No Blog May 31

Hi everyone!  This week 2 blogs went online.  I hope you read them both.  The first is about denim, something I wear practically every day and the second is about a weekend away and what to pack.

Because 2 blogs went online today there will be no blog on Wednesday May 31.  But don’t worry June will be full of blogs.  The first 2 weeks of June will be about spring hair and make up and spring/summer occasion dressing.  Then, as per special requests, I will be doing a special men’s fashion blog in honour of Father’s day on June 21.  There will be no blog on June 28 and back to blogging in July.


I would love to hear from all my followers if there are any particular fashion subjects you would like to hear about for my July blogs. Your feedback is really important to me.

After a break in August I will be back the end of August and we will start talking about fall and getting your closet ready for it.


So enjoy the double blog Wednesday and please send me your ideas for July blogs!


Suethefashionista card frnt

2 thoughts on “No Blog May 31

  1. Hey Sue,
    A lot of people think that if you haven’t worn anything for a year, get rid of it. I used to only purchase (what I thought were) items of quality. I have found some old gems that I am reviving; my financial situation has changed (hopefully, not permantely) and I feel that using old pieces with new is a good way to breathe new life into something. Do you think it’s crass to wear something that is 10-15 years old, but still fits, is in good condition, and is back on trend? Or, do you think people are just being polite when they compliment me on my latest outfit?
    Feeling a bit insecure about the whole thing, but kind-of proud that the old clothes still fit, that I had taste, and that I was smart and lucky enough to buy quality items.
    P.s. You don’t talk about maintaining garments; I just thought a side note about proper garment care would be of use to people looking to stretch the wear of a favourite and prized piece.
    I will take no offence if you rip me a new one for asking such questions, but appreciate your feedback.
    Much love, Lynn Zimmerman


    • Hi Lynn,
      I advocate changing things up by saying if you haven’t worn it in a year get rid of it. But I do that to basically tell those readers who haven’t overturned their closet in a dozen years how to weed out what they don’t wear anymore. No point having something that you haven’t worn in a few years or won’t wear again in your closet. I also don’t spend a fortune on my clothes. I have the odd piece, like a Boss blazer or Aquaitalia boots that I will keep for years and years, but most of my clothes, especially those that fit the current season’s trends are cheap and cheerful.
      Now to your question, I love it when people have exceptional pieces that they can wear with current items to make an outfit. I absolutley don’t think it’s crass or unfashionable to wear things that are 10-15 years old as long as it still looks good and fits you. I wear the ‘vintage’ things I have as well with current trend items. I think if you feel you look good ( you know what works and what doesn’t on you) then rock what you have!

      Your right and it’s a great idea to do a garment and shoe maintenance blog. I will put that on my list to do for one of my July blogs.
      I really appreciate you feedback and questions. Vintage is very cool and if you have something vintage wear it with pride. I consider vintage anything 10 years and older.

      Thanks again for your feedback and keep well,



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