Fashion questions and what to keep and What to toss.

Finally we are starting to see the end of winter.  Even though it is not right around the corner, a groundhog assured us there is not 6 more weeks of it this year.  And while we are still wearing our winter items it is a good time to take stock of what we have, what we want to keep and what we will still be wearing.  But first I asked for questions and I have 3 that came in so I will answer those and then move to what you want to get rid of.

One reader asked is it true that women only need one cashmere sweater and if so what is the best style to buy.

Well truthfully, if you live in a colder climate like the northern US or Canada you are going to need more than one cashmere sweater. But if you had to only buy one, I would recommend either a great cashmere cardigan or a classic v neck. j-crew-cashmere-cardiganThis lightweight classic style from J. Crew can be worn over shirts and t-shirts but can also be worn on its own as a top.  If you are spending money on a cashmere sweater make sure it is a color you can wear all year round and a style you can wear and make it look unique.  j-crew-classic-v-neckAs far as a v-neck is concerned ( this is also from J. Crew) make sure it is something you can wear over a shirt or t-shirt or wear on its own as well.  A v-neck is a more casual style than a cardigan so if your life style is casual than this is the sweater for you.  My favorite style for a cashmere sweater is a turtleneck plus size Talbots cashmere turtleneck $149.99but it is strictly a winter sweater.  If I were building a new wardrobe these are the 3 styles I would stick to for cashmere.

Another reader asks if a woman can get away with only 2 shades of lipsticks.

Well I guess the answer is yes.  A shade that you will wear for daytime and one to wear for night-time.  The best bet is to go to a good make up artist or to a make up counter like Bobbi Brown where they have tons of different lip shades and you can find what suits you best. I would change the two shades I use seasonally.  But here are my suggestions.

For fall I would suggest bobbi-brown-lip-colorthis Blue Raspberry color for daytime and something more dramatic for evening fall-evening-liplike this crimson or you can even go for a dramatic red.  I have rediscovered dramatic red this winter and love wearing it.

For spring I would maybe stick with the same day color or go a bit lighter and for evening I would change to a shimmer color spring-evening-liplike this shimmer blush tone.  But you really need to ask a professional if you want to pare it down that much.  You need to make sure that whatever you choose matches your skin tone.

Last question:  I just bought a brown pair of short boots. I don’t know what color top to wear with my jeans. Do I need to tie the shirt in with the color of the boot?

Brown is a neutral color.  It is like black.  Basically a brown short boot can be work with any color. Wearing a brown boot is like wearing brown-short-bootsomething like vanilla.  It can become whatever you want it to be.  Here is an image from Anthropologie where the short brown boot is worn dressier with a skirt and sweater. brown-boot-2or wear it more casually like in this image from Nordstrom.  It really doesn’t matter what color you wear with it, it will go with almost everything.

Those are the 3 questions that came in. Please always feel free to send me questions and I can either answer them personally or on my blog, whichever you choose.


Now let’s switch gears.  We are all getting ready for spring by cleaning out our closets in the next week or two.  If you bring your clothes to a re sale store, check and see when they want them.  If not and you want to donate them, there are lots of women’s shelters etc that take whatever, whenever.

Here is what I am suggesting you hang onto for this spring from last year:

Boho looks!  They will all be back again.  Especially all the florals and floaty tops and bottoms. whbm-floral-topA couple of weeks ago we talked about detail on clothing and I showed some of the new tops Whitehouse Blackmarket has for spring.  They have really hit the nail on the head this spring and here is another fab top from them. Any florals you have will still be in. Keep them! floral-pantsYes, even those floral pants ( WHBM), I have a pair and will hang onto them for one more spring. medallion-print-maxi-skirtAlso hang onto all your printed maxi skirts ( WHBM) they are all a part of Spring 2017’s Boho trend. This spring the emphasis will be on pretty in through every trend, so any Boho items you can make work that you already have by just adding a pretty purse, shoe or accessory. astr-boho-dressI bought this great Astr dress last spring and it make it work this spring because it can be worn with pretty accessories.

Stripes!  Keep anything you have with stripes.  Especially if it is bright and the stripes and bold!  All those striped t-shirts will still be strong all spring long. Look at what Anthropologie is showing in their new arrivals: striped-pantsA really bold stripe pant.  I am not sure this look is for everybody but it does accentuate what the trend is. Perhaps easier to wear and just as trendy striped-dressis this pretty little striped dress also from Anthro. j-crew-striped-casn-tankPerhaps a little more down to earth is a striped tank ( J. Crew) or a striped t-shirt that you can wear under sweaters now and later in the spring on their own. Keep you stripes!

Do you remember all the tough and pretty trends we saw last year.  They are back again So keep all those accents that worked for you. Going forward you are either going to see it a little more sporty or rocker but sporty mixed with runners and baseball caps and rocker mixed with dark florals. So keep your moto jacket and moto boots handy!

You will be mixing and putting them with all your pinks and florals.

All your utilitarian jackets, shirts and pants.  Keep them! 20150806_123307Remember this image from a J.crew store I was in, well the pants and denim jacket are in but this year with a pink or soft shade shirt. hinge-bomber-jacketOne of my favorite Nordstrom brands is Hinge.  This is their bomber jacket, if you have a jacket like this or one like hinge-utility-jacketthis utilitarian one, keep them for sure.  But if you have to buy one, buy it in as soft a pastel as you can find.  Utilitarian is meeting frills and softness but the basic silhouettes will still be the same.

And , keep all your girly, frilly, checked and playful styles.  They will all be in this spring and I can’t emphasize enough how important they will be. Off the shoulder will be huge again so keep it if you have it. off-the-shoulderThe soft feminine look will be strong. This WHBM off the shoulder top illustrates it perfectly.  If you have one and it’s print it will be even stronger! cold-shoulderThe cold shoulder trend will also be strong in textures and brights too!

Lastly, your denim – head to toe denim is going to be super strong.  Keep all your light weight denim tops, pants, dresses and skirts.  Especially if they have some embellishment. embelished-denimThis jean detail from Anthro is just a sample of what will be in stores for spring. whbm-jeansAnd this is the look WHBM is showing for denim for spring. So if you have denim with any embellishments,  Keep them!!!

Remember that when you are cleaning out your closet, don’t keep anything that doesn’t fit or doesn’t look good on you anymore, even if it is on trend.  I am getting rid of a striped dress that is right in style but really doesn’t work on my body.  Be true to your body and you will love what is in your closet.

If you don’t want to face your closet on your own, call me or email me. I can be booked for a wardrobing appointment to help you clean your closet and pare down your wardrobe to be something you love. Email me at I would love to work with you.  I am also booking spring styling appointments for the beginning of March and into April.  So use the same email to book that.  Also if you have questions email them to me and if I get enough I can always have a portion of my weekly blog to answer them.  And keep checking Instagram! I will post style videos weekly.


Next week we will start to dive into spring trends.  So please stay tuned!


Until next time…Suethefashionista card frnt

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