Shorts, skorts and bermudas and how to wear them.

First, like any other piece of clothing, you need to know your own body.  Understand your own figure flaws – yes everyone has something they don’t like- and how to best wear a trend to flatter yourself.  Shorts come in a variety of lenghts and styles. They can be casual, business like or even dressy.  The basic way to know which length to wear is to figure out where on your leg, thigh, it will be the most flattering.

Short shorts will show the most leg.

These ones below from Whitehouse Black market are absolutely darling.  They are right on with a great summer print but they have a short inseam and hit right at the largest part of the thigh.  For some women this is a problem, but for those who can wear it, a print like this can be worn from the beach to lunch and back again. Pair short casual shorts with a cute flat sandal or runners.

Petite Tropical Print Shorts

The next look I want to show is the same length of short but a bit more dressy.  Here is basically the same short, again from Whitehouse Blackmarket and done in a dressier fabric.  I have seen this type of short short look work great for an evening out. Pay attention to the drape of the fabric and how it falls softly over the thigh and doesn’t hug as much as caress the largest part of the the leg.

The poly mixed with a bit of stretch and the cute cuff takes this short look up a notch from the look above.  Paired with a higher heel It translates to a more sophisticated look.  Here it has a tucked in white shirt but a close fitting top that skims the waistline of the shorts would look just as good.

Soft Drape Black Shorts

There is one rule to wearing short shorts:     You must have thin thighs.  The only way these two looks flatter is if your thigh and leg work with a short short.  Please be honest with yourself.  If you put it on and it doesn’t look good it is not for you.  But do not despair there are other shorts out there that may work.

Here is a pair of Bermuda shorts.  These are from Talbots.  I was originally going to say that they flatter a more mature figure, but the truth is anyone can wear bermudas.  They cover the largest part of the thigh and are therefore more universally flattering.  I personally wouldn’t wear a sandal with an ankle strap with these shorts.  There is not enough leg between the sandal strap and the end of the shorts unless you are 5’7” or taller. Dressed up with a high heel or wedge would work just as well as a cute flat.                                                         Refined Sateen Bermudas                                                                                                                                                                                                       Now there are two more examples I would like to talk about.  Both a bit dressier versions and able to cross over to more occasions.

Orla Kiely Rhino Print Shorts Shorts are feminine.  They flatter the leg and bring a lot of attention. The questions then becomes how do you make shorts more sophisticated and translate the look for evening or the office.

Pleated City Shorts

The best way to do that is with the look on the right.  It is once again from Whitehouse Blackmarket.  It almost looks like a skirt or a skort ( a combination of shorts with a skirt front).  They are soft and drapey and show about as much leg as a mini skirt would.  The pair on the left are Orla Kiely courtesy of Nordstrom Rack,  they have a sassy little polka dot with a sash waist and can be totally dressed up depending on what you put with it. Both pairs with high heels and dressier tops could take you out in the evening.  Both pairs with a button down blouse and wedges or chunky heels ( see left above) can take you to the office.

Polish is the key to making any of these looks your own.  Matching the right propportion of top, heel and accessories will make all the difference and make you feel great in the outfit you have created.  If you decide that shorts are for you, then own it! Walk with confidence and feel great in what you are wearing!

The one thing I didn’t cover was skorts.  Not alot of choices for skorts this summer.  Basically right now I see them in the gym. Lululemon and few other companies are making workout skirts or skorts, skirts with shorts underneath.

Like I mentioned at the beginning.  I am personally not a big fan of shorts.  I have 3 pair only.  I wear them when it is so hot out I can’t take it or if I am on an adventure and a skirt won’t cut it.  I am curvy so I wear bernuda shorts that hug my leg and a loose flowy top that skims just below the waistline.

I won’t go into why I prefer skirts to shorts, suffice to say I am curvy and skirts and dresses are much more flattering.  But again, the key is knowing your own body.  Know what you are comfortable in, what flatters and what makes you feel beautiful when you wear it.

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