Spring 2017 Part 1

We all know that we are still living in winter.  That is everyone knows but the clothes in the stores and the magazines are trying to tell us differently.  But in another month hopefully winter will be a distant memory and we are going to crave new and fresh clothes as much as we crave the warmth and brightness of a spring day.

Spring 2017 hasn’t drifted that far from some of the trends we saw last spring and even into fall 2016.  So there are going to be a lot of your clothes you can wear again for another season.  That being said, a few new items can freshen up what you already have a make it look brand new.

I am going to break the introduction into Spring 2017 into two blog posts.  Then each week I will explore a different trend for spring in detail until we are done. I am already in love with some of the things I have been seeing so I hope you are too.

Let’s get started:

  1. Pretty Prairie

What is pretty prairie, well it will include the new Boho romantic look we are already seeing in many stores. All the ruffles that we are seeing on sleeves, necklines and hems.  Also the shootie ( shoe/boot combo) is strong and this is the trend that you will see it most in. whbm-embroidered-jeansThere is a lot new in denim for spring.  We are seeing a few really strong trends that may prompt you to add to your denim wardrobe.  One is the embroidery on jeans like in this Whitehouse Blackmarket jean.  Another is the unfinished hem.joes-high-rise-debbie-jean-with-uneven-hemWe are seeing this in skirts and denim dresses too. The last really new trend is nyc-cropped-jeanpilcro-detail-jeanis some sort of hemline detail on your jeans. It can be as simple as the frayed long hem on these NYC jeans or as detailed as another piece of fabric sewn on like the Pilcro jeans, both jeans are from Anthropologie.

Pretty Prairie is also all the ruffle and romantic looks that I showed the last couple of weeks.

Blouses and tops with bell sleeves or romantic lattice details. These are both from WHBM. willow-and-clay-peasant-blouseYou can be as Boho as this peasant top from Willow and Clay or as bobeau-ruffle-tsimple as this Bobeau ruffle t-shirt and be right on trend. chelsea28-off-the-shoulder-ruffle-dressOff the shoulder is still very strong and even with just one shoulder showing you are going to see.  A dress like this one from Chelsea28 can be soft and romantic and right on trend.

Pair your romantic boho looks with shoes like whbm-suede-shootiethis shootie from WHBM or dolce-vita-bootiea casual low bootie like this Dolce Vita one from Nordstrom Rack.

Accessories in this trend will echo romantic and one of the newest trends that you can see in the is Boho romantic trend and a few others is the new long navel grazing pendants. choker-lariat-neckalceChokers are still strong but when paired into a lariat long necklace it really says Spring 2017. frieda-rothman-long-necklaceOr stick with a simple strand of station beads that hit right to your midsection.  Both necklaces can be found at Nordstrom Rack.com


2. Bright Stripes

There is a whole ton of new style Athletic leisure on the market for spring. And the Bright stripes trend includes all of that and all the rainbow brights and tropical brights we are seeing come forth.  Brightness is everywhere this spring, in dresses, tops, casual wear and office wear.  Pair bright separates with bright stripes or tropical prints and you will own this trend.

What I love about this trend is that it makes more casual wear the new norm. at-popover-tunicAnn Taylor has a wonderful collection of bright stripes for spring that can take you right into the workplace and out for dinner.  This stripe tunic can be worn anywhere. at-fluted-sleeve-blouseOr just pop on a bright AT blouse and maybe pair it with denim on the weekend and for work withmadewell-crop-track-pantsMadewell’s cropped track pant. Track pants and joggers are great with the new lower heeled pumps for the work place. sole-society-pumpA lower heel d’orsay pump like this from Sole Society will bring track pants or joggers and a blouse to life. trouve-ruffle-hem-bomberFor the office or out for dinner with a casual jogger or track pant pair the ruffle bomber from Trouve.  This will take a striped top and casual pants into the workplace and dinner.

Another fun way to explore this trend is with a striped dress. at-striped-dressThis AT striped dress can be worn to the office with a bootie or pump and with sneakers on the weekend. j-crew-pop-stripe-dressOr take your stripes up a notch and out to dinner! The thing I love the most about this trend is that you can dress it up or down. trouve-long-bomber-jacketA long bomber like this one from Trouve trouve-side-snap-pantpaired with white jeans or these side snap track pants from Trouve as well, can be paired with any stripe top j-crew-limited-edition-t( I love this limited edition stripe t-shirt from J.Crew, but they have almost the same thing at Joe Fresh for only $16)to be casual, if you put it with a sneaker whbm-canvas-sneakerlike this canvas one from WHBM or dressy if you put it with a shootie vince-camuto-peep-toe-shootielike this Vince Camuto peep toe shootie ( peep toes are still really strong for spring) or even wear it out for dinner if you pair it with a pump. whbm-chnky-heel-mary-janeLike this chunky heel mary jane from WHBM. at-flutter-sleeve-topYou can also add botanicals to this trend.  But they will come up later as well.  But as a mix and match remember some of the botanicals that are the same tones will mix with the bright stripes.

Right now you are seeing nautical colors in this trend but as the weather gets warmer look for colors mixed like red and pink, blue and red and yellow with everything! One last thing I want to talk about in this trend is the second coming of the utility sandal. Some will call them flatforms, but I love this sandal.  My wardrobe has two shoe seasons, boots and sandals.  I am in love with both.

These two sandals really illustrate the trend. Dr. Scholl’s and Marc Fisher.  Both totally will work with 90% of the outfits you would put together here. robert-clergerieBut if you want to take it up a notch these Robert Clergerie sandals have the stripe and prepster look that this trend is all about. j-crew-espadrilleIf you have a pair of espadrilles like these J.Crew classics than wear these and don’t worry about anything else here!

One last thing that you will see a lot of associated with the athletic leisure trend is the bra top as a top.  Women over 45 really shouldn’t pay it any attention.  Don’t wear it over your blouses or on its own.  This trend belongs to your daughter here, not you.

I am going to leave it here this week.  Next week I will cover the rest of the spring trends and then try to break each one down separately in a blog.

Something that I am seeing a lot of as a transition look, and transition into spring can be worn all February, March and April is black and white. I wear a lot of black and white.  Black jeans with a bright white shirt is always in.  Wear one of the ruffle sleeve white shirts or wear a black blazer with white jeans.  Both are fabulous transition looks before you are really ready to jump into a lot of color for spring. talbots-black-knit-blazerTalbots has this black knit blazer that would be great with a striped t-shirt and black joggers, or denim as a transition piece.

Do you need help planning your spring wardrobe? Or do you have an event coming up this spring or summer and want to be styled for it.  Email me at Suethefashionista@gmail.com and set up an appointment. I have a few spots left before March 10.  Then I am not available again until the beginning of April.  You can use the same email to ask a fashion question and I will do my best to answer.

Remember get rid of all the things that you won’t be wearing again and do it soon.  It’s hard to picture your new season of clothes with all the old duds still taking up valuable closet real estate!


Until next time…Suethefashionista card frnt

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