Hello world!

Welcome to my blog!!

There are so many women to whom fashion is a mystery or something they can’t be bothered with.  You are all grown up and as a matter of fact your kids are almost all grown up and you don’t know how you fit into today’s fashions.  Well do you or don’t you? Does anyone really care if you wear sweatpants all the time? Does it matter?  Should I just wear my hair in a pony tail every day?

If these are questions that you ask your self then this blog is for you!!! I will try to make consise and clear suggestions of how to get you out of your fashion rut.  To look like you belong in today’s world ( and look younger than you really are) and I promise the man in your life will notice.

There are a couple of things you must do to get started:

1) If you smoke – QUIT! This will age and kill you faster than anything.

2) Open your mind to color, and don’t say no until you have tried something.

3) Develope a beauty routine.  No, I am not talking about tons of make up. But I am talking about washing your face and using a really good moisturizer every night before bed and every morning.  Also after exercise is a good time to wash your face too.

If you can start with those 3 things.  And are ready to look fresh and pretty every day.  Then you are ready to be with me.

Once or twice a week I will blog suggestions to try for outfits and beauty.  I will remark about do’s and don’ts with everything.

To get started this is what I want you to do: Tomorrow try and wear a pair of jeans instead of the sweatpants.  If you don’t have a pair that fits, go buy a pair.  If you can afford it Eileen Fisher has outstanding jeans that fit women who have already had their kids and they are super comfortable with lots of stretch.  They run about $225 CAD so if that’s too pricey then go to the mall. Talbots has tons of jeans made for women who don’t want the jeans of a 20 year old.  They are around $100 CAD or go buy NYDJ ( not your daughter’s jeans) they are around the same price and fit really well, the Bay or Macys will have tons of selection.

That’s the first step.  More later this week.  I’d love to hear your comments and suggestions about what you’d like to know about as well.

8 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. I’m delighted that you are sharing what you know so well. You are among the few who can put an outfit together that is always flattering and appropriate for the occasion. Your blog is sure to be a great tool for those who stuggle to be stylish.


  2. After over 30years of knowing Sue, I’ve experience many of my clients taking her fashion advice very seriously. I am so thrilled that they have now a place they can go, at the click of a finger, to get updates, directions and advice. I will for sure recommend your blog to every and any clients expressing any kind of fashion needs. Wishing you all the success you deserve with this venture.
    Luc Lacroix
    Makeup Artist.


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