the market.  Any one of them with caffeine will minimize the puffiness a bit. Sephora sells this First Aid Beauty Eye triple duty remedy that brightens and depuffs.  So something like this may help.start over active eye gel creamTasleem has Start Over Active Eye Cream gel that instantly depuffs, tightens, brightens, lifts and cools the eye area for an immediate pick-me-up.  You want to consult with someone like Luc or Tasleem who can recommend the right product for you.   The main key is to make sure the area is very hydrated because the caffeine can be drying.


OK now that we have talked about the 3 main concerns my readers ask me about let’s move on to your best looks.

Daytime Look

First of all make sure your face is clean and hydrated.  Use a good quality day cream.  I also recommend using a sunscreen every single day.  My two favorites are Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50this one by Skinceuticals that has a tint in it to make your skin glow or Anna Lotan’s Liquid Gold Tinted Moisturizing Day cream.  The Anna Lotan one can work as a day cream as well as sunscreen.  Both have high SPFs.  The reason to wear a sunscreen all year round is to protect your skin from UV rays and any harsh elements that can occur.  Both of these are available from Makeup and Skin care professionals.

Once you have the base tint on your face Tasleem recommends doing a soft wash of color over your eyelids. Match as close to you can to your own skin tone, so if you have a peachy complexion pick a shade with a peachy or coral tone and if you have a beige complexion stick with a beige or flesh tone color. the eyeshadow single - #103 (hint of peach)Kevin Aucoin has lots of shades that will work.  This is the peachy tone one, but if you go to a place like the Beauty Bar they can help you select the correct one.

Fill in your eyebrows in one of the recommended ways above.

Next you want to do just a hint of eyeliner very finely on the outside part of your eyelid. Tasleem recommends using a liquid liner for the finest line. liquid liner - blackShe has lots of different ones in her store to choose from.  And you don’t have to use black, you can choose a shade that is a bit softer for day like a Cocoa or Brown.  The other option is an eye pencil. eye pencil - nutmegTasleem has lots to choose from as well and lots of colors that will work with your own coloring.  I am a fan of eye pencils you can sharpen or one that is self sharpening like this one from Kevin Aucoin the precision eye definer - ironclad.  You need to make sure your eye pencil is always sharp, never use a dull edge.  And remember the lesson we talked about last year from Luc: there should be no gap between your eye liner and your lash line! That is the one thing that will instantly age you.  I buy my eye pencils from Luc, because I can sharpen them just like I would a regular pencil.

Finish eyes with a coat of mascara.  You can use one that is waterproof, but they are hard to take off.  I use Blinc which you can buy from most beauty experts.  Tasleem also carries one from Kevin Aucoin. the essential mascara - rich blackShe recommends this one because it lengthens your lashes as well.  Both Blinc and Kevin Aucoin ‘tube’ your lashes, so the mascara stays on and comes of when you gently pull it off with water.

Finish your casual face with a sweep of bronzer across your cheeks, Tasleem recommendstantour sculpting duothis contour duo from James Read. And she uses the darker color as the cheek bronzer.  The paler color is your highlight for your browbone if you so choose.  And then add a very soft lip tint.  Fresh Sugar has wonderful lip tints, they moisturize and protect and have an SPF! Tasleem tells us to stick with a color that matches our skin tone once again.  In the Sugar lip balms the best colors are honey and bloom.  Honey for a beige skin tone and Bloom if you are peachy. There are lots of other colors as well, so if you want more color you can choose one like plum or rose.  Beauty Bar has all the shades and so does a store like Sephora.

This is a great daytime look for running errands etc.  It is for when you want to be put together but not fussy.  I even wear this type of make up to the gym.  Now if this is all you ever want to do but have a holiday event like a brunch or lunch on your schedule.  Enhance this look by adding a bit more eyeliner and a darker lip.  And Voila! You are holiday ready!

Office Look

An office look is not only good for the office it’s the type of look you can wear when you have a bit more going on.  So if you have meetings or daytime events and you want to be a bit more dressed up than your casual face.

For this look you begin with your daytime look above and just enhance it.  First thing is doing a thicker lash line.  Here is when a pencil comes in handy.  You have all the pictures above of what Tasleem recommends.  I like to add a soft powder foundation to even out my skin tone.  Beauty Bar has lots of liquid and powder foundations. the sensual skin powder foundation - pf01Kevin Aucoin has a great powder foundation.  You sweep it on your face with a brush.  I am not a fan of liquid foundation.  But it that is what you want, see someone like Luc or Tasleem who can show you how to properly apply it.

Then you can switch from a soft balm to a lipstick.  Beauty Bar carries a line called Lipstick Queen, they have fabulous lip colors and lots of shades to choose from.  Tasleem recommends sticking with a Pink or Peachy tone for daytime.  If you are like me, then use a lip liner in a complimentary color first lip liner - naturalLipstick Queen has a natural color that will work with both peaches and pinks. butterfly ball - smittenAnd choose a softer shade like this color Smitten from Lipstick Queen.

To change this look into a holiday look.  You can add some flare lashes to your lash line, Tasleem recommends Mink Lashes because they are reusable.  Go see her and she can help you fit them to your eyes.   kelsey mink lashesOr pick up some individual lashes then you can place them exactly where you want them.  Beauty Bar has some or you can get a package at Sephora.  But these are one use only.  Over your lip color you can use a gloss for shine. the rose gold slip - luxe glossA softer color will enhance the color you are already wearing underneath or lip lacquer - hi-speed sonnetwear one a bit darker to make your lips pop.  This enhanced holiday look is great for a daytime office party or if you are going straight from the office to an office party that is early evening.  Adding a bit of lashes, a darker lash line and a pop of lip gloss is something you can do in your company restroom or in the car.  This type of look also works on for other events as well. A holiday casual get together with friends, dinner out that isn’t super dressy or even a holiday event at your child’s school.

Evening Look

Your evening look is just that, a look that takes a bit more work but you want to look your best for an evening out.  The starting place is with the daytime look.  Add you powder or liquid foundation.  Then move to your eyes and add some shadow to give them dimension.the essential eyeshadow set - palette #2Kevin Aucoin at Beauty Bar has many different palettes that you can work with to match your coloring.  Here you would choose one of the medium dark colors and place it in the outside corner of your eye and in the crease of you lid.  Do not use a heavy hand, lighter and thinner is better you can always add more.  Take the lightest color and place it under your brow bone as a highlighter. Then choose the shiniest light color and use that one from the inside of your lid to a third or if you prefer use the lightest color for that.  I use a lighter color because it makes my eyes look more open.

Thicken you lash line a bit with liquid eye liner and add your lashes in you so choose.

For cheeks you want to use you bronzer color with an angled brush to lightly contour under your cheek bones and across your chin.  Very lightly do this, you don’t want streaks or bronzer. Then add a blush color to the apples of your cheeks.  Again stick with your skin tone, go pink or warm depending. the pure powder glow - neolita (berry)the pure powder glow - shadore (soft pink)Kevin Aucoin has some great colors you can sweep on your cheeks.  Or better yet go see Luc or Tasleem and get an experts opinion on what is the best blush and best shade for you.  Make sure you take you blush up your cheekbones to your eye, but not heavily.  To quote Tasleem directly ” a light hand goes a long way” words to live by when applying make up.

Finish with a darker shade of lipstick, this season plums and reds are everywhere.  Just pick the right shade that works with your skin tone.  A brand like Lipstick Queen has lots.bete noire - possessed metalI am loving the darker plums this year.  Then take a bit of sparkly gloss and place it in the middle of your bottom and top lips and you are set.

For a holiday look either add a more intense lip color and gloss or go for a fabulous red!

So there you are, 3 different looks that will take you across all your events and the entire winter season.  I have to thank Tasleem Suleman at the Beauty Bar for spending a good hour and a half with me and explaining all this.  She has everything you could ever need in her shop and I urge you to pay her a visit. beautybarcosmeticsI felt like a kid in a candy store at the Beauty Bar. She not only carries make up, she carries skin care, hair care, perfume, jewellery and hair accessories and lots or lots of specials for the holiday season.  The address is 2142 West 4th Ave in Vancouver or hit her online site at  Most of the pictures above are from her website.

Next week we will have our accessories and Jewellery expert Shoshana Lewis as a guest blogger and then that’s it until January.  Between last weeks holiday wear blog, this beauty blog and the jewellery blog next week you should be all set.

If you have questions or comments please email me at I am happy to always hear from you.  No more styling appointments until mid January but you can email me and make an appointment now so you can have the days you want.


Until next time…suethefashionista-card-frnt



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