What to buy when everything’s on sale!

The middle to the end of every July the stores are flooded with spring and summer clothes that must go before the early fall clothes start arriving in August.  Which is a bonus for anyone who has time and money to maybe steal a great piece that they can wear for the rest of this summer and possibly next.

The first place I always start is with shoes.  I do this is February with boots and I do it in July with sandals.  Last summer I got a fabulous pair of See by Chloe Sandals for half price.  Go to your favorite shoe stores, almost all of them should be close to 50% off right now.  What should you look for? Well, firstly I would stick with things you like and that are kind of classic, like this Dolce Vita mule.  Dolce Vita MulesAs a matter of fact I think mules will be so strong next spring as well, I would definitely look for them on sale to tuck away for next year. Another great shoe that looks great now and you can pull out for vacation in the winter or next spring is an espadrille. Eileen Fisher Espadrille

This one is from Eileen Fisher.  The Ankle wrap is going to stay strong and Eileen Fisher shoes are great quality and super comfortable but a bit pricey.  So snatch a pair on sale if you can.  Here is a hint: Nordstrom carries Eileen Fisher and their sale prices are usually much better than the Eileen Fisher stores.

Another great shoe to nab now and wear now, early fall and next spring is a classic spring bootie. Dolce Vita Summer bootThis bootie is once again by Dolce Vita. And in this dark taupe suede you could wear it all year round. The last shoe I am going to talk about is the it shoe for this spring and summer and that is the heeled mule.  They were all over the place.  But that also means because they were so strong this spring, they will likely be back next spring.  So why not pick up a pair on sale and keep them?Patricial green muleThis Patricia Green mule has a slight platform and is the perfect shoe to go from the office to dinner and will be next spring too.  Grab it while it is on sale.

Another staple you may want to try and buy on sale is denim.  I cheat with denim a little, I likely buy more of my jeans on sale than I do at regular price unless I am desperate.  So watch things like Hautelook and Nordstrom Rack online because they always have the denim brand you wear on sale at one point.  Even though the prices are in US dollars it is usually a pretty good deal. 7 for all mankind jeansThis pair of 7 for all Mankind straight leg jeans are on sale for 60% off at Nordstrom Rack online.  They are under $100.  Now that’s a great price for a pair of jeans you can wear all year and for years. I can assure you there are 3 styles of jeans you will be wearing forever.  One is the straight leg like the pair above, the next is skinny jeans Joe's jeans skinny anklelike these Joe’s skinny ankle jeans at Nordstrom Rack for 55% off regular price and finally the boyfriend. It’s not always easy to find the boyfriend jeans you like on sale but True Religion Boyfrienda pair that is 50% off like these True Religion Mid rise ones will fit almost all of us.  When you are buying premium denim on sale that you want to keep for years, stay away from gimmicks like distressing and holes. I’d even stay away from embroidery on denim.  All those things come and go too easily.  Also distressed denim is not really appropriate over a certain age, it just looks like you are trying too hard to look like someone younger.  And that doesn’t look good on anyone.

The other thing I look for on sale are certain kinds of tops that I can wear now, maybe in the winter on holiday and next spring. I try and stay away from things that are super trendy (unless it is something I have wanted and it’s on sale and I will wear it a ton until the weather gets colder). For sale tops I buy the staples. Harlow and Graham lace blouseWhen I say staples, I mean the kind of staples your wardrobe needs.  Mine can always use a blouse on sale like this Harlow and Graham lace blouse. I can wear it with skirts and dressy bottoms and it also dresses up jeans.  Or maybe Catherine by Catherine Malandrino printed blousepick up something in a dark floral, this blouse is Catherine by Catherine Malandrino and dark florals and bell sleeves are going to go right into fall and stay with you all through to next spring.  This type of blouse could always work in my closet all year round.  And it’s nice to see Equipment blouses on sale, so a blouse like this peasant one equipment peasant blouseis something I can wear under my sweaters and blazers in the fall and on its own now and in early spring.  Buy the type of top that suits your needs.  Stay away from things that are too trendy like off the shoulder and open shoulder, you can’t keep wearing those when the weather gets colder.  Or buy something like a great silk shell Hugo Boss silk shellyou will never be sorry to have this stretch silk shell by Hugo Boss in your closet.  Wear it under blazers and sweaters.  These are the kinds of tops you can pick up on sale because you wouldn’t pay the regular price for them.

I don’t tend to buy a lot of accessories on sale.  Maybe the odd purse, but I find the after Christmas sales are better for purses.  But you could pick up great earrings and necklaces that have been marked down.  Here you can go trendy, chances are the styles will change for next year.  Pom-poms come and go.  But fringe seems to stay, so maybe try a pair of fringe earrings J. Crew beaded tassel earrings.  These beaded tassel earrings are 40% right now at J. Crew.  Wear them right into fall if you buy them in black or red. Or pick up a great statement necklace that you can wear all year round star floral necklacelike this star floral necklace from J. Crew.  I could see this being worn with a round neck dress in the winter as well as a cute maxi dress in the summer.  Just choose things that work with what you need and what you wear.  I don’t care how good a deal a pair of earrings are, if you will never wear them than don’t buy them even on sale.


That same philosophy goes with all sale shopping.  Even if it is 70% off, if it is something you won’t usually wear don’t buy it.  Don’t buy it if there is a flaw in it or if it doesn’t fit. No one wants to pay more to alter something than it cost in the first place.  Shop carefully and you will be able to save a lot of money on the things you really wear.

LIke I said at the start everything is on sale this month. I get the emails daily about how much everything is off at each store.  Just make sure you try it on before you buy and follow the simple rules above, must fit and no flaws and you will be fine.

I had a request to talk about this now.  So I bumped my ageless dressing blog for another two weeks.  Next week we can talk about what to keep from last fall in order to get ready for this coming fall.  Stay tuned Fall 2017 is looking good and if you have been following my advice you have a lot of the building blocks already for a great wardrobe.

A reminder there will be no blogs on Aug. 16th and 23rd.  But once I am back I will start right in with fall dressing and all the trends on Aug. 30.  But stay tuned next week and we can start to get your wardrobe ready for fall.

If you have questions or comments please email them to me at Suethefashionista@gmail.com, you can also email me to set up a styling appointment as I am booking for September 2017.   I hope this helped clarify how to shop for the sales that are surrounding us and good luck finding what your wardrobe needs at a great price.


Until next time…Suethefashionista card frnt

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