Fall Shoes!!

Sometimes the best way to update your wardrobe is to introduce a new pair of shoes or boots or a new bag. Fall 2017 has some fabulous shoes and boots and interesting bags that can help you achieve the look you want.  This week we are going to look at shoes and boots, next week we will look at purses, hats and scarves.

When I put on a pair of shoes or boots with an outfit, I am looking for that final piece to bring the whole look together.  So sometimes I choose to wear a boot with a heel, especially if I have a slimmer bottom and a top with some volume. Or if my top has a lot of length to it, I will tuck my bottoms into high flat boots.  This season there are shoes and boots that make a statement and sometimes you can wear an all black outfit and let the shoes speak for the you instead of the clothing.

First of all let’s talk about what is new for fall 2017 in shoes and boots.  One of the first things you need to know about the shoes for 2017 is that it is all about the optics of it. Your shoe ( and when I say shoe I also mean boots) needs to provide as much punch as it can to your outfit.

The easiest way to do this is with a print or statement shoe.  What does a statement shoe or boot look like? Well the most obvious is one that has a strong print or color.

There are so many print booties on the scene today it’s easy to find a pair. sam edelman print bootieThese Sam Edelman pointy toe booties are from Nordstrom and you could wear them with anything, pants, jeans, dresses and skirts.  With any solid color outfit these can be your statement. floral bootiesIf you don’t want an all over print, then pick a pair with a bit of embroidery like these from Anthropology.  You can dress them up or down.  Bruno Premi Printed Velvet ankle booiesSticking with the print theme, one of the go to fabrics this season is velvet.  Why not add a velvet print bootie to your wardrobe, these are Bruno Preimi at Anthro. Pompom booties by Silent DPom Poms are huge this season. Why not have them on your booties.  These are from Silent D and at Anthro. These because they are not printed but a strong fall color will make a softer statement, but will still make a statement. Navys and Evergreens are really prominent in outerwear so this color combination is fresh and a nice change from black.

Steve madden velvet bootieYou can make a statement without print as well.  Let color be your statement.  Wine or Burgundy is the new neutral this season, so why not take these into your shoes.  Burgundy is a great alternative to black and looks great with all the greys, camels, blacks and navys.  This booties is from Steve Madden, it comes in a ton of colors in velvet and is at Nordstrom.  One of the colors you see in magazines for boots and booties this season is white Top shop white bootie, these are from Top Shop at Nordstrom and the Bay. But white is tough to wear and my best advice is to leave the white booties for your daughter and her friends and pick the same boot in a statement color. top shop red bootieRed shoes and boots are hot for fall and this Top Shop bootie is so much more sophisticated in Red than white. And make all the statement you need. So skip the white boot trend and focus on red or purple instead.

Last statement booties I have to show you are these Vince Camuto stud bootiefrom Vince Camuto at Nordstrom. Embellishments are key if you don’t want print or strong color and studs or pearls will make your shoes come alive.

Booties are super trendy with everything again this season.  It is perfect to wear booties with skirts and dresses.  If you prefer a boot that comes to your knee you can find them in prints as well.  Over the knee embroidered bootsI showed these over the knee embroidered boots a few weeks ago.  Be careful with over the knee if your legs aren’t thin. If your legs are thicker stick with boots below your knee. farlyrobin corduroy inset bootsA pair of boots like these from Farlyrobin at Anthro will work for a statement especially when worn with jeans tucked in as shown.  You can find tall shaft boots in velvet as well and great colors in suede and leather.  But if you are loving the print stick with booties, that is what is important this season.

The big new style in boots this season is the Combat boot.  I love them!  Buy them in a sophisticated fabric like suede or velvet or with a subtle detail or print. Combat bootsrebecca mikoff combat bootBoth these pairs are from Nordstrom.  The first solid pair is Splendid, and they are the lug sole more casual pair. The floral pair is Rebecca Minkoff and they can work with an outfit for work or something a bit more sophisticated.  There are also lots and lots of velvet ones.  So you can pick the ones that work for you.

Now what is good for the goose is good for the gander they say, so the same things is happening in shoes that is happening in boots.  You want your shoes to make a statement as well.

The newest shoe silhouette is the mule. Mules and slides can hit this trend as hard as booties. jeffery campbell print mulesThese Jeffrey Campbell mules from Anthro are gorgeous in the beautiful floral print and can add a statement to any outfit.  I prefer if mules are worn with pants or ankle pants.  To me, unless you have a pair with a bit of a heel they really don’t work with skirts. Dolce Vita embellished muleThese Dolce Vita mules from Nordstrom do the same with embroidery as the booties and can be the focal point of your outfit. steve madden pearl embellished mulesI talked about embellishments and how important pearls are for shoe and boot embellishments this season but I have shown a pair.  These Steve Madden mules can take you to your celestial best.  And finally not to be out done with studs, there are lots and lots of pairs of studded mules this fall shelley's of London studded mulesand Shelley’s of London at Nordstrom have a sophisticated pair that will win over any outfit.

There are mules with heels, but try to stick to those in a solid color or great fabric. Blank Velvet mulesPick a pair with a great detail, like the ankle strap in this pair of Blank velvet mules from Anthro.

Flats are strong this season, but very detailed. strappy floral flatsPointy toe and printed.  These from Anthro are perfect for fall 2017. bow flatsAlso with a bow, anything metallic or with a large bow or pom-pom pom pom flatsreally make a statement this season.  All these flats you can find at Anthro. Don’t forget other embellishments like pearls pearl flatsthese flats from Louise et Cie at Nordstrom are so sophisticated with the pearl embellishment.  Flats are great with ankle pants and long skirts. If they have some detail or are in a great color or fabric you can wear them anywhere.

Another shoe style that is important this fall is the runner.  It has stayed strong from Spring.  I will caution you to wear a pair that is more sophisticated, you don’t want to look like a child in your runners. Try as I might I can’t really get into them.  But I know women who love them.  So try and keep your sneakers to the same themes as your shoes and stay away from the athletic looking sneakers unless you are going to the gym. All the different sneaker styles I am going to show are from Anthropology. I find that you really need to search for a pair that is sophisticated enough to wear with your clothes so you don’t look like a teenager. metallic sneakersA great pair of metallic sneakers is a wonderful way to wear them. I know women who wear their metallic sneakers with casual pants and jeans and they look great.  Save the skirts with sneakers for your daughter and her friends, that look is only for them. printed sneakersOr pick a pair with a fabulous print.  These you can wear on days when you don’t want to be in hard shoes all day.  If you pick a print that works with your pants and jeans, you can wear them even for a casual dinner or lunch. pompom sneakersThese I would wear.  I love the suede and the pom poms.  These make a fun casual statement.  Sneakers are even going into different fabrics, like velvet. Velvet sneakersYou can wear velvet sneakers casually or velvet with bow sneakerstry them with some glitz and pair them with wide leg cropped pants for fun.

My only caution with wearing sneakers is make sure they work with your outfit. Sometimes its easier to buy them from a non traditional sneaker maker like Eileen Fisher or Cole Haan to find ones that don’t look like gym runners.

Finally heels are great for fall 2017.  All the same trends work for heels as they have for flats and boots above.  The only difference is that with heels you have a lot of choice in the style of the heels itself.  There are skinny heels, block heels, high heels and not so high heels.  The pump will be forever strong.  For fall 2017 try it in a new fabric or print. leopard print heelsA great pair of leopard print heels will make any outfit look new. These are from Talbots but you can find leopard print heels lots of places.

For something new try a caged heel shoe caged heel shoesthese from Isola Debra at Nordstrom are low enough for daytime events but strong enough to wear with a dress for evening. block heel D'orsayIf you want to try a block heel, then go for something new like the tied d’orsay shoe. Red is the hot color and these would work for work or evening.  Ankle straps are also still very strong in heels and dressier shoes. ankle heelsTry a pair in a strong color like this purple pair from Anthro.  Embellishment and detail is as important in heels as it is everywhere else. printed slingbacksI love these printed slingbacks from Anthro.  This print will work with anything solid you have and be great casually, for work and evening. fur embellished pumpsAnd who wouldn’t love these!  The best new color in shoes for the season, Red! and a great fur embellishment.  Wear these everywhere!

I could go on all day with shoes and boots. Before you run out to buy a pair do your own research.  Almost every pair of shoes and boots in this blog is from either Nordstrom or Anthropology, so take a look yourself and see what there is. If they don’t have what you want in store you can always order online.

I was going to do purses here as well, but as you can see there is enough to talk about without adding another component.  So next week I will look at purses and bags and add hats and scarves and gloves.  The week after we will get into our denim issue.

Do you need help coordinating what you have in your closet? Or are you looking for a fresh approach for your own clothing.  I still have a few styling appointments left in November before the holiday season.  So please book soon if you want one. I can help you if you are in a style rut or need something special. Email me at Suethefashionista@gmail.com to set up an appointment.


Until next time…suethefashionista-card-frnt

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