How Great are Fall Sweaters?

One of the best things about fall and winter is all the sweater choices.  I know you were expecting an accessories blog after my week hiatus, but indulge me with one about sweaters this week and then in the coming weeks we will talk accessories and outerwear.  The weather on the West coast is bracing for the remnants of Typhoon Songda coming out of the Pacific, while the eastern part of Canada and the US are enjoying an incredibly nice October.  But we all know how the story ends, snow and cold in the east and a bit of rain in the West for the remainder of the fall and winter. So talking about sweaters is timely in the west and fore shadowing in the east.

This fall you are seeing lots and lots of sweater options in almost all the shades you could imagine. I personally love sweaters.  I probably wear a sweater every day in the fall and winter ( although my new black blazer from Hugo Boss that I have been blogging about is getting more and more wear). The key to finding sweaters that work for you is to figure out what you want to wear them for and what type of style fits your figure best.  The best choice of sweaters I have seen so far this fall is from, they nailed it.  Not to discount all your local retailers and my go to store Nordstrom, but if you go to you are sure to find a style you will love.

Texture, color and lace are all themes we have seen this fall. And pullover sweaters that are interesting are what you need to make your look come alive. Diamond Daisy PulloverThis darling Diamond Daisy pullover is exactly what you can put for a whimsical look with your jeans or wear it with trouser and a skirt for an office or more serious look. You could even wear it out to dinner with a black skirt and either kitten heels or booties, and rock a 40’s or 50’s throw back look. Balloon-Sleeve PulloverSleeve detail is also really important for fall. This Balloon sleeve pullover comes in four colors and has that great funnel neck that is not quite as heavy as a turtleneck. If I owned this sweater I would wear it with almost every bottom I own!  One of my favorite looks in a pullover is a sweater that has a little shirt tail or lace or pattern peeking out on the bottom, it really looks like you are wearing a shirt underneath but you’re not.Ribbed Lace-Hem PulloverSomething as simple as a Ribbed  lace hem pullover can cover you off for that look.  The touch of lace is great because you could wear this a bit dressier by just putting a chunky necklace and high heels with it. One more pullover look to show you is something that looks fab on everyone and is super trendy this fall.Wrap-Front PulloverThe twisted sweater look works on almost every figure.  I love the look and it is super flattering whether you wear it a bit dressier above or just with jeans and moto boots.


Another sweater style everyone owns and is a great style is a cardigan.  Cardigans come in all shapes, they can be serious and casual, blazer like and whimsical.  And at Anthropologie there are lots and lots to see and choose from. The most basic style can often be the most worn  Maryport Cardiganthe Maryport Cardigan is just that. Long enough to cover your bottom and a simple button up front with a V neck.  It has a bit of detail on the shoulders for interest.  This style you can wear with everything. Skinny jeans on the weekends and perfect with trouser and pencil skirts for the office. Even great over a sleeveless dress for a casual evening out. If you only own one cardigan make it something you can wear with everything!

I wear a lot more than basics when it comes to cardigans.  One of the go to styles for fall is the Cocoon cardigan. Primula Cocoon CardiganThe Primula Cocoon Cardigan comes in this beautiful blush color that looks great above, but would also be perfect over all black or a marbled grey, that is so fall 2016.  Texture is really important in fall sweaters this year, so look for your cardigans, even basic ones, with some texture or pattern to them. Chauvet CardiganThe Chauvet Cardigan is cocoon like with a bit of flare on the bottom hem, it comes in 5 colors from blush to bright. But notice all the texture going on, in the body and the hem and sleeves.

Sometimes you can wear a cardigan that really isn’t a cardigan other than it does up in the front. Anthropologie has cardigans that border on being jackets.  Now that is something that really works, the comfort of a sweater and the style of a blazer or jacket!Plaid Sweater JacketTake a gander at this Plaid Sweater Jacket, it can totally take the place of a blazer or jacket. It hits all the notes with plaid being so important for fall and the colors are bang on. Fringed Walker CardiganEven though I have gotten tired of it, fringe is still strong for a Boho look for fall. Here is the whimsical Walker cardigan in Ivory that hits all the key Boho notes. Moselle Cocoon CardiganThe Moselle Cocoon cardigan really is more of a vest than a cardigan but I adore the texture that is almost sherpa like on this sweater and you could sub it for a jacket on nice fall days.  One other thing to look for in cardigans to make them very fall 2016 is the collar.Bourgogne Wool JacketReminiscent of the Pretty trend, the Bourgogne Wool jacket gives your face a beautiful frame and would be great with a frilly neck blouse.

Something that I use as a go to look, is when you can put on a pant or jean and sweater and be done.  Those types of sweaters are something every woman needs in her wardrobe. Girotte Tie-Front TopA great sweater with a tie front like the Girotte Tie front top works just as it with almost every bottom. Dolman CowlneckSo does this fabulous Dolman Cowl neck.  It covers all your figure flaws and this color is magic on most women. Shadowbird CardiganA sweater with a pattern can make your whole look.  The Shadowbird Cardigan does just that.  It has a great pattern and the ever important bit of ruffled hem peeking out from the bottom.

Or how about a cropped pullover that you can wear your own shirt with.  That is also on trend for this fall. Go for something patterned that you can play with Laine Floral Pulloverlike this Laine pullover.  You can wear it as is but the possibilities with a shirt tail or your own shirt with a ruffled hem will really make it your own.

I adore ponchos, but the window to wear them on the West coast is small.  They do not work under rain coats. Cabled Catillon PonchoMost of my go to ponchos are knit and can be work like this Cabled Catillion Poncho, simply with a necklace or put a fur collar with it and make it look a bit different if you want to wear it as outerwear. Something that would be fun for fall is to take the Kimono trend and wear it as a sweater look. Lannah Knit KimonoAnthropologie has you covered with the Lannah knit Kimono. Great with everything!

One thing you can wear with a raincoat and almost everything else is a vest.  We have all seen the vests that are basically sleeveless blazers, that trend started last fall. For fall 2016 how about a knit vest or a sweater vest? Millau Ruffle VestYou can rock your inner Boho with this Millau Ruffle vest in a wonderful brown camel color. Devon Sweater VestOr go all men’s wear in the Devon sweater vest.  I love the mix of pattern here, all the same colors but a mix of patterns.  Keeping the same color story is key to the mixing pattern trend in the Men’s wear look. Mabli VestA soft layered front look works really well on every woman. The Malbi vest has all the texture and color that are so important and will work with blacks, browns, denims and lighter camels and ivories.

Or you can just nod to all the trends with your new sweater purchase for fall.  They are all out there, especially if you go to Anthropologie! Snowbird PulloverFringe and blush colors. Sitka CardiganFur trims. Layered Tie-Neck TopLady like looks. Rosie Cowlneck PulloverOff the shoulder looks. Crocheted Wool SweaterAnd great textured crochet looks.

All of the sweaters in this blog are from Anthropologie.  I was inspired by what I saw on their website and I hope it inspires you as well.  Nothing makes you more comfortable and pretty in the winter than a great sweater. I encourage you to find your own style and wear what looks great on you.

I think I hit publish a bit early on this blog.  So I apologize if you got an email with the title and nothing else. This blog is published officially on Wednesday Oct 19/16. At least that is when I have scheduled it to be published.

Enjoy fall, if you are where it is a bit warmer, then rock the poncho look if you can. If you need a raincoat, then look at the sleeker pullover and cardigans to go underneath. Next week with be accessories as promised.

If you need help figuring out what works for you I am available for styling and wardrobing.  Please just email me at for an appointment.  You can use the same email address with questions or comments.  Also if you have a fashion subject you would like to see in my blog I am totally welcome to suggestion.

Stay warm and dry in the West and enjoy the weather in the East.


Until next time…Suethefashionista card frnt

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