Denim, Denim, Denim

One thing about the world of denim I notice is that it is ever-changing and yet always the same.  You really can’t say that about any other fabric or piece of clothing. How many of us live in our jeans?  Even if you are in career mode, denim makes up how you spend the hours that you are not ‘on the job’. And as we move forward into the 21st century, there are less and less work places where denim isn’t welcome.

There are new trends in denim for 2017.  But that doesn’t mean that your skinny dark wash jeans are out of style.  Actually I don’t even need to go out on a limb to say that they pretty much will always be in style! But I have blogged endlessly about how great a pair of dark wash skinny jeans are to a wardrobe.  So I won’t go on and on about them again.  Let’s just say for a woman in her 40’s or 50’s they will be your go to jean.

So what is new for 2017 in the world of denim.  Well, let’s start with what is still in style from last year.

The first thing that is remaining strong for 2017 is distressed denim.distressed-jeans-by-sevenThese are by Seven.  But the distressed denim look is everywhere, in all washes and leg styles. madewell-skinny-distressedMadewell has the basic high-rise skinny jean many ways and one way is distressed but they also have cropped-white-distressedtheir cropped ankle jean in colors and distressed and

are showing both boyfriend and straight ankle jeans in distressed as well.  A couple of things to know about buying distressed jeans. Firstly, please make sure that there are not more holes than denim. You want the distressed part to be subtle and interesting not overwhelming. Second, do they actually look good on you? That is a big question, many women ae not honest with themselves.  This style is not for every figure and if you are curvy with larger legs, it is not flattering. And lastly, is your teenage or 20-year-old daughter wearing the same pair as you.  If so, you are not looking young and hip but old and stupid and it’s time to dress for your age. I know that is harsh, but really and truly there are plenty of styles that suit women in their 40’s and 50’s without borrowing from the younger generation. A great pair to start with would be like the Madewell high riser skinny distressed above. A great fitting pair of jeans with a subtle distressing at the knees.

Another style that is here to stay is the ankle flare jean with the raw hem.  I am seeing them all over the place with early spring styles on-line and in stores. pilcro-script-mid-rise-crop-jeanThese are Anthropologie’s Pilcro Script mid rise cropped jean.  If you bought a pair last year ( I did) then keep them, wear them now with booties and later with sandals and flats. It looks like they will be strong for another season or 2. Some of the newer interpretations of this style dl1961-patti-high-rise-jeanhave a higher rise and lighter wash, these are DL1961 also from Anthro and if you really want to put a newer spin on this style buy a new pair with a slight distress mother-nomad-high-rise-kick-flare-jeanslike these ones from Mother at Anthro. I also own a pair in black denim and find that they work dressier as well.

Another jean that they are still showing everywhere is the bootcut leg to flared style. Denim that doesn’t cling to your leg is particularly flattering if you are curvy and have heavy thighs. I have never seen someone who doesn’t look good in a bootcut jean. joes-honey-curvy-bootcut-jeansJoe’s does a wonderfully flattering bootcut ( the honey curvy jean) in a dark wash that is so complimentary and you can find the at Nordstrom. paige-genevieve-wide-leg-jeanAnd PAIGE does a Genevieve jean that will look good on absolutely everyone. I have shown dark wash in both these styles but lighter washes will still be good going forward too.  So if you have these in your wardrobe hang on to them.  You will still be wearing them though 2017.

And lastly who can ever give up their boyfriend jeans (or girlfriend jeans as some brands call them). Boyfriend jeans are a great spring summer staple. I wear mine all year round and love them with chunky booties now and any type of sandal or wedge later. seven-rolled-cuff-girlfriend-jeanNothing beats a great pair of rolled cuff jeans.  These are by Seven, their girlfriend jean.  Mine is from Eileen Fisher and I love them.

So what are the new things you can look forward to in denim?

There are some new things that will suit everybody. One of the trends I really like in 2017 denim is jeans-with-a-side-seam-that-twists-to-the-frontwhere the side seam twists to the front of the leg.  I had a lot of trouble finding this image in one of the stores, this is from Pinterest. But it’s a really flattering look, especially for heavier legs.  Keep your eyes open when you shop for denim with a twisting side seam and try a pair on!

The raw edge trend is so strong for denim going forward but a new twist on it is joes-high-rise-debbie-jean-with-uneven-hemthe uneven hem. These are Joe’s jeans and you will see that they are just a bit shorter in the front than the back. We started to see this a few seasons ago but it went away and now they are showing it again for spring.  It’s fun and unexpected and will work now with motorcycle style booties and later with wedges and sandals. You could even put the two new trends together and PAIGE is doing just that; paige-twisting-seam-jeans-with-uneven-hemthe detail on the sided seam gives the illusion of the seam twisting to the front and the hem is slightly higher in the front than the back. I really like this combination and I think it will look great on most women.

Another interesting denim trend we are starting to see is the decorated jeans.  Whether it’s studs, embroidery or patches.  If you want a new pair of jeans try one with some oomf. pilcro-midrise-embroidered-jeanA really fun pair of jeans that is great on almost every woman is this pair of Pilcro embroidered jeans at Anthro. It’s a bit wider and would be great as you see it with high-heeled summer booties and it also is playful enough but not something that your younger daughter would look as good in.levis-501-jeans Even Levi’s has modernized a pair of their 501 jeans by making the patched look, the great thing about these patches and they elongate your legs instead of making them look wider.  Also at Anthro. current-elliot-fling-bf-jeansOr go all out with the polka dot trend ( one of the trends going into spring) and wear polka dot jeans by Current/Elliot. I found these at Nordstrom.  Nordstrom has a section on their website that shows you all their denim brands that have detail. One caution, wear age appropriate details.  If you think it looks too young, trust me it is.

One of the best ways to age gracefully is to wear trends that suit you and nod to the others with an accessory or not at all. Your 40’s and 50’s is a time to shine and be beautiful and not to compete with women 20 years your junior.

I am one of those women who is obsessed with my jeans.  I pretty much wear denim as much as possible. Right now I am into my skinny jeans but I do love my cropped flare raw edge ones too and they will be back in favor soon, just like my boyfriends.

Is buy denim making you nervous or on edge? If so I am just an email away. Email me at I am happy to shop with you or go through your own closet and find the denim gems that are hiding in there. It’s also just about time to be clearing out our closets for Spring.  Need help with what to keep and what to get rid of, my wardrobing and closet cleaning rates are quite reasonable.  In about 3 hours you and I can clean out your closet and find clothing in their that you will wear going forward. Use the same email to set up a styling, shopping or wardrobing appointment.  You can also email me your questions or blog suggestions and I will answer quickly.


Until next time…suethefashionista-card-frnt

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