Size really no longer matters

I know I told all you wonderful followers that I would take a break from writing blogs for a few weeks in August.  But things keep coming at me that I feel I need to share. Either suggestions come forward or something I see or do gives me a great idea for a blog and I don’t want to wait.  So the only Wednesday there will be no blog is August 23 and then on the 30th we will start right into Fall 2017.

In the meantime now that we have all gone through our closets and shopped on sale what have we learned.  Well one of the things that hit me the hardest is how many choices and wonderful styles there are for women who don’t fit into the Barbie doll mold. Which I guess is most of us.  So what if you are a little bigger, smaller or taller.  Finally fashion is for everyone!

I can’t lie, menopause has not been kind to my waistline.  It’s harder than ever to lose and easy to gain ( basically I just have to look at the food to find the calories in my body). I am working out harder than ever, thanks to my fabulous trainers, so it doesn’t show the same way.  But believe me when I say menopause has not been kind.  Which got me to thinking about what other women do when this happens to them.  So, as per usual, I went online and did a little research.

Today it is very easy to find anything you want in a size 0 or a size 16.  For that matter quite a few lines make sizes from 0 to 22.  There are really no excuses for not looking fabulous no matter how large or small your thighs are.

Two denim lines that you can find at Nordstrom and other department stores that cater to women of every size are Good American and NYDJ.  They both have lots of room through the thigh and have waistbands that don’t roll.  I have to say I have never owned a pair of Good American jeans.  They seem to sell out as soon as they hit the Nordstrom floor. So if you are lucky enough to find your size try it on, you won’t be disappointed and then order them online.  Lots of stock online. We talk about how dark denim is going to be the go to denim for fall so why not try Good American high waist ankel skinny jeansGood waist hight crop skinny jeanseither the Good American high waist skinny ankle jeans or the Good American high waist skinny ankle jeans. They are both available in sizes from 0-24.  So you are sure to find yours.

NYDJ on the other hand I have had many pairs.  I find the fit is great and there are lots of options as the same pair of jeans or pants can come in petite, regular and plus.  And I mean the exact same pair of jeans. NYDJ Ami stretch ankle jeans regNYDJ Ami stretch ankle jeans plusThis is the Ami Stretch ankle skinny jeans which come in black or currant. The pair on the left come in regular and petite sizes from 0- 16 regular, 00P -18P in petite and the pair on the right are plus which ranges 12W-24W and in plus you can also get them in soft denim wash called Desert Gold.

Denim is not the only place where you can find great styles in any size.  Quite a few of the labels you love do petites and plus as well. Most of Nordstrom’s house brands like Halogen, Trouve and Hinge come in Regular and petite.  Their house line Caslon comes in regular, petite and plus.  So you maybe just on the border between regular and plus, you can find the exact same style in both. Caslon utility vest plusHere is the Caslon Utility Vest which comes in Olive and Grey, plus sizes go 0X-3X. Caslon utility vest reg and petiteThe exact same vest in the exact same colors is also available in Petite sizes XXSmall P-XLarge P and regular sizes XSmall to XXLarge.  This is just a small sample of how many things come in every size.

Ann Taylor which for years never went above a size 14 in regular or petite now goes all the way to a size 18. Leafed Bell sleeve sweaterOne of my favorites on the Ann Taylor new arrivals page is the Leafed Bell Sleeve Sweater.  It is available in Regular and Petite. Regular sizes from XXS-XXL and Petite sizes XXS-XL.  So there is a sweater for everyone. The bell sleeve is strong going forward into fall so look for one if you don’t have one already.

Whitehouse Blackmarket is another one of my favorite boutiques and they have lots and lots of choice.  Firstly, I find that a lot of their styles fit very generously and especially their knits.  Pretty much all of their clothing comes in regular and petite and both reg and petite go from 0-16 or XXS-XL. Ponte girlfriend pantsThese Girlfriend Ponte knit pants will fit everyone.  Just pick your size and remember the stretch of the Ponte knit will hug your curves in just the right places no matter if you are a size 2 or 14P.

Another boutique that has every size you could possibly want is Talbots.  This is a great place if you are looking for a more classic look.  One of my favorite things about Talbots is that they not only do regular and petite, they do their plus sizes in plus petite as well, called Women Plus and Women Petite Plus.  In the US they have all the sizes in their boutiques, in Canada the Women Plus and Women Petite are online only. Regular and petite sizes go from 0 and 0P to 18 and 18P, Women Plus sizes are 12W-28W and Women Petite Plus are 12WP-22WP.  The Women’s Petite fit exactly like petite are supposed to with shorter lengths and shorter sleeves.  I particularly love Talbots blazers and jackets.  They seem to always have what I am looking for.  Something that caught my eye in their new arrivals is their Ponte knit Houndstooth blazer.  We know men’s wear prints are understated for fall and black and white houndstooth will fit in perfectly with most people’s wardrobe as a great extra blazer to wear with black and denim. Plus size ponte knit blazerRegular ponte knit blazerYou can’t lose with this blazer in any size!

Last place I am going to talk about is Joe Fresh.  It’s no secret that I buy all my tank tops from there.  They are a great price and then when your white tank is not white anymore you don’t feel bad turfing it and buying a new one.  active tankI am going to use this Joe Fresh Active tank as my example.  It comes in 4 colors and online it is available in XS-XL but if you find it in the stores it goes up to XXL.  I find the tanks work all year around as tanks and tops in the summer and as underneath layers in the fall and winter.

So to sum up do not fear if you feel your waist line growing or shrinking.  And a lot of women ( who don’t work on their posture) can lose height through menopause, don’t be afraid to try a petite size if you need or switch to a plus size if you need extra room.  As you can see by my examples you don’t have to sacrifice style for size.

Do you need help figuring out what works for your body? You can always set up an appointment with me and we can work on you being your best self. Email me at for an appointment.  You can use that same email to ask me fashion questions or to make suggestions for future blogs. And I will be Instagramming my own style as soon as my house gets back to normal.


Until next time…suethefashionista-card-frnt


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