What to keep and What to Pass on?

Every season we need to purge for the next season.  And I know you are all thinking but it’s still summer and I don’t want to think about fall.  But in another week or so all you will see in stores is fall clothes and the same online and in magazines.  So why not get your closet in shape to receive something new if you see a piece you can’t live without.

First thing first is what do I keep from last fall and what should I part with?  Well the good news is that Fall 2017 is not going to be an about-face from Fall 2016. That being said there will be new colors and trends and others you either want to toss from last year or just put away for a while.

One thing we are starting to say good-bye to is distressing on jeans. distressed jeansSo if your denim looks like these Kut from the Kloth boyfriend jeans it is time to say good-bye or see ya later if you spent a lot and want to hang on until spring. Denim for fall will be dark.  So pull out your dark skinny jeans and bootcuts and even dark boyfriends if you have them.  Think dark blues, and almost black denim J Brand Maude Cigarette jeans. These J. Brand Cigarette jeans from Nordstrom look so dark they are almost black. The trend in denim coming into fall is dark denim. with a little higher waist.  I have my favorite skinny jeans in dark denim ( Eileen Fisher) so I will be pulling them out again this year.  Most of us own a great pair of skinny dark jeans so if you want to buy something new maybe try a black pair in either skinny or boyfriend, or bootcut if you don’t already have it. MDN-P8110-INDIGO-ALT2_005The Eileen Fisher skinny jeans come in dark blue and you can even get them in black.  They really fit a curvy body.  I urge you to try a pair if you don’t have a favorite brand and are having trouble finding a great pair of skinny jeans.

We are still seeing dark florals for fall.  So if you bought dark florals last fall, because they were trending then, you can hang on to them.  There have been lots of dark florals since last fall, so anything flowy and dark with a floral pattern you definitely want to hang on to. Dark embroidered dressThe Emile Embroidered dress from Anthropologie is new for early fall and it is the perfect wear now and later piece.  Wear it now with flat colorful slides and later either with tights and flat suede boots or with your skinny dark jeans.  black floral topIf you are like me and bought some of the dark floral tops that Whitehouse Blackmarket had last February, you can totally pull them out and wear them again all fall.  They will look fantastic with all your dark denim!

Which leads me into ruffles and flowy tops and sleeves.  They are staying really strong for Fall 2017 too.  Keep what you already have bought.  The only thing that is switching is no more off the shoulder tops for fall, they have been strong for about a year and a half now.  Time to either donate or slip them to the cellar until they come back.  Fall is all about one shoulder tops and dresses. Vince camuto one shoulder dressThis dress by Vince Camuto will take you to all your dressed up occasions.  But I know we all have this look somewhere in our closets.  If you have it in a dark color, like navy, burgundy or black, now is the time to pull it out again. WHBM one shoulder topOne shoulder tops and sweaters are going to be strong as well ( this one from Whitehouse Blackmarket) so if you already own one you are all set!

Keep all your leathers.  Moto jackets are still going strong and so are leather skirts and pants.  The twist for fall is that the emphasis will be on the softness of the leather and not so much on the strength as it was last season. Trouve leather jacketSo any Moto jacket you have you need to keep, especially if it looks as soft as this Trouve Raw Edge Moto Jacket.

All those Kimono jackets we have been talking about are still going strong.  Even better if they have glitter or velvet and chiffon on them.  All those rich fabrics, done in rich colors like Gold and Burgundy will be super stylish this fall. Willow and Clay velvet KimonoAnd since Kimono tops have been strong for a couple of seasons everyone is bound to have one in their closet that is either velvet, like this Willow and Clay Kimono or has satin or lace or chiffon as part of the sleeve or pattern.  Keep those!

Your suits are still in style and the hemlines are still knee-length or below.  Get rid of any skirts that are super short.  Dresses and leggings still look good but not skirts and leggings.  Neutral plaids are all the rage for fall.  So it is a bonus if your suiting is plaid. Michael Kors Glen Plaid skirt.Designers like Michael Kors with his Glen Plaid stretch skirt or Co plaid silk Midi dressthis Co Hammered Silk Midi Dress illustrate what is coming in for Fall 2016.  So look in your closet and see if you have simple and neutral plaids and pull them to the front.

Seriously, get rid of all the mini skirts for fall.  Especially since not one designer is showing them for early fall.  One of the themes for Fall 2017 is throwback to the 70’s and 80’s. Yup, think shoulder pads and corduroy.  You may not still have them from back then, but midi is in and so is just below the knee so ditch your minis.

Other than that my best advice for your closet once again is to go though the whole closet.  Try on anything you aren’t sure still fits or looks good.  If it fits and looks good you are golden, if not-toss it!  Get rid of everything that just sat in your closet last season, pants, shirts, dresses, boots, shoes and bags.  If you didn’t wear it at all last fall, sell it or donate it because you won’t wear it this fall.

Colors to keep are Burgundy, Olive, Navy, Black (of course), Carmel, Brown and Gold.  Get rid of anything silver or pale.  You can still get away with your pale blue wool coat, but make in look new by wearing it with a chocolate pair of pants.  Keep everything gold, especially if it is glittery.

For Outerwear I am not going to tell you to get rid of your Puffer coats.  As we all know there is nothing that is going to keep you warmer in the cold of winter.  But Puffer coats are not strong this season.  Still I say keep them.  But if you want to try something new there are new ideas in coats going forward.  Forever in Style will be your classic wool coats Kenneth Cole long wool coatA coat like this classic single breasted Kenneth Cole Long Wool coat from Nordstrom will never go out of style.  So keep yours especially if it’s in a neutral color like black, navy, grey or camel.  But trending are things like fun faux fur Dries Van Noten Faux Fur jacketlike this Dries Van Norten Teddy Bear Jacket from Nordstrom. A lot of us have fun fur in our closets, mine are all in neutral blacks and browns, wear those if you have them and if not maybe try one of the bright ones. Marni Wool coatPatchwork is super strong for fall.  As illustrated by this Marni jacket.  You will see lots and lots of this going forward.  If you already have it now is the time to pull it out. Top Shop Quilted coatAnd last big trend for coats is quilt coats.  Think the quilt on your bed made into a coat.  This one is from Top Shop, so you can try the trend at inexpensive prices. Top Shop and Zara have lots of coats like these.

I don’t tend to get rid of my coats that often.  But go through your winter wear and see what fits, what will still work with your wardrobe and if not sell or toss it.

I know it’s really a daunting task going through your own closet and choosing what to keep and what to get rid of.  I am in that process right now.  If you need help you can hire me and in about 3 hours we can get it all done.  But if you want to do it yourself, do what I do.  Divide the closet into sections and take small breaks after each one. But if you want to hire me I am happy to help. Just email me at Suethefashionista@gmail.com to set up an appointment.

Fall clothes are some of the most exciting and wonderful season clothing.  Everyone loves their black suede boots and cashmere sweaters.  But getting your closet ready for it takes a bit of time and you really need to make sure you are not keeping things that don’t fit or look good anymore.  Good luck with getting it ready!

Please remember that there are no blogs August 16 and 23.  There will be one August 9.  Use the above email to ask me all your fashion questions or set up a styling or wardrobing (closet) appointment.

Until next time…suethefashionista-card-frnt


One thought on “What to keep and What to Pass on?

  1. As we all know, fashion trends change from season to season. But we can mix, match and change up in a ton of ways for same cloth. We don’t need to renew our wardrobe every season.


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