The Footwear of Fall 2018

I don’t impulse buy shoes and boots, and rarely is there an inexpensive pair of shoes in my closet.  Shoes and boots to me are investment pieces, I buy good quality because they last and look good for a long time.  So I am not one of those women who buy a ton of shoes every season.  I also do a lot of research before I spend the big bucks on a pair, and when I don’t and impulse buy, I always regret the purchase.  So now that you know that about my personal shoe style let’s get into what is new for Fall 2018.  I will add one more thing: if you already love the boots and shoes you have in your closet, don’t feel pressured to buy something new every season, if you stick with fairly classic styles of boots and shoes you will always look fashionable.

 Slouchy Boots:

I think one of the most important trends in fall boots that’s new and not a rehash of what has come before is the slouchy boot. Suede Tall Slouchy BootBanana Republic has been showing these, their Tall Suede Slouchy boots with almost every dress online.  But you can wear the slouchy so much more, it is great with an oversized sweater and skinny jeans too!  If you are going to buy a tall boot this season, look for one with a slouchy feel. You can also do this look in a bootie Bristol Boot,
                        color, PUMPERNICKEL SUEDEVince Camuto’s Bristol Boot is a bootie style with a bit of the slouchy feel.  You can find this boot at Nordstrom.

Western Boots:

Another style of boot that is very popular for fall 2018 is the Western Boot.  Here you can do as much or as little Western as you like. Kaiegan Bootie,
                        color, BLACK LEATHERThis is the mid calf Kaiegan Bootie from Rebecca Minkoff at Nordstrom.  It really has the Western style.  Most Western style boots hit between your mid calf and your knee, knee-high boots are not as common. But the Western style can also be a little more moderate, you can do a boot with a Western feel but not one so Western that it will be out of style as soon as the trend is done.

Nestle Waterproof Knee High Boot,
                        color, CHESTNUT SUEDEYou could try a boot like this one from Blondo (bonus it’s waterproof!) called the Nestle Waterproof knee-high Boot.  It gives a gentle nod to the trend without being too much.  Or invest in a pair of gorgeous boots that you will keep for a while and try Casey Harness Boot,
                        color, PITCH BLACK WESTPORTthe Stuart Weitzman Casey Harness Boot, it nods to the trend and has pebbled leather.  And if you don’t want to buy something new but want to wear the Western trend dig deep into your closet and pull out 'Harness 12R' Leather Boot,
                        color, TANyour Frye Harness 12R boots.  We all bought them a while ago and if you kept them, now is the time to wear them again. These can pass for Western boots anytime!

You can do a bootie style as well with a Western feel.  Frye has the same boot in a shorter shaft of try their Melissa Short 2 Boot,
                        color, BLACK LEATHERMelissa Short 2 boot for a more dressed up feel than the harness boot. A lot of the bootie style have a block heel to them. Avery Ankle Boot,
                        color, ACORN SUEDEThis is the Michael Kors Avery Ankle boot and it gives enough of a Western feel for this season.  Right now it’s 40% off at

Classic Boots:

Classic boots and booties will always stay in style. A great pair of black suede or leather ankle boots and knee-high boots will take you everywhere. If you are sticking with classic styling them try to invest in a pair that you can wear for years.  Two of my favorite brands are Aquaitalia and Stuart Weitzman, they both have great quality and beautiful styling.

For very classic stick with a pair like Finola Weatherproof Stretch Back Boot,
                        color, BLACKAquaItalia’s Finola Weatherproof Stretch back boot.  It’s perfect for dresses and skirts and you can tuck skinny pants into it as well because it stretches.  And for a bootie try the AquaItalia Orlina Weatherproof BootieOrlina Weatherproof Bootie,
                        color, NAVY.  This bootie will truly go with everything.  But here is a hint, if you can wait for after US Thanksgiving in about 10 days they may both be on sale.


Some of the other trends in footwear covers all footwear so let’s talk about them.

Kitten Heels:

Kitten heels are being shown everywhere this fall.  They are in shoes and boots. And if you have trouble wearing a higher heel all day but love the look then kitten heels are for you! They generally have the same look as heels but are only about an inch or two high.

In a bootie you could do something like Nestor Pointy Toe Kitten Heel Bootie,
                        color, BLACK LEATHERthe Nestor Pointy Toe Kitten Heel bootie by Splendid.  It’s cute and likely very comfortable. Knee High Boot,
                        color, BLACK FABRICOr try a kitten heel in a knee-high boot like this Schutz Knee High Boot.  The kitten heel makes it dressy enough to take you anywhere!

But there are lots of shoes that feature the kitten heel as well.

Utopia Kitten Heel Mule,
                        color, RED SUEDETry a great mule (yes they are still very much in style) from Something Navy.  It comes in black leather and this gorgeous red suede.  Since color is huge this fall, maybe try the red suede pair for a change.  Or do your animal print shoe in a kitten heel Dori Pump,
                        color, SAND LEOPARD CALF HAIR, this is the Dori pump by Sam Edelman and it comes in lots of colors and prints.  Even your evening shoe can be a kitten heel, Cyou Clear Pointy Toe Pump,
                        color, SILVER SPECHIOthis is the Schutz Cyou Clear Pointy toe pump, it’s a great cheeky evening shoe and you can stand or dance for hours in a pair of these!


Block Heels:

Block heels have been around for the last couple of seasons, but what is new in the block heel is the natural heel or embellished heel with a boot or shoe.

Low Block-Heel BootieBanana Republic is showing this natural heel with their block heel booties. The Willa Loafer Mule,
                        color, ENGLISH SADDLE VINTAGE LEATHERThe Madewell Willa Loafer also comes with a natural tone heel.  And the Poncia Pump from Vaneli features a natural heel tooPoncia Pump,
                        color, BLACK SUEDE!

For an embellished block heel, you will see that it works for dressier and other occasions.

One of my favorite styles of booties with an embellished heel is the Stuart Weitzman Dark Star Ankle Bootie Stuart Weitzman DARK STARit’s modern and classic at the same time. I also love their Freja Ankle bootie Stuart Weitzman FREJA.  If you don’t think you want this style in a bootie, maybe try it in a pump Stuart Weitzman DARIAI am in love with this Daria Pump!Stuart Weitzman COMETAnd of course the Dark Star bootie heel also comes in the Comet pump!

And if you don’t want to spend Stuart Weitzman money maybe try something like Chie Mihara T-Strap Heelsthese Chie Mihara T-Strap heels from Anthropologie.


You can keep most of your shoes and loafers from last year, they are all still in style.  I tried not to repeat what we have talked about before but just hit on the brand new trends for 2018.  To be truthful I am still wearing a lot of what I bought last year, although all bets are off when Stuart Weitzman goes on sale after Xmas!

The best way to wear your shoes for years is to find a good cobbler who can help you take care of them.  Always spray new shoes with the appropriate leather or suede spray to keep the weather from ruining them and clean them up before you put them away for summer.  A good cobbler can re sole and re heel them so they last for years.

Next week we will look at accessories and layering to finish off our fall blogs.  I would love to hear some blog suggestions from all of you for January and February before we jump into spring fashions.

Until next time…suethefashionista-card-frnt




Fall Coats and Jackets and everything to keep you warm and dry!

Every season we hope we don’t have to don our warm outerwear until as late as possible and this year we made it almost until November in Vancouver before we really needed a coat.  The last week of October we all ran for our rain gear but that’s what you get in Vancouver during the winter.

The biggest trend in outerwear this year is the classic trend.  Streamlined coats are everywhere and just begging us to buy them.  The other big trends are faux fur and of course the puffer coat.

In the Classic Trend of coats and jackets, you see a kind of continuation from last spring’s trench coat trend.  Lines and colors are quite classic and long coats and pea coats are everywhere you look.  One of the best places to buy a new coat this fall is probably Aritzia.  Their selection of coats is second to none.  Their classic wool coats make me drool every time I am in the store! Their number one coat is the classic Babaton Steadman Coat Babaton STEDMAN WOOL COAT | Aritziait’s perfectly tailored for over skirts and dresses and looks fantastic with pants (or jeans) too! It comes in 11 colors online and their best sellers are likely Black, Dark Heather Grey, and one of the Camel colors, either Saville or Brindle (shown).  If you go with a camel color coat, stick to a darker shade and save the lighter color for your sweaters. Babaton STEDMAN WOOL COAT | AritziaThey make the same style of coat in a plaid, so if you have a ton of solid wool coats, maybe try something plaid for a new look or Babaton STEDMAN WOOL COAT | Aritziathere is a pin stripe version for you navy lovers.

Not everyone wants a classic single button coat.  Some women prefer a double-breasted style. Double breasted coats are a bit more serious and tend to be quite a bit more tailored as well. Babaton JEROME WOOL COAT | AritziaYou can find a great version of the double-breasted classic coat at Aritzia as well.  This is the Babaton Jerome Wool Coat, it comes in Black (shown) and a soft Camel.  Serious colors for a serious coat!

A third style, which some women prefer is a Cocoon coat.  While both the classic and double-breasted styles feature lapels the Cocoon coat does all the way up to your neck and has a stand up collar.  Sometimes this style works better on particularly colder days. Aritzia has lots of styles of Cocoon coats.  Wilfred COCOON COAT | AritziaThey have the basic Wilfred Cocoon coat which comes in 16 colors online.  It comes in all the classic colors and colors like red and adobo pink which are stronger colors this season.  This Cocoon style coat hits above the knee.  It looks best with pants but can be worn with skirts and dresses as well.  If you want a longer Cocoon style then Aritzia has that too. The Long version of this coat is available in 3 colors,Wilfred COCOON WOOL COAT LONG | AritziaDark Camel (shown), Heather White and Adobo Pink.  This version is as long as their Steadman and Jerome style coats.

We are also still seeing a lot of belted coats.  Belted Trench style coats are very classic and quite a few women prefer these to long straight coats.  I am not a belted coat fan, inevitable I lose the belt.  But a belted coat helps define your waist and can actually make you look curvier if you have no curves and leaner because it does accentuate your waist.

Aritzia has long and short belted wool coats.Babaton ROBBIE WOOL COAT LONG | AritziaThis is the Babaton Robbie long wool coat, available in Gold Camel (shown) or light Heathered Ash (pale grey).   That is the most classic version of the Trench or Robe coat.  What I think is infinitely more wearable is a shorter version like Babaton CONNOR WOOL COAT | Aritziathe Babaton Connor Wool Coat, it’s more of a Cocoon trench style and comes in 7 colors.

Something I think is essential to have in your closet, especially if you live on the West Coast is a hooded wool coat.  You never know when you just might have to pull up that hood to keep you warm and dry.  Aritzia online has lots to choose from as well. Wilfred BRENNA WOOL COAT | AritziaThere is the shorter Wilfred Breanna Wool coat which has the belt if that is something you are looking for and it comes in 5 colors.  There is also the Babaton Pearce Wool Coat Babaton PEARCE WOOL COAT | Aritzia, I love a coat like this for Canadian winters, it’s long enough to wear with dresses and skirts and has a slimmer fit, so you don’t look huge in it and you have the all important hood. It also comes in 6 colors!

The Puffer coat is the most casual version of coat.  It works great for winter and can really take you through any winter climate you may face.  Most of us own puffer coats already but how about doing something new instead of wearing the same black puffer from last year.

The newest trend in Puffer coats is shine!  Remember the October blog when we talked about shine and bling being a huge fall factor? Here is when you can put it into action. Shine is for all ages in Puffers this season, just pick a color that compliments your skin tone and wardrobe. Tna THE SUPER PUFF | AritziaAritzia has the TNA Super Puff that is perfect if you want to rock this look, it comes in 6 shiny or iridescent shades so you can find the one that suits you.  Great with jeans and a more casual outfit.  They also have this fab puffer in non shiny shades if you are looking for that too. Maybe try Tna THE SUPER PUFF | Aritziaone of the new colors of the season. It comes in 16 colors online so I am sure you can find one you love.

The Super Puffer also come in different lengths, so if you want a long Puffer coat, they have you covered.Tna THE SUPER PUFF LONG | AritziaAnd it comes in 6 colors.  It also comes in a shorter version, but we all know a winter coat needs to cover your bum to keep you warm.  And it comes in a vest Tna THE SUPER PUFF VEST | Aritziatoo if that’s what you want.  Lots of colors online.



TNA also has the Botanie Puffer Long,Tna BOTANIE PUFFER LONG | Aritziain 10 fabulous colors, now this is a Vancouver coat is there ever was one!  And only $110 Canadian online! And for those of you who are true winter warriors and walk to work even on the coldest days, this coat is for you: The Group by Babaton PARK CITY PUFFER-LONG | Aritzia. This is the Group by Babaton Park City long Puffer. 3 colors and full of down to keep you super warm.

Faux fur coats come in all shapes and sizes too this season.  I have a black faux fur coat I bought years ago and when it’s really cold out that’s the coat I turn too.  You can have a lot of fun with faux fur this fall.  Last week we talked about leopard print faux fur. faux-fur leopard coat : women faux furJ. Crew has a perfect version and honestly if I was buying one this is probably the one I would buy.  But there is so much more to faux fur than animal print.  faux-fur coat : women faux furYou could do a more classic faux fur coat from J. Crew but in an interesting color like Autumn River Blue (shown) or Ash Rose Pink or it also comes in Black.

But the faux fur trend also includes Sherpa and Teddy coats, which are super strong to make a fall statement.  The Willie Free line by Aritzia has a great Teddy Jacket, which is basically Sherpa fabric but in a relaxed plush jacket. Wilfred Free THE  TEDDY JACKET | AritziaIt’s a cozy jacket that can take you to the gym and out for errands. It comes in 6 colors and I just love this Red that they call Lilooet.

Aritzia has a lot of their wool styles available in faux fur and Sherpa. Babaton OREN COAT | AritziaPlus this dramatic plush coat, Babaton’s Oren Coat comes in Red, Black and Camel and it’s belted. J. Crew also has a zip up Teddy coat in 5 colors zip-up teddy coat : women faux furand I believe it’s 40% off online right now.   Lots and lots of Sherpa at Aritzia as well.  Almost all their casual style coats come in either Sherpa or Faux Fur. Wilfred Free GRETE JACKET | AritziaThis is the Willie Free Greta Jacket from Aritzia and as you can see if you go for a sherpa version coat it’s quite a bit more casual than some of the faux fur styles out there.  Last sherpa jacket I want to talk about is the sherpa lined denim jacket womens Denim sherpa swing jacketDenim Forum THE ELLA SHERPA JACKET | AritziaBoth J. Crew and Aritzia have great versions.  J.Crew (top) is a swing jacket and has an easier fit.  Aritzia has the Denim Forum Ella Sherpa Jacket.  Both are great depending on which fits you better.

The last piece of outerwear I am going to talk about is the faux fur vest.  We have seen it strong for a few seasons now and it is not going away any time soon. Tna SHERPA FLEECE VEST | AritziaAritzia has a Sherpa Fleece vest that is quite cute and casual. J. Crew has this plush fleece Excursion vest plush fleece excursion vest : women's coats & jacketsin either Crimson or Black (40% off right now online).  But the ones I wear over and over are from Talbots believe it or not. But they don’t have any this year.  My point is that if you buy one, it will last a long time and it won’t go out of style any time soon.  Try Nordstrom to look for more variety. Faux Fur Vest,
                        color, RICH BLACKAnd do something trendy, yet in a classic color like this Chaus Fur vest from Nordstrom online.


I know I featured Aritzia a lot in this blog.  What I like about Aritzia is it’s Canadian and local to Vancouver so I am promoting one of my own.  But they truly have the best selection of coats for winter and absolutely everything in this blog, no matter which store it’s from is under $500.  You don’t have to break the bank to have a great fall coat!

Next week we will talk about shoes and boots and what the big trends are for fall.  then my last fall blog will be fall accessories, scarves and wraps are making a huge impact and they factor so much in layering it’s worth dedicating some time to talk about it. Then we will move into holiday dressing.

Until next time…suethefashionista-card-frnt




My Favorite Fall Trend: Animal Print

So many people ask my why I am so crazy about animal print.  And I have to say I am not sure why but when I wear an animal print sweater or top I always feel amazing.  Perhaps it’s the colors that work for me or maybe it’s because it is sophisticated yet a bit daring.  I am not sure, but I can guarantee you I will be buying a few new pieces this fall.

There is so much more to animal print for Fall 2018 than just our basic leopard print.  While our basic is still so strong, the other colors that are added and the other animal prints like Zebra and snake skin are also right up there.  You really can’t get away from it in Fall 2018 so why try.  Embrace it!

The easiest and most basic way to wear animal print is in a sweater or top. J. Crew has the perfect animal print round neck sweater. women's tippi sweater in leopard - women's sweatersTheir Tippi Sweater in wool is the one piece I would buy if I only wanted one piece to wear with everything from jeans to skirts. Or choose a cardigan or sweater blazer if a crew neck isn’t for you. This is J. Crew’s newest Demylee sweater blazer, it comes in tons of colors but it is outstanding in Leopard print.  In this picture it is worn over the Demylee wool and lycra leopard print sweater dress.  But instead of wearing it head to toe here (unless that’s your thing) wear this soft blazer with dresses, pants, jeans and skirts.  A white shirt or black turtleneck would be the perfect foil underneath to offset the print.

But what about what’s new in animal print for Fall? Well check out some of these styles I found at

Animal Print Top,
                        color, RED LEOPARD PRINTHow about a gorgeous red leopard print crew neck blouse by Scotch and Soda?  This is something that will be perfect casual and dressy.

Leopard Print Chiffon Blouse,
                        color, GREEN LEOPARDOr perhaps Green is your fall color, then Moon River has just the shirt for you, a little more fitted and feminine, it makes the leopard print come alive. leopard clip dot top,
                        color, LIGHT ADRIATIC BLUEOr go designer with this Kate Spade Leopard Clip Dot top.  The Adriatic light blue color is great for a dressy look.

Leopard print not your thing? Then try one of the other animal prints.Jasper Top,
                        color, SNAKESKINTry Snake skin, this top and pant from AFRM in snake skin print can be worn together as show or broken up and with other pieces from your wardrobe. Zebra Print Tie Cuff Blouse,
                        color, WHITE BLACKOr go designer again with Roberto Rodriguez Zebra print tie cuff blouse, everyone’s heads will turn when you wear this (in a good way!).

Another great way to bring animal print into your wardrobe is with a coat or jacket. This season you can have your pick.  They are out there at every price.

One of the most outstanding sophisticated coats is FIACREMax Mara’s Wool and Alpaca trench coat.  Yes, it’s pricey but so fabulous.  It can be worn for everything and with everything.  Do you love the trend but not want to make a huge investment?  Then try something like leopard print wool blend coat,
                        color, CARAMEL LEOPARDKate Spade New York Leopard Print Wool Blend Coat for $3500 less than the Max Mara coat you can make the same kind of statement.

Or go with faux fur, fur trim and faux fur is huge for fall and into holiday.  It’s particularly trendy this season in strong colors and prints, like animal print. Nordstrom online has a great selection. Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat,
                        color, LEOPARD PRINTYou could do something as simple as this double-breasted faux fur from Avec Les Filles or do one with a blue hueAnimal Print Faux Fur Coat,
                        color, BLUE LEOPARDfrom the same brand.  If you live in a warmer climate and faux fur is too hot or you just don’t want a heavy coat in it try Faux-Fur Leopard-Print Jacketthis Faux Fur Leopard print Jacket from Chico’s.  There are Chico’s stores all across the US and they ship to Canada.

If you are like me and love Leopard print so much and feel more daring, then try something like this from J. Crew. double-breasted drapey velvet blazer in rose leopard print : women double breasted Classic-fit shirt in drapey velvet leopard print pull-on easy pant in rose leopard velvet : women relaxedThe blazer, shirt and pants all come in a Rose Leopard Velvet, each can be worn dressy or casual and with each other or completely separate.  This is very much something different for fall 2018.

It’s not hard to find animal print bottoms this season either.  You see the slouchy pants above from J. Crew, they also have demylee™ x j.crew wide-leg pant : women relaxedDemylee sweater pants if that is what you want. Hana High Waist Crop Flare Jeans,
                        color, BURG CHEETAHYou could also do jean style cheetah print pants from Rag n Bone at Nordstrom. So Slimming Juliet Leopard-Print Ankle PantsOr try a pair of slimming ankle pants from Chico’s.

Skirts are a plenty as well, and perhaps for some of us a better option than pants.  You can take an animal print skirt and elevate it for the board room or dinner, or wear it as casually as you like. no. 2 pencil skirt in two-way stretch leopard print : women pencilJ. Crew’s No. 2 Pencil skirt in two-way stretch is perhaps the best go to leopard print skirt out there.  It will fit well and come in sizes 0 to 24 online to fit every curve out there.  This is the type of skirt that can go to the board room and playroom.  Or try something softer and less classic, Chico’s has aPleated Leopard-Print Skirtpleated Leopard print skirt in a soft chiffon that falls delicately around your mid calf.  A little more modern and echos the pleated skirts I have been showing in colors from places like Aritzia.  So either style works depending on which you like.  And for sure an animal print skirt is easier to wear than pants especially if you are curvy.

But animal print is showing up so many other places as well.  Shoes and accessories are full of animal prints. Ann Taylor has a perfect pair of Odelia Leopard print pumps. womens Sadie ankle boots in leopard calf hairJ. Crew has a great pair of ankle booties in Leopard print or try a pair in faux Snake skin womens Cap-toe ankle boots in faux snakeskin. Both would be great with black pants or skirt.  And everyone needs a pair of penny loafers in a Leopard printwomens Academy penny loafers in leopard calf hairor how about a pair of Snake skin slideswomens Academy penny loafer mules in faux snakeskin.  All of the above at J. Crew online.  womens SeaVees® for J.Crew legend sneakers in leopardYou can even do sneakers, these SeaVees for J.Crew Legend sneakers might just be what you are looking for.

Handbags are no stranger to animal prints or even animal print trims. This fall especially we are seeing a lot. womens The Harper mini satchel in Italian leather and calf hairJ. Crew has their mini Harper satchel in a calf hair leopard print. womens Hobo bag in Italian leather and calf hairOr do the same print in a hobo bag from J. Crew.  Animal print bag not for you, but you still want something to make this mark for your wardrobe? Then try a croc embossed bag from J. Crewwomens The Harper crossbody in croc-embossed leatherlike this Harper cross body.  All their croc embossed bags come in colors and you can always tie a leopard or zebra print scarf for effect on the handle.

Speaking of scarvesSpotted Scarfhow about this Spotted scarf from AT to tie all your black and white together?  Or try a stole, one of the latest and trendiest scarves in Leopard printLeopard Faux Fur Stole,
                        color, BROWN COMBOthis is from Sole Society at Nordstrom.  You don’t have to spend a lot to get this look. womens Skinny calf hair beltOr try an animal print belt, this one is from J. Crew.  I have 2 belts like this, one in Leopard print and one in snake-skin and I wear them all the time to break up a solid color look from head to toe. womens Demylee™ X J.Crew leopard-print pom-pom beretAnd just because it is winter and I got caught in a surprise snow storm in Denver a couple of weeks ago, everyone needs a warm hat, how about a pom pom beret?  Also from J. Crew.

I could go on all day and still only barely scratch the surface of how important animal print is this fall.  You can be sure I will be wearing mine a lot.  A word of caution with animal print, unless you love it don’t wear it head to toe, one piece ( a sweater, shoe or bag) can make a stronger and more sophisticated statement than too much.  The rule with Animal print should always be less is more.

So this brings us to the end of our trends for Fall 2018.  Starting next week in November I will be talking about how to put all them together to make some great fall looks before we dive into holiday.

I wish you all a safe and happy Halloween! Image result for jack o lantern

Until next time…suethefashionista-card-frnt





The Colors of Fall Part 2

Last week we took a look at traditional and unexpected colors.  It is very likely that last week’s colors will make up the bulk of your fall/winter wardrobe.  Those colors, for the most part, are very easy to wear, easy to find and especially this fall, there is so much of them in the stores and online.

This week we are going to talk about 2 more color groupings that make up the fall color palette.  First we will look at Fall Neons and then at Fall Pastels.  Lastly in this blog we will talk about how layering all the colors this season works.


Fall Neon is very different that Spring Neon.  The colors are not nearly as intense, but they are bright and not colors you probably have a lot of in your fall closet.  Now we are calling these colors neon, but they are not lime greens and super vibrant.  Fall’s neon colors are very strong colors like blue, pink, purple and green but they are more to the intensely rich side than super bright side.

To me owning one piece of this would work great in anyone’s wardrobe. Pick a piece that really echo’s the style of the season, for example the faux fur jacket.  I walked into Hill’s in Vancouver yesterday (Aritzia’s older sister store) and there must have been a faux fur jacket in every color I could think of.  The sales professional who helped me told me they had been flying out of the store! So perhaps something like Rebecca Minkoff’s Henderson Faux Fur Moto Jacket from Nordstrom is what you need. Henderson Faux Fur Moto Jacket,                         Main,                         color, BLUEIt in the brightest (neon) blue and a super vibrant red. One piece to accentuate your wardrobe!womens Chateau parka in Italian stadium-cloth woolOr let J. Crew’s Chateau Parka being the exclamation point on your closet, it comes in this bright yellow, magenta pink and alpine green too, not to mention 2 pastel colors and black.  But with color being so strong this season, go with a bright one.

Maybe you don’t want your one piece of neon color to be outerwear.  There is a lot of velvet everywhere for fall and it will be strong going into holiday too.  Perhaps a velvet blazer is something you can wear over and over.  If you want a colorful addition to your wardrobe, skip the black and navy and try parke blazer in velvet : women just inJ.Crew’s Parke Blazer in Dried Rose colored velvet or Velveteen Blazerroll into Talbot’s and pick up their velvet blazer in Carriage Green.  Both are the type of softer neon that Fall 2018 is looking for.

If you want to try some neon but don’t need blazers look for things like a sweater or blouse that will bring those colors into your closet. Autumnal Floral Tie Neck BlouseAnn Taylor has a fabulous floral tie neck blouse that will push just a bit of brightness into your wardrobe, this would be my pick for a soft intro of color. Slide View: 4: Elly Cashmere SweaterOr grab a cashmere sweater in one of this season’s most popular bright’s: Purple.  You can find this sweater at Anthropologie. Or go for a pink/purple combination in this Winterberry Pommed Sweater Slide View: 1: Winterberry Pommed Sweateralso from Anthro.

Perhaps you feel like you don’t want to experiment with bright colors in your clothing but will perhaps go there in accessories.  Don’t worry, there is plenty to choose from. Why not try Silent D Antiga Bootsthese Silent D’Antiga Boots from Anthro that are anything but Silent. Bisue Ballerinas Metallic Tasseled LoafersBisue Ballerinas Metallic Tasseled LoafersOr how about ballet flats that are as neon as it gets. These are the Bisue Ballerinas Metallic Tasselled Loafer online at Anthro.  Either color way is all you need to hit this trend right where it lives.

Maybe you just want to tie a really colorful scarf around your neck.  Anthro has tons to choose from Slide View: 2: Kristina Printed ScarfSlide View: 2: Gretchen Printed ScarfSlide View: 2: Springworthy Bandana.  These are just 3 samples of everything bright you can find online at Anthro.  Or go into a store like J. Crew and try one of their bright jackets or shoes on womens Ryan penny loafers in leather.  Bright is everywhere if you are looking for it.  I prefer to wear my brights in prints, but maybe this year I will venture into a blazer or jacket.



Pastels really never go out of style.  Soft pink and blue work in so many ways.  Some fall’s you see more of it and some a little less.  This fall, Pastel is also a color trend and we are looking a pink blushes, softest blue, pale grey, very light purple, ivory and lots of others.

We can see the pastel trend right now in stores and online especially in outerwear.  The statement coat this season ( if it’s not plaid or leopard print) is in a soft color. double-cloth lady day coat with thinsulate : women's coats & jacketsJ. Crew is doing their Lady Day Coat in a soft Vanilla that is almost pink.Ann Taylor has lots of styles in Orchid besides this fab lantern sleeve blouse.  One of my go to stores for sweaters is Banana Republic, it seems like every week they have 40% off and I really like their fit.  BR has their soft plush Crew neck sweater in lots of colors including this very soft pink and grey.  Sabrina Cashmere SweaterOr go to Talbots, all their cashmere sweaters come in this pastel pink. Aritzia is playing on both brights and pastels in all their sweatersCHALMERS SWEATER | Aritziathe Babaton Chalmers Sweater comes in pastel purple and a light grey. Or try a soft grey/blue top from AT that can take you to work and weekend. And one of AT’s best sellers is this soft grey floral top that will layer perfectly under everything.

Most of the pastel bottoms are skirt.  But if you want pants then you can find lots of soft grey’s and camels.  Maybe try a marled version like Marled Knit Wide Leg Crop PantsAT’s Wide leg Crop in Marled Grey.

But for skirts you can do anything from this beautiful bone pencil skirt from BabatonBILLY SKIRT | Aritzia toMetallic Pleat Midi Skirt,                         Main,                         color, PINK FOILa shiny metallic Pink Foil from Halogen at Nordstrom. The Crinkle midi skirt is still strong and you can find it in every color we have talked about for the last 2 weeks.

I haven’t seen many pastel shoes but you can use pastels in bags and accessories to accentuate an outfit.  One of my favorite color combinations is black and soft pink, so play with combos like that. Mini Mini Leather Duffel Bag,                         Main,                         color, GREY BLUEHow about this adorable baby blue mini duffel, it’s from Manseur Gavril and you can find it at Nordstrom. Cashmere HatAnd sometimes a soft grey cashmere beanie is all you need to finish off your outfit, this one is from AT.  I also love a great beret when a chill is in the air, if you like bright go for it, but if you love pastel Wool Blend Beret,                         Main,                         color, PINK PRINCEthis soft pink beret from Halogen at Nordstrom will look fantastic with your black coat.


Layering all the color stories will take a bit more work that the past.  But maybe try some of these layering techniques to help you along.

Try runway layering 101 by pairing a summery dress over a wide-leg trouser. Keep the fabrics similar enough where they flow well together; add a cropped sweater on top for extra-cozy vibes. Courtesy of Glamour magazine, layering dresses over pants is one of the great looks this season.  It can be a shirt dress over jeans or a soft pastel pink dress over soft blue wide leg pants.  I am only 5’4″ so I am going to be doing my dress layering over slim leg pants. So my layering would look more like thisImage result for Layering shirtdress over pantsand my jeans will not have rips in them ( and neither should yours).



A cable-knit or fisherman’s weave sweater gives a minidress both visual interest and texture—not to mention, a chilly-weather-appropriate makeover.Or try a thicker or turtleneck sweater over and slight dress.  Here, courtesy of Glamour again is the runway version and here is how we would wear it product photo. Try this look from Banana Republic to make this statement in the real world.  Or from Tee-Clutter layering try these great ways to layer jackets under coats.

You can see all the great ideas.  Too add more color just switch in your colorful pieces or pastels and substitute them for the coats and scarves and bags.

The one other important piece to color for fall is know that it all goes back to your jeans if you want it to. Your dark skinny jeans can work and so can your soft blue boyfriend jeans. I really wear denim almost 7 days per week, not the same pair but I do layer everything back into my jeans.

One other important trend with color for Fall is tights and leggings.  Colored leggings and tights are everywhere. Image result for colored tightsAnd I do love a monochromatic look with your dress/skirt being the same color as your tights.  But as you mature and once women are 40, 50, 60 remember less is always more.  So grey, brown, black will all work for everyone 18-80 but neon pink, yellow and even purple should really be for younger women.  If in doubt always err on the side of staying classic and you will never be unfashionable.

One word to the wise about wearing pastel colors:  I seem to be noticing a lot of my friends and acquaintances embracing grey hair.  If this is you don’t wear grey next to your face. Especially the soft grey.  Remember last week when I said I stay away from Camel next to my face because it is almost the same color as my hair, well all the greys are the same color as your hair so it will wash you out and make you look older, so stay away!

Do all these fall colors make you want to hide away? I can help you understand them.  Just email me for a styling appointment at and I can help you figure out what works for you!

Next week Animal Print!!

Until next time…suethefashionista-card-frnt







The Colors of Fall 2018 Part 1

If Fall 2018 is anything it’s colorful.  We already spoke about some of the colors in the other trends we have gone through.  So we have covered off all the interesting plaid colors and just how many shades of brown, coffee and camel there are this year.

But we haven’t even began to scratch the surface of all the other colors.  We have the traditional colors that are strong: black (of course), red, burgundy, navy.  Then there are the colors that are a little more unexpected: marigold, mustard, olive, rust, fuchsia and bright blue.  And then there are the neons: Greens, Blues and Reds all taken to the next level.  And finally there are the pastels: dusty blue, soft pink, champagne and soft corn silk yellow.  So pretty much no color is off-limits for Fall 2018 and not only that this year we are layering them like never before.  Because there is so much to cover we will be splitting this blog into 2 parts.  Part 1 will over the basics and some of the colors that are a bit unexpected.  Neons and pastels and then putting colors together will all be next week.

Now I am not recommending you run out and buy colors just for the sake of owning them, there is no point in buying colors you will never wear.  However if you see something you love and it’s a color you haven’t worn in a while, why not try it on and see if maybe it’s for you again.

Let’s go through each color grouping and look at some pieces that might be interesting to add to your wardrobe.

The Traditional Colors:

Every season there is a new take on some of our favorite traditional colors.  I wear a lot of black, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love red or burgundy.  But I don’t wear a lot of navy.  However I just bought these pants DARONTAL PANT | Aritziafrom Aritzia and will wear them more with greys and blacks than I will navy.  But that’s just me, navy is a great basic and if you love it, wear it.

Black is one of those colors that you can almost get away with anything if it’s black.  So perhaps if you want to do an unexpected piece then do it in black.product photoBanana Republic is one of the most classic and timeless stores around.  But if you don’t like to stray too far, try their Avery pant with the pom-pom seam down the side.Or from their Tokyo collection (online only) they have this adorable crew neck sweater with fur cuffs.  You will see all kinds of faux fur for fall, so maybe this is how you want to wear that trend. But black is almost more than a color in some wardrobes (like mine), black can be worn with anything, head to toe and for every occasion.  Maybe you want to use black in your plaids, especially if plaid is not really your thing and you just want one piece  Block-heel pumps in embellished plaidthese block heel pumps from J. Crew would do the trick. Or You want one show stopping black piece to wear with everything, then maybe do a black velvet blazer with something special going onHix Embellished Velvet Blazer,
                        color, BLACKlike this fabulous Alice+Olivia embellished blazer from Nordstrom. Or maybe just buy that one black dress that you can where everywhere and always looks great  Tiered-Sleeve Black Knit Shift Dresslike Whitehouse Blackmarket’s Tiered Sleeve knit dress.  Regardless of what you do with black it always works.

Navy can work a lot like black, it goes with all the other colors and this year it is especially present in plaids.  Classic-fit shirt in block plaid(J. Crew) Or instead of black for your dressy pieces switch to navy for a change Circle Lace Flare Cuff BlouseAnn Taylor’s Circle Cuff Flare Lace Blouse can take you anywhere. A brushed corduroy blazer in Navy will work just as well as black for a dressy look.  Quite a few women find that Navy is more complimentary for their skin tones than black, especially as they get older.  If you are one of those gals, then you can pretty much subsidize navy for black in everything.

Red and Burgundy for most of us are accent color and not base colors.  But all the same we are seeing both this fall and as base and accent colors.  There are some fabulous reds this fall!CYPRIE SWEATER | AritziaA beautiful true red is a great color for your perfect sweater! This is the Wilfred Cyprie Sweater from Aritzia, it has a great relaxed vibe in a luxury Italian merino wool.  It can go with everything from denim to skirts. Anthropologie has a whole page on their website dedicated to red and scarlet, maybe you want to try these Cecelia New York Moxy SlidesMoxy Slides by Cecilia NY on for size and to get your red fix.  A red accessory like this is fabulous with an all black or navy outfit.

Burgundy and maroons have been in for a couple of falls in a row.  They are a little more formal than some of the red pieces we are seeing.  Whitehouse Blackmarket has quite a bit of it in their fall collection, everything from Peplum sweaters Peplum-Detail Sweater Jacketthat are perfect for the office to a stunning coat Fashion Coatwhich is so much better than a basic black or navy coat.  Port or Burgundy can really soften complexion again, so if you feel you need that then perhaps it’s for you. Delana Platform Loafer,
                        color, MERLOT CRINKLE PATENTOr how about a great pair of Merlot colored patent loafers from Franco Sarto at Nordstrom.  I just got a pair from Ronsons here in Vancouver that are very similar.

Other colors that fall into the traditional category that we are seeing lots of are gray and camel.  Just this last week while looking for sweaters, I noticed just how much gray and camel are in stores.

BR has lots of gray and I am totally a huge fan of incorporating more grey into my wardrobe, it’s a great compliment to both black and burgundy.They have this fab Japanese online only merino wool vest with faux fur. Image of Modern American Designer Ruffle Sleeve Knit Dress  I just picked up this Modern American Designer knit ruffle sleeve dress, that I think I will wear over and over all winter long. JALLADE PANT CREPEOr what about a great pair of graphite colored pants like the Jallade Crepe Pant from Wilfred at Aritzia, who doesn’t want these in their closets??

Camel is one of those colors that your mother wore and she likely had an expensive coat in that color.  Today Camel can be traditional or fashion forward, instead of wearing the same coat your mother wore in camel, try THE TEDDY COCOON | AritziaThe Willy Free Teddy Cocoon coat from Aritzia. Or try a sweater that is more updated than a sweater your mom would have worn like BR’s rib-knit Flare-Sleeve Sweater top.  Fantastic over pants and skirts.

Conservative colors are just that, conservative.  So try and take a little more chance with your style if you want to stick to these.

Unexpected Colors:

I am kind of going to lump these colors together simply because there is so much out in the stores and online, that 1 piece of that color is probably all you need to update your wardrobe.  But there is so much out there in Olive, Rust, Marigold, Fuchsia and Blue (not navy but different shades of blue) it would be no problem to find the right piece to accent or build upon.

One of my favorite pairs of pants that I wear a lot (when I am not wearing jeans which is almost 7 days a week!) are these Talula FITTED CHINO | AritziaTalula fitted Chinos I bought at Aritzia.  They are an olive/brown color and I find that I can wear them with a lot of my neutrals.  They were great in the spring and now that we are into fall I am wearing them with black sweaters and booties. Maybe you would feel the same way about these Sloan skinny pants from BR.  They would work with so many tops and great with boots and sweaters.  Or maybe you want to explore one of these unexpected colors on top? Slide View: 2: Emilie Cozy WrapIf Marigold or Mustard is your thing, then maybe this Emile Cozy Wrap from Anthro is just the piece you need to take you through fall. Or maybe this is the year you are going to embrace the faux fur trend.  It will be huge in outerwear and we will go though more of it then in our outerwear blog, but Thora Faux Fur Coat,
                        color, FUCHSIAif you only want one piece of a great color like Fuchsia maybe this Alice+Olivia Thora faux fur jacket is for you.

There is so much color everywhere you look this fall, go into any store.  Aritzia is full of colorful bottoms and tops, SERMENT SWEATER | Aritziathis Wilfred Serment Sweater would be a fabulous addition to any closet.  Banana Republic has more muted colors and great traditional onesespecially in their Japan online collection.  This is the new V-neck jumpsuits and dresses are all about this fall, everyone could rock this great look with a stripe top and booties. Or restrict your experimentation to your feet, womens Cap-toe ankle boots in patent leatherJ. Crew has so many great shoes and booties, these Cap-Toed Ankle Patent booties in Brick Red can add the Wow Factor to any outfit.  Anthopologie is probably showing the most color options this fall, just go online or pop into a store and find something fab like  Slide View: 1: Lincoln Center Dresstheir Lincoln Center knit dress, that comes in Red, Blue(shown) and Black.  The Red and Blue are where you want to be this fall.  Even Ann Taylor has color this Rib Neck Mock Sleeveless tunic sweater would be a fab and fashionable casual look for everyone.

Next week we will look at Neons and Pastels.  I want to make sure everyone knows just how many color options there are for fall.  Next week we will also talk about layering and putting these colors together.  After that we have one more trend to look at, Animal Print.  Then we will be in November!  We will still go through Fall outerwear and Dresses before we go into the holiday blogs.  Also in November/December we will have a guest blog from Shoshana Lewis our accessories expert.  And we will hear from Tasleem Suleman and Luc Lacroix our beauty experts on how to create some great holiday looks.

I hope you are loving fall colors and trends as much as I am this year,  try something different, even if it’s just one piece and see what it is like to get away from your comfort zone.  I am still booking some appointments for November so hurry if you want to get in before the end of the year.  After than I am booking for January.  Email me at for an appointment.  Especially if you want one of the few November appointments I have left.

Until next time…suethefashionista-card-frnt



Yeehah!! Let’s Giddyup into Fall

I am sure you can tell by the headline for this blog that we are going to talk about the strong Prairie/Western trend that is so prevalent for Fall 2018.  You can pretty much wrap this trend up with all the denim that is showing as well.  The soft palate of denim, beige, straw ties things up, but don’t discount dark denim, black and lace from this trend either, as a matter of fact, all the little ditsy prints you are seeing belong here too and so do some of the florals.   This year’s Praire/Western trend modernizes with the way we are putting pieces together and layering them and with adding slouchy boots into the mix too.  And just like all the other trends, it will mix back and forth.  So wear your shiny jacket here or add a plaid shirt, it all works.

This trend basically starts and finishes with denim.  So by now everyone should have a great fitting pair of dark jeans and lighter wash. If you haven’t already bought a great pair of dark skinny jeans now is the time.  I think the best jean out there for women over 40 is Eileen Fisher’s DARK DENIMOrganic Cotton High-Waisted Skinny Jean.  You really can’t go wrong if this is your pair.  The dark wash is great and they have enough stretch that they don’t bag. Eileen Fisher makes straight, boyfriend and skinny in a variety of washes and really they are the best fitting jeans out there.  But they are a bit pricey.  So if you prefer not to spend that much, and have a few pairs then go to a place like Banana Republic or J. Crew.

One of my favorite new pairs of jeans from Banana Republic is their girlfriend jean with the frayed bottom I live in the pair I have, they fit great and look great.  I really like Banana Republic’s skinny jean too,

I am wearing a pair as I write this blog. Both pairs are around $100 and every other week BR goes on sale for 40% off, so wait for that and the jeans are a great deal.  I prefer a higher waist jean and both BR and Eileen Fisher have that.

J. Crew also has lots of great fitting denim and lots of colored denim.   women's 9 high-rise toothpick jean in classic rinse - women's denimTheir High-Rise skinny toothpick jean is part of their Icon collection. And they too have lots of different legs and rises.  So if you don’t love the new higher rise, J. Crew has tons of jeans mid rise as well.

Embellished jeans work with this trend too. Look for different things on denim and things like Transcend - Hoxton High Waist Ankle Peg Jeans,
                        color, FADED NOIRa tie waist (Paige Jeans) and other little subtleties.  The only thing I am going to caution against is the jeans with the rips and tears.  I strongly believe that if you are older that is one thing you should leave to the teens.  There is nothing sophisticated about a jean with tears no matter how much they cost.

Other bottoms that work here are Corduroy pants, chinos and jumpsuits.  Keep your color story similar to the Prairie and you are all set. Some of the best chinos are at Anthropologie.  Pick a pair that fits and that maybe you could tuck into boots like Anthro’s own Cadet Slim utility Pants Slide View: 1: Cadet Slim Utility Pants.  The Green motif works perfectly with this trend. J. Crew has their High Rise Slim Boy Chino in about 5 colors so with this trend pick women's high-rise slim boy chino pant - women's pantswomen's high-rise slim boy chino pant - women's pantsHoney Brown or Green Olive to off set all the denim.

And don’t forget about Black jeans, they are the one thing you can wear everywhere and with everything.  Maybe this year buy a pair of black velvet skinny jeans Velvet Ankle Skinny Jeans,
                        color, VELVET BLACKlike 7 For all Mankind’s Velvet Ankle Skinny Jeans, you will be able to wear these right through the holidays!  Or maybe jumpsuits are your new thing, I have a lot of girlfriends who are rocking jumpsuits whenever they wear them right now.  For this trend try something in Chambray or Denim. AMO Skip Denim JumpsuitThis is the AMO Skip Denim Jumpsuit from Anthro.  You can wear it with your western style accessories here and then change it up for any of this Fall’s trends.

Tops with this trend are neutral and slouchy and definitely you can add all your plaid shirting back in here too. Or try something with embroidery. Slide View: 2: Blanche Embroidered TopThis Blanche embroidered Top from One September would be a perfect fit with dark denim. Slide View: 4: Rosebud Peplum SweatshirtOr do a Rosebud embroidered Peplum Sweatshirt that is anything but sweaty.  It’s from T.La and you can find it at Anthro. Or pile on the ditsy prints Slide View: 1: Avignon Buttondownlike this Avignon button-down from Anthro, it comes in prints and solids.  Slide View: 1: Annabelle Ruffled BlouseYou could even choose a very lady like look with the Annabelle Ruffled Blouse by Meadow Rue.  We can talk about that fab fringed jacket in a bit.

And don’t forget the power of a great sweater.  Choose one with a weekend feel. Ansley Crewneck Sweater,
                        color, BLUE VAULT/ RICH CHARMINEThis AG Crewneck sweater from Nordstrom would work great with the colors in this trend. Flora Sweater,
                        color, SPECKLED NAVY/ BEIGEOr go for something Marled, like this AG Flora sweater also at Nordstrom.  Or if you are like me and cold all the time, try a funnel neck or turtleneck Ridley Funnel Neck Wool & Cashmere Sweater,
                        color, CHALK WHITElike this slouchy one from All Saints.

But the best part of this trend is yet to come.  The jackets and coats are great for really achieving the look and feel of the Prairie.  Not to mention how great the shoes and accessories are too.

Let’s start with a leather fringed jacketSlide View: 1: Jakett Fringed Leather JacketThis is the Jackett Leather Fringed Jacket at Anthro.  I can only find it in blue on their website but I do love the burnt honey color above too.  Any leather or suede jacket with a fringe screams this trend but in a good way.  And that’s not all, any jacket with quilting or with sherpa lining looks great here too Slide View: 1: Quilted Aviator Jacket.   This is the quilted Aviator Jacket from Marakecch at Anthro. Slide View: 1: Winter Roses CoatAnother huge trend in jackets that works so well here is the Blanket Coat.  This is the Winter Roses Coat by If By Sea also from Antho.

Sweater coats, Sherpa jackets Slide View: 1: Mesa Sweater CoatSlide View: 1: Tina Sherpa Jacketall from Anthropologie and they all work.  Look at the way they are put together as well, the tie neck scarf, the denim shirt and white t-shirt, those give you the feel of the new prairie trend.  Play with your layers, layer shirts over turtlenecks and sweaters and wear them under jackets, wrap long scarves around and tie short ones like bandanas.  That will really give you the look you want.  And remember you can always wear your denim jacket, that is a no brainer.

To finish it all off the booties and shoes are the right pieces. Movinta Bootie,
                        color, TREE HOUSE SUEDEWestern style boots and booties are everywhere and work so well to get the authentic feel of this trend. This pair is Vince Camuto at Nordstrom. Macon Bootie,
                        color, DARK TAUPE SUEDEOr try a pair from Sam Edelman at Nordstrom that are a little less Western but still have the Prairie feel. Barbara Bootie,
                        color, BLACK LEATHERThey are coming in every color and by every brand.  These are Calvin Klein. Heritage Western R-Toe Boot,
                        color, RUSSET REBEL LEATHERYou can even go full on Western boot, but don’t buy them if you don’t already have them ( I have these from Ariat in Black from last year), instead buy a riding boot or a new slouchy boot. I am a huge Aquaitalia fanUlu Weatherproof Riding Boot,
                        color, TAUPE SUEDEand these boots are perfect. They are the Ula Weatherproof (Yes really water and snow proof) Riding boot and you can slouch these down or pull them up.  Perfect height heel too, great with skirts and pants. Or you can buy a boot that is already slouchy.  Nica Slouchy Boot,
                        color, LIGHT CHARCOAL SUEDEThese are from Splendid and they come in 4 colors at

Accessories should really stay western. Do a Lariat Style necklace Amber Layered Chain Y-Necklace,
                        color, ROSE GOLDfrom Baublebar or even try a Bolo TieNewport Lariat Necklace,
                        color, BLACK / GOLDjust an updated version this year.

Bags like saddlebags and any bags with fringe detail work.Recruit Nomad Pebbled Leather Crossbody Bag,
                        color, MINKChoose your saddlebag in a neutral color like this one from Marc Jacobs. Slide View: 1: Alana Fringed Tote BagAnd choose your fringed bag with a modern handle and colors that will cross all trends. This is the Alana Fringed Tote bag from Anthro.

The feel of this trend is modern and fresh but very casual.  Wear your leather skirt with a denim jacket and tie a scarf bandana style around your neck. Or wear your belt with studs with your jeans and a denim shirt.  Take what you think is western and modernize it a bit, then you will have this trend down pat.

Do you need help figuring out how to modernize this trend in your wardrobe?  I can help you! Email me at to set up an appointment.  I am booking for November right now!

Next week we are going to be looking at Color.  There are huge color trends for Fall 2018, so make sure you stay tuned.  The following week we will look at the last major trend which is Animal Print, I love animal print and it is huge for fall.  That will take us to the end of our trends.  After that we will look how to combine all the trends for a contemporary, modern look and in November we will be having a visit from our accessories Guru Shoshana Lewis, so lots to look forward too!

Until next time…suethefashionista-card-frnt



Disco, shine and Gloss

This trend for Fall 2018 can be summed up in one word: BLING! Yup, Fall 2018 is full of bling.  Think about all the shiny fabrics we have seen coming on strong the last couple of years, we can even add velvet into this trend because it encompasses everything girlie and feminine.  This is the type of trend that you can’t really base an entire wardrobe around but you definitely will want a piece or two (even an accessory or shoe) just to add the feel to your classic pieces.

Shine is almost everywhere you look this season.  Image of Insight Cracked Faux Leather Lapel JacketJackets are shiny, this jacket is faux leather by Insight.  Ralston Pointy Toe Mule,
                        color, SILVER METALLICShoes have taken on a shine all their own, Ralston Pointy Toe mule by Vince. Chilton Bow Back Silk Blouse,
                        color, PINKTops, like this Veronica Beard Chilton Bow Back one, echo the shiny feel of the Disco era.  You can add embellishment to anything and everything.  But the key to this trend is how to add just a piece or two to your existing wardrobe to make it have the edgy feel of the trend.

So if you wanted to add a bottom to this trend here are my suggestions:

Slide View: 1: Pleated Velvet SkirtYou could add a pleated velvet skirt in a color with a sheen that would move every time you do. This is the pleated velvet skirt from Anthropologie and it comes in this Raspberry Fuchsia color and a Sky blue Royal. Pleated skirts work across the board for women over 40.  You can tone them down and wear them to the office, make them casual with a bootie or dress them up. It’s a great length and modern look. Image of Insight Tapered Legging Pants Image of Insight Tapered Legging PantsOr do a pair of shiny skinny pants.  These are Insight and they are their Tapered legging.  They look more like a skinny pant than a legging and come in many shiny patters and prints, like copper snake skin and golden dragon above.  Check them out at Nordstrom rack online if you want shiny pants.

You could also do a velvet pant with a sheen to it.  Last fall a lot of us bought velvet pieces, the difference between this year and last year is that this year they all have that shine to them. Anthro has these great wide leg Slide View: 1: Emma Velvet Wide-Leg PantsEmma velvet pants or my personal favoritesSlide View: 1: The Essential Velvet Slim Trousersthese Essential slim Velvet trousers that have both a sheen and a great print.

It’s much easier for most of us to wear this trend on top or even as outerwear.  There are a ton of tops that echo the disco age and have a sheen, gloss or embellishment to them that it would be hard to limit yourself to just one!

Tie Back Silk Blouse,
                        color, VINTAGE ROSEYou could do something quite elegant like this Vince tie back silk blouse.  It can go to work, out for dinner and would dress up a dark pair of jeans perfectly.  And they don’t have to be expensive as this Shiny Rib Drape Front top from ChausShiny Ribbed Drape Front Top,
                        color, RICH BLACKshows us.  Even just an Eileen Fisher tank Long Stretch Silk Shell,
                        color, NUTMEGin a satin Nutmeg color under any blazer could hit enough on this trend to satisfy.  Or if you absolutely love shine and shimmer go all out! Bishop + Young Metallic Tiered Ruffle Sleeve Top,
                        color, METALLICThis Bishop+Young Metallic Ruffle Tiered Top would certainly turn heads.  You can even combine trends just like Diane Von Furstenberg did, Leopard Print Silk & Metallic Shirt,
                        color, HEYFORD GOthis Leopard Print Silk and Metallic shirt hits on at least 3 of the fall trends: Shine, Leopard Print and Neon Color!  Talking about buying one piece to cover your fall trends, DVF has it down pat.

For most of us, one top with just a slight bit of shine or metallic detail is enough. Image of Vince Camuto Deco Highlights Asymmetrical Metallic BlouseI recently bought this Vince Camuto Deco Highlights Asymentrical Metallic blouse and it will cover me for lots of events and all my needs in this trend.

Jackets and Outerwear are also getting the shine and gloss treatment. Metallic Puffer Jacket,
                        color, COPPERHow about a shiny metallic puffer for winter, this Mark New York Metallic Puffer comes in gold and silver, everyone will see you crossing the street not matter how dreary it is outside.Packable Quilted Down Coat,
                        color, BLACK  If gold and silver are too much for you, try a very sophisticated puffer in a shiny black by Ralph Lauren, it’s packable and perfect for winter travel. Leather Moto Jacket,
                        color, BURGUNDY STEMEven the leather Moto style jackets have sheen to them this season, this is Lewitt’s leather Moto jacket.  All the above coats you can find at Nordstrom online.Ashburn Metallic Blazer,
                        color, PINKYou can even have Blazers that have a metallic or velvet look.  It all works for Fall 2018! (this blazer is Veronica Beard at Nordstrom)

But what I think is the most important thing to bling this season is either your shoes or your accessories, or both if you like.

Bruno Premi Metallic Brocade BootiesWho wouldn’t love a brocade bootie? This fabulous little bootie is from Bruno Premi and you can find them at Anthro.  Anthro has a ton of bling to be found in shoes, and more coming as the month goes on. Miista Edith Embossed BootsHow about these Mista Edith booties? Or Anthropologie Embellished Bootiesmy personal faves, Anthropologies own Embellished booties!  None of these are over $300!Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn Clara LoafersYou can even shine your loafers! These are Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn Clara Loafers at Anthro and they come in a fab gold! Chie Mihara T-Strap HeelsClassic T-strap getting the bling treatment too at Anthro and even your ballet flats can have some blingLola Cruz Celestial Ballet Flats.  Pick the pair that speaks to you.  I am not going to invest personally in too many pairs, I prefer to keep my bling a little more subtle.  I am going to be wearing my bling Sofia Loafer,
                        color, BLACK CRINKLE PATENTand shine in a loafer by Paul Green that I got at Nordstrom.  I love the look of shiny and blinged out shoes but when I buy them I never wear them, so this year I decided to just go a bit more subtle and see if I can keep my bling above my ankles.

Bags are blinged out and shiny too and if you are like me, this is a great way to add bling and shine to your outfit. Nolita Ring Handle Leather Clutch,
                        color, SILVERYou could do a metallic wrislet with very trendy round handle from Nordstrom.  Or do a shiny Croc embossed tote Leather Croc-Embossed Totefrom Whitehouse Blackmarket that will go with everything.  Or go all out with a beaded clutch Fall Foliage Beaded Clutchin a fall foliage motif from Anthro. Look online and in stores, there is a ton of bling out there especially in shoes and bags.

Even though this is a major trend for fall, I still think less is more when it comes to bling and shine.  Great taste is knowing how much of the trend to wear so it suits you perfectly.  Do you need help relating this season’s trends to your current wardrobe? I can help you.  Email me at for an appointment.  Right now I am booking for November, perfect time for both your fall and holiday wardrobe.

Next week we will look at one of the biggest trends for Fall 2018, The Prairie and Western trend and cover all the denim and cowboy boots you can handle.

I hope you all have bought your tickets for CHW’s Opening Luncheon Gowns for Gowns.  I will be curating the fashion show with fabulous evening wear by After 5 boutique in Vancouver.  You don’t want to miss this! See above for details.


Until next time…suethefashionista-card-frnt