Falling into Fall Part 2: Trends for Fall 2015

Not every woman can wear every trend every season.  That should be no brainer for all of us by now.  Each season new trends emerge and because we know ourselves so well by now ( at least if you have followed my advice you should) we can look at them all and pick out one or two that will update our classic wardrobe ( see my last blog).  By picking out only the trends each season that suits you, you can manage the trend so it is the absolute most flattering and make you look amazing.

These Fall blogs are going to be about what the different trends for Fall 2015 are.  I will show brief examples of each and make a suggestion or two.  But stay tuned in the coming weeks as my blogs to delve into the depth of almost all of them and I will go into detail about how to wear them, where you can buy them and how to add them to your classics.  I will also be doing a hair and make up for Fall blog, but that will come when the wardrobe is finished.

There will be a couple of themes with fall trends this year.  Two of the biggest fall trending looks ( with all pieces with the same fashion influence) are 1970’s Boho and Mod and Victorian.  There are even looks out there for fall that incorporate both trends. There is also a trend towards Minimalist fashion, that has been around for a couple of seasons. Glam with a touch of Goth to it, in other words lots of black and leather. And a very pretty feminine look with lots of lace, bows and frills. There is also a Geek Chic trend, a mixing of patterns where matching is not the idea and of course the sporty trend that started last year is still strong.

For those of us who live on the west coast it kind of feels outside like fall has begun.  We had one of the warmest and driest summers on record and now that the rain and wind are back I have seen women on the street pulling out boots already.  Just in case that is part of what you are wanting to do let’s start with boots and shoes for fall.

I am an absolute boot and shoe junky.  Variety is the spice of life and I really have a lot of boots and shoes.  One of the key trends for fall this year is a stacked heel.  More and more boots and pumps are being shown with a wider heel.

Ivanka trumo bootie Kate Spade knee high low heel boot Vince Camuto stacked heel bootie Here are 3 different boots for fall that all illustrate what a stacked heel looks like.  The one on the left is by Ivanka Trump, the middle is Kate Spade and the right is Vince Camuto.  The stacked heel is being shown at every price and in almost every line. You are still seeing slim heels but if you want a trend that would be simple to add to your wardrobe, the stacked heel would be one of those.  This plays back to the 1970’s trend.  It is a modern take on the Go-Go boot.  But the stacked heel goes well with almost all of the trends for fall.  kate space high heel pumpThis classic Kate Spade pump with a modern wider heel echo’s a stacked heel but would be a little finer to wear with suiting etc.

One of the other trends that is constant throughout fall as it was with last spring is fringe. Fringe on boots, bags, clothes.fringe bootieA lot of fringe or just a touch, it is definitely in for fall.  This bootie is by Via Spiga. It is quite easy to do this trend ( another nod back to the 1970’s) in a shoe or bag.  There are fringe jackets and clothing out there but I personally think having your fringe in your accessories is more polished.

Wedges are still strong and so are open toes in booties and pumps.  But those two trends have been in for a while now so I am not going to show an example.

One of the other trend I think will be an easy update is the men’s wear inspired flat.  Lines like Stuart Weitzman have had them in their line for the last couple of years but this fall it is big.  Especially if you want to embrace a minimalist look. Kate spade loaferThis Kate Spade loafer is au currant with a touch of detailing on the top. You can also go for an Oxford. Paul Green oxfordHere is one by Paul Green ( one of my favorite shoe designers).  You know they will be comfortable to stand in all day.  Remember the shopping in Toronto blog? I talked about a pair of J. Crew loafers? 20150806_123936They are in a wonderful burgundy suede and will be fantastic with a minimalist look for fall.

HIgh heel pumps and rocker or moto style boots are still in from last fall. These can play into a Glam-Goth look for you, if that is something you want to embrace by just adding a bit of lace and or leather to your look with both these style.

One of the other trends I want to show for fall shoes is the return to a lady like shoe. Bettye Muller bow pumpThis bow pump with a moderate heel is from Bettye Muller and plays really well into the Victorian trend for fall. It could also work with the Geek Chic trend of anti matching if you pair it with plaid or something it doesn’t really go with.  This season it will.

halogen pumpHow about this Halogen pump? It certainly increases the Wow Factor of whatever you have already going on.  Delicate enough to wear with the Victorian lady like trend and edgy enough to work for a Glam-Goth look. One shoe can be that versatile!

Don’t forget about ballet flats.  They are in every line for fall with or without details.  Think of the ballet flat as something that is almost a classic in every wardrobe.  Find the right kind of detail for you.  My favorite pair that I bought last year is a Clarks ballet flat in suede with a leather cap toe. Buy it in pink and wear it with your lady like clothes or buy it in black and wear it with minimalist or edgy wear. I wear mine constantly. Need a new pair of ballet flats? This season think something with details, perhaps a bow or studs.  It can work great to add a bit of trend to your classic look once againKate Spade ballet FlatThis one by Kate Spade with the subtlety of the bow can add a bit of feminine detail and work with a minimalist look while Calvin Klein pointy toe ballet flatthis pointy toe Calvin Klein flat can be a bit more edgy and also work with a minimal look.  Find what you think you want to do, find one that is comfortable and bring in a few new pairs of shoes and/or boots that will give your wardrobe a Fall 2015 lift.

Last shoe trend I will go into detail with is the sneaker trend.That sporty edgy sneakers still really strong for fall.  There are tons of styles and tons of ways to wear them.  Think 1970’s Boho or Glam-Goth or Minimalistic when you are purchasing a pair. Sneakers are statement pieces for fall.  Wear them with denim, pants, skirts and tights and even casual dresses. They come at all prices and in all types of fabrics. Plaid sneakers Puma sneakers Steve madden sneakers Rebecca Minkoff high topsLots and lots of different options. You can go with a basic style like the Steve Madden plaid ones above, they can play into the whole Geek Chic look or buy them in a solid color and they are instantly minimalist. The gold color Puma sneakers above can go into a dressier feel ( yes I said dressier). Think floaty joggers and a leather jacket ( Glam-Goth and Sporty) put them with a suit and you have covered off Geek chic or just wear them with your jeans and a black t-shirt.  They just work at every level if you want to wear a sneaker for fall.  The two high tops I am showing are to show you how sneakers can be the piece of your outfit that nods to the trend you want to wear. The Steve Madden fringe sneakers really echo 1970’s Boho while the Rebecca Minkoff quilted sneakers can again go across trends to add toughness or geekiness or goth to any outfit you want.

I am not a big sneaker wearer.  But since the sporty trend is very strong again it is an important piece for fall.

The other big thing you need to think about when buying shoe and boots to fit trends are colors.  Bright colors are in for fall, think Reds, Greens, Blues, Burnt Oranges and strong Rusts.  Lots of basic colors, Black, Brown, Grey and the browns and greys in all shades.  Also think Ivories, Pinks and Blushes.  Those are the colors that can add a touch of lady like and Victorian to your look.  A soft pink ballet flat with a black full skirt and white frilly shirt are perfectly in style this fall with a soft blush tight.  Think details on your shoes like pearls and bows for Victorian; studs and buckles for Glam Goth and Geek Chic; think zippers and fringe for the 1970’s nod.  And the best think about the minimal trend, think absolutely clean lines in your shoes and boots.  I love a great boot of shoe wear you have no embellishment and just see the beauty of the curve in the design.  Think boots that can have jeans and pants tucked in, think boots that can be warn with longer skirts and fuller skirts too.

Last fall season a chunky heel was in.  If you bought that look, keep it and use that to wear with the 1970’s trend and the minimal one.   We talked a ton about stacked heels, so I know you won’t forget that one.  But also pay attention to lace ups. Especially in boots and booties. It is strong for fall.Corso Como lace up boot Michael Kors lace up bootieBoth the Corso Como flat lace up boot and the Michael Kors high heel lace bootie will work for a great fall look.  Think of the trends I listed at the beginning, they both work with many.  I love the lace detail and it is available in all prices.

So go ahead and if the weather is Fallish a little early this season dive into your boots and shoes.  I hope I have given you lots to think about and I hope you can see where I am going trying to tie in pieces that go across a lot of fall trends.  Some women only do trends in their accessories and shoes.  Fair enough, if that is what you to do.  It can work really well for adding a bit of trend to a great classic outfit.  Think jeans with a blazer and lace up bootie.  Or think your great black pants and a white shirt with a great pair of patent Oxford.  Classic pieces with a touch of trend.

Now there are those who want to add trend with clothing but that will come in the next few blogs as I look at different wardrobe clothing items and how to add trend with each piece and how it will tie back to the classics as well. Fall is every where you look right now. Magazines at the checkout, stores and online.  Explore the trends yourself, you may see one that just speaks to you.

If you want me to cover something specific I am open to suggestion. I am available for private wardrobing as well. Just email me with suggestions or if you want a private styling session suethefashionista.com   Until next time!

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