Accessories and Answers! By Guest Blogger Shoshana Lewis.

I am so honoured to have my friend Shoshana Lewis guest blogging for us this week.  Shoshana is a fashionista who specializes in accessories and sells her own line of accessories called Shok Designs. I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I did and I assure you she answers a lot of questions about how to wear and when to wear accessories.



To trend or not to trend? That is the question when you are over 40!
As an accessory specialist and often wardrobe consultant, this is one of my most frequently asked questions. What does one do with all the trends we see in magazines and on-line?  Can I wear over-the-knee boots, show my midriff, wear bright red lipstick or rock a huge statement necklace?
I always say to my clients, don’t follow “the trends” but follow your own trends.  If they happen to match up – it’s a go.  For instance – if skinny jeans are your thing and you feel good in them you can wear them at 20 or 70 years of age.
Accessories are no different.  I have always believed (generally speaking) that less is more.  I follow that rule in almost everything I do, and figuring out my accessories is no different.  If you have a fabulous holiday statement necklace – make that be your only wardrobe statement.  Pair it with small stud earrings and no bracelet.  Wear it over a simple black dress or with a plain white – T. image1

Following simple rules as we age is an easy way to make sure we don’t look too trendy or too much like our teenage daughters.
Accessorizing for your body shape and height is equally as important as anything else you put on. For instance a long necklace (33 inches and longer) should never end in between you bust line.  It should always go a few inches below.  This draws the eye down and gives the illusion of a longer torso and a slimmer you!  Similarly a shorter necklace should not drop into your cleavage, it should end a few inches above the beginning of your bust line. image2

Chokers are all the rage this holiday season, this is a great trend for almost anyone!  If you have a shorter neck – I suggest pairing your choker with a longer necklace (approximately 18 inches) which will give the impression of a longer, beautiful swan-like neck. image3

Helpful Holiday Hints:

– If you are wearing big earrings, skip the necklace altogether and put on a great bracelet.image4

– Don’t be afraid to mix your metals! Silver and gold go together nicely, throw in some rose gold too! image5

– Stacking bracelets – put on bracelets you’ve bought with pieces you already own and put your own stamp on your holiday stack of bracelets.image6

– don’t wear too many trends at once, that is a sure-fire way to look too young.  Stick with one major trend per outfit ie. Over-the-knee boots, or two less obvious ie.a choker and red-hot lips.Image result for red lipstick pictures celebrities

Now for everybody’s favourite – what to wear to all those holiday parties?  As we age we tend to gravitate more and more to black clothing.  It is true – black is slimming, classic, timeless and elegant, so why not?  Everyone should have a favourite LBD hanging in their closet ready to go at a moments notice.Donna Morgan Jacquard Two-Piece Dress  ( Donna Morgan Dress, Nordstrom) This is where you can change-up your little black dress each year by just changing your accessories!  It is easy if you follow some of my tips from above.  Buy a great pair of big earrings or wear a fabulous stack of bracelets. Image result for stack of bracelets

Or go for that big necklace and no one will remember that it’s the LBD you’ve had in your closet for the last 6 years!

Whatever you choose  – wear it with confidence!  If you look uncomfortable people can tell.  Once you decide to wear it, then OWN it.

For hair and makeup the trends continue from what we saw for fall.  Holiday hair continues the ribbon trend we saw from fall but with a bit more glam. hair-ribbon-pic Or use a black velvet ribbon if you want to add the velvet trend and tie if to the end of your braid or right at your crown. With big full hair this is such a great look! You can wear this type of look at any age, and it will add a bit of edginess to your sophisticated look!

Pony tails, braids and up do’s all work for holiday.  Go for a look that suits you in particular.  Or try a deep side part and echo old hollywood glam. Image result for deep side parts pictures You will always be in style if you keep it glamorous and simple.

The smoky eye is still strong for a great holiday look. smoky-eye-techniques Here is a quick tutorial of how to do it.  But better yet go to a make up artist, or your local MAC counter and have them show you step by step.  I do a modified version and really don’t put much on my lower lid, I found what works for me.  Find a dramatic eye look that works for you and stick with it.

Red lips are what is strong for holiday looks.  You should always wear less eye makeup with a strong lip and vice versa ( a lighter lip with strong eye make up).  Try softer shades like pinks and shimmers.  If you want a bold lip and don’t like red, there are so many great wine and burgundy lipsticks bobbi-brown-lipsticksyou can find the shade that suits you best.  I have become a big fan of Bobbi Brown lipsticks.  Go to Nordstrom or Murale (in Canada) and Sephora and Ulta (in the US) and you will find your perfect holiday shade. Remember when you want your lipstick to last all night you need to apply, blot, powder your lips and reapply.  I do this whenever I am going out at night.

If you really want to be more trendy, shimmer your eye lids.  Or you could add a bit of shimmer around your eyes on top of your liner.  But be careful not to overdo it, this is a younger look and if you get carried away you will look like you are trying too hard.

As Shoshana said above, less is more.  That really applies to make up as well.  A flawless face is as important as a made up face.  Go to a make up artist and ask for a lesson.  Make up should enhance your style, not cover it up.

The one thing that is really important for holiday and actually all year around, be your best self. Put a look together that looks great and rock it with confidence! Confidence is one of your best accessories.

If you have questions about what to wear to that holiday party or how to wear your hair or make up you can email me at  This is my last week until January so get your questions in.  There will be one more blog in 2016, a winter survival blog.  It will be all about how to dress to combat all this winter weather and still rock your best look.

I really want to thank Shoshana Lewis.  Her words and wisdom about fashion and accessories is something we can all use.  I hope she will join us again next season for a guest blog.  Shoshana has her own jewellery line called Shok designs and some of the bracelets above you can purchase directly from her if you want. Email me for her contact info.


Enjoy the parties!! Until next time…suethefashionista-card-frnt

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