Are you going to the gym or not? Or how to wear workout wear.

I can’t fight it any longer.  It’s time to talk about this trend of wearing workout wear for day wear.  This week was supposed to be about fall trends, and I guess Athletic leisure wear as day wear is going to continue trending this fall, so I am not far off. Stay tuned Thursday for my what to expect for fall trends blog.

Let’s face it wearing workout wear is about comfort first and style second.  No one has been able to convince me otherwise. You will see it predominantly in the under 30 crowd.  But I know quite a few women who are in their 40’s and 50’s and want to embrace this trend. I am going to endeavor to show some looks and talk about some guidelines for wearing work out wear as day wear and even casual evening wear.  I hope this helps a few of the women I know who love this trend and for those of you who haven’t tried it yet, maybe it will give you something to think about.

I have to be honest.  This is not my favorite way of dressing.  I love a polished and put together silhouette and this type of style pushes my personal fashion boundaries.  But here goes, and who knows maybe I will discover it is something I can wear as well.

First rule of any type of dressing is know your body.  Figure out what you want to hide and what you want to enhance.  Do you have killer legs but a bit of a tummy? Are your thighs the biggest part of your body and your stomach flat?  The workout wear trend is all about pieces hugging your body so you really need to identify what you need to cover.  For example if you have a bit of back fat, you may not want to do the open back pieces.  So look in the mirror and be honest with yourself.

36369197_008_bI found this look in my inbox today from Anthropologie.  This is something almost anyone can wear.  Print leggings are the key this season to adding interest.  If your thighs are heavy and you want to wear print leggings just wear a longer top to cover the largest part.  Otherwise embrace the look. The leggings and jacket are from Pure and Good and all available at Anthropologie.  You can change the look by wearing it with black motorcycle boots or fashion sneakers.   _9999313 moto boot. This moto boot is from Steve Madden and available at Nordstroms online or lots can be found locally where you live.  A great moto style boot will really change the above look to daytime.  If you just want to play a bit with it try fashion sneakers _9262468 black vansThese black VANS are available all over the place and will just add a bit of street polish to the above look.

Another way of incorporating workout wear is to wear an athletic wear top with your jeans.  I have blogged endlessly about a good fitting pair of jeans and how it is a must in every wardrobe.  Try the soft jacket above with jeans and moto boots. and presto! You have mastered the trend.

Most stores have all embraced the workout wear trend. You have seen lots of pants with elastic around the ankle as a little nod to this trend.  That is actually how I have been wearing the trend. _9036359 trouve elastic cuff pantHere is a pair of Trouve elastic cuff pant. Trouve is a Nordstrom brand and is exclusive to them.  I love it because it has on trend pieces for reasonable prices.

Another store that is a go to for the Athletic leisure wear crowd is Lululemon.  Lululemon is pretty much every wear in the world and it is a great place to go for inspiration on how to wear this look. LW3J84S_011547_1 Lululemon silver teeHere is the Love Tee II from Lululemon online and it would work great with denim and boots or the above black elastic cuff pants, fashion sneakers and a jean jacket.

The big idea with this trend is to play with it.  Use the flat boots you bought last year and tuck your skinny jeans in and then put on a cute sweatshirt ( see the pics from two weeks ago from J. Crew).  Any sweat shirt with a bit of embellishment works. That is a look I do wear in the winter. 35931369_005_b dress and jean jacketHow about trying something like this.  A casual cotton dress from Beyond Yoga with your jean jacket. When the weather changes just add tights or leggings and casual booties. A cute chunky necklace would add a bit of polish if you wanted to wear this dress out at night.  4112090621955_031_b seamed terry pulloverHere is another look that is great for the athletic leisure wearer.  This seamed terry pullover by Stateside at Anthropologie is shown here with a coated black jeans.  You can also put this with a solid black legging for the same look and a nod to the workout wear as day wear.  Leather black fashion runners or black moto boots again and your done. 4114204591461_001_b floral pulloverThis Sandra pullover by Tracy Reese would be great right now with white jeans and gladiator flat sandals or later with dark denim and fashion sneakers or a heavy legging and boots.

Try and look around and buy pieces that are close to your body but not so tight that we can see your underwear.  This look is great layered as well.  Buy white, off white, black and colored tees and tanks and wear them peeking out from the bottom of the top hem as shown above.  You can go to a place like Joe Fresh and load up for like $6 a tank. Most tanks and tees are one season items anyway so don’t over pay.

Now your next question is: Ok I love this look but how could I dress it up to meet my girlfriends for a night out.  Well you just have to remember the rules and find the right piece.

Go back to the Love Tee II from Lululemon.  That with a dressy skinny black jean and high heels, add a great chunky silver necklace and maybe a black leather jacket.  Or find yourself a fitted knit skirt. 4120211625020_049_b striped ponte pencil skirtTry to find one like this ponte knit skirt by Bella Luxe that fits close to the body but not super tight. wear it with heels and your jean jacket.

There are lots of ways you can interpret this look for your own.  If you are uncomfortable playing with the pieces most of the online websites for stores like Nordstrom and Anthopologie have looks you can use for inspiration. The t.b.d. shop at Nordstroms ( in store and online) has lots of brands ( like Trouve and Free People) that will show you how to do this look for a fun casual day.  This shop has trendy pieces for a good price. Or look for lines like Adidas that has Stella Macartney designing for them or try Fabletics by Kate Hudson. All of those labels have pieces you can wear to the gym, yoga and out with your jeans and boots.

Like I said at the beginning this is not my favorite trend.  I take pieces and use them in my own wardrobe.  I don’t do athletic leisure wear head to toe. One of my go to looks is the elastic cuff bottom pants and a crop sweater in the winter with flat boots.  The other look I take from this is an embellished sweat shirt and jeans.  I am curvy so I need to be careful with how the looks hug my body.  One word of caution.  Lululemon is not necessarily made for curvy women, so be careful and try things on in store. The very first look I showed with the Soft jacket from Pure and Good would be a great way for someone with a figure like mine to add one piece in with a skinny jean.  If you have heavy legs I will caution against print leggings.  Try and stick with a dark color.  I also still love the legging look with short dresses and booties or casual runners. Leggings keep you warm and hide a lot of sins.

For those of you in the office everyday, there is not a lot of this you can wear unless you have casual Fridays.  But use this as a travel or weekend look. A great cocoon fleece jacket can be your best friend on a long flight and it won’t wrinkle and still look great even if you used it as a blanket when you land. Try to find things you love.  One of my favorite website is  You need to join to buy things, but it is fabulous for inspiration.  They show new looks everyday and they show a lot of looks with  Athletic leisure wear that is very wearable for every woman.

I wanted to show one more look but can’t find it.  Remember I told you to hang onto your lace tops? Wouldn’t a lace tank top look great peeking out of a sweater hem with a legging.  Have fun and experiment.  Fashion and style is all about having fun.

Until next time enjoy your wardrobe and enjoy shopping.  Visit some of the websites I talked about.  Another great one for ideas for  Athletic leisure wear is Madewell. In store on online lots of great ideas from Madewell.  Did you know Madewell is a division of J. Crew? So you know that it is a good fit.

Questions? concerns? Contact me.  suethefashionista@gmail,com

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