Dark Romance for Fall

Dark Romance or more simply Romance is a trend we have been seeing for a couple of fall seasons.  The bell sleeves, ruffles and cold shoulder all play into this trend.  The fabrics of lace, velvet, satin and dark florals really are what this trend is all about.

Dark Florals can be your best friend in fall and winter.  You need to go somewhere and it’s miserable out and are thinking what can I wear with my black ponte knit pants and boots.  Then you come across the dark floral shirt or sweater in your closet and voila! You have the perfect piece to compliment the bottom.  I am a big believer in having items in your wardrobe that aren’t just outfits but are multi purpose.   And I believe the Dark Romance trend can be just that for you.  Pieces you can have in your closet to make outfits out of, or that provide you with the pizzazz your outfit is looking for.

The best store to buy Romantic tops and bottoms and not break the bank is Whitehouse Blackmarket. dark floral tunicTheir lace trim floral blouse could be that perfect piece in your closet that could go with everything. floral velvet skirtPrefer print on the bottom? Well their embroidered velvet boot skirt might be just the piece you are looking for.  And a floral doesn’t have to be black based to work for fall.  Remember this fall is all about color, red, burgundy, emerald, sapphire.  So perhaps you want a floral with lighter colors. rose print cardiWHBM has a rose print cardigan that would work wonderfully for the office and be just as great with your jeans on the weekend! mix and match floralThey are even showing mixed florals, which is a great and fresh look for Fall 2017 and also brings a little Maximalist to the table. If you are going to do this and mix two floral prints together, please keep every other thing you are wearing the same color, like black jeans and black boots.  Women over 45 really only want one focal point and the double floral is a fabulous one as long as it isn’t over done with print bottoms or booties.  And sticking with a dark floral, something you can get tons of wear out of is this fabulous dress.

Yes it is reversible!!!!! So for under $100 at WHBM you have 2 dresses in one! I love both versions. Nothing beats having a great knit black dress in your closet, you can wear it everywhere.  And then if you are travelling or going from office to evening, flip your dress inside out and you have a new one! Genius!

Romance doesn’t have to mean floral at all either.  I know a lot of women who will not wear floral prints but still want to have the dark romantic trend in their closets.  You can totally pull off a Romantic look without florals.

A romantic look is almost anything that makes you feel pretty.  For some it is getting really dressed up and for others it is as simple as a lace inset on their shirt.  I believe that you can find romance in almost everything you are wearing with just some simple touches. Ruffled shirtSometimes all you need is ruffles.  I am a huge believer in that the movement of fabric as your body moves can make you feel beautiful.  This delicate ruffle sleeve shirt can do just that.  Great for the office with a skirt or pants and equally as great on the weekend for date night with jeans. WHBM is a haven for romantic feeling tops and shirt.  black long sleeve blouseFabric choice can also make things feel romantic.  We talked about velvet and lace but what about chiffon overlay.  This elegant black shirt is the perfect mix of serious and romantic with the see through sleeves. Both of these tops can be worn everywhere.  But you can use more casual tops to get the effect, especially if you live in your jeans like me. tie sleeve topWHBM also has some casual tees with a romantic edge like this tie sleeve top.  You will see tie sleeves everywhere this fall, they are another way of making a sleeve look soft and romantic.

Not to be outdone, Anthropologie also can hit the romance button hard. But at Anthro it all has a more casual feel. Woven ruffle sleeve t shirtThis black woven ruffle sleeve tee could be the perfect piece to pair with your jeans. lace cutwork sweatshirtI love a sweatshirt with lace detail.  This lace inset sweatshirt from Anthro can be your go to top.  I have 2 sweatshirts with lace that are really my go tos. One with lace insets like this one and one with a lace peplum.  Both I wear all the time. Ruffled cowl neck pulloverAnd if you love ruffles but don’t always want to be wearing blouses.  Than switch to sweaters.  There are lots and lots of sweaters everywhere with ruffles.  This cowl neck ruffled sweater from Anthro is perfect for a casually romantic look. bell sleeve turtleneckAnd some women like everything to be subtle.  So if that is you, then just opt for a simple turtleneck top but one with a bell sleeve. Stateside crewneck sweatshirtOr update your sweatshirt with a bit of sleeve detailing.  Both these tops from Anthro nod to romance with the emphasis on practicality.

But really romance can be about dressing up.  And there are so many different ways to dress up. pearl tulle skirtTulle can be as effective as lace for a skirt. This beautiful tulle skirt with pearls ( from Anthro) can be worn dressy or with a simple top and boots to the office.  Yes, with the right pieces tulle is for daytime ( same as lace). Jacquard cocoon coatAnother fabric is brocade. We saw brocade both in Maximalist and Glamour but it works here too.  Especially if you are one of those women who likes black head to toe ( guilty as charged) then why not add a romantic topper. This fabulous brocade cocoon jacket( Anthro) may just be the perfect piece to top all your back and denim.  This season, excess is in, so a jacket like this can be worn to the office and casually as well.shine tee and perfect pantOne of my favorite Romantic looks this season comes from Anthropologie.  They put their Ruffle hem pant with an Eli and Ari peplum shine top and to me this is the perfect mix of glamour and romance with a modern twist.  I would love to see this look with suede or velvet black booties as the weather gets colder too.

We have shown a lot of tops and not many bottoms.  For most of us if we own one or two pairs of print or embossed bottoms that is enough.  The things you can wear that you already own or that we already talked about in other trends with this Romantic trend are any lace skirt or pant you have, any velvet bottom you have or any pant or skirt with a ruffle hem detail like the pant above.   But more often than not, the types of bottoms you will reach for with these detailed tops are the simple ones. ponte a line skirtA simple ponte A line skirt (WHBM) is perfect for the office or out for lunch with any of the dark floral or ruffled tops above. seasonless bootcut pantsA fabulous pair of bootcut pants either woven or ponte (WHBM has both) would be a great bottom for any romantic top to the office or out for dinner.   And if you are like me, your dark skinny jean dark wash slim jeans, this one is from WHBM, is what you will wear with floral and romantic tops.  Stick with the darkest denim you own or black.  Black jeans can take you everywhere.

Sometimes all you need is one piece or one accessory to add a little romance to your outfit. shining mock neck tankThis shiny mock neck top from Anthro could be the magic piece.  Or perhaps you just want a floral bootie floral booties. This pair of Sam Edelman booties from Anthro can work so well with a pretty black top and jeans.  I also love floral booties with dresses, skirts etc.  They are the go to shoe for a romantic feel. Over the knee embroidered bootsI am not a big over the knee boot person, but these suede embroidered boots from Bruno Premi at Anthro are to die for.  Especially if you are wearing a shorter black dress!bow flatsFlats can also be your best friend with this look.  Especially if you are on your feet all day! These Eysees bow flats from Anthro can work with everything!  The metallic leather and bow are perfect. strappy floral flatsOr if you love floral and want to take it to your feet, Anthro has the perfect strappy city flat for you. glitery floral sneakersAnd for all my friends who prefer wearing runners to everything else ( you know who you are) here are your new best shoes for fall. These D.A.T.E. glittery floral sneakers will take you everywhere. Just please don’t wear them with your tulle skirt, that is what your 20-year-old daughter is wearing.   All these shoes are from Anthropologie and best selection is to order them online.

Earrings and bracelets can be airy and delicate of statement.   floral scarfA floral scarf can (WHBM) be all you need sometimes to finish off your outfit.  But if you are wearing a lot of print or pattern perhaps stick to something more delicate pearl and rose pendantThis pearl and rose waist skimming pendant can be the perfect finish to your dark romantic floral tops.  Or if you are wearing a solid top and keeping your print on the bottom then wear sparkle bib necklacesomething with a bit more sparkle.  A bib necklace can look like a choker without actually choking you.  And as we mature it can work better if we wear a necklace like this one that sits on our collar and not our neck.  Both these necklaces can be found at Anthro online.

If your top has a lot of detailing at the neck line them opt to skip the necklace and wear a pair of earrings that stands out. fanned poppy earringsThese flared poppy earrings may be the perfect piece with all your black. fiesta drop earringsAnd all the dangle drops in flares and baubles are still in.  Because of the Maximalist trend we are seeing a lot of big and strong earrings.  Go with it with all trends.  Earrings are kind of go big or go home this season. Even hoops have more detail. Kalila HoopsThese jewelled Kalila hoop earrings work with all your romantic looks.  Or go as simple as interlocking hoops interlocking hoopsin gold or silver which really aren’t that simple.  All of these earrings are from Anthropologie online too.

The real key to owning the Dark Romance trend is to feel beautiful in whatever you are wearing.  So wear your florals and ruffles everywhere.  Your flared hem pants go with everything. Just put the right pieces together to get the look you want.

Need help figuring out this season’s trends?  If you do and you want to set up a styling appointment then email me at Suethefashionista@gmail.com. There is a lot to wear in the romantic trend that will work for everyone.  I am here to help.

Next week we will look at Animal print as a trend on its own this season. Then a fall shoes and purses week and finally fall denim.  Our dear friend Shoshana Lewis from Shok designs will be back to do a special accessories blog the beginning of November and our fall holiday beauty blog will feature a trip to the Beauty Bar owned by Tasleem Suleman, so I am sure we will find out lots of great beauty ideas to take us through fall and into Holiday.  November will finish out with a couple of holiday wear blogs and then we will break until the new year.  I don’t really work in December so if you need styling help or wardrobing help make sure you book soon.


Until next time…Suethefashionista card frnt



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