Spring Trends: Bad is Good

Every year you get one of the seasonal trends that is an ode to leather and edgy looking fashion.  That is why things like the moto style leather jacket and moto style boots never seem to go out of style.  You can pretty much wear them all year round and the jacket can even work with a dressier dress if you pair it properly.

For Spring 2017 this trend is back again.  This season we are pairing the edgy pieces like distressed denim, leather jackets and black with florals and brights to make them fresh for spring.  So don’t even thing about putting away your leather jacket or black jeans because you will want to wear them with all the new pieces that are showing.

What exactly is the look for spring when we say Bad is Good? It is not really one look.  It is more like the pieces you take that are trending this spring and what you put them with. bad is good picFor example, this top from Whitehouse Black market is a little more on the edgy side because of the mesh.  It still hits all the right notes for Spring 2017 with the ruffles and floral.  Pair it with a pair of distressed denim, black jeans or skinny black pants and you have the Bad is Good look we are talking about.  Or you can just use what you have in your closet to affect the same look. bad is good pic 2Here is WHBM’s updated moto jacket for spring, but you can use any moto jacket with a white t-shirt and skinny jeans.  Casually worn with black sneakers or dress it up with mules or edgy sandals. peep toe tie up shoesA pair of peep toe tie up shoes like these from Hudson Shoes at Anthropologie will work with all your outfits all season long.

Even though this look is leaning more to the casual or casual dressy side of attire.  You can still take pieces and wear them to work or out in the evening and just tone the edginess up or down. black floral topOne of my favorite spring tops is this off the shoulder black floral top from WHBM.  It’s great with denim.  But I also love it ( and own it and wear it) dressier with black skinny pants and a long back pencil skirt. You could even wear it with jeans and tie up shoes ( pilcro)these dark crop flare Pilcro jeans ( Anthropologie) and lace up black sandals. The sandals are perfect for the edgy look and they are also from Anthropologie. black top with choker and white jeansAs equally important to this trend as black denim will be white denim as the weather gets warmer. Any black top with some detail and a great choker ( everywhere for spring) with white jeans. j band cropped distressed jeanEdge your black top up a bit more by wearing white distressed jeans, these ones are J. Brand and available at Nordstrom.  I think I have said in the past, the white jeans I wear are Eileen FisherEileen Fisher white jeansand even though they cost a bit more, they are not see through and are a great staple to have in your closet.

Wearing this look with denim is pretty much a no brainer, black tops and jeans have been a staple in most women’s wardrobe for years.  There are other items you can add to your wardrobe, and some you might already have. dressy sweat top and black skinnysThis outfit from Anthro could take you to the office. Basic black skinnys with a fleece top with lace, could also be great for dinner with friends. cammo pants ( sanctuary)Or try a pair of cammo pants ( also Anthro) with tie up sandals and a black t-shirt.  I have a pair of cammo skinny pants like these and I wear them both casually and dressier.  I have worn them with a black blazer, ruffled white shirt and high heels and I have worn them with black sneaker and a grey sweatshirt.  This season I will wear them with black mules Eileen fisher black mules, like these ones from Eileen Fisher and either a black t-shirt for casual or a flowy black shirt like the one above with white jeans.  It’s always nice to have a different look than denim once in a while.

wild-fox-pineapple-tLogo t-shirts are really big for spring, this T is from Anthro’s early spring collection, so it may not still be available but there are lots at every store and on every site. Wear them with skinny jeans and heels for fun going out look or just with distressed jeans and sneakers for a casual and edgy daytime look. cold shoulder t shirtsThe other great t-shirt look is the cold shoulder T.  This one is from WHBM, comes in lots of colors and really can be worn anywhere, dressy or casual.  Just maybe not to a conservative office.

But you could wear some of this look dressier and maybe even to the office ( if your office is a bit more creative). A great pair of wide leg black pants wide leg crepe pantslike these ones in crepe from Ann Taylor paired with a fitted side tie topside tie top in Red or black, also from AT would be great for the office or a luncheon.  For evening take the same pant and putback cut out shirta cut out black top ( make sure the hem of the top meets the waist of the skirt so you don’t look too short) and you are set for evening.

Another evening look is any fitted floral dress floral maxi with built in chokerI love this one from WHBM because it has a self choker. lace skirt and topFor a really dressy look try a black lace skirt ( yes your black lace skirt shows up again) matched with a black lace top, both are WHBM. Edge it up with shoes and accessories.

One item that every wardrobe should have is a great pair of skinny black pants. This version is by J.Crew and it is the Martie bi stretch cotton skinny black pants.  This pair is side zip. You can wear skinny black pants with everything in this trend.  A pair of these pants and a white flowy shirt and a leather jacket and you have it down pat!basic black skinny pants

What kind of shoes can edge up an outfit? I like black mules black muleslike these tasselled ones from WHBM. Or any of the lace up ones that I have shown above. What accessories are important for this look?  The choker is probably the most important necklace beaded chokerthere are lots and lots of chokers everywhere, I really like this velvet beaded one from WHBM, not too expensive and you can wear it all year round.  Another important necklace to this trend is the lariat necklace black lariat necklaceI picked this black one from WHBM to show but any color leather with detail would work.  The other piece that really edges up an outfit is a wound up bracelet wound up bracelet.  They are truly everywhere for spring and have been for a while.  But the great thing about this one that I am showing you is, that it is the necklace from above serving double duty as a bracelet! Pretty cool.

If you want to make life easy for yourself.  Lots and lots of tops come with self chokers. trouve choker topHere is an example from Trouve at Nordstrom but I have seen them in every color and almost everywhere.

So use this trend to keep your wardrobe on edge.  Have fun with it and try and add a piece of two to what you wear every day.  I personally really like this trend as a dressy casual look. I love wearing black tops with jeans and love mesh and lace etc.

When I finish going through the trends in a few weeks I will do a shoes and accessory blog of what is new for spring and will do a blog mixing trends together.  I think one of the keys to a great wardrobe is being able to mix all the pieces together!

If you have style questions or want to book a styling appointment either in person or over Skype.  Just email me at Suethefashionista@gmail.com. I am also posting outfit videos on Instagram so check them out. On Instagram follow me as Sue Hector.

I also have to apologize that some of this blog posted on Sunday.  Sometimes I hit publish instead of save and can’t take it back!

I hope you found a little bit of info that will help you tweak your wardrobe to embrace a bit of edginess. Until next time…Suethefashionista card frnt

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